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Teutonic League



Don "Major Deej" Finger

23 Jan 2016


Anya Alzgud (mother, deceased but alive in spirit)




For over 2 centuries, the Alzgud clan have been practitioners of arcane magic.  Throughout the 20th century, the Alzguds left Germany and moved to remote locations with the intent of not being discovered or compromised.  In 1940, however, most of the Alzgud clan were discovered.  They were tortured into being pawns of the Nazi military machine and were to be forced into using their magics for the benefit of Hitler and his Nazi super-powered group known as Axis Force.  Sadly, nearly all of the captured and tortured Alzguds committed suicide rather than aid Hitler and his Nazi empire.  Only several of the Alzgud clan survived World War II and those that did, lived in caves in the Black Forest like cavemen.

After World War II, the Alzguds returned to their homes, but sadly, these homes were located in what was the 'new' East Germany, on the Soviet Union controlled side of what was left of Germany after the war.  There, the Alzguds quickly grabbed up as much of their magical artifacts, spells, book and wards and made their way into West Germany, a story that unto itself could be made into a Hollywood thriller.  By 1947, they found their way to Nuremberg where a distant relative still had a farm left standing.  There, the remaining Alzguds earned their keep, tilling the land and becoming farmers, forsaking their magical heritage simply because of what happened to the rest of their clan and their sacrifices to keep those magical abilities from anyone else wanting to use them as tools of nationalism.

By January 2000, the Alguds had inherited the farm and had become a family community of farmers, numbering in the dozens.  That is the same year that the alien Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.  Although Nuremberg was not a tactical asset to the Soltans, a Soltan military detachment was established in the city nonetheless.  The Soltans were keen on being able to draw magical energies and use them to their advantage as part of their technology, and as such had devices that could detect magical energies, items and artifacts.  It wasn't long before the Alzgud farm was visited by a Soltan squad and a couple of arcane engineers.  Although the Alzguds attempted to hide their magical items, the Soltans found them with ease.  The Soltans killed four of the Alzgud farmers for 'daring' to hide the arcane artifacts.  That was the last straw for the Alzguds.

In a battle that only lasted two minutes, the senior Alzguds used their arcane powers and decimated the Soltan squad and arcane engineers, but not before a call for backup went out to the Soltan Commander in Nuremberg.  A battalion of Soltans were sent in to quell the Alzguds.  In the end, all but two Alzguds were dead.  The two remaining Alzguds were the 40 year old mother, Anya Alzgud, and her 13 year old son, Gunter Alzgud.  Using a rarely applied spell to teleport Gunter to an unknown location on Earth; the spell also teleported Anya into a dimension bereft of physical being, but only mental energy.  Gunter, however, was teleported to the Antarctic, a mile away from the McMurdo StationGunter eventually found snowplow tracks and followed them to the McMurdo station where he and over five dozen other expeditionary personnel remained in isolation for the next several months throughout the alien invasion. Although the Soltans hadn't attacked McMurdo, all their supply lines and ships had been cut off.  Young Gunter, who'd been taught early in life how his clan lived in caves during WWII, became a huge asset in the continued survival of the marooned McMurdo engineers and scientists. In 2001, the first rescue ship arrived at McMurdo and was able to retrieve nearly all the stranded people there, including a very grateful Gunter.

Over the next 2 years, Gunter slowly made his way back home to the farm in Nuremberg.  When he finally reached what was left of the farm, Gunter went to the exact location he'd last seen his mother.  Due to his proximity to the spot where the dimensional breach was created by his mother, his presence initiated an unknown 'recall' facet to the spell.  Since his mother was no longer a physical being, but only spirit energy, when she appeared back on in Earth's normal dimension, Anya's spirit essence quickly began to loose cohesiveness, all the while she was telepathically communicating with Gunter about what had happened to her and learning of Gunter's McMurdo marooning.  Gunter concluded that his mother's mental essence needed a host, and offered up his mind for her to live in.  Although his mother didn't want to, Gunter insisted, resulting in Gunter's mother's mental essence now being a part of Gunter's mind.

Gunter's mother allowed Gunter the use of his body routinely and didn't 'want' to invade his thoughts, but usually did, as mothers do.  She expected a lot out of him, and sadly, all of Gunter's knowledge, good and bad things he'd done, and more, were now all available for his mother to know.  Eventually, the two worked out an agreement that allowed Gunter's mother access to Gunter's brain and/or body only for certain agreed upon moments and times of the day.  It was a strange new relationship, but Gunter quickly adapted to this new way of being, even though his insecurity of having his mother in his thoughts slowly began to become overwhelming.

Gunter spent the next decade not only rebuilding the farm, but also learning from his mother everything about how to use the clan's arcane powers.  All of the clan's mystical books, artifacts and wards had been stolen by the Soltans during the invasion, however, Gunter discovered in 2009 that two of the clan's spell books were found at a flea market in Nuremberg, being sold by a family who said they'd found them in a old wrecked Soltan transport ship found in the woods about 30 miles outside of Nuremberg.  Gunter and his mother then went on the quest to find their clan's magical items.  There, they found several other clan arcane items in storage bins found crushed and buried amongst the debris of the crash site.  They also saw many others had been to the crash site and had picked from the wreck what was obviously more of the clan's missing arcane items.  Thus began the 2nd leg of their quest.

Over the next few years, Gunter became a quick study and an adept mage in the use of the clan's arcane powers and spells.  Gunter had always been good-hearted since he was a child, and at times, if he saw a homeless child or a wounded person, he'd use his arcane powers to feed or heal them respectively.  As is said, 'no good deed goes unpunished', and it didn't take long before in 2012 Gunter encountered a man named Damon Kaufmann.


Damon was a ex-German Intelligence officer for West Germany during the Cold War and was also responsible for illegally forming a covert super-powered team in German borders against the national law of "no super-powered beings allowed in Germany".  As such, Damon had been looking for Gunter for weeks in an attempt to recruit his help in tracking down a band of murderers who'd been capturing, torturing, killing and mutilating known European super-powered beings.  Gunter, knowing the clan's edict of 'never help a national' refused to volunteer for Damon's new team of super-powered people.  Damon gave Gunter a card and told him regardless that if he ever needed help, or decided to change his mind, to call him.  Gunter pocketed the card and went on again about his quest for finding the remaining 60% of his clan's lost arcane treasures.  The meeting between Damon and Gunter, however, did not go unnoticed.  A certain person who worked with the people Damon was hunting saw and overheard their conversation.  That person informed his superiors that he'd found another target to 'exterminate' and began trailing Gunter back to the Alzgud farm.

At the Alzgud farm, at about 2 A.M., the Exterminators swooped in on Gunter at the Alzgud farm and captured him, knocking him out before he even had a chance to mutter or manipulate a single spell.

When Gunter awoke, he was imprisoned in ancient arcane shackles, devised to prevent a magic user from using their powers.  Gunter (and his mother's psychic essence) were prisoners of the Exterminators. Within the hour, Gunter was collected up and taken to a lab.  There, a sadistic woman known as Professor Bolo began painfully probing Gunter with powerful arcane artifacts, using them to suck the magic from Gunter's being.  The pain was so intense, Gunter passed out...but his mother's essence didn't.


In Anya's spiritual state, residing in Gunter's body/mind, she couldn't feel pain. With Gunter passed out, she took control of Gunter's body and fought Professor Bolo.  During the fight, Gunter's mother was able to release Gunter's body from the arcane shackles and began using the full extent of his/her powers against Bolo and the Exterminator troops that started descending on their location.


In mere minutes, Professor Bolo was defeated, with over 2 dozen Exterminator troops killed outright by AnyaGunter's right leg took severe damage from one of the troops, but she still was able to manipulate his body to a 'hand-sat' (Handheld Satellite Radio Transceiver) taken from one of the troops and made the call to Damon Kaufmann from the business card that was still in Gunter's pocket.  10 minutes later, in the midst of fighting off dozens more Exterminator troops, the Calvary arrived with Damon Kaufmann leading dozens of of German military personnel and three German superheroes. Damon's group mopped the floor with the remaining Exterminator troops and scientists.  Professor Bolo, escaped to torture others another day.

Gunter's consciousness eventually came back around as medics were attempting to save Gunter's severely damaged right leg.  His mother mentally told Gunter what had happened and what condition he was in.  After the surgery was performed, Gunter was able to keep his leg, but the wounds would give him a permanent limp for the rest of his life, requiring a cane or walking stick to support himself.


After Gunter's medical recovery, Damon asked Gunter to join him for a discussion at their new headquarters in what was now called the "Teutonic Tower".  There, Damon showed Gunter all that occurred to him during his captivity and the ensuring battle his mother fought in Gunter's body in his stead, all from captured surveillance footage at the Exterminators base.  There, Gunter was debriefed of what had happened and told of how lucky he was to have survived the encounter with the Exterminators.  To add a further point to the debrief, Damon showed Gunter what the Exterminators had done to others with unique abilities at the same site, including footage of the torture, maiming and killing of innocent women, teens and children.  Gunter wept over the footage, thinking of what his clan had endured since World War II and that his clan's inaction had led them to this stage of the clan's near extinction.

Gunter, along with his mother's blessing, volunteered to use his/their arcane powers and artifacts to help Damon, the German people and the world to prevent the evils of today's world from affect anyone, anymore.  With that, "Hexenmeister" was born and a new member was added to the ranks of the new Teutonic League.

Today, Hexenmeister is an active member of the Teutonic League. Living the greatest dread a man could have by having his mother in his thoughts every second of every day, Gunter has tried to adapt to his new life.  Although his mother is a good spirit, she is a strong-willed European patriarch who wants to protect her son from harm, but at the same time, try to get him to get a wife and create grandchildren for her.  His mother is also more adept at arcane combat that he is, thus making him a bit insecure about his place in the group as a combatant.  Instead, Gunter has slid into the role of being the arcane academic and philosopher of the group, rather than the combat fighter.  Should arcane melee or combat be required, Gunter allows his mother, Anya, to take over his body and perform the combat in his stead.  Gunter, instead, still continues to learn and become adept at his clan's spells and magics, all the while still continuing his quest to find the remaining 60% of the clan's lost artifacts and books. He still walks with a limp and has refused to wear any exo-skeleton over his bad leg to increase his mobility (Gunter hates technology), but instead walks with one of his clan's recovered arcane walking staffs, imbued with an unearthly charge of arcane energy that Gunter, or his mother, can pull from as needed.




Power Origin: Magic (Arcane, Spirit)

  • Mother's Psychic Essence

    • Hexenmeister has the psychic essence and spirit of his mother attached to his body and brain. She is still a thinking and feeling soul, however, she either has to share Gunter's body, or take possession of it for her to actually do anything other than just 'think'.

    • She can telepathically communicate with Gunter up to 100 mile distances should they ever be separated.

    • As a result of their psychic gestalt, they both have a monstrous level of psychic protection should anyone attempt to ever psychically control them.

    • If Anya's essence should ever be pulled from Gunter, she would need to be freely able to access the mind of another compatible (human) host in less than 30 seconds or her essence will dissipate away forever

    • Each time she takes control of Gunter's body, the body's fighting skills increase twofold, yet the body's strength diminished onefold.  Once Gunter is back in control of his mind, all of his stats go back to good, except fighting, which is poor for him.

  • Arcane Energy Blasts/Bursts

    • Can create good arcane energy blasts from his hands.  Can fire at the rate of once per hand every several seconds, up to a range of 40 yards

  • Arcane Shields

    • Hexenmeister can create magical protective shields of excellent quality for himself or good protective shields that can encompass anyone or anything within a 40 feet radius to Hexenmeister

    • The shields can be maintained until they are shattered by a more powerful magical energy or Hexenmeister's access to arcane energy is diminished.

  • Magical Creation and Animation

    • Hexenmeister can create illusions and objects out of thin air, however, they are simply magical constructs. He can make objects only up to a 40 feet by 40 feet size; any larger and either the construct is warped/tainted or he suffers damage for his efforts, that is, until he practices more to be able to create larger creations.

    • He can also animate the creations (chair with walking legs, for example, or a fireplace with large teeth trying to bite anyone near it), again, so long as he is conscious.  He cannot create more than 10 constructs at a time.

    • As a trick, he can make up to 10 copies of himself to fool or confuse others attacking him

    • If a target's psyche is less than good, that target can receive 'perceived' damage or pain from the construct's intended effect.  Any other target with a psyche better than good only needs to check themselves to realize they are illusions and thus can't hurt them.

  • Arcane Overcharge

    • One of Hexenmeister's more unique powers is that after concentrating for over a minute, he can channel his arcane energies to 'spike' another magic user's powers, possibly overloading or shorting out their powers temporarily.  It has a range of only 40 yards, however it can disrupt any arcane power of amazing proportions or less, effecting a 70% chance that the target's arcane powers are temporarily inaccessible for at least 30 seconds, as well as potentially create an excellent magical energy backlash on the target.

  • Invisibility

    • Can cast a spell making Hexenmeister and anyone within a 20 foot radius of his location to be invisible so long as Hexenmeister maintains the spell and others don't step outside the spell's 20 foot radius.

  • Transmute inanimate objects into edible food

    • One excellent skill his clan learned to do, especially during WWII, was to transmute inanimate objects into a basic plant-based type food.

    • It takes over 5 minutes of concentration to do the transmutation, but when done, can produce the equivocal of a garden salad in the same shape, color and consistency as what the inanimate object looked to be (i.e., He can turn a rock into food; after 5 minutes, the rock would look no different, but if a person bit into the rock, it would taste like lettuce or salad)

    • Transmutated items-to-food provides only 40 calories of energy total.

  • Sense arcane energies and sources

    • Hexenmeister's clan is highly attuned to ley lines and sources of arcane energies, almost like human divining rods. Any arcane energy source within 50 miles of their location can be 'felt', with the feelings becoming stronger the closer they get.  They cannot pinpoint exact locations (i.e., underground), only bearings to the source.

  • Tap arcane energies

    • Hexenmeister contains a personal store of unearthly magic energy in his body at any given time.  He is capable of tapping off of other sources, but cannot pull out more than that which ebbs from the source over time.  This is why he likes to be near Ley lines to ensure he has a source of arcane energy at any given time.

    • He also has an ancient clan arcane walking stick that he routinely keeps with him that stores an additional unearthly amount of arcane energy for him to pull from when needed.

  • Teleportation

    • Although he has only performed this spell twice (both of which utterly failed in getting to the location he needed to be in), Hexenmeister can perform teleportation spells.  It is a dangerous risk to him, and sure danger to anyone he intends to teleport with him or independently.  Thusfar, his mother, Anya, in attempting to teleport Gunter, wound up in a body-less psychic dimension that should could have been marooned in for the rest of her psychic existence.  If it weren't for her son returning to the site the spell was cast, she would never have been able to return (even though she returned only as psychic energy when she actually did return).

  • Levitation

    • At a maximum speed of 15 mph, he can fly/levitate so long as he concentrates.  He can carry only 400 lbs of items/people while doing this, however, it slows his speed down to only 7 mph as a result.  A loss of concentration would stop them from levitating and instead fall from their present location.

  • Depossess magically controlled or cursed people/creatures

    • At an incredible level, Hexenmeister can restore a magically possessed or cursed person or creature in one simple spell.  That person or creature may be disorientated for a minute or two, but once cured of their possession or curse, it would take another mage five times the length of time required to 're-possess' or curse their original target again.

LIMITTION: Bad Right Leg - Due to injuries caused by Professor Bolo and the Exterminators, Hexenmeister's right leg only works to a 60-70% degree. He limps when he walks and most of the time requires a cane or walking stick to travail further than 300 yards at a time. As such, he cannot run  and at a maximum 'hobble', he might exceed all of 3mph.



  • Walking Stick

    • Hexenmeiser has a bad right leg and usually requires a walking stick to walk; his walking stick of preference is an Alzgud ancient clan walking stick that should be considered unearthly material against all forms of damage

    • The Stick can store up to unearthly levels of arcane energy, recharging at a poor rate once any of the maximum energy has started draining from the stick.

    • The energy cannot be pulled all at once or there is a 50% chance the stick will 'backfire', causing excellent magical damage to any touching, near or around it, as well as an addition typical level of damage to all next in adjacent areas.

  • Various Arcane Objects

    • Hexenmeister has over 100 mystical and arcane objects and devices that provide a wide range of arcane abilities or functions, including magical storage, magical power level enhancements, celerity, language detection, wards, sensors and of course combative objects such as swords, knives and exploding magical devices to name a few

  • Spell Books

    • Hexenmeister has a virtual library of arcane spell books, mostly from his clan.  If he requires the use of a different magical power, he can study it over time and attempted to learn and apply the power to his skills.





  • Arcane Magic (Professional)

  • Arcane Objects/Relics (Professional)

  • Arcane Documents/Lore (Professional)

  • Arcane Academia (Proficient)

  • Spirit Magic (Proficient)

  • Farming (Proficient)

  • Antarctica (Professional)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Fishing (Professional)

  • Hunting (Professional)

  • Languages (innately):

    • German (Master)

    • French (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • Scandinavian (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Slavic (Professional)


  • Arcane Magic (Master)

  • Arcane Objects/Relics (Doctorate)

  • Arcane Documents/Lore (Doctorate)

  • Arcane Academia (Professional)

  • Spirit Magic (Professional)

  • Demonology (Proficient)

  • Conglomerate/Lore (Proficient)

  • Farming (Professional)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Fishing (Professional)

  • Hunting (Professional)

  • History (Professional)

  • Languages (innately):

    • German (Master)

    • French (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • Scandinavian (Professional)

    • Russian (Master)

    • Slavic (Master)

    • Italian (Professional)

    • Greek (Professional)

    • Latin (Professional)

    • Aramaic (Professional)

    • Sanskrit (Proficient)

    • Mesopotamian (Proficient)

    • Egyptian (Proficient)

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