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Kalpana Korrapati




early 20s









Teutonic League



Don "Major Deej" Finger

24 Jan 2016



Mother (deceased)





Born in Bhopal, India, Kalpana Korrapati's parents were both affected by a massive chemical leak from a major chemical manufacturer in 1984 not far from where they lived.  Her parents survived the chemical cloud that blew from the chemical factory into Bhopal, however official records stated that over 2,259 people died as a result of their exposure to the deadly gases.  Although her parents became ill during the chemical incident, the only permanent effects to both of them were 2nd degree chemical burns to their skin and blindness. Her parents met at the hospital while being medically treated and over time, they fell in love. In 1998, the settlement money from the chemical company was finally being distributed to the Bhopal victims. Kalpana's parents used the $150,000 to get married and find work anywhere that'd accept blind Indian workers.  Their destination: Germany.  In their first year in Germany, the couple had their new baby girl, Kalpana, delivered...but not the way most people would ever expect.

When Kalpana was born, it was far from normal.  Kalpana's mother died during Kalpana's delivery due to blood loss and cardiac arrest, requiring the doctors to use defibrillators to try and get her heart started again.  Eventually, they had to use adrenaline to the Kalpana's mother's heart to try and revive her.  Initially, the adrenaline didn't seem to work, requiring the doctors to focus on saving the baby, however, just as Kalpana was about to be removed by C-Section from her (at the time) dead mother, the mother's body burst into an aura of magenta-colored flame. The staff and doctor, shocked at what they were seeing, stopped the birthing process for fear of their own safety.  Quickly, they realized the magenta-colored flames weren't burning anything nor producing any actual heat.  When one of the doctors went back to work to birth Kalpana, the aura-like magenta flames died down and the mother's body died.


Seconds later, Kalpana was born. 

At the time of Kalpana's birth, her eyes were cloudy, showing a potential indicator of blindness.  When the pediatrician applied the standard 1% Silver Nitrate solution to Kalpana's eyes, Kalpana's baby body burst into the same magenta-colored flames as did her mother previously during delivery.  After a minute's time, baby Kalpana's aura of flames dissipated and Kalpana's mother came back to life. Although Kalpana's mother required several days of recovery at the hospital, both mother and baby were considered stable enough to leave...but far from normal.

The German government was informed of what had happened at the hospital during Kalpana's birth and investigated the occurrence.  The scientists and doctors that studied Kalpana were fascinated at her conditions and the occurrences.  After repeated attempts, neither Kalpana's mother nor Kalpana were able to recreate the magenta-colored aura of flames that had engulfed either of them during Kalpana's birth.  Regardless, the doctors and scientists continued to keep records and perform annual studies on the Korrapati family out of medical and scientific curiosity.  Both of Kalpana's parents were given menial jobs at the science center where the scientists and doctors worked at so as to have them available and accessible.  There, for the next 12 years, the doctors and scientists would routinely perform a complete physical and series of blood tests on the Korrapati family.  Days after Kalpana's 12 birthday, however, Kalpana's mother died, mostly due to the prolonged Bhopal chemical cloud's affects of her body and the difficult birth (her health also slowly slipped to a point where she wasn't even able to walk by Kalapana's 1-th birthday).

A month after Kalpana's mother's funeral, Kalpana experienced her new powers.  Her powers were pyrokinetic in basis (capable of controlling, generating and manipulating fire, using her thoughts).


Kalapana was, for the first time since birth, able to generate flames in a non-oxygen based atmosphere (underwater, in an atmospheric void (space), etc.), and was able to control the intensity of the heat of the flames as well as not get burnt by any other type of fire, flames or heat/chemical-based fire reaction.  For the next five years, the German scientists and doctors ran Kalpana through every conceivable test in using her powers and testing her limits.

By age 17, Kalpana and her father were fatigued with the scientists and doctors and demanded they be left alone.  In response, the German government "sent" a representative to talk to them about a potential opportunity to be a part of 'something more'.  The representative was an aged and retired ex-West Germany Intelligence Officer named Damon Kaufmann, a member of an unofficial government agency that dealt with super-powered beings in Germany.  Much to Kalpana's desire for adventure and to see the world, both she and her father declined Kaufmann's invitation.  Both decided to go back to India and restart their lives there.  That decision became a tragic mistake for both of them.

In 2015, Kalpana and her father went back to India.  There, they stayed with relatives while Kalpana's father looked for work.  Sadly, the relatives lived in a very poor part of town, known for its thick acrid smell in the air, crime, gang activity and a record of sexual battery against women in the town.  After being placed into a local school the day before, Kalpana was followed by a teen gang on her way home.  Two blocks from where she now lived, the teen gang attacked her attempting to rape her.  Before the teen gang was able to do so, Kalpana used her pyrokinetic powers and burned each of the seven teenage gang members. When the police came, they took Kalpana to jail and the gang members to the hospital, charging her with assault with intent to kill. Some of the gang members were considered severely burned, eventually requiring skin grafts to over 70% of their burned bodies. 

Sadly, one of the teenage gang members was discovered to be the son of the local police chief. The police chief used his power and influence to place Kalpana on trial,  charging her with seven counts of attempted murder.  Much to the opposite, the gang member 'victims' as the police chief called them, were only 'chastised' for their actions (the statement "boys will be boys", and "she dressed provocatively" were used against Kalpana).

The judge ruled Kalpana guilty and sentenced her to 50 years in prison.  Kalpana was devastated at the results.

A day into Kalpana's jail sentence, her father arrived for a visit, and with him, Damon Kaufmann.  After an emotional discussion, Damon stated that he'd get her released from jail, however, she'd never be allowed back in her home country of India, and that she'd have to choose German citizenship (which was a normal legal option for anyone who'd been born in Germany and was of immigrant parents living in Germany at the time).  Kalpana agreed and within a week, she was placed into Kaufmann's custody, with both Kalpana and her father flown back to Berlin, Germany.

In Berlin, Kaufmann introduced her to a German super-powered team called the Teutonic League.  Although initially uncomfortable being the only non-Caucasian, non-Christian on the team, she soon learned that the team was indeed a group of good people with good hearts and souls.

Today, "Psyfire" as she has named herself, goes to college in Germany by internet, spending the rest of her time with her new teammates in the Teutonic League and trying to take care on her father (who was still blind).  Her father was allowed to work with the facilities staff in Teutonic Tower as a maintenance supervisor for the building's care, thus allowing them to see each other routinely.


Although a non-practicing Sikh, Psyfire's religious beliefs are influenced by her parent's Sikh religious faith.




Power Origin: Mutant/Science (mix of both)

  • Pyrokinetic Control

    • Psyfire has the remarkable psychokinetic ability to create, generate, manipulate and extinguish fire and flames

    • She can generate and create her mentally-fueled powers in locations that do not have heat or oxygen

    • She can control her pyrokinetic powers, including normal fire and flames, up to 30 yards from her location.

  • Heat, Fire and Flame Protection

    • Her body is protected at nearly an unearthly level from all forms of heat, fire and flames and the effects thereof.

  • Fire and Flame Manipulation

    • Using her pyrokinetic powers, she has an excellent ability to manipulate fire and flames.

    • She can form fire/flame cages, fire spires, flaming orbs (for light) and can pull a fire/flame from a burning figure/object.

    • She can also extinguish (or lower the intensity for fires greater than a remarkable level of control) normal fire and flames, regardless if they are chemical or natural (i.e., she can extinguish magnesium fires/flares). 

  • Pyrokinetic Aura

    • Using her pyrokinesis, she can create a remarkable flame-like aura to protect herself.

    • The aura protects her from remarkable levels or less of physical, energy, heat, cold and chemical damage.

    • Also provides amazing protection from basic (alpha, beta) radiation (not gamma or neutron; only poor protection against that).

  • Limited Telekinesis

    • She has a poor capability to lift, manipulate and move items up to a total of 40 lbs. with her mind within 4 yards of her location.

    • Requires several seconds of concentration before she can perform an action with her limited telekinesis.

    • Any distraction that affects her concentration will cause her to lose focus, causing the power to fail.

  • Levitation

    • Using the thermals from her pyrokinetic generated fire coupled with her limited telekinesis, she can hover up to 300 feet from the ground/surface.

    • She cannot lift anymore than her own body weight.

    • She must focus for several seconds beforehand to perform levitation.



  • Costume

    • Provides poor physical protection, amazing thermal protection, remarkable cold protection, typical energy protection and incredible radiation protection

  • Communications Earwig

    • Encrypted comms transceiver with a baseline 50 mile range or will satellite, microwave and/or cellular tower, unlimited range

    • Battery chage: 2 days

    • Remarkable material; amazing thermal protection



  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • German Government/Law (Proficient)

  • India Law/Lore; Sikh Religion (Professional)

  • Street Living/Life (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Indian/Bohpolese (Professional)

    • English (proficient)

    • German Professional)

    • Pakistani (Proficient)

    • Arabic (Professional)

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