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Don't Get In My WayZack Hemsey
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M16-3/Arnold Zimmerman




70 (mind); 6 (body)









M16-3, Luftwaffe, Agent 75 (X-Guard), Baron Zimmerman

Teutonic League



Don "Major Deej" Finger

18 May 2012



Avril Zimmerman (Wife, deceased)

 Elsa Zimmerman (Daughter, deceased)




In 2016, Nuremberg, Germany was overrun by a band of Neo-Nazi fascists calling themselves the "New Reich Army". A superhero, Arnold Zimmerman AKA Luftwaffe of the German superhero team called the Teutonic League led his team to quell the insurrection and almost did until an unexpected presence arrived at the scene in the guise of the World War II Nazi  superhero team leader known as Baron Berlin and a band of old (and new) Axis Force teammates, along with over a thousand trained troopers.  In the ensuing battle, the Teutonic League was defeated, key of which was the death of Arnold Zimmerman AKA Luftwaffe.

As quickly as possible, Zimmerman's dead body was brought back the Teutonic League's HQ in Berlin, Germany where a rogue team scientist attempted to infuse Zimmerman's brain patterns, consciousness and potential 'soul' into a younger clone body of Zimmerman.

Sadly, the transferal failed.

In a last ditch effort, the rogue scientist, in an attempt to save even part of Zimmerman, uploaded the rapidly degrading brain patterns into the pneumonic brain network of M16-3, one of the team's support androids. As a result, Zimmerman lived, however, now in an android's metallic body and with major sections of Zimmerman's memory now missing.

After adjusting to his new body and mind, Zimmerman quickly realized he was no longer the man he once was, however, he still had the combat, leadership and organizational skills of the previous Zimmerman...just not as many 'personal' details or events to support his knowledge and skills on.  He spent the next year re-training his body and mind, eventually coming to the conclusion that he was not the android M16-3 nor Arnold Zimmerman anymore, but instead something else; something he decided to now call 'Blackhawk'.

Shortly after awakening as a human in an android's body, Blackhawk was able to recall a lot of his work and efforts while employed in X-Guard of G.U.A.R.D.  To that effect, Blackhawk crafted new armor and generated a new stealth field to accommodate features that would benefit the new him as the stealthy Blackhawk

The Teutonic League eventually voted on a new leader and much to Blackhawk's surprise, Blackhawk was unanimously chosen to (continue to) lead the team.  The team still trusted Blackhawk for who he is and was, but realized that amongst all of the Teutonic League's members, the only one who cared enough and was strong enough to be the team leader was Blackhawk.

Today, Blackhawk continues to lead the Teutonic League.  His past life with his wife an daughter had already come to a sad ending, and as such, Blackhawk decided that he, as Zimmerman, 'died' with his family anyway. As such, Blackhawk considers himself a new 'man'; a man who now has to learn to live in an android's body.


Blackhawk's ability to lead is intrinsic; his combat skills actually improved thanks to his new android body, and as far as human and team interactions go, he has been the most human out of any of his fellow teammates.  There are times, however, that Blackhawk now and then falls into a melancholy and begins thinking about all he lost; memories, human touch, a human lifestyle and most importantly, according to him, the loss of  his 'soul'.  As far as everyone else is concerned, Blackhawk NEVER lost his soul; they considered him to have the best 'soul' out of any of them.




Power Origin: Technology

As Blackhawk, Arnold Zimmerman's knowledge, memories, skills and 'spirit' have been transferred into a mechanical android body designated as M16-3 (cloned body that was supposed be used failed and died badly; had to use the android body or Zimmerman would have died completely).


In this state, Blackhawk has several enhanced android capabilities; all else is related to the armor/suit (see Equipment below):

  • M16-3 Android Body/Frame Enhancements

    • Enhance Physiology

      • Remarkable level of fighting

      • Incredible level of accuracy

      • Remarkable level of strength

      • Fantastic level of endurance

    • Pnuemonic Network

      • Capable of the following baseline capabilities:

      • Remarkable reason (amazing level for Arnold Zimmerman/Luftwaffe memories)

      • Incredible intuition

      • Amazing psyche against all forms of mental, psionic or pneumonic control

    • Vision/Sensors

      • All operate at remarkable levels

      • Vision covers natural light, Infra Red, Ultraviolet, X-Ray, Electronic/Trace and frequency-based

      • Can hear things up to 3000 yards away clearly

      • Remarkable level of targeting/tracking of up to 300 targets at any time

    • Android Power Supply

      • Hybrid Kinetic/Fusion Generator

        • Kinetic generators provide normal power; good Fusion Generator used as backup or auxiliary that can be used to boost any and all M16-3 Android Enhancement by one level, but only if the enhancement can handle the power generated to perform it (otherwise shorts out).

        • With this power supply, so long as the generators aren't damaged, he'd be able to operate for at least 400 years before metallurgic failure/brittle fracturing and/or the Fusion's fuel

    • M16-3 Body's Frame Material

      • Almost all of his body's frame, structure and design are all from amazing material, however, when it comes to his body's systems and actuations, they are considered to be remarkable in material and nature (this makes up his actual his actual health)​





  • Armoring

    • Helmet, Upper chest, upper back, shoulders, gauntlets and boots

      • ​Good protection against magical, psionic/mental-based attacks

      • Remarkable protection against physical, temperate and toxic/toxin-based attacks

      • Amazing protection against energy attacks

      • Fantastic protection against ECM, magnetic attacks

      • Spectacular protection against radiation-based attacks

    • Rest of the Body Armor

      • Poor protection against magical and psionic/mental-based attacks

      • Good protection against physical, temperate and toxic/toxin-based attacks

      • Excellent protection against energy attacks

      • Remarkable protection against ECM, magnetic, radiation-based attacks

  • Ion Generator 

    • Generator

      • Can generate up to amazing (500 power units of energy) every several seconds

      • Unlimited energy so long as the generator is not damaged/offline​

  • Armor's Physical Enhancements

    • Armor has a series of neuro-micro compressors and attenuators to amplify human fight, agility, strength and endurance

      • Fighting is enhance by 1x (max: Remarkable level)

      • Agility is enhance by 2x (max: Remarkable level)

      • Strength is enhanced by 2x (max: Incredible level)

      • Endurance is enhanced by 3x (max: Amazing level)

  • Gauntlet Weapons/Capabilities

    • When connected to the armor's Ion Generator:

      • Unlimited energy; no recharging required

    • When independent of the armor's Ion Generator:

      • Each gauntlet, when fully charged, holds a max of 400 energy units of power

      • Requires recharge after depleted (4 hours on standard electrical socket power)

    • Plasma Bolts

      • Up to remarkable levels of physical and/or energy damage (not compounded)

      • Can fire off one shot every 14-16 seconds from each gauntlet

    • Magnetic Field Projector

      • Can magnetize armor and/or gloves, creating up to an incredible level magnetic field that can be attenuated to either attract or deflect metallic objects/things

      • When activated, creates an immediate ECM/Magnetic scrambler effect around armor up to power level range and effect, not to exceed incredible levels

    • Floodlights

      • Can project up to remarkable level brightness/light intensity​ from hands

      • Range 300 yards (decreases one level of intensity beyond range for each additional 30 yards)

  • Helmet

    • ​Electronics Package Suite

      • Incredible level sensors, detections, radar, communications, ECM and digital video streaming/recording capabilities

      • Incredible automated tracking and fire control system

      • Interfaces with Teutonic Towers database and network

    • Visor

      • Provides incredible flash protection

      • Provides Heads-Up Display of Electronics Package elements and data

      • Provides Normal, digital, night, infra red, ultra violet, x-ray and electronic trace imagery/vision

    • Voice Amplifier

      • Voice can be projected as far as 1/2 mile (pending environmental acoustics) at good levels

  • Stealth Field Generator

    • Provides an incredible stealth field that negates all forms of detection (magic, psionic, temperate, electronic, heat, etc.)

    • Can only run for 40 minutes before the generator overheats and starts projecting a feeble heat source (adds an additional heat source level each additional 2 minutes beyond that)​​

  • Belt

    • Explosive Grenade (2)

      • Excellent explosive upon impact to immediate area, with reduced damaged to adjacent areas​

      • Can set to timer of up to 30 seconds

    • Smoke Grenade (1)

      • Drops visibility upon impact to immediate area by a factor of 3, with lessened effect in adjacent areas​

      • Can set to timer of up to 30 seconds

      • Effect lasts for 30 seconds

    • Extra personnel comms earwigs (5 per tube; 1 tube)​

      • Ear-sized comms transceivers given to any personnel to use/wear to talk/listen with Luftwaffe on a unique frequency

      • Range: 10 miles max

      • Battery lasts for 4 hours

      • Disposable

    • Emergency Flare (1)​

      • Shoots up/out over 300 feet with red magnesium flare and parachute​

      • Flare once activated lasts for 1 minute pending descent rate or anyone/thing snuffing it out

    • Anti-Fire Foam (1)​

      • Once activated, it can put out a fire of remarkable or less intensity in an affected area, with diminished effects in adjacent areas​

      • Expands to cover over 300 square feet total; foam/bubbles, non-toxic (like thick suds)

      • Can set to timer of up to 30 seconds


  • Wing Pack

    • Jet Pack

      • Normal Use

        • Provides up to fantastic flight speed (Mach 2+)

        • Max altitude: 100,000 feet

      • Afterburner Use​

        • Mixes water packs into jet exhaust, creating powerful volume boost

        • Provides boost of speed up to Mach 2.5 for 30 seconds

        • Max altitude stays same at 100,000 feet

      • When integrated/connected with the armor's Ion Generator:

        • Unlimited flight time/range

      • When independent of the armor's Ion Generator:

        • Can fly at max speed for 5 minutes (typical airspeed (200 mph) for 10 minutes) or 5.000 miles, whichever comes first

    • Aerodynamics

      • Provides amazing aerial maneuverability/agility when worn in flight (coupled with any personal aerial combat/fight talents of the armor's wearer)

      • Provides flight attitude adjustment using air/jet fuel spurts necessary for effect computer-relayed flight dynamics/acrobatics/positioning

  • Rocket Boots

    • Used as a one-shot escape method in an emergency

    • Catapults armor wearer up to 1,500 mph for 1 minute

    • Cannot be stopped once started

    • After the solid rocket fuel runs out, the rocket feature of the boots cannot be restarted until the solid fuel elements and replaced including an igniter pack for each boot



  • German Air Force/Luftwaffe Operations (Professional)

  • GUARD Operations (Professional)

  • Tactical Aerial Combat (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking/Deflection (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Computers (Professional)

  • Electronics (Proficient)

  • Engineering (Proficient)

  • 20th Century Germany History/Lore (Professional)

  • Armoring/Metallurgy (Proficient)

  • Spying/Covert Ops (Master)

  • Spycrafting (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Pilot, Military Aircraft (Master)

  • Pilot (Professional) (all forms except helicopter or military fighters)

  • Pilot (Barely Proficient) (Helicopter only)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Physical Training (Proficient)

  • Teacher/Instructor (Proficient)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Military Weapons (Master)

  • Languages:

    • Over 250 languages (Doctorate)

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