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Gold Knight

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Hans Gudbrand

Secret (now public)




Single (married at retirement)










Guld Knight of Denmark, Danish 1st Class, Danish Knight of the Elephant, Lord Command-Danish Royal Guard

Teutonic League



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 Dec 2013 (as Gold Knight)


Katherine Gudbrand (wife)

Jaron Gudbrand (son)




Danish 1st Class of Danish precedence, and a recent addition to the Danish Knights of the Elephant, Hans Gudbrand, a Danish infantryman who fought three invading Soltan Star Empire troops in Denmark to a standstill, during the Soltan Invasion of 2000 A.D. is considered the greatest Danish war hero ever and was awarded, as a result of his Soltan combat event, a notable position in the Danish hierarchy. As such he rose to a position of prominence and became the leader of Danish Guard; a role he re-purposed to be a powerful Danish Military Strike Team that could rapidly respond to any danger in Denmark. 

A few weeks after the Soltan Invasion was routed, a band of Arkaenus mages took over the National History Museum.  The museum was quickly surrounded by Hans' forces and additional local police, however, the mages killed all of them, except Hans. Hans was wounded in the battle and taken to the hospital, the only survivor of his Strike Team. The mages made off with what was deemed several rare and valuable artifacts that were later discovered to be reactivated magical artifacts.

While recuperating in his hospital bed, a geeky, young man came into Hans' hospital room and asked Hans if he wanted the power to prevent what had just happened.  He said, 'of course, but I don't have any weaponry or equipment to fight their magic".  The geeky young man told Hans, "I have what you need, however, it must be MUST fight for the good of Denmark, not the government, not the military, but for Denmark. Agree to this and you can get up and become Denmark's new Gold Knight".  With bemusement, Hans mentioned he wasn't able to walk right yet due to his injuries, not that he believed anything the young geeky man had just told him. The geeky man then realized Hans' situation, stating 'oh, yes. I can see what you mean. Hold on. I have something just for that', to which the geeky man pulled out what looked like a pocket TV and ran it along Hans leg, denoting where Hans' damage in his leg was.  A few dial turns and pressing a couple of buttons on the pocket TV-looking device, and Hans was fully healed.  Hans got up and walked around like as if he'd never been hurt.

Amazed at what just occurred, Hans demanded to know more, to which the geeky man stated, 'actually, using this device might draw unwanted attention. It's best to go somewhere else. Grab your things and lets go'.  Hans befuddlingly did so, mystified over all that was happening.

A half hour later, riding in the geeky man's VERY compact car, they arrived at an old under-bridge garage arch. The area seemed familiar to Hans, but at the time couldn't place it. Regardless, the geeky man unlocked the doors to show an empty void of a garage bay; there was nothing with a cement flooring and brick walls and the curved arched ceiling, all faded, weathered and worn. The car was parked inside the garage bay and once the geeky man closed the doors with them inside the garage...

...the garage magically transformed into a high tech, futuristic-looking, workshop, complete with a beautiful set of gold and white armor along one wall.

The geeky man told Hans his name was Olysius, but Hans could call him 'Ollie'. He was one of only several technomages left in Europe after the Soltan Invasion. Hans' squad's battle during the invasion stopped the Soltans from killing him merely several dozen yards away from the garage. Hans then remembered that battle and realized why he felt the area was familiar. As such, according to Ollie, he sequestered himself in the garage and began working on the armor, hoping to be able to wear it and fight off the Soltans. Sadly, due to the Soltans ripping magical energy from the ley line that ran under his garage, he didn't have any magical power left to finish the armor; whatever miniscule stored magic Ollie had left was used to keep wards operational to prevent the Soltans from detecting him and/or the garage.


When the invasion was finally routed and magical energies came cascading back into Earth and its ley lines, the ley line under the garage got a 400% spike, more than enough to allow Ollie to finally finish the armor. Now, with no Soltans, Ollie didn't think he needed the armor anymore...that is, until Arkaneus robbed the National History Museum and brazenly stole dozens of dangerous uncatalogued magical artifacts; artifacts that would aid in allowing them to build a new soul-sucking relic that could affect hundreds in a half-block location at a time.  As such, Ollie needed to stop Arkaenus, but Ollie also realized a new truth...he wasn't a warrior or a fighter, he was a technomage engineer. He wouldn't last a minute even if he wore his powerful armor.  As such, Ollie remembered Hans actions in saving him during the invasion and then saw Hans' picture in the news relating to the museum battle and simply believed fate had pinpointed Hans to be the 'Gold Knight' after all.

Hans took in the story as if he were reading a child's fantasy book.  Hans asked hundreds of questions to help him believe and understand what Ollie was trying to relay, but it wasn't until Hans was allowed to don the Gold Knight armor that Hans quickly realized it didn't matter if he believed in magic; the armor was true and it worked. It was amazing in all aspects; an armor worthy of a warrior; a warrior that could do more with it than just using 'guns'.

After a few hours of testing the armor and learning its weapons, capabilities and features, Hans stepped outside the garage to get some air. Once outside the garage, his cell phone rang, with his unit commander asking where the hell Hans was.  After Hans explained that he was undergoing 'physical therapy', the commander told Hans he'd want to turn on the TV and see that those 'freaky cult' guys were at it again, this time attacking the Castle of Rosenborg, threatening to deface the Danmarks tronstol, the Throne Chair of Denmark.  Hans stated that he 'knew' someone that could help and that he'd be on his way to the scene immediately.  With that, Hans requested Ollie to allow him (Hans) to take the armor out to stop Arkaenus at the Castle of RosenborgOllie not only agreed, but told Hans 'the armor is yours, so long as you wish to be the Gold Knight of Denmark', also stating that Arkaenaus was most likely after the throne's unicorn horn material that was inlaid into the throne; one of the last things they needed for their soul-sucking machine (web sites state that it was actually Narwhal teeth, but WE know the truth now, right?).  With that, Hans, as the Gold Knight, took off to the Castle of Rogenborg and stopped Arkaenus dead in their tracks before they could collect the unicorn horn material.  As such, the Gold Knight was broadcast on live TV in his fight, showing Denmark, Europe and the world what he was capable of.

After the battle, the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, after learning that the Gold Knight was Hans (and that Hans was an actual Danish Knight of the Elephant and a Danish First Class), decided to formally knight Hans under a new national title; that of the "Guld (Gold) Knight of Denmark".  After the ceremony, Hans, whose identity was kept secret (until his retirement), fought not just for the monarchy, but for the nation, on call as needed time and again, day after day.

In 2003, the Teutonic League of Germany formed, of which the Gold Knight was asked to join their ranks as well. With the permission of the Queen of Denmark, the Gold Knight also became a legendary hero amidst and among the Teutonic League's ranks as well.

For the next 20 years, Hans as the Gold Knight fought for Denmark as its national hero. Ollie continued to help by repairing and augmenting the armor as needed, however, thanks to his 'renewed' popularity in the technomage field in the magical community, Ollie was asked to instead move to Mexico City were the tehcnomage community was busy rebuilding the city into the newest wonder of the world using techno magic to help power and futurize the region. As such, in 2020, Ollie packed his bags, and with that, Hans, after two decades of amazing adventures and tales, decided to get married, settle down and retire from the superhero life.

He married his lifelong girlfriend, Katherine, days after retiring the Gold Knight armor, which now is adorned in the the National History Museum.

Today, Hans is considered Lord Commander for the Danish Royal Guard, more title than actual work, and resides at a once-used royal estate, now retitled as the 'Estate of the Gold Knight' located outside of Copenhagen. There, Hans, his wife and his newly arrived young son, Jaron,  shall live out the rest of the their lives (as will their children, ad infinitum) as part of Danish nobility.

As a side note, in 2021, a new knight came on the scene calling himself the "Orange Knight", deigned and announced (and supported) as an official national hero of the Netherlands and a National Knight of the Order of Orange.  This new knight's armor, weapons and costume are exactly the same as the Gold Knight's...but instead Orange and White vice Gold and White. This new Orange Knight has already joined the Teutonic League as well. What is the connection?  With the original Gold Knight's armor still on display at the National Museum of Denmark, where does this new Orange Knight's armor come from? Ollie has yet to be respond to Hans' request about this.



Power Origin: Natural

He has no powers.



  • Armor Protection (Full body and Helmet)

    • Incredible protection from physical, toxic/toxin and temperate attacks

    • Amazing protection from energy, psychic/psionic/mental and magical attacks

    • Fantastic protection from radiation attacks

  • Magical Null Field

    • Armor and wearer are magically, electronically, digitally and thermally 'invisible' at an amazing level, preventing any magical detection, tracking or wards up to that level

    • Anyone with normal (eye) vision can see the armor/wearer normally (even though anyone taking pictures of the armor/wearer with their digital cameras will not show the armor/wearer in the images)

  • Enhanced Vision

    • remarkable level vision in night/dark and able to see/view magical energies and/or astral/spiritual images/beings.

  • Magical Armor-Up/Armor-Down

    • Upon mental command, Hans (or the armor's assigned wearer) can call for the armor to form/drop on him​ (her)

    • Total time to armor-up/armor-down is 5-6 seconds

  • Shield

    • Amazing protection from physical, toxic/toxin and temperate attacks

    • Fantastic protection from energy, psychic/psionic/mental and magical attacks

    • Spectacular protection from radiation attacks

  • Magical Energy Blade

    • Amazing magical energy sword that can damage/cut anything up to incredible levels, except magic, where it can cut anything up to Amazing magical materials

  • Enhanced Physiology

    • Armor magically enhances the wearer's abilities to the following stats:
      • 2x fighting (max Incredible)

      • 1x agility (max Incredible)

      • 2x strength (max Incredible)

      • 3x endurance (max amazing)​

  • Ley Line Power Conduit

    • Using the Magical Energy Blade and the armor/shield, the armor and its wearer can enact as a conduit to channel magical energy from any ley line into anything touching the armor or shield, with the energy blade being the the ley line piercing element to initiate the connection.​​

    • If the ley line energy exceeds amazing levels, the armor's endurance may start to falter, causing the armor to become brittle, losing a level of protection across the board until the armor basically disintegrates...and would the wearer inside.



  • Military (Professional)

  • Danish Royal Guard (Master)

  • Danish History/Lore (Professional)

  • Danish Military (Master)

  • Danish Royalty (Professional)

  • Military weapons (Professional)

  • Military Tactics (+Initiative/Reason) (Proficient)

  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking/Deflecting (Master)

  • Martial Arts: +Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Pilot (personal/small jet) (Proficient)

  • Driver (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Danish (Master)

    • German (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • Scandinavian (Professional)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • English (Proficient)

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