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DestructoTwo Steps From Hell
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Sebastian Starkemann













Hessian Juggernaut, German Juggernaut

Teutonic League



Don "Major Deej" Finger

28 May 2012


Klaus Starkemann AKA Hessian Juggernaut (Father, deceased)

Michael Starkemann (brother, deceased)

Wilhelmina Starkemann (mother, deceased)

Kurt Starkemann AKA The Teutonic Axe Man (Grandfather, deceased)

Eva Starkemann (Grandmother, deceased)

Helga Dessaire (VERY Close Friend)



Born in 1995, Sebastian Starkemann was only 5 years old when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, destroying cities, military defenses and the Starkemann family.  Sebastian was found alone and nearly starving in an old Cold War nuclear bunker months after his family's home outside Berlin, Germany was destroyed by a Soltan assault troop.  Both his parents, Klaus and Wilhelmina, along with his older brother, Michael, died during the invasion, but not before Sebastian was placed in his family's home's bomb shelter for his own protection.  After three months of living in the shelter with only days of food left, Sebastian was found by a resistance patrol and placed in a youth encampment near a military base deep in the Black Forest of Germany until the invasion was over. Once the world started piecing together its lives after the invasion, Sebastian was brought to his grandparents' home (Grandparents: Kurt and Eva Starkemann, Kurt from his father's side) to live with them.

For the next 12 years after the invasion, Sebastian was raised by his grandparents in Leipzig, Germany.  His grandparents strenuously pushed Sebastian to be an excellent athlete, getting him involved in track and field sports, triathlons, decathlons, soccer and weightlifting, training him for the Olympics, much as his grandparents had done for Sebastian's father many years before.  By age 16, Sebastian, already an impressive 6 foot 4 inches in height, was considered to be the school's BMOC (Big Man On Campus). As part of local sports teams, the crowds usually chanted "Starkemann! Starkemann!" to cheer him and his team on their series of wins throughout the sport season, so long as Sebastian was leading the team. He helped his school team win their (equivocal) junior varsity national Football (Soccer, for those of you U.S. readers) Trophy, earning his school their first ever national title. At the start of his Junior (3rd year in high school), everything changed for the worse.

During Sebastian's junior year of high school, his grandfather mysteriously and suddenly died at the age of 90. Days later, his grandmother followed him in death at the age of 88.  With no other known living relatives, Sebastian was truly on his own...and now in change of the family's soon as his grandparents' Last Will & Testimony was read, of course.


The following days and weeks were some of the toughest and most emotional days Sebastian had ever faced.  Planning the funeral arrangements, burying his grandparents, having to forfeit his participation in sports due to said obligations, dealing with the estate financial and legal wranglings, as well as dozens of meetings and discussions with banks, companies, lawyers and even federal investigators, all people he didn't even know, leading to lost school days, missing out on important academic exams...and his removal from the team for missing mandatory practice. It all took a deeply troubling toll on Sebastian. He also found out quickly who his true friends were when most abandoned him when he was kicked off the Football team, pretty much ensuring they'd never win the varsity-level championship for the school. Even Sebastian's high school girlfriend left him because she couldn't 'handle' all the death and reality he had to deal with over those painful weeks. To compound this, Sebastian was told by the top family lawyer that the reading of the Will would be a very complex affair, requiring Sebastian to return to his original parent's estate lands outside of Berlin for the reading as per the Will's demands and requirements.  

During times like these, a person needs an anchor to help them from becoming lost in the ever expanding void of sorrow and pain. That person was Helga Dessaire. She was a girl who'd lost her parents in the invasion, just as Sebastian did. Helga was considered by her fellow classmates as awkward and geeky. She'd been trying to help tutor Sebastian in math and science, but he was always distracted by being popular and by Football.


Okay...Helga also had a huge crush on him.


As such, when Helga overheard what the lawyer said to Sebastian, and seeing Sebastian looking like he was about ready to loose his mind over it, if he wanted someone with him during the reading of the Will, for which she volunteered to go with him if he so desired.  Initially, he declined her invitation, but as she slowly shuffled off, he reconsidered and asked her to go with him to the reading. Sebastian agreed that Helga she'd be a good, steady anchor for him while got through the reading.  Helga agreed and left with him on a train the next day, along with the family lawyer, to Berlin for the reading of the Will.

A stretch limousine adorned with a "Norse Securities" logo on the door arrived and collected Sebastian party (of which, to the driver's surprise, Helga). From there, they drove to the location of the reading of the Will at his parent's still-demolished home outside of Berlin. On the way there, Sebastian noticed there were several military vehicles interspersed along the length of the highways and roadways along the journey to the property's location. Although concerned, Sebastian had seen military drills like that before and figured it was just another random training event that coincided with his travels that day. 


Once Sebastian's limousine arrived at his original home, the lawyer brought five strange but well-dressed gentlemen along with him for the reading.  Sebastian was immediately questioned by one of the gentlemen why he'd brought Helga along, for which Sebastian simply stated, 'if she isn't here, then neither am I', for which the well-dressed gentlemen gestured instead for the lawyer to 'allow' her to be there and continue on with the reading of the Will.


Sebastian hadn't seen his parents' home grounds since he was rescued from the bomb shelter.


The home's destroyed structure had since been bulldozed over, leaving only the home's moss-encrusted foundation, however, there was a relatively new, massive metal door with enormous locks on it where their home's bomb shelter's entrance once was.  Seeing the egress of the bomb shelter brought back memories of when he was in the shelter by himself for what seemed like eternity. He remembered the resistance fighters who helped him after he left the shelter. He still remembered their fact, some of those same faces seemed to be with him now, literally, standing in front of him in real time; standing before him as the well-dressed men that were there when he stepped out of the limo. He recognized three of the four men as the one's who'd been there when he was loaded up on a truck for the youth camp, eventually bound for the Black Forest site.  He remembered them.

As the lawyer began to speak, Sebastian stopped him.  Sebastian then walked up to each of the well-dressed men and looked them over, one by one, with each of these men providing a stony, wordless countenance back upon Sebastian during his silent, eyeful interrogation. Finally, Sebastian asked their names, only to be told letters of the Greek alphabet in response; Tau, Theta, Omicron and Rho.

Perplexed at their response, the lawyer insisted on continuing his task and began reading the Will.  After several minutes of lawyer-speak listing all the legal precedents and his family's long genealogy from as far back as recorded time, the lawyer finally got to the bequeathals.


Sebastian was considered to be the last and only heir to the home's property, encompassing over 2000 acres of family land, as well as the contents of all materials on the property and in storage, which the house and bomb shelter were specifically mentioned.  At this point the lawyer mentioned that on the site, the four members of Norse Securities would now unlock the hatch wherein the remainder of the will would be read to the inherent party.  With that, the four well-dressed men with Greek Alphabet letters for names were given keys by four other lawyers, each of which seemed to be from different counties (Australia, United States, Japan and most likely Switzerland). Once the keys were handed off, the band of four international lawyers left in an SUV. The well-dressed gentlemen, once noting the other lawyers were clear of the premise (talking into their wrists of all things!), they unlocked each of the heavy locks to the massive bomb shelter cover and then opened to reveal the bomb shelter's hatch, which was also then opened. Once the creaky hatch door was opened, Sebastian caught the smell on the wind; it was the same mothballed yet musty smell he remembered when he was surviving in the same bomb shelter as a child.  Those same scents came wafting from the shelter's vertical ladder shaft that the shelter's hatch was now opened to. The smells led to even more memories flooding back; memories Sebastian immediately fought back. As far as he was concerned, the sooner this reading was done, the sooner he'd be able to exit this place forever, intending to most likely sell the land and move into his grandparents fancier home instead, never having to deal with...or remember...any of this ever again.

Each of the procession went down the ladder into the shaft, with the lawyer motioning to Helga and Sebastian to also go down the shaft. With an audible heavy sigh, Sebastian did so, unwillingly. At the bottom of the ladder, it was quite dark. It wasn't until the lawyer (the last one down the shaft) called for 'LIGHTS!' that someone flipped on a switch, engaging several mobile, caged-light stands that illuminated the musty space.

It had been a long time since Sebastian was in this same shelter.


His memories came flooding back.


He remembered his days during the invasion where he ate the canned foods and pickled eggs drinking bottled water and eventually water from a make-shift evaporator.  In his wave of memories, he remembered the large, concrete wall that was behind the bunk beds in the shelter.


He remembered beating on that wall quite a few times in his despair, remembering it reverberating with a bit of a metallic echo unlike the other walls. What he now saw before him was the answer to what that same concrete wall was actually hiding. With piles of concrete wall debris on the floor and pushed to the side, a once-hidden, massive vault door stood.


Raising an eyebrow, Sebastian began to think there was more to this Will reading than he'd ever imagined.

The lawyer then broke out his cellular phone and mentioned some coded wording into it, immediately closing his phone.  With a hand motion from the lawyer, each of the four well-dressed men pulled out an ornate gold necklace each with an ornate key on them, with each key shaped different from the other. Each The four men then inserted the keys into the lock, simultaneously, also followed by them simultaneously turning the keys in the locks and unlocking the vault door.  Once the thick vault door was opened, the four men moved three of the light poles into the vault's space to given some illumination. It was then that Sebastian denoted the lights were battery powered; not plugged in to any outlet, electrical cable or extension cord. He thought to himself, well, if we get stranded down here, at least we'll have lights until the batteries die out. He then immediately turned his attention instead to what was now coming into view in the vault; something that, once revealed, was going to change his life forever from that day forward.


With the lighting now in place in the vault, the vault illuminated showing a massive space spanning hundreds of feet back and wide and at least 20 feet in ceiling height.  In the vault were multiple old and decrepit crates, most with old, worn Nazi Germany swastikas emblazoned upon them, some looking as new at 20 years old, but most looking like they belonged in an old black-and-white movie, maybe. One crate in particular was a large, long metal crate with four golden, elaborately detailed and etched locks. That crate was located in the back center of the vault's space, almost as if it were a centerpiece for the room. Before Sebastian could comprehend what to say, the lawyer broke back into the reading of the Will.

"As far back as time can be recorded, our ancestors have passed down the greatest treasures and artifacts ever created and used by the northern gods themselves.  The contents of this vault, as with the associated properties and forthcoming services and business are legally, now and forever, wholly and bequeathed to its inheritor, legally, who is Sebastian Starkemann. Each item in this vault, in addition to the associated and listed estate properties, associated businesses, active ventures and financial and intellectual capital, outlined in the bequethed's material listing in this will, is entrusted to Sebastian Starkemann once and for all. Detailed instructions, manuals, and all related historical documentation and transcripts bequeathed are the responsibility of the bearer to learn from and follow with the utmost discretion and humanity of the receiver, the aforementioned, Sebastian Starkemann. These bequeathed items previously mentioned and/or listed have been handed down from generation-to-generation as part of our lineage's responsibility to retain, store, document and protect said items. If the stated and/or listed items are not within the confines of the property, all legal rights, back on the attached German government Edicts of Historical Possession shall come into effect and override all other forms of salvage, possession or property rights unto other than the bequeathed. Said items are to be kept contained, if not already identified in existing storage locations as set and contracted through Norse Securities business protocols, the ensured of these legal and historical items of bequeathal. By the power of the nation of Germany and through the Perun Accord of 1856, along with the associative authority through Norse Securities Incorporated, as countless generations beforehand have passed unto the next generation, the northern god, ostensibly affirmed to have been and/or been the originated party named as "Perun", himself, as was the previous bearer and estate owner, Klaus Starkemann and/or his entrusted authenticator in lieu of a worthy son's 18th birthday, or in lieu of the entrusted authenticator's, being Kurt Starkemann, Klaus Starkemann's father, untimely death, then shall pass, as stated, all rights to the the heir of the estate of the Starkemanns. Should no heir be left, the estate will be sent and made available to the legal leader of Germany's nation to utilize humanitarian and historical precedent in utilization of the enormous power and ramifications this estate's possessions do effect upon the nation, should said power be allowed to be utilized therein. To this effect, the bequeathed shall now officially and legally be granted the entirety of the estate, thus forward. May that which was the power of the gods of legend be used for the benefits of mankind and civilization and never for the purpose of evil, fascism or the needs of unworthy men".

To close out the reading, the lawyer added, "To ensure the continued safeguarding of these artifacts and all items of your inheritance, Norse Securities, should their business and services still exist, are yours to lead as the official title-bearer and owner of the business henceforth. Executor, at this time, entrust the recipient(s) with the aforementioned with your inheritance, ensuring the attached detailed list of belongings, properties and services as part of this legal and binding duty in ensuring the security and continued protection of the executor, the executor's family, and all inclusions listed in Appendix A of this Last Will & Testament, carried out as part of the Executor's continuing duties to the inheritor". At this point all four of the Norse Securities men signed the paper, dropped to a knee before Sebastian, and stated that they'd give their lives in his service to protect and honor the descendant of the northern god, Perun.

Overwhelmed by what was just read and done, Sebastian asked the security men to stand up and relax. Sebastian then turned to the lawyer and attempted to ask him a litany of questions that were only now beginning to form in his head, only to be interrupted by explosions coming from above. 


As puffs of dust fell from the vault's overhead supports, the four well-dressed Norse Security men pulled out futuristic energy handguns and began talking into their wrists.  At this point, as explosive blast blew open the bomb shelter's previously closed and locked hatch, knocking everyone in the shelter onto the floor as a result of the ensuing explosion's pressure wave, leaving everyone with ringing in their ears.  Sebastian pulled himself up to see armed men drop down through the shelter' shaft.  The Norse Securities men took out several of the armed men before they themselves were cut down one by one.  The lawyer ran to Sebastian and shielded him from any potential bullet spray, for which the lawyer indeed received one shot in the shoulder that would've easily been a killing head shot for Sebastian.  The lawyer, Helga and Sebastian scooted their way into the vault, hiding behind the crates, but it was too late; they were surrounded in mere seconds by men who wore a logo of a dog's head - the logo of the international black marketeers and professional thieves known as CANIS.

A lurking figure nonchalantly walked towards the raid's survivors from the shelter's entrance shaft.  Calling himself CANIS Alpha, he slowly applauded as he walked towards Sebastian in the vault.  Speaking in German, CANIS Alpha stated he and his organization had been looking for decades for these treasures and that, thanks to Sebastian, CANIS was led straight to them.  He then motioned for two of his troops to bind Sebastian, the lawyer and Helga with zip-ties, all the while the CANIS men began hauling off the crates and loading them onto a make-shift pallet lowered down the shelter's entrance shaft.  The speed at which CANIS' men moved the crates from the vault to the shaft truly identified they were good as their profession.  CANIS Alpha then began to walk about the vault, lecturing the lawyer and Sebastian of all the 'indicators' they'd found to track them to this location. As it was, CANIS Alpha reveled in the fact that he was fully responsible for poisoning Sebastian's grandfather in order to push the formal inheritance process that led them to the secretive find. He specifically thanked Sebastian for keeping his smartphone on so they could track them to this location. With each utterance from CANIS Alpha, Sebastian grew more and more enraged.

Finally, after half of the crates had been moved up and out of the shelter, the sound of explosions, gunfire and helicopters permeated the shelter via the shaft to the surface.  CANIS Alpha, agitated over this, mentioned it was most likely the disguised Norse Securities men dressed as military troops along the route to the house, and sent his men to go up the shelter's shaft and combat them.  Eyeballing each other, the lawyer, Helga and Sebastian, not being seen by the CANIS troops, jumped up to their feet and pulled the vault's door shut on themselves, separating the CANIS troops in the shelter from Sebastian, Helga and the lawyer inside the vault.  The lawyer pulled down on a lever that acted as an internal lock, thus preventing anyone from getting in.  Helga reached into her pocket and broke out a Swiss Army knife and cut Sebastian's binding zip-tie. In short order, once each had freed the other, they began prying open the crates, looking for anything to use to defend themselves with.

That's when Sebastian found the Axe of Perun, the legendary 'family weapon'. The lawyer mentioned to Sebastian that his father was a German superhero once known as the "Hessian Juggernaut" who'd worked for a secretive West Germany government organization during the Cold War throughout the late 1970s and all throughout the 1980s. As such, Sebastian attempted to pull the axe from its crate. The axe felt like it weighed a ton. He also noted that the axe 'glowed' when he touched it. In the box was a letter addressed to Sebastian. It was from his father. In the letter, Sebastian's father described how much he loved Sebastian and hopes that one day, he'll be able to read this letter and inherit the power and property of Perun, a magical god-like descendent from thousands of years beforehand. In the letter were additional instructions of how to wield the "Axe of Perun" as it was called. To do so, he had to pass a 'Strength and Worthiness' Test. He had to hold the axe off of the ground, not touching anything other than his own skin, for over 60 seconds, wherein it would test your magical/psychic aura for any signs of malice in his soul and then test against his DNA ensuring his was of 'northern European blood'. Once done, the Axe would magically grant him power and the ability to wield it to protect and defend Germany.  As a note, he begged Sebastian to not do what his grandfather forced him to do; lock away the axe and all the armor and equipment he used as the 20th-century's "Hessian Juggernaut" and to instead take the responsibility to help their nation in the name of Perun, protecting the people of the North from harm.


With jackhammers now pounding on the vault doors, Sebastian knew what he had to do. He had to try and take this 'power' of the axe and stop CANIS from stealing this and selling this to someone who'd do something 'other' than good with it. TO that, using his strength his grandfather trained him to use for the Olympics, Sebastian strained to lift and hold up the axe.  It took everything he had to do so.  Although it said he only needed 60 seconds to hold it, it felt like an eternity...and he swore he heard ancient German mutterings all around him as he tried to not drop the axe. Finally a wave of power crashed through the axe and into Sebastian, transforming him into a stronger looking, muscular body. His shirt and pants ripped, his shoes burst from his now enlarged feet as Sebastian realized he was being empowered with arcane energies and/or spells coming from the Axe. As Sebastian stood up, he was now easily over 7 feet tall and more muscular than he'd ever been before. Effortlessly lifting the once-heavy long-poled mystical axe, Sebastian told the lawyer to open the vault door.  Both Helga and the lawyer tried to dissuade him, so instead, he opened the vault door himself with ease.  With an additional kick to the vault's door, it slammed into the shelter's adjacent hinged wall with a resounding boom, leaving Sebastian and his new weapon to face off against the remaining several CANIS troops in the shelter that were not crushed behind the vault door. CANIS Alpha, seeing Sebastian in his state, brought his hand to his chin and muttered, "interesting..." whereupon seeing Sebastian's new features, rabbited up through the shelter shaft and into the foray that was still occurring topside.

Sebastian, using his newly acquired axe, cut a swath through the CANIS troops in the shelter, slicing two of them in half and smashing the remaining ones into the shelter's now dented walls.  Although the troops shot Sebastian, he was unhurt; no projectiles penetrated his now dense skin.

With that, Sebastian motioned the lawyer and Helga to stay put and guard the rest of the artifices, tossing them several of CANIS' machine guns to use. The lawyer was pulling out his cellphone, talking on it as Sebastian then shot up the shaft with a speed he'd never experienced before. Once on the surface, Sebastian saw three black and gold helicopters smoldering on the edge of the property, with another two large cargo helicopters adorned in black and red equally smoldering next to him at the shelter's entrance.  Dozens of troops in suits and black and red CANIS costumes laid littered across his parent', as Sebastian saw three men in suits with futuristic hand weapons close in on his location, yelling into their sleeves, 'We have eyes on Sebastian; all clear topside'.  Realizing these men were from Norse Securities, Sebastian then realized that two large black and red helicopters were now racing away from the property across its tree-line, quickly disappearing over the local hills.  Dozens of military vehicles began rolling in from all directions, sporting black and gold logos on their doors with "Norse Securities" logos on them. Over the next few minutes, Sebastian was told that of the 20 crates of artifacts, documentation and priceless historical items originally in the vault, all but 8 were taken. 

For the next few days, Sebastian worked with his new company, Norse Securities, in tracking down CANIS and the contents of the stolen crates.  During that same time, Helga helped him find out more about his inheritance, such to the fact that he was also now 400 million Euros richer than he once was. Helga also told Sebastian of the history of the artifacts and the tales of their collection and use over the centuries, including the fact that Baron Berlin of Nazi Germany's Axis Force super-group was once very close to stealing all of the same artifacts found in the vault for Hitler but thanks to the help of the western super-group known as the Allied Fighters, the artifacts were able to be recovered, wherein they'd been hidden in the vault in the bomb shelter since. His great grandparents were officially Prussian nobility (Junkers) (related to members from the von Clausewitz family lineage), but formally belayed said titles in the 1930s so as not to draw any unwanted attention towards themselves or their estate. Regardless, prior to World War II, his family packed up all of their things (including the Axe and all the arcane materials) are rode out the entire war while living in Switzerland, returning after the war to reclaim their lands (actually, they had to 'buy' back much of their land).  Shortly thereafter, Norse Securities was created to aid in keeping the artifacts safe from the controls of nations and politicians, rather than have a potentially loose-lipped 'cult-like follower' of a security guard blab about the arcane artifacts to Soviet or communist spies  (see Arkaenus; they had a few such folks traverse from Starkemann's original security force to Arkaenus as a result of their being 'let go'). Nonetheless, Helga was a big help in getting the information Sebastian needed, including where some of the family's stolen artifacts that CANIS stole were.


After days of tracking down CANIS, Helga found a lead about a ship that was foundering off of Denmark's coast; a ship that reported 'strange' things occurring in their cargo hold that was causing the ship to slowly sink. The ship had notoriously been 'impounded' twice from CANIS, only to find its way back into service (CANIS re-stole what wasn't theirs?). With that, Sebastian donned a set of Norse Securities uniform gear, boarded one of their helicopters and raced off to the cargo ship...of course with his new Axe of Perun to keep him company.  Once they flew to the cargo ship, Sebastian dropped down onto the ship from the helicopter and went to talk to the ship's captain.  Instead, he found the crew all dead, with each of them changed into something uniquely odd from one another; one man's body looked to be made of rope; another man's body looked to be made of brass, while another looked like he'd turned into a garden salad. Strangely, the Axe seemed to help his see 'auras of magic' through bulkheads and decks, allowing him to track where a large magical 'glow' was being seen through his new magical vision.

The deeper into the ship he went, the stranger the deaths were. Parts of the ship were also affected; one ladder's metal platform had been changed into wood; a pallet of oil looked as if they were balloons.  Finally, in the last cargo bay, he saw random beams of energy shooting out from an opened crate - a crate than had a faded German swastika on its side.  The cargo bay was a menagerie of weird, altered items, following a theme that seemed to be 'sick, twisted pranks played upon others by an equally twisted and evil trickster'.  The cargo hold was also filling up with water, pouring in from what looked like a golden 'scorch pattern' in the hull.  The beams of energy emanating from the crate were what was causing the random transformations.  The rising waters caused what was once a CANIS trooper to float by that had been now transformed into solid wood. Sebastian leaped over the other crates and attempted to close the lid on a Pandora's Box of some form of magical casket (later to be known as the "Trickster's Cask", an evil arcane object imbued by other relatives of Perun, one notably being called Veles, a Slavic god of earth, waters, livestock, and the underworld as well as magic and trickery.  With great speed, Sebastian was able to quickly replace the casket's cover, but not before one last energy beam exited the casket and turned the hull inside the cargo bay to paper.

As the sea's waters poured into the cargo bay, Sebastian realized that three of the stolen crates with in from of him in the cargo bay.  The trouble - he only had two hands, and one was holding the Axe of Perun.  As the water level rapidly rose, a strangely dressed man in a cape calling himself "Hexenmeister" floated down beside Sebastian.  Exclaiming an occasional 'oh dear, this isn't good', Sebastian demanded to know what Hexenmeister wanted, to which he responded, 'to help people; I am a hero, after all'.  Sebastian told Hexenmeister that the crew was dead due to a dangerous arcane artifice in the crate next to him, however, he need help to get two other additionally dangerous mystical artifact crates out of there as well.  Mulling over his choices as the water rose to within feet of the cargo bay's ceiling and Sebastian struggling to carry the water-logged Trickster Cask's crate beneath him, Hexenmeister created magical 'bubbles' around Sebastian and the three crates.  He then said some magical verses wherein the decks above them seemed to pass 'through' them, as the ship sank, leaving the crates and Sebastian bobbing around on the surface of the seas off Denmark. A Danish Sea rescue helicopter along with the Norse Securities copter appeared and aided retrieving Hexenmeister, Sebastian and the crates. 


Once back in Germany, both helicopters alighted to a pier side landing pad.  There, an aged, retired West German secret government agent called Damon Kaufmann met Sebastian and HexenmeisterDamon was practically in tears seeing the Axe of Perun, asking if it was true and that it was what he (Damon) though it was, pointing to the Axe. When Sebastian said it was the Axe of Perun, Damon was practically giddy. He said he'd been looking for the heir to the Axe for decades, hoping to find the next Hessian Juggernaut. Sebastian told him today was not the day to discuss this, and that he and Damon would meet at a future time to discuss their futures from there. All parted ways minutes later. Initially, Sebastian didn't trust Damon but after talking with his Norse Securities, he discovered Damon's benevolence and the truth of his involvement with his father, who was the Hessian Juggernaut during the Cold War.

With few other resources and choices available to him to help retrieve his stolen treasures, Sebastian knew he'd need others to help him find that which CANIS stole from him. As such, Sebastian agreed to 'team up' with Damon and his team of German superheroes called the "Teutonic League" so long as Damon (and the team) agreed to help him find his family's arcane treasures before other bad people used them for the wrong reasons. Damon and the team agreed, but asked they be allowed to catalog the items and their documents to ensure fail-safes could be made available against them should they ever be stolen again or used by whoever CANIS was trying to sell them to. The recovered and retained family treasures were then placed in a new modern, ultra-secure bunker in the sub-basement of their super-group's base of operations, Teutonic Tower, in Berlin. 

Today, Sebastian goes by the codename 'Perun', armored in the latest high tech combat armor and gear (looking very much like his father's) working with the Teutonic League to help save Germany and Europe's populations from villainy and evil, all while continuing to search and recover the Starkemann family's treasures.  Currently 12 of 20 crates have been recovered. At Starkemann's orders, no other item or object is to be touched or utilized until it has been researched and scrutinized, for which a small team of magical archivists do so on a daily basis at the Teutonic Tower.


Sebastian continues to be the CEO of Norse Securities and has used them to help not only guard the artifacts, but aid in their recovery, as well as assist in the security of Teutonic Tower. He is also rebuilding his family's estate outside Berlin with part of his monetary inheritance. In addition, Sebastian has since quit trying to finish his formal education knowing he cannot return to being what he once was now that his body is in its altered, magically enhanced state.  Helga, aside from accelerating her own education through online studies, currently working on her doctorate, also arranged teachers and tutors (herself included) to help Sebastian finish his high school degree and even earn an equivalent Associates Degree in Finance. During this same time, Helga become quite the expert on the Starkemann artifacts and as such, continues to work closely beside the archivists. Helga currently lives in the Teutonic Tower in a room in the guest wing.


Although Sebastian still considers Helga a good friend, a slowly budding romance seems to be building between these two.




Power Origin: Magic (Alteration (user))

  • Mystically-Imbued Enhanced Body

    • Provided to the Axe of Perun's bearer as a result of passing the Axe or Perun's Strength and Worthiness Magical Test (see in Equipment):

      • Enhance Physical Capabilities

        • Originally in good shape all around

        • Amazing levels of strength

        • Fantastic level of endurance

        • Excellent agility

        • Remarkable fighting (with the Axe of Perun).

        • Leaping

          • With his imbued powers, he can leap up to a maximum of 1/2 mile after getting his leaping stride.

      • Protection

        • Provides excellent protection from energy, physical, temperate and chemical attacks

        • Remarkable protection against radiation

        • Amazing levels of protection against magical attacks

      • Duration

        • So long as the bearer lives, the powers these enhancements provide will exist in the bearer's body

        • Within 60 seconds of the final beat of the bearer's heart, the powers granted by the Axe of Perun will leave the bearer's body and return to the Axe itself



  • Axe of Perun

    • Made of Unknown, ancient impervious and unbreakable mystical material from Alteration magics

    • Can hammer or cleave at an increased level of bearer's strength

    • Weighs 300 lbs

    • Strength and Worthiness Magical Test

      • When the Axe does not have an existing bearer with its powers imbued into, the next person/being that attempts to wield the Axe of Perun must be able to survive the following:

      • 60 seconds of good level energy damage over time (armor/protections can he augment this)

      • Good strength to be able to lift the Axe up off the ground or any other surface for 60 seconds (if it connects with anything other than the potentially new wielder's grasp, the entire spell is broken and has to be started anew (including the 60 second timer)

      • Must be of Norse, Northern European, Baltic and/or Scandinavian ancestry (France and Italy don't count, but Ukraine/Russia does)

      • If the Strength of Worthiness Magical Test is successful with the new wielder, the new wielder will have access to the powers of the Axe of Perun and a Magically-Imbued Enhanced Body (see Powers above)

    • Axe Powers

      • The Axe's powers can only be used/utilized AFTER the axe bearer passes the Strength and Worthiness Magical Test (listed above). Once the bearer passes the test, the bearer will receive, through direct contact with the axe only:

      • Amazing magical vision to the Axe Bearer (Astral/Spirit vision, as well as can see magical auras and glows), all in regular visual range, so long as the bearer is wielding the axe at the time

      • Additional amazing level of magical protection

      • Magical/mystical detection; range 100 miles

      • Allows bearer to see through all magical/mystical illusions up to amazing levels all within normal eye sight range

      • Can energize magical items, wards, ley lines, etc with up to 500 units of magical/mystical power

      • Axe recharges it's own magical power at an amazing rate over an unlimited time up to 500 magical/mystical power units max before it stops recharging itself

      • Axe's mystically engraved patterns will alight/glow when the bearer is actually using the axe's powers

  • Perun Armor

    • Full Body Protection

      • Provides the following when worn:

        • 1 level increase in protection against physical, energy and temperate attacks (Max: Amazing)

        • 2 level increased in protection against radiation-based attacks (Max: Fantastic)

    • Helmet

      • Protection

        • Same protection as with the rest of the Perun Armor (above)

      • Oxygen Supply

        • Supplies 2-hour oxygen supply

      • Tactical Audio/Visual Electronics Suite (TAVES)

        • Heads-Up Display (HUD)

          • Excellent level video transceiver up to 1080 resolution

        • Digital Vision Enhancements

          • Infra Red, Ultra Violet, Thermal, Electric and Ion tracing/tracking

        • Video

          • Digital data feeds (transmit and receive)

        • Communications

          • Encrypted transceiver suite with access to dozens of frequencies, notably, unlimited ranged government satellite bands and a 50 mile non-government frequency, device range or, with cellular towers, unlimited  Earth range.

        • Sensors

          • Provides excellent temperature, wind speed, electro-magnetic wave detection, luminescence, air sampling, radar/sonar (passive and active) information/readings

  • Jet Boots

    • Provides good flight capabilities​

    • ​Range: 165 miles​

    • Max Altitude: 2500 feet

    • Max Cargo Load: Armor+ Bearer +Axe + 600 lbs (lose 1/4 speed, range and altitude for each of the additional 150 lbs over)

    • Must be refueled with specialized jet fuel (total: 4 gallons; 2 gallons per boot)



  • European Football (Soccer) (Professional)

  • Financing (Proficient)

  • Arcane Artifacts/Lore (Proficient)

  • Perun History/Lore (Professional)

  • Sports/Sports Training (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Block/Deflect (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • German (Professional)
      French (Proficient)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Slavic dialects (Proficient)

    • Scandinavian (Proficient)

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