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BlueA Perfect Circle
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Karen Kehoe




mid 20s








Dr. Kehoe

Pacific League



Don 'Major Deej' Finger

3 April 2015


Kanye Kehoe AKA "K.K."(brother)




Mother (in rehab)

Father (deceased?)

2 older brothers (deceased)


Dr. Karen Kehoe was a noted Volcanologist with a dual doctorate in Ocean and Resources Engineering and Geology (with geophysics) who worked with the School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology (SOEST) in Hawaii. The reason the term "was" was used in the last sentence is that Dr. Kehoe died during the Kaha Koa Hawaiian Invasion a few years ago...and has since been reborn as the new magical hero, "Bluefire".

Dr. Kehoe had been working on studies for thermodynamic osmosis energy transferal processes while also studying the new Hawaiian Island, Loihi and its gradual submarine volcanic formation.   While in a submersible, studying the volcanic island's latest changes, Dr. Kehoe saw a mass of undead warriors led by the Kaha Koa leader, Milu, to invade the big island of Hawai'i.  She radioed to her surface support team of what she saw. This allowed for at least 20 minutes for local authorities, military and police to evacuate affected areas and setup to at least attempt to stop the invasion.

Sadly, Dr. Kehoe's submersible was discovered by Milu.

Milu himself ripped Dr. Kehoe's submersible into scrap metal and pulled her out of the vessel with enough force to nearly tear her arm out of its socket. Bloodied, drowning and overheating in waters of temps over 120 degrees F, she was seconds away from death...but Milu wouldn't let her die.  He kept reviving her with his powers, causing her heart to restart again and again. Milu wanted her to be his 'human witness' to record his glorious invasion, and the doctor's death was an inconvenience...that is, until Milu decided he was done with her.

As Milu and his troops mowed inland, destroying any opposition in his path, he used Dr. Kehoe's near lifeless body as a human shield, wrapping her around the back of his neck, and at times, holding her out in front of himself daring the humans to shoot him. The Hawaii National Guard troops tried their best to aim and hit Milu, but in some circumstances, they hit the doctor's body instead. If she did start dying off, Milu would revive her, ensuring not to take away her pain at any time. By the time Milu had taken half of Hawaii, the doctor had lost an arm, a leg, her left ear and left eye and had several massive contusions across her body.  She was in agonizing misery.


Eventually, a band of heroic locals directly attacked Milu, distracting him from the doctor. In that unique moment, Dr. Kehoe pooled whatever little strength and will she had, reached down with her only good arm, grabbed a magical blade from Milu's belt and stabbed Milu through the left ear and into his head.


Milu reeled in pain and surprise, angrily throwing Dr. Kehoe over 300 yards into a pile of rocks.  Dr. Kehoe's skull was practically smashed. With mere seconds of life left in the doctor, a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman appeared out of thin air and walked over to Dr. Kehoe's position. There, the naked woman kissed Dr. Kehoe fully on the lips. Dr. Kehoe's body then exploded into a bright blue flame, regenerating her body, regrowing her lost body parts and changing her skin color to a glowing, radiant light blue.

The 'new' Dr. Kehoe's body exploded with a raging blue firestorm. Her body levitated above the ground, slowly swirling to over 20 feet above the ground.  That's when Milu saw her and attacked. The interesting part is that Milu did not know the 'new' hero before him was that of the regenerated Dr. Kehoe (he didn't see the exchange between the naked Hawaiian woman (later identified as the goddess Pele) and the dying Dr. Kehoe).  The new Dr. Kehoe defended herself with brilliant blue fiery shields and flames against Milu's attacks. Milu then ordered dozens of his undead warriors to attack her. Each undead warrior attacking her, in turn, blew up in a puff of ash when they got anywhere within 6 feet of the new Dr. Kehoe's flaming blue body. Milu attempted a melee attack on this new fiery blue hero with the same magical blade the good doctor had used to wound Milu earlier.

As Milu pounced upon the new Bluefire, Milu's body erupted in a conflagration of blue flame.

Milu ran in pain from the battle scene and back towards the water, all the while having "Bluefire" hovering behind him, focusing on keeping the blue fire upon Milu's frame. Milu was in pure agony, screaming horrendous screams of agony, all the while regenerating his tissue only to have it burn away again a second later. Eventually, he made it to the ocean's edge and dove beneath the waves to escape Bluefire's flaming wrath. Many of Milu's troops followed him in retreat and defeat, however, nearly a thousand more undead troops remained for the heroes, military and locals to vanquish. When Bluefire tried to enter the ocean water, whatever parts of her body touched the sea erupted in a geyser of steam, hardening up her skin to a blackish, petrified condition, causing her pain as well. Hours later, Bluefire was healed, but so was Milu.


Bluefire was eventually introduced to the local island militia leaders, and over the next few weeks, worked together to help try and drive off more of the undead warriors.

It wasn't until Bluefire had a vision of a meeting in Oahu's Diamond Head crater with other incredible warriors that she had realized that she had been someone else before, but was unsure who.  To this day, Bluefire only knows what she is told, and doesn't remember being Dr. Kehoe at all.

After following her vision to Diamond Head crater, she teamed up with others that were also empowered by Pele and joined forces to become the Pacific League.  Eventually, the Pacific League, in conjunction with the island locals, the US Military and bands of super-powered heroes (and some villains!) pushed the Kaha Koa invaders off the Hawaiian Islands...all except one - the island of Niihau, the forbidden island.  There, Milu and his forces made a stand and have since remained in control of Niihau even to this day.

Today, Bluefire continues fighting beside the Pacific League and considers her league-mates her friends. She still does not remember being Dr. Kehoe, yet at times, Bluefire will throw out a statement, word, or even a look that Dr. Kehoe had once done.  Maybe one day, Bluefire will remember her previous life as Dr. Kehoe, but after the agony and terror Milu put her through as Dr. Kehoe....would you want to remember?



Source: Magic

  • Bluefire Skin/Aura

    • Bluefire's skin is magically impervious to unearthly levels of radiation, heat or cold.

    • Fiery aura can be turned on or off; when on, if provides a remarkable energy sheath of protection, and a fantastic magical sheath, obliterating anything that is of an amazing level of black, death, or negative energy or magic within 6 feet of her body.

    • She can selectively stop the sheath's damage capability, but so long as the her aura is on, she'd have to concentrate to be able to prevent the sheath from doing damage to anything of black, death, or negative energy or magic within 6 feet of her.

    • With sheath on, she can exist in the vacuum of space and foil any toxin/toxic effects up to an incredible level

  • Bluefire Bolts

    • Bluefire can emit up to incredibly strong magical fire bolts (that do equivocal energy/fire damage) up to a range to 40 yards away.

    • With 10-12 seconds of focus, she can emit an amazingly strong bolt of fire up to 50 yards away. This takes time and concentration to do.

  • Regeneration

    • She can regenerate her health at a rate of 10% health per minute. She can regenerate her own body's lost limbs, eyes, etc., oat the same rate.

    • She cannot use her powers to heal others.

    • She doesn't need to eat, sleep or breath; can exist in vacuum or space, or underwater, however...(see Weakness: Water).

  • Flight/Hover

    • Bluefire can fly at a slow speed of 40 mph, and only 400 feet above ground.

    • If she attempts to fly over water, she can only go a max of 20mph and only 200 feet above the water's level.

    • If she carries a person with her, it slows her down to 10mph and only 100 feet above the ground. She'd also have to concentrate to not burn/obliterate anyone with black, death, or negative energy or magic, causing her to focus every several seconds to maintain a safe Bluefire Aura.

    • She can fly/hover in space so long as she is sheathed in her Bluefire Aura

  • Mental Defenses

    • As a result of her 'change', Bluefire's mind is a vault, requiring amazing levels of psychic powers to affect Bluefire mentally or control her.

    • She does not remember her past life as Dr. Kehoe.

  • Weakness: Water

    • Anytime Bluefire's skin is subject to water, her skin's surface solidifies into a rock-like (lava-rock) look of incredible durability, but also that part exposed to water becomes petrified and unable to move.  Her regeneration powers can reverse this, but she must heal using her regeneration powers before these affects can be lessened/removed.






As Dr. Kehoe:

  • Escrima/Stick-Fighting (Proficient)

    • 1x Fighting/melee skill.

    • 1x knowledge of Stick-fighting.

    • 1x contacts in stick-fighting field.
  • Hula Dance (Proficient)

    • 1x Hula Dance skill.

    • 1x knowledge of Hula.

    • 1x contacts in Hula.

  • Hawaiian Language (Professional)

    • Excellent understanding of speaking modern and ancient forms of the language; proficient at writing

    • 1x knowledge of Hawaiian monarchy/ancestry

  • Other languages (Proficient)

    • Portuguese

    • Japanese

    • Chinese

  • Ocean and Resource Engineering (Doctorate)

    • 4x knowledge of Ocean and Resource Engineering

    • 3x resources (money), if following this pursuit in a job

    • 40x contacts in Ocean and Resource Engineering

  • Geology and  Geophysics (Doctorate)

    • 4x knowledge of Geology and Geophysics

    • 3x resources (money), if following this pursuit in a job

    • 40x contacts in Geology and Geophysics

As Bluefire:

  • Hula Dance (Proficient)

    • 1x Hula Dance skill.

    • 1x knowledge of Hula.

    • 1x contacts in Hula.

  • Hawaiian Language (Professional)

    • Excellent understanding of speaking modern and ancient forms of the language; proficient at writing

    • 1x knowledge of Hawaiian monarchy/ancestry

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