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Steven Conner




early 20s









Trident Koa

Pacific League



Donald J. Finger

27 Feb 2014


Mr. Conner (father, deceased)

Mrs. Conner (mother, deceased)

Robert 'Bobby' Conner (brother, deceased)

Kepeha Conner (cousin)

Mika Conner (cousin's wife)



Steven Conner was the 2nd son and part of the fourth generation of the prominent Trident Pineapple Plantation family from the Hawaiian Island of Lanai, that is until his family lost the plantation, his parents died, and an angry young boy would eventually become one of Hawaii's greatest champions.

When Steven was 5, his father's plantation was in jeopardy. The pineapple business was drying up thanks to cheaper overseas exports.   Land barons were pushing Steven's father to sell his land to hotel real estate developers, but because the property had been in the family for generations, he declined and instead worked harder everyday to make due for his family, the estate and the local workers that were dependent on his product.  Over those few months, Steven's dad was being threatened nearly daily to sell the land.  After one heated fight with a 'less than reputable' land baron, Steven's father found Steven's younger brother, Bobby, age 3, dead in the middle of one of their pineapple fields.  Steven's parents were devastated over their loss.  Within weeks, Steven's father sold the plantation for pennies on the dollar.  They moved to a humble four bedroom home on the beach in the town of Naha.


Months later, Steven's dad was found dead of an apparent suicide a mere two miles from their new home. 


Steven's mother, overwrought with depression, began drinking heavily.  Steven usually found solace with his cousins in the nearby town of Lopa, where he eventually moved into due to his mother being routinely arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct by the local police.  Steven's family was falling apart and by Steven's 7th birthday, he was becoming more angry and unruly, breaking out into fist fights and  street fighting with the locals punk kids and teenagers. He lost more fights than won.  Seeing that Steven needed an outlet for his anger, his cousin decided to help him by teaching Steven martial arts and escrima (stick fighting).

Steven's cousin, Kapeha Conner, was a martial arts instructor and had his own dojo in Lopa, Lanai.  The cousin took in many dead-end kids and taught them to be better people  - all through martial arts. For Steven, his cousin was like a mentor...a mentor that was desperately needed to focus Steven's life away from going down a darker, deadlier path.  By his 15th birthday, Steven had become a master in his own right at pole and stick (escrima) fighting. On his birthday, his mother had arrived at his cousin's house, where Steven had been staying, to celebrate Steven's big day.  Unusually sober, she informed Steven that things were going to turn around for them for the better after her interview she was going to have with the "Feds" in the next few days.


Things did not get better days later, in fact things got enormously worse.

Days after his 15th birthday police contacted Steven and his cousin Kapeha that they'd found Steven's mother dead from a drug overdose in a back alley in Lanai City.  Steven, once again, was devastated.  His parents' suicides were too much for Steven to deal with.  he ran away from his cousin's home and became a homeless teenage beach vagrant living under the piers in Kaulamapau Harbor on Lanai.


Steven's cousin searched for him dozens of times, but when one doesn't want to be found, one usually isn't found.  Steven still practiced his stick and pole fighting with pieces of scrap wood from people's trash cans and dumpsters.  He also started a life of debauchery.  Drugs, prostitution, and petty thefts.  He discovered his bisexual drive and pimped himself out to men and women. Eventually, Steven even became embroiled in underage pornography films and secretive celebrity sex shows and events.  Once in awhile, as part of his 'escort' duties, he would get cleaned up and set up with new clothes and fashionable looks at the hairdresser.  Eventually, he became a self-employed bisexual prostitute by the time he was 18.  Strung out on drugs, alcohol, sex and anger about his past life, he was soon to become another tragic death in his family's lineage.

Days after his 18th birthday, handing out at a hotel pool as a male escort, his cousin Kapeha found him.  Kapeha hardly even recognized Steven from his bleach-blond hair, dark tan, shrewd attitude and drunken state.  Kapeha pulled Steven to the side and told him he'd been looking for him for years, thinking he was dead.  Steven told Kapeha that he 'was' dead and to leave him alone and that he wanted nothing to do with family ever again.  Kapeha grabbed Steven by the ear and dragged him down to a local coffee shop and started loading up Steven with coffee to sober him up.


Belligerently, Steven slapped Kapeha away telling him to leave him be. 


Kapeha instead told Steven before he left there were two things Steven needed to know.  Item one was that Kapeha had found evidence that Steven's parents had not committed suicide and instead were murdered. The second item: Steven's father left Steven a trust fund of millions of dollars, and that Steven needed to meet the family attorney to receive the money that was rightfully Steven's.  Steven began throwing things at Kapeha, ordering him to leave him alone.  Kapeha acknowledged, but told Steven that he was always welcome back to Kapeha's home, so long as he is sober and off the drugs...for Kapeha's new baby's sake.


Steven slumped to the floor unsure what to do. He fell asleep crying, knowing that he had to make a choice: clean himself up and possibly become one of the wealthiest men on Lanai....or just get it over with and die.

After contemplating his own suicide that morning, Steven spent the next day sobering up and getting his head together and taking stock in what Kapeha said.  After a long soul-searching day, he took a taxi to Kapeha's house to resolve what had become of his life.  As the taxi pulled away from delivering Steven to the front of Kapeha's home, three tough-looking strong men wearing Hawaiian shirts surrounded Steven asking him if he was Steven Conner.  Steven told them colorfully what to go do with themselves, only to be knocked unconscious from behind.

When Steven awoke, he was tied up in Kapeha's home's living room on the couch.  In the room was his cousin Kapeha, bound at the wrists with zip-ties, and his new wife, and their new 2 year old son crying in the woman's arms.  The same three Hawaiian-shirt strongmen were aiming their guns at Kapeha and his wife's head.  A well-dressed Latino man dressed in a black-and-purple suit complete with a wide brimmed hat and purple-tinted glasses introduced himself as Lorenzo Ramirez AKA Crimemaster.


Ramirez stated that he was happy to see that Steven was still alive after all these years and that they could now complete the business he had with Steven's father a nearly a decade before. Ramirez stated that he'd presented a 'fair' deal to his father many years ago to convert the 'pathetic and failing' pineapple plantation into a thriving tourist casino resort, but his father would not sell.  According to Ramirez, it regretfully took the unfortunate 'death' of Steven's brother, Bobby, to make Steven's father see the 'error of his ways'.  Ramirez mentioned that killers on Lanai were by far cheaper and far more ruthless than he had even experienced even in his homeland of Mexico. Continuing on, Ramirez stated that Steven's father was about to involve the FBI when he had to meet his unfortunate 'suicide'.  Ramirez then revealed that he discovered about Steven's multi-million dollar secretive trust fund on Steven's 15th birthday and tried to coerce Steven's mother to sign over the money or Steven would be the next casualty of the Conner Plantation Family. Ramirez stated that Steven's mother was sneaky enough to contact the FBI without Ramirez or his cohorts knowing about it until the night before she was to tell the Feds everything.


That's when Steven's mother met her demise in a back alley...stuck with a deadly heroin derivative by the same man who killed Steven's brother years before.


Ramirez tried everything he could to legally get the trust fund, but failed at every attempt. He hunted down Steven for years, but thought for sure the mother had enough 'sense' to ship Steven off-island and possibly back to the mainland, where Ramirez had focused his search for Steven, rather than back in plain site in Lanai.  Ramirez then stated that after watching Steven's cousin, Kaeha, talk with the old family lawyers, Ramirez knew something was up and started doing surveillance on Kapeha.  Happily, according to Ramirez, Steven was now ready to close the deal his father should have done a decade before.


Ramirez told Steven that he needed Steven to go to their family attorneys and demand the trust fund be paid in full, in cash, to what was believed to be a healthy sum of over $15 million. If Steven didn't do as he said, Ramirez stated he'd have no choice but to let his 'hired help' kill Kapeha and his new family, one at a time until he got the money.  Ramirez finally smiled at the end of his long tale and sauntered up beside Steven, telling him, "...and if you think about double-crossing me like your drunk-ass mother tried to do, I'll not only kill Kapeha and his family, but go after the entire town of Lopi and kill everyone and everything alive...just for 'inconveniencing' Ramirez.


Furious beyond thought, Steven launched himself from the couch, knocking over Ramirez and one of the thugs. Steven broke free of his restraints and actually took down 2 of the 3 thugs before Steven wheeled around and see Ramirez holding a gun to the baby's head.  Ramirez repeated his demand and told Steven he had one day, 24 hours from now, to bring him the money.


No FBI. No authorities. No tricks.


Ramirez and his thugs left and drove off with Kapeha's wife and baby.


Steven profusely apologized to Kapeha for what was happening. Kapeha said he has never blamed, nor ever would blame, Steven's involvement in all of this.  As far as Kapeha was concerned, Ramirez was the evil behind all of this.


Both Steven and Kapeha agreed that they must first get the money to save Kapeha's wife and baby.  Steven swore to his cousin that he'd do whatever it took to save Kapeha's wife and child, no matter what happened to himself. Kapeha took a moment and reminded Steven of the martial arts training they'd done together and the philosophy behind it.  He asked Steven to do all he could to not kill his enemies, but instead, defeat them, just as they'd trained to do together years before.  Although vengeance boiled in Steven's blood, he swore he'd do what was right and follow the philosophy they'd learned together - for the sake of Kapeha's wife and child.

TKapeha and Steven 's arrived at Kapeha's dojo, where Kapeha set up ancient Asian-style traps around his dojo to use to spring on Ramirez and his thugs should the situation turn ugly.  . Kapeha also gave Steven a family weapon that was sold at the plantation's auction and bought by Kapeha for $1000 - the family's Steel and Gold Ceremonial Trident complete with his family's Trident Pineapple Plantation logo engraved on the hilt.  After a needed emotional moment, the two set off on their super-imposed rescue mission.

After working with the lawyers most of the night and into the next morning, Steven and Kapeha were able to amass two locked briefcases of $7.5 million each.  Knowing they were being followed and watched, Steven and Kapeha drove around the island, taking in the sights one last time, catching up about what had happened over their missing years, including how Kapeha met his wife and all the details about their new baby. During that time, Steven, for the first time that he could remember, felt like he had a family; a family that he had to save; a family to die for.


He swore he'd rather sacrifice himself than let anything happen to what was left of his family. This he swore to himself....and to any gods listening in the heavens.


As the afternoon sun glowed above, Steven and his cousin arrived at their dojo and parked the car.  they motioned to the car following them that they had the money and to meet them in the dojo. Within an hour, Ramirez, five thugs, and Kapeha's wife and baby arrived.  Ramirez mentioned he knew that the dojo was rigged with traps and surprises and that if he wanted his family to live, he'd think twice about trying to set any off.  Steven stated that they were simply a 'contingency plan' if anything went wrong, and that they had no intention to use them...unless they were being double-crossed. Ramirez motioned Steve to place the money-filled briefcases in the middle of the dojo's matted floor. Once done, as per his word, Ramirez released Kapeha's wife and child and swore he'd never bother them again, so long as Steven and his family  stayed 'quiet' about the money, the murders and any involvement he or his ruffians had in this decade-long 'deal'.  Steven swore to never reveal anything that had been discussed or transacted between them, so long as they were all left alone from that point on.  As the deal concluded, all hell broke loose outside on the beach.


Hawaii was being invaded by the armies of Kaha Koa.

One of Ramirez' thugs pulled back a curtain to see outside. Kapeha yelled to the thug not to touch the curtain, but it was too late - one of Kapeha's traps sprayed the thug with a a low-yield acid, causing the thug's face to 'melt' and the thug to scream in abject terror.  With a shrug by Ramirez, the fight was on.


Kapeha leaped across the room shielding his wife and child, pulling them to the front door to escape. Kapeha unfortunately took a bullet to the shoulder by one of Ramirez' guns. Although wounded, Kapeha's shooed his wife and child outside to relative safety.  Explosions were now coming closer to the dojo; explosions launched by the Pacific Warlords' invading troops.  Those same troops were now only a few hundred yards away from the dojo. Everyone realized the new dangers and started towards any exit in the dojo they could find - all except Kapeha and Steven.


Kapeha wheeled around and started attacking the exiting thugs with his martial arts abilities.  Steven launched himself under a couch and drew out the trident staff Kapeha had given him earlier the previous day. With the trident, Steven took out two of the thugs in mere seconds.  As gunfire erupted all around them, Kapeha and Steven worked together in a beautiful synchronized dance of fighting skill and continued to take down the thugs.  Ramirez, realizing the situation was now out of his control, took off and escaped.  As Steven took out the last thug, the dojo's windows blew in from incoming explosion from the beach; the invaders were already at the dojo.  Steven and Kapeha saw Kapeha's wife and child drive off and away from the battle in Ramirez' car, leaving Ramirez fumbling to unlock any other car doors near him.  Ramirez finally found an unlocked car (Kapeha's) and jumped in to drive off, but not before he blasted the dojo's entrance with a spray of bullets, pinning Kapeha and Steven in the dojo - long enough for Ramirez to get away and Steven and Kapeha to have to face the incoming Ningren warriors from the attacking Kaha Koa now pouring into the dojo.

The fight was epic.


After a dozen minutes of fighting, Steven and Kapeha had taken out three dozens Ningren troops, using all of the martial arts weapons in the dojo's lockers, the traps planted earlier and even the Ningren's own weapons against them.  As the two exited the smoldering dojo, a badly wounded Ningren trooper jumped up in front of Kapeha to stab Kapeha through the heart with its energy spear; instead, Steven intercepted the Ningren's attack, resulting in Steven being stabbed through the heart.  Kapeha dispatched the Ningren soldier, but the damage was done, Steven laid dying at the dojo's doorway.


As both Steven and Kapeha said their last tearful goodbyes to one another, a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman advanced up the steps of the dojo to the two warriors.  She looked at Kapeha for what to Kapeha seemed an eternity, and then she knelt beside Steven and gave him a long passionate kiss; a kiss that created a shroud of orange flames; flames that enveloped all three of them, including Steven's trident staff.  Kapeha then saw the woman stand, and in ancient Hawaiian, told him to 'save our islands' and then faded into thin air before him.  Kapeha quickly looked down and realized that not only his wounds were healed, but Steven was in perfect health. His trident now had a glow to it and even Kapeha sensed that the trident was now mystically charged by the mysterious woman; a woman they later realized wit the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, Pele.

Both Kapeha and Steven ran all the way to Kapeha's home, hoping that Kapeha's wife and child were safe. Instead they found themselves surrounded by dozens of new Ningren troops.  As Kapeha's wife and child hid in the bath tub, Kapeha and Steven fought the Ningren troops, only to be assaulted by even more waves of Ningren soldiers.


An hours later, Kapeha and Steven stood bloodied, bruised and victorious amidst over two hundred defeated Ningren soldiers.  Locals from the town saw the fighting and aided Steven and Kapeha, completely amazed at Steven's Pele-infused powers. There was no question that many heroic stories were going to be written about this day, with Steven as one of the town's new and greatest heroes ever.


Finally, after severe losses, the remaining Ningren troops from around Lopi and Lanai City retreated back to the sea. Kapeha's wife and child survived, as did nearly half of the town.


That night, a Japanese rescue helicopter arrived and ferried off some of Lanai's refugees, including the foursome.  They landed aboard the Japanese DDG-174 Kirishima Aegis Cruiser.  All four were escorted to the hangar where they were promptly given food and water.  There, after days of turmoil, they all slept a sound sleep in the noisy hangar bay.

That night, Steven dreamed.  He dreamed a dream of the naked Hawaiian woman. In his dream, she told Steven that she was the Hawaiian goddess Pele and that she and the Polynesian pantheon of gods had empowered him to be one of their several champions to fight the invaders and hereafter protect the whole of the Hawaiian Islands and the innocents across the Pacific Ocean.  She told him in the dream to go forth to Diamond Head crater on the isle of Oahu and to quickly meet up with their other champions to team up and combat the invaders.  When Steven awoke, he noticed that his trident was glowing a faint glow.  It was pointing him to where he needed to go.  After a long difficult discussion with the Japanese Cruiser's captain, he was finally allowed to take a Zodiac boat, some extra fuel and food,  and travel to Oahu.  Within a day, he arrived at Diamond Head and met with his fellow Pele-empowered champions.

Within a week, the new champions, now called the "Pacific League", led a counter offensive against the Kaha Koa, along with thousands of other local Hawaiian resistance fighters and the remnants of the US military and Navy.  In a day, they took back Oahu; within a week, they'd liberated all of the Hawaiian Island except the northern-most island of Ni'ihau, the Forbidden Island.  There, the Kaha Koa had entrenched themselves and help the island as their own. After weeks of fighting, a cease fire was called.  Ni'ihau is still 'enemy occupied territory', however, the rest of the Hawaiian Islands had been liberated.

After things settled down, Steven went back to Lanai.  Once there, his cousin Kapeha and his wife greeted him with tears of joy.  Kapeha showed Steven a surprise; the money from his trust fund was still in the briefcases even after the invasion; all $15 million worth.  In the following days, Steven told the FBI what had happened and the testament that Ramirez (who made a getaway back to the United States West Coast during the invasion) had spoken of.  Although the FBI said they'd do what they could, it seemed without proof or a recording, Ramirez would get away with his devious plot...or so it would seem...

Steven over the next few weeks worked with local land developers and real estate agencies.  Older, unused Hawaiian laws were discovered to still exist that decreed that Steven still had rights to his family's plantation (which was now nothing but fields of overgrown weeds and grass), and was promptly allowed (for a $5 million back tax fee by the state, of course) to reclaim his family's lands.


Within weeks, the Trident Plantation was rightfully reinstated as the legal property of Steven ConnerKapeha and his family moved into the family estate; an estate that still stood, but needed a LOT of renovations and updates. Parallel to this, Steven promptly developed the land into farmlands once again, devising a mix of various tropical plants and fruits available for the local markets. including a new dairy and cow meat processing facility.  Steven also allotted several dozen acres to the homeless freedom fighters of Lania that fought against the Kaha Koa during that terrible invasion to build their own homes on.


Kapeha's wife became the CEO of the estate, while Kapeha rebuilt and reopened his dojo. Steven, well, he spent the last few years aiding the Hawaiian State Police, the DEA and the Federal Marshal's office in arresting and shutting down all the prostitution rings, human trafficking operations and illegal drug distributors that Steven once knew about.  There was an enormous backlash against him as a result of this...but that's another story for another day.

Today, "Trident" continues to team with the Pacific League against evil including any transgression against innocents throughout the basin of the Pacific Ocean.  He is going back to school and working on his GED.  He is learning how to run his family's new financial empire and the plantation's functional operations. He is also in a relationship with his new boyfriend, Ronni.



Origin of Powers: Magic

  • Thick Skin

    • Trident's skin provides typical protection from all forms of damage, physical , energy, toxins, radiation or otherwise.

  • Enhanced Senses

    • He has a good rank in his eyesight, smelling, tasting and hearing.

  • Enhanced Strength

    • He has the good ability to lift over 300 lbs.

  • Leaping

    • Can leap over 100 feet in a single bound, or after multiple bounds up to 170 feet per each additional leap.

  • Enhanced Endurance

    • Trident can fight for up to two hours without effort.  After two hours, he begins to tire normally.

    • When he does sleep after 1 or more hour of constant fighting in the last 15 hours, he will fall into a deep sleep that will require a mental/psychic intrusion of excellent or better to awaken him, and then only at 1/2 his enhanced abilities.

    • In deep sleep mode, he requires 8 solid hours of sleep to fully re-energize.

  • Hand-to-Eye Coordination

    • Remarkable agility in anything he handles.

    • Incredible agility with his Trident weapon.

  • Regeneration

    • Has good self-regenerating powers, capable of recharging 10% of his health per every 15 minutes.


  • Trident Staff

    • Unbreakable magical material.

    • Enhances Conners' fighting to Remarkable levels with the Trident in melee combat.

    • Can magically point in the direction of any Pele-empowered being or object; range - 100 miles.

    • Projects an on-contact excellent stun effect to anyone else other than Conner who tries to touch the Trident when Conner is NOT touching/handling the Trident.

    • Can pierce all magical fields and shields up to remarkable ranks.

    • When waved next to (1 foot range) a remarkably strong magical illusion, it will distort or (if typical rank of less) completely drops the illusion.

    • Can only be used in Steven Conners hands; all others, the staff will remain unbreakable, but have no other powers/abilities.

    • Conners has a psychic/mystic link to the Trident.  He can sense its location up to 200 miles away. Only encasement in Tungsten or Bromide can limit the link, both of which by 1/2 the range.

    • If in the presence of Pele (within 10 yards), the Trident will be engulfed in a mystical fire; a fire that will not hurt or burn anyone, but will simply display so long as Pele is within range.



  • Escrima/Stick-Fighting (Professional)

    • 2x Fighting skills.

    • 2x knowledge of Escrima/Stick-fighting.

    • 2x contacts in Escrima field.

    • 2x contacts in stick-fighting field.

    • 1x resources when engaged in for-profit Escrima/stick-fighting competitions.

  •  Street Fighting (Proficient)

    • 1x Street Fighting skills.

    • 1x knowledge of Street Fighting.

    • 1x contacts in Escrima field.

    • 1x contact in fight clubs.

    • 0.5x resources when engaged in illegal fight club competitions (0 for legal since it's, well...illegal!).

  • Prostitution/Sex Industry (Professional)

    • 2x skill in sex acts/techniques.

    • 2x knowledge of prostitution/sex slaves/sex industry.

    • 4x contacts in this profession.

    • 8x contacts as clients.

    • 2x resources when engaged in the non-street version of this profession; 1x for street version.

    • 1x reputation rank when engaged in the non-street version of this profession.

  • Plantation/Farm/Estate Management (Basic)

    • 1x knowledge of finances

    • 1x knowledge of farming

    • 1x knowledge of housing/renting/landlord

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