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Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful WorldIsrael Kamakawiwo ole
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Pika Lehua





12 Dec 2012







Kumu, "Gabby"

Pacific League



Don "Major Deej" Finger

31 Jan 2010


Several dozen relatives on Niihau, Lanai and Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)



Originally from the Hawaiian Island of Ni'ihau (dubbed the "Forbidden Island"), Pika Lehua was a teacher at the one of the very few schools on Ni'ihau...until the evil Kaha Koa invaded the Hawaiian Islands and Pika became a heroic champion of the fire goddess, Pele...for awhile. 

His students and their parents loved him for teaching the old Hawaiian ways, calling him Kumu (Teacher) while others loved Pika educating them in science, engineering and mathematics (those students called him 'Gabby").  Most of his students went on to the University of Hawaii, Manoa campus, graduating in the top 10% from the university. He told his students that each one of them were his 'heroes' and that his 'heroes' were the type to go out into the world or their communities and do selfless and helpful deeds like any other hero would.  The day before PIka's world changed, one of his students, Okeo Lehore, age 8, drew a crayon-made picture of his teacher, Pika, looking like a fiery superhero, saving lives.  In the picture, Okeo titled the picture of Pika with a superhero name...Polano.

One day while teaching his students, the Hawaiian god of death, Milu and his fellow angry gods, known as the Kaha Koa, along with thousands of slave troops, invaded all of the Hawaiian Islands.  Over 300 of the slave troops, called Ningren, walked ashore and took over the island in less than 4 hours.  Pika, hearing of the invasion took all 50 of his students and hid they in a hurricane shelter located under the school.  Pika heard the screams of the locals being killed directly above him. To keep the kids' minds off of the horror occurring above, he found several solar inverters and power cells in the basement, as well as a test bench and a large capacitor, and had the kids rebuild a solar power inverter/capacitor setup. Since the school's power came from solar power, he assessed that if he had them rebuild the electrical system right, he might be able to use it as a weapon against the Ningren.  He devised a wire mesh system across the floor and after connecting the solar panels, batteries and capacitors to overload upon grounding, he had the students create a 'shock trap' that would stun the Ningren long enough for him to get the students on a boat and to safety.  He also found two containers full of gasoline in the shelter and set them up as very large 'Moseltov cocktails' to use as the second part of getting the students to safety.

Just as he and the students finished the trap, the Ningren found the hurricane shelter and descended the stairs.  Pika had the kids hide in the far corner of the shelter as he held the controls of the shock trap.  When all five Ningren scouts stepped on the trap, Pika plugged in the capacitor and zapped the five Ningren troops into unconsciousness.  He grabbed the rigged gasoline containers and made his way to the top of the shelter's stairs.  After he made sure it was clear, he got the 50 students to follow him up and out of the school building.  Once at the door, Pika realized the school was surrounded by over two dozen other Ningren troops.  He saw one of the school's utility "stake" trucks nearby and told the oldest student, Mohio (Okeo's older brother), who knew how to drive, to be responsible for getting the students to the back of the stake truck and make a getaway to the docks and leave the island, all the while Pika intended to distract the Ningren long enough for them to get away.

Pika raced out to the front of the school were nearly all of the Ningren were, lit the gas containers and tossed them into the troops.  A huge fireball and explosion took out a dozen of the two dozen troops.  Pika took off on foot and headed in the opposite direction of where the students needed to go and let the remaining Ningren troops pursue him.  After about 1/8th of a mile from the school he lit off the last gas container and tossed at them all while being shot at in a hail of energy weapon fire from the Ningren troops in pursuit.  The gas container exploded once again, taking out another five Ningren, however, PIka had been shot in the back and fell to the ground with seconds of life left in him.  Pika uttered what he believed to be his last words, "Pele, protect the children.  See them to safety."

As the remaining Ningren troops advanced on Pika, the flames from the exploded gas container shot out across the road and burned the remaining Ningren solders to piles of ash.  As he lay dying, Pika saw a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman walk through the flames and straight to him.  She knelt down to his side and gave him a long passionate kiss.  Fire engulfed both of them.  Pika felt a roaring energy and power race through his body as he began to not only heal but control the flames near and around him and the woman.  The naked woman then looked at Pika longingly and sad as a fiery tear rolled down her cheek. She stood slowly and slowly walked away all the while crying tears of fire from her eyes.  As she turned, she looked completely distraught and then magically disappeared into a wall of fire.  Then, through the wall of fire the stake truck with the students plowed through and stopped in front of Pika.  Still weary and disorientated, the students picked up Pika, put him on the stake truck and drove to the wharf where they took one of the Robinson family's large fishing boats and made their getaway out to sea.


Once the boat left the pier, Pika passed out.

Pika was placed in the captain's cabin, where in his unconscious condition, dreamed a dream he'd never had before.  In the dream, he saw the same beautiful naked Hawaiian woman.  She spoke to him, still crying tears of fire.  She said that he was a good man and a champion for saving the children of Ni'ihau.  She told him that she and the Polynesian pantheon of gods empowered Pika and others like him to be champions to protect not only other children, but the whole of the Hawaiian Islands from the evil of Milu.  In the dream, Pika asked why she was crying.  The woman said, "because I know your fate...and your fate fills me with a sadness I cannot bear".  When Pika asked what that fate was, the woman only replied "I can tell you no more, other than you must now go to Oahu and meet with your fellow champions in the heart of the Diamond Head crater.  Together, you must not only liberate the Hawaiian Island of the the evil invaders, but you must pay a price that I myself cannot bear to say.  Go save Hawaii; go save the children; know that I, Pele, hold you dear in my heart". 

When Pika awoke, the fishing boat had already been intercepted by a US Coast Guard Cutter that eventually took command and captained the fishing boat towards the awaiting US  Navy's fleet of ships about 40 miles off the Hawaiian coast.  The navy ships were positioned to help save the islands' refugees and prepared for an attack on the Kaha Koa. 

The children were flown back to the United States mainland for safety  Each of the children thanked Pika for saving them. One of the children named Okeo gave Pika the crayon-drawn picture he'd made the day before of Pika as the superhero Polano.  Okeo told Pika that he was his hero and that he hoped Pika would save Ni'ihau and his parents for him. Tearfully, Pika swore to the boy that he'd die before he'd allow those 'evil guys' to do any more harm to their homes or their families.

After the children were flown back to the mainland, Pika told the US Navy captain that he needed to go to Diamond Head to meet with other Hawaiian champions that were going to help save the islands from the invaders.  At first the Navy Captain declined to help, but after showing the captain a sample of his new fiery powers, the Captain not only wanted to help, but placed him on a helicopter, trained him en route on how to parachute, and had him parachute down with two other naval intelligence advisers to Diamond Head for the meeting.

At Diamond Head, Pika met up with the other Pele-empowered champions, and introduced the champions leader, Princess Kamehameha, to the US Navy officers who accompanied him They would help the Princess coordinate with the US military forces in a counteroffensive against the Kaha Koa to retake and liberate the Hawaiian Islands.

Pika became fast friends with the new champions, making bonds with them immediately.  His positive, can-do attitude, coupled with his sincere honesty and kindness disarmed even the most pessimistic person there. After a week of planning, Pika, now codenamed "Polano", his fellow champions, Hawaiian resistance fighters and the remnants of the US military amongst the islands, performed a massive counteroffensive against the Kaha Koa.

Within a day, they retook Oahu; within a week, they'd liberated all but one of the Hawaiian Island; Polano's home -  Ni'ihau.

Days after liberating the other Hawaiian Islands, the "Pacific League", the name given to his fellow champions, fought bravely and hard to retake Ni'ihau back from the dug-in Kaha Koa.  During one such fight, one of the evil Kaha Koa from Japan, named Sasano'o, used his weather powers to create immense Tsunamis and hurricanes around Ni'ihau.  While fighting Sasano'o, Polano noticed a huge supertanker that had been swept up in the stormy fight.  Unless something was done, the supertanker would run aground, spilling millions of gallons of crude oil over the whole of Ni'ihau's coastline. Polano made his way to the foundering ship.  There, he attempted to use his strength and powers to propel the ship away from the Ni'ihau shore.  Just as the ship was at a safe distance from the shore, Sasano'o launched a tsunami against the ship, breaking the supertanker in two.  The supertanker started spewing millions of gallons of crude oil from its holds. Polano was right next to one of the supertanker's oil holds when the ship broke up.  When the spewing oil hit his flames, the ship ignited and exploded like a raging sun, leaving nothing larger than the ship's propeller as debris.  Polano was ground zero when the  explosion occurred.  After Solano'o was driven back to Ni'ihau, the other Pacific Leaguers and the US Navy and Coast Guard attempted a search and rescue for Polano.  They never found his body.

Ni'ihau was never retaken from the Pacific Warlords by the time the cease fire was called. Continued searches for Polano yielded nothing, other than burned parts of his costume...and a piece of Polano's left lower leg.

A warrior's funeral was performed throughout Hawaii for Polano.  All of the Pacific League showed up for the ceremony...all except The Night Marcher and his legion of fellow Night Marchers who refused to attend an ceremony because of their stating 'it was unnecessary'.  The members of the Pacific League were deeply saddened by Polano's loss.  It was said that the night of the ceremony, fiery embers were seen falling from the sky over the ceremony's site.  Some said the embers were just lit ash from everyone's ceremonial torches...but others believed them to instead be Pele's fiery tears falling to earth crying for the loss of one of her warriors.

One thing that was unique about Polano; he was always looking out for everyone else.  he never went off half-cocked or indecisive.  He helped out his fellow Pacific Leaguers in battle, as well as help save countless others that were in peril during the Liberation of Hawaii.  His kindness and exhaustive helpfulness were his strongest and most endearing attributes.  


  • Fire Generation

    • Polano had the Pele-empowered ability to manifest amazingly powerful fire and flames.

    • He could enshroud himself in a fiery aura providing him incredible protection from any physical or energy-based (and temperate) attacks.

    • He was able to hurl excellent-ranked fireballs from his hands and shoot them out in rapid succession at a range of up to 200 feet.


  • Flight

    • He was also able to use the thermal energy of his aura to fly short distances and levitate, however, doing this usually melted or ignited the ground or items below him.

    • He liked to  'surf' across the surface of the waters and oceans through his own power stunt of using his fire powers to create steam out of the water beneath and in front of him, thus seemingly  gliding or 'surfing' across the surface of the water.


  • Innate abilities

    • His powers also afforded him a higher remarkable endurance and fairly good strength.

    • Has fantastic resistance to fire.


  • Earwig

    • Keeps a micro-transceiver as an earwig to use for communications

    • Range-25 miles

  • Costume

    • Provides feeble physical and energy protection

    • Provides typical temperate, toxic and radioactive protection


  • School Teacher (Professional)

  • Boats/Boat Captain (Proficient)

  • Scientist (Proficient)

  • Mathematics (Proficient)

  • Engineering (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Native Hawaiian (master)

    • English (master)

    • Portuguese (professional)

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