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Kona Storm

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The Snows of Mauna KeaJay Larrin
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Katrina Iasoa












Mauna Kea Snow Girl

Pacific League



Donald J. Finger

26 Dec 2016


None revealed at this time



Raised on the 'Big Island' of Hawai'i, Katrina Iasoa was a thrill-seeking skier that grew up in the snows of Mauna Kea.

Katrina's parents owned a tourist business that routinely brought in international customers, especially those that wished to ski in the snows of Mauna Kea.  Most of the skiing done on Mauna Kea was on government property of the Manua Kea observatory, thus there was only one government access road to get up to the top of the old extinct volcano, including no lifts, no resort, no ski shops...nothing but what you brought up with you.  For Katrina, as early as age 5, she learned to ski and snowboard on the slopes of Mauna Kea...and got into great shape having to hike back to the top each time.

By the time she was a teenage, she was a professional skier and snowboarder on Mauna Kea and quickly became a site expert.  She'd also traveled around to other skiing locations across the world (again, her parents DID own a tourist business...) and became a bit of a ski bum. After Katrina graduated high school, she did volunteer work (donations, mostly) to teach others to ski at Mauna Kea. She picked up the nicknamed "Mauna Kea Snow Girl" as a result. Most of the Mauna Kea Observatories were located at the same site where much of the skiing was done, and as such, Katrina got to learn much about them...and teach a few of the staff and interns how to ski for free tours and a chance to learn more about the cosmos.

One day while teaching new young kids how to ski at the lower, safer trail, two young kids who thought they were good enough to go on the extremely dangerous "Warrior's Trail" came flying past Katrina and her students at breakneck speeds, unable to stop.  Katrina saw them and heard their cries for help. She ordered her co-instructor to watch her class of kids and immediately shot down after the two out-of-control kids.  As they descended further, Katrina knew it wouldn't be long before the snow would give way to pure lava rock...and instant death to the two kids.  Giving everything she had, she raced down the slope faster than ever before, yelling to the kids to do a 'Hockey Stop', with each replying they had no idea how to do that.  Katrina sped up to the closest one, parallel the kid, and plopped the kid down into a snow drift, instantly stopping the kid from going down hill any further. Katrina yelled for the 1st kid to 'stay there until help arrives' and shot down even faster after the other one.

She could tell it was going to be too late.  The thinning snow was now showing the jutting lava rocks...and a steep drop thereafter.  Katrina reached out and grabbed the 2nd kid and wrapped the kid in her body, shielding him from the high-speed impact they were about to experience. As Katrina tried to brake, Katrina's skis shuddered mercilessly, but she had built up too much speed - they were both going over the ledge.  Katrina closed her eyes and told the boy to hang on tight to her as they approached the ledge...

...and was thrust side ways by a rock spire the shot from the ledge, knocking them hundreds of feet above the volcanic plane...and straight down into the highest elevation lake in the United States and Hawai'i...Lake Wai'au.

Both came crashing down into the water. The depth of the water was only a few meters deep, thus both hit the bottom pretty quickly.  Stunned, but still able to move, Katrina swam her and the boy to the surface and up onto the lake's shore. The kid was in perfect shape and told Katrina that he now wants to really learn how to ski to do the same stuff she just did.  Katrina smiled, but only through a broken leg, a dislocated shoulder and a lot of bruises.  After 15 minutes, a vehicle showed up to retrieve the two, along with the first kid who also came out without a scratch.

Katrina was considered a hero for saving the kids...but that accolade would fall on deaf ears, for on that same day, Milu, the 'supposed' Polynesian god of death, his powerful gang of angry 'gods' known as the Kaha Koa and tens of thousands of Ningren troopers loyal to Milu attacked the Hawaiian Islands in force.

News of the invasion came from a Manua Kea Observatory worker driving down the volcano roads informing everyone of what was happening.  Katrina wasn't able to get her shoulder back into its socket before incredibly bizarre vehicles started rolling up the volcano road.

It was a division of Ningren warriors bent on taking over the Mauna Kea Observatory.

Katrina, even with a broken leg, ordered everyone into the back of the few pickup trucks there, and led the trucks up the volcano road towards the observatory, picking up more people as they came across them.  With seconds to spare, the picked-up people made their way into the Observatory and locked every door and access they had.  There were over 50 people now trapped in the observatory.

A Ningren warrior leader formed up his troops outside the observatory, guns drawn, with large alien-looking weapons mounted on their vehicles aimed at the doors to the observatory.  The leader bellowed that he only wanted the observatory and that if they surrendered, he'd have them escorted to a safe detention facility they were creating down in Kailua-Kona.  When the Ningren troops quietly laughed about this, everyone inside the observatory knew...there would be no detention; they'd be killed outright.  Still, why did they want the observatory so bad?

When asked, one of the observatory technicians told Katrina that they had access to the most powerful satellite transceiver array in the Pacific; it had the capability to broadcast and receive anywhere and everywhere, unlike anywhere else on the islands where there was a large amount of electrostatic and atmospheric disruption.  Katrina took charge and took the outdoor broadcast mike (which she'd learned all about hanging around the observatory as much as she did growing up), and bellowed across the observatory's loudspeakers:

"HEY! GENERAL FISHMAN OR WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL YOURSELF! We know what you want! It's the satellite transceiver. Well, sorry buddy, but right now, it's rigged to detonate it you or any of your fishy friends are stupid enough to attack us or force your way in here! So here's the deal...GET OFF OUR VOLCANO NOW, BEFORE YOU PISS US OFF ANYMORE! OH, AND PELE...YAH, DON'T PISS OFF THE FIRE GODDESS PELE EITHER OR YOU'LL BE REAL SORRY! NOW GET OUTTA HERE!!"

The other captive folks in the observatory gave her a look of disbelief at what she'd said.  Katrina replied, "'s worth a shot. I know it's not rigged to blow, but they don't know that...and...well...'not pissing off Pele' was something my folks always told me so that I'd do what they wanted me to do, so...again, worth a shot, right?".  Double-face palming ensued.

Strangely enough, the Ningren leader didn't attack.  Instead, he looked perplexed, yelling at his advisers about 'bad intel' and the crazy human cowboys they hoped they wouldn't have encountered here. That's when the leader bellowed, "So how do you propose to solve this problem then, human?"

The observatory shift manager now chimed in, whispering to Katrina,  "I think we may have a chance to escape but its risky. We can exit out the back, across the volcano top and down the other side...but it's a long hike and we'd be sitting ducks if we were found.  We'd need at least an hour to get to a spot on the other side where we could get a vehicle from a NOAA site there.".  At the same time, a few looked at Katrina and her broken leg, giving Katrina a mournful look.

Katrina knew what she had to do.

"Ok, get them the hell out of here. I'm going to break this transceiver thing into metal and plastic scrap and hold off the troops.  I don't know how long I can hold them off, but if you can find me a laser pointer, and anything that makes noises or futuristic weapon or energy noises, that'd help!".

Seconds later, armed with a refrigerator magnet with a 'pew pew' noise maker and an instructor's laser pen, Katrina shooed the others to leave out the back.  When the leader demanded an answer, Katrina pull herself to a window, turned the laser pen on and aimed it right at the Ningren leader's chest.  Katrina bellowed over the loudspeaker "THAT is from out government weapons locker! It's just one of many for such an occasion and I've got my laser sighted right on your chest, General Fishman! Make one move, one wrong move and you die first, got it?!"

As the Ningren leader began to fret about the laser light emitting on his chest, Katrina took some duct tape and taped the laser pen to the door, pointing still at the leader's chest.  With that dealt with Katrina found the emergency fire axe, pulled herself into a rolling office chair and rolled between the server and equipment racks chopping at the equipment, destroying any and all of the satellite transceivers ability.  It would take months to rebuild what she broke in 30 seconds.

The Ningren leader now saw the flashes and electrical arcs through the observatory's window and knew that the humans were destroying the equipment.  The leader order his troops to breech the building and kill all the humans before it was too late.  That's when Katrina put the 'pew pew' magnet to work across the loudspeakers, making it sound like there were energy rifles blasting all around them at the Ningren troops.

The troops took cover and were unsure what to do for the next minute...but it was a minute Katrina did to do something she'd never done before...pray to Pele.

Katrina asked for Pele to save the innocents trying to escape the invading 'fish' troops and to do all she could to save the countless other lives across the Hawaiian Islands.  Katrina said she was willing to sacrifice herself for them one more time today, as she tried to do for the two out-of-control skier kids.  Katrina said she felt that Pele is the one who saved her and the second kid, careening them into the lake instead of certain death, and that she now needed Pele to not save just them, but everyone else.

Her prayer ended, the front door of the observatory was blown open and Katrina was shot four times by the Ningren warriors.


As if in response to the fatal shots received by Katrina, there was the earthquake.

The observatory began to shake; equipment fell from all around, and about 20 yards outside of the observatory, the ground swelled...and exploded...right under the Ningren troops.  The Ningren troops all died within mere seconds from incineration.  A plume of lava continued to shoot up into the air.  A dying Katrina could only look out through the blown-in door and see the geyser of lava erupting from the ground...and feeling the increased heat of the plume as she slowly started slipping away.

That's when she saw her.

Emerging from the fiery plume of lava was a beautiful Hawaiian woman.  She walked straight towards Katrina and knelt beside her, caressing Katrina's hair and given her a long, content smile; a smile that seemed to take away the pain, if not but for a moment unto itself.  The woman leaned forward and kissed Katrina on her forehead.  Katrina's body began to glow a fiery orange, then a cooling blue flame.  Katrina felt herself no longer slipping into death's door, but instead, empowered.  The glow about Katrina and the woman grew to a brilliance that whited out everything around them...and then there was darkness.

Katrina awoke a day later in the back of an old rusty semi-truck container with dozens of others, most notably the Observatory staff.

Katrina was in perfect health; no broken leg, no wounds from energy weapons; nothing.  Even her previously dislocated shoulder didn't hurt.  When asked what happened, the Observatory shift manager told Katrina that NOAA's people heard them on the radio and intercepted the evacuees and took them back down the volcano to safety, while the observatory staff, noting the enormous lava eruption on the observatory side, went back up the volcano to hope to find Katrina.  He said they found her 'floating on a cloud of air' that lightly placed her into the flatbed of their pickup truck.  They all looked at each other and the manager said, 'Yea. We can't explain that either, but we saw it...and you, without a mark on you, except you were, you know, unconscious'.  He explained they'd been on the run since then and were now hiding in a semi-truck container near the docks of Hilo.  As soon as he described all this, the sound of dozens of helicopters roared overhead.

The US Navy was rescuing and evacuating people for the town.

The observatory manager, with his radio, called down for a helo, which promptly landed next to the container.  All the observatory personnel and Katrina where loaded up on the Marine helicopter and off they went, to the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier, now over 100 miles out from Oahu.

Once there, they realized there were but a few of the several thousand refugees now making the Nimitz their new temporary shelter.  With orders to do several more evacuations and head back to California to offload the refugees the next morning, Katrina was almost relieved that many were surviving the invasion in one way or another. Still, she couldn't help shake what she'd remembered back at the observatory.  Was that actually Pele, or was it a delusional dream? If not, how did she heal so quickly, and how would...why did.... Katrina had to stop herself; too many questions.  One big one she just realized she hadn't answered...the fate of her parents.  She tried calling them on her cell phone, but service was down.  Katrina was escorted to a berthing area and shown where the mess hall was for food, however, Katrina wasn't hungry.  She was weary and worried though.  At her new bunk, she quickly passed out and drifted off to sleep...and dream...

Katrina dreamed of Pele.  Pele came to her and told her she was one of her champions. Pele needed Katrina now and Katrina needed Pele, but this time to help save the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim as well from the evils of Milu and many others bent on the destruction of life.  Pele told Katrina she was now empowered to control the elements of the weather; rain, wind and snow, and that she must use her new powers alongside her fellow brother and sister champions immediately.  Pele told Katrina to fly as a bird to Oahu and Diamond Head crater and meet them in the next day.  There, they would work together and help save Hawaii, for which Pele no longer had the power to do so anymore herself. 

Katrina awoke the next morning. After eating, she found her way to the back of the ship, where a few hundred refugees were squatting.  There, she attempted to use these 'powers' she was told of in her dream vision.  Within minutes, Katrina was able to manipulate the winds, then the rain and even made it snow on the carrier.  With broadcasts going out across the ship to find out what was causing the atmospheric phenomena, Katrina used the winds to lift herself and catapult herself off the fantail and out across the ocean...out to Diamond Head and her foreseen meeting with her fellow champions of Pele.

At Diamond Head, she met her fellow champions.  They soon called themselves the "Pacific League" and came up with a plan to liberate the Hawaiian Islands from Milu and his forces.

Within weeks, the Hawaiian Islands were liberated thanks to the Pacific League, the military forces of Japan, Mexico, Canada and the United States and dozens of other superheroes and hundreds of resistance fighting islanders.  Sadly, not all the Hawaiian Islands were liberated; Ni'ihau, the "Forbidden Island', is still, to this day, held by Milu and his Kaha Koa.

After discovering that her parents survived the invasion, Katrina went to stay with the Pacific League on Oahu.  With access to her own personal flyer at their base in the Iolani Palace, Katrina flies every chance she gets to go back to Mauna Kea and teaches skiing...especially to those two troublemaker kids that she had to rescue at the start of this entire story!



Power origin: Magic (Elemental)

  • Weather Control:

    • Wind

      • Gusts

        • Good level of wind damage over time

        • Effective range of 100 yards; looses a level of intensity per each additional 100 yards

        • Winds can lift and carry an additional 200 lbs within effective range; 50 lbs less each 100 yards out

        • When mixed with rain (see below) can create Poor wind damage in parallel

        • When mixed with snow (see below) can create Blizzards with feeble damage, but reduce visibility x3

      • Oxygenation

        • Ability to infuse oxygenated particles into a small ball or aura, providing a 'breathing' shield, so long as the oxygen volume lasts.

        • Can create up to 10 Standard Cubic Feet of Oxygenated particles (enough for 1 person for 10 hours, at rest), pending on original, available Oxygen/Electrolysis particle creation capacity

      • Wind Flight

        • Winds can lift Kona Storm causing her to fly up to 200 mph for a range of 400 miles before she tires (less if carrying additional weight)

        • Maximum altitude is 2,500 feet

    • Ionic Lightning​

      • Good electrical energy attacks​ at a range of 100 yards

    • Rain

      • Can create a storm cloud system that can encompass up to 1/2 mile range, causing rain and Poor level of winds

      • Torrential rain can affect a 100 yard radius, with pelting typical damage rain, causing up to 2 inches per 10 minutes of localized rain water/flooding.

      • Reduces visibility by a factor of two.

    • Hail

      • Can create pelting hail at the size of quarter coins, inflicting poor ice/projectile damage ​per several seconds

      • Range 100 yards

    • Snow/Blizzard​

      • Poor temperature damage over time

      • reduced visibility up to x3

  • Body temperature control​

    • Kona Storm is immune to temperate changes and damage up to amazing levels for heat and/or cold

    • Increases her ability to NOT get sick (autoimmune is amazing)


  • Earwig

    • 25 mile range, transceiver with Cellular, VHF, HF, UHF, emergency services (police, firemen, civil defense, etc.) and military frequencies.

    • One full charge lasts 2 days.


  • Skiing (Professional)

  • Snowboarding (Proficient)

  • Tourism (Proficient)

  • Meteorology (Proficient)

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