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Kai "Sunny" Takumi




early 20s








Pau Hana

Pacific League



Donald J. Finger

14 July 2012


Several dozen relatives across Hawaii



Kai was a typical boy growing up on the Hawaiian Island of Kaui; school, surfing and getting into trouble.   His father left him when he was three, and his mother worked three jobs in Lihue to make ends meet.  As such, Kai became a bit of a 'latchkey' kid, taking care of himself while his mother was working.  From age five, Kai used to go down to the beach and learned how to surf from the regulars. By age 15, he was one of the best surfers on the island; he'd even won a few hundred dollars here and there from competitions.

As he was growing up surfing and hanging at the beach, Kai usually found himself in some form of  trouble.  Gangs across the island, including surf gangs trying to impose their 'turf' on other beaches, usually resulted in fights with the surfers.  As such, Kai learned to fight and scrap with the best.  He even learned a bit of martial arts from an older surfer guru that took it upon himself to give Kai some guidance.  School-wise, he wasn't much of a student, but when it came to life's philosophies and being an all around good guy, Kai was it.  He was so 'positive' in his mentality that he was given the nickname "Sunny".  The beach became his home, and by age 17, he was living with the other surfers in cabanas on the beach, working odd jobs at the tourist hotels and teaching rich tourists how to surf on long boards.

A few years ago, a surfing competition was being help at Acid Drop (surfing location) on his home island. The prize money was $20,000.  Every surfer on the island jumped at the chance to register and compete...including pros from across the world.  Several Australian professional surfers were considered early favorites to win.  Sunny, wanting more than anything to finally get some half decent money and help his mom out a bit, practiced day and night, perfecting his technique, getting in shape by holding his breath underwater and moving rocks along the bottom of the ocean floor.  Days before the competition, he was ready.  Unfortunately, that's when all the competition arrived.

It didn't take long before the international surfing pros took over the beach and ostracized the local surfers from their own beach.  Tempers flared between the pros and the locals.  After several shoving matches and some unsportsmanlike behavior by the pros in the water (slicing local surfer's leashes from their boards, purposely shooting the wave into other locals riding the wave, etc.), a local surf gang with a bad reputation got involved.  They were members of the "Wolf Pak", a notorious surfer group that didn't like 'houlies" (non-Hawaiians) taking over their beaches and disrespecting the locals on their own beaches. With the Wolf Pak around, everyone knew there was going to be trouble.

On the day of the surfing competition, the pros and the locals faced off in incredible displays of skill.  Five of the pros didn't making the standing, but Sunny and a few locals did.  As a matter of fact, Sunny was in the lead after the day's third session. That's when the fighting started.  One of the Aussie pros got belligerent with one of the locals for 'taking his wave' and causing him to lose points in the last session.  A fight started and escalated to knives and guns.  Just at people started getting hurt...the Invasion of Hawaii happened.

From out of the waves on the beach, hundreds of slave warriors emerged from the surf.  They began firing on the crowds, killing tourists and competitors alike.  Several large transports rolled up on shore loaded with thousands more of these "Ningren" troops. They were the troops of the evil Kaha Koa, a band of angry Polynesian gods and demigods, all led by the Hawaiian god of death, Milu.  The invasion force was performing a coordinated invasion of all of the Hawaiian Islands.  Everyone around Sunny panicked and ran for safety, dozens of people lied on the sand with wounds received either by themselves during the fight between the Wolf Pak and the International Pro surfers or from the Ningren's energy rifles. Sunny grabbed up three of the wounded and made his way to a truck in the parking lot and sent them on their way to safety; he then went back and collected up even more wounded, again getting them to cars to drive away from the war-zone.  In several minutes, Sunny saved over a dozen people on the beach.  Now, Sunny went off to try and save his mother in Lihue.  He jumped on his bicycle and rode the fastest he ever had...only to come over the rise to the city and see that it was completely taken over by the Ningren troops.

Regardless of the danger, Sunny rode his bike fearlessly through the Ningren troops, knocking them down as the rode and leading them on chases throughout the streets to distract them from escaping Lihue residents.  When he got to his mother's workplace, it was nothing but a smoldering crater.  Standing aside of it was the evil Milu. Undaunted, Sunny rode up on his bike beside Milu via a blind spot and tackled Milu to the ground, beating on Milu's head with his fists.  Milu smacked Sunny away from him (Sunny didn't land for over 20 yards) and sent dozens of troops after Sunny to kill him.  Rabbiting around the alleys and houses, none of the Ningren troops could get a bead on Sunny.  A local news cameraman got the whole fight live on TV for all to watch. Eventually, Sunny escaped.  Sunny then went back to his mom's home up in the hills to figure out what to do next. In that time, Sunny's attack on Milu became an immediate social media viral sensation, prompting others on the islands to fight instead of run and hide; he quickly became a symbol of resistance against the Pacific Warlords' invasion forces.

When he arrived at his mom's place, he discovered that the Lihue invasion forces had met up with the ones at the Acid Drop surf spot and were converging on his location.  Sunny spotted several of the local surfers and the other pro competitors running up the street and called them over for shelter.  After a few minutes of re-hydrating and taking care of their wounds, they started to figure out what to do.  As they watched the TV, they saw the attack Sunny did against Milu.  All of the surfers were in awe.  Sunny didn't care; as far as he knew, he'd lost his mother already; however, he wasn't sad...he was empowered.  He told the other surfers that they may be the only ones that can help save the island, or at the very least, get the people on the island to safety.  They all agreed, and with that, the local surfers knew where to get weapons and ammunition and promptly went to scavenge them up. The international pros knew how to make Molotov Cocktails (from their protesting days) and started amassing crates of firebombs. Sunny was forming the only resistance to the invaders - and he was going to make Milu and his troops pay dearly for invading his island...

Hours later, in the middle of the night, Sunny's gang of surfers, plus several from the Wolf Pak and a few retired military veterans they found, made their way to what seemed to be a holding pen for prisoners at the local school's soccer field. There, they formed an attack plan, complete with Ham Radio communications (courtesy of one of the military veterans) to coordinate US Coast Guard vessel gun and Army helicopter attacks to distract the invaders and free the locals to get them over the rise and to a fleet of incoming rescue helicopters that would take as many citizens as they could to safety.  At 2am, the assault started.

As the Coast Guard and the US Army's Apache helicopters attacked the invading forces in their encampment, Sunny's crew made their was down to the soccer field and took out several troops guarding the imprisoned populace.  The citizens started pouring out of their captivity and to the hills when the invasion's leader, Milu appeared.  Sunny told the rest of his crew to keep getting the people to safety while he distracted Milu...and distract him he did.  With the arrogance of a rap star and the acrobatic skill of an Olympic gymnast, he worked his way to Milu, taunting and jibbing him as he closed in on him.  Just as Sunny was about to pounce on Milu, he saw Milu standing with a little girl in his arms with a knife to her throat.  Sunny stopped dead and told Milu to let her go; Milu instead dropped the girl and thrust his knife through Sunny's chest, stabbing at him rabidly.  Seconds later, Sunny, coughing up blood and trying his best to try and tell the scared little girl to run away, saw an image behind the grandstanding Milu...the image of a beautiful, naked Hawaiian woman walking fearlessly towards Sunny.  As Milu turned to congratulate himself to his troops, the Hawaiian woman slid behind Milu and instead advanced towards a dying Sunny.  The woman knelt down next to Sunny and gave Sunny a long, passionate kiss.  As they kissed, Sunny could feel his body changing; getting better.  As the kiss ended and he opened his eyes, the woman had disappeared...and all that stood before him was Milu...with his back to Sunny.

He tried to motion to the little girl previously held captive by Milu to run, but she was frozen in fear.  As Milu turned about towards Sunny, all Sunny could thing about was wanting to smash Milu with one of the biggest waves ever seen on the island...that's when what seemed like thousands of gallons of water slammed Milu in the chest and blasted him down the road and into the ocean. 


Where did the water come from?


It came from Sunny's hands. 


Sunny jumped to his feet and set the little girl on the path to safety.  He also noticed that all the prisoners were freed from the soccer field's cage.  There was no one left in the town but the troops...Sunny was going to take the battle to them.

Over the next few minutes, Sunny and his new water-based powers blasted and swept Ningren warriors, their equipment and even Milu again and again reeling back into the ocean.  Sunny advanced down the street, constantly manipulating water from everywhere around him and slamming and blasting the invaders away to the ocean.  try as they might, the Ningren and Milu could not stop Sunny, instead they retreated back to the ocean.  Milu bellowed that he'd return tomorrow and kill any humans left on it...especially Sunny. Sunny won the battle of Kauai...but only for that day.

Over the next dozen hours, Sunny and his crew helped evacuate as many people across Kauai that they could find.  They were transported by helicopters to ships and aircraft carriers off the coast.  The last helicopter that left was that of Sunny and his crew of surfers and veterans.  They were all heroes of Kauai now.  Once Sunny finally collapsed in a store room on a container ship from exhaustion, he had a dream...a dream of the woman who kissed him. Milu did return...and killed whatever few people remained on Lanai (or wouldn't leave), additionally destroying nearly every building and business on the island in spite.

The woman in Kai's dream...and the one who kissed him was the Hawaiian goddess Pele.  She told him in his dream that she had chosen him as one of her champions to fight and protect the people of Hawaii from the invaders, as well as eventually to protect the people of the Pacific Ocean from evil.  She told him to go to the island of Oahu and meet with her other champions to work together to combat the invaders and take back the Hawaiian Islands.

The next day, Sunny started practicing with his powers, learning how to manipulate the water as he did against Milu.  Within hours, he'd learned of a way to create a constant wave to ride on across the ocean to travel to Oahu.  it took him a few hours to get there, but get there he did.  After meeting with Princess Kamehameha, the leader of Pele's champions, they worked together to devise a plan that included Hawaii's resistance fighters (including Sunny's crew) and the remnants of the US military in the area. Within a week, they had a plan to counterattack the Pacific Warlords and take back the Hawaiian Islands. As a side note, during the meeting, Kai came face to face with one of the scariest and deadliest spirits in all of Hawaii - The Night Marchers.  The Night Marchers came to resolve their leadership conflict between Milu and Pele, wherein Princess Kamehameha had them join Pele's side as well as be part of the champions' new "Pacific League" team.  During that time, Kai, remembering what his mother told him about the Night Marcher's 'death stare', Kai enacted an old wives tale to prevent being killed by running around naked picking grass and plants, acting like a lunatic.  Although Kai didn't need to do that (the Princess ordered the Night Marchers not to kill anyone other than the Ningren, the Kaha Koa and/or whomever the Princess told them to kill), he still did so until the Night Marchers left.  Although embarrassed, he truly believed his actions saved everyone initially from the Night Marchers that night.

On Hawaii's D-Day, the US military, the Hawaiian resistance forces and the Pacific League, attacked the invaders.  Within a day, they took back Oahu; within a week, all but one of the Hawaiian Islands had been liberated.  Sunny's crew spearheaded the assault on Kauai and even shot a missile at Milu, blowing Mily back into the ocean - again.  The last island, Ni'ihau (known as the "Forbidden Island") was too well fortified by the Kaha Koa to take back.  When the cease fire was called, Ni'ihau was still under the warlords' control and to this day has remained so.  Sunny, now codenamed as "Surf" and his fellow Pacific Leaguers did the impossible; they liberated Hawaii and saved millions of lives in the process.

Sunny eventually found his mother, who'd been killed during the invasion.  He buried his mother and said his goodbyes to his home island and crew.  He knew that so long as he stayed on Kauai, Milu would find reason to destroy it.  Before he left, those that survived the invasion that had attended the surfing competition,  unanimously voted that Sunny was the unquestionable winner of the competition,  giving him a large surfing trophy belt to wear from that day forward (which he does on occasion to this day).  Since then, he moved into his super-group's new base in the Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu.  There, he continues to hone his powers and use his aggressive fight techniques in his further battles again the warlords and anyone else looking to promote evil.  He still goes to the beach and surfs, especially out at North Shore in Oahu, but he no longer sees the need to compete in surfing competitions...why complete when you have already "mastered the waves' with his god-given powers...



Power Origin: Magic (Elemental)

  • Water Manipulation

    • Surf has the incredible ability to manipulate any form of liquid water within 40 yards of his location.

    • He can use it as a battering ram, or like a fire hose, as a shield, as geyser erupting form the ground, or even to create air pockets while underwater. 

    • He's able to use his powers to also create water funnels that can pull things up from the sea floor back up to the surface, as well as create whirlpools that do the opposite.

  • Wave Ride

    • He uses his powers in a special way to ride the top of water (streams at the smallest) at over 40mph by riding a wave of water to his location. 

  • Innate Abilities

    • His strength and endurance were good before the kiss, and as such, he tends to perform excellent feats of agility, strength and endurance, including leaps, (sometimes up to a 100 foot distance. 


  • Earwig

    • Keeps a micro-transceiver as an earwig to use for communications

    • Range-25 miles

  • Techno-Surfboard
    • Technomagic surfboard gifted to Surf by the Knights Arcanus knight, American Knight.​
    • Made out of of aluminum and steel

    • When activated (by thought), a protective energy field envelops the surfboard and its rider(s) with the same level of protection as good energy and physical protection (see above) until the surfboard is depowered (by thought).

    • Maneuverability of the board is completely based on the rider(s) agility using the board's center of gravity and shifting thereof (much like a real surfboard or motorcycle). A novice attempting to control the surfboard themselves would normally fail miserably if not fatally.

    • Can fly up to speeds of 200 mph

    • Maximum altitude of 2,500 feet (freezing/frost /lack of oxygen issue).

    • Technomagic energy generators have to be replaced every 2000 miles of use.



  • Surfing (master)

  • Hydrology (proficient)

  • Environmentalism (proficient)

  • Hawaiian Gangs (professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (professional)

    • Native Hawaiian (master)

    • Portuguese (proficient)

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