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Keiki Koa

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Keiki KoaSai Masters
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Kai Kamelei












John Doe 314

Pacific League



Donald J. Finger

17 May 2010


Karen Kamelei (mother, deceased)

Father (status-unknown; no record)

Princess Kamehameha (guardian)

Bluefire, Doc Kahuna (foster parents)



When Milu, the Polynesian God of Death, freed himself from the his supernatural prison created by Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes, Milu was quite...upset.   He was so upset that he banded together every Polynesian god (first tier, third didn't matter) and banded them together to create the Kaha Koa, a ruthless band of gods intent on dominating the Pacific Ocean and its people once again.

Enter Kai Kamaelei.


Kai was raised by his single parent mother (he never knew who his father was) in a shanty town on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  His mother worked three jobs, and wasn't home much, leaving Kai with friends...and sometimes care for him.  On the day that Milu decided to invade the Hawaiian Islands, thousands of islanders was killed in the first wave of attacking Ningren troopers as they invaded Kauai.  Kai's stood by watching out his dilapidated home's window as he saw his neighbors and caregivers, along with their pets and other family and friends, die all around Kai.

Kai finally walked outside and stood amidst a field of dead bodies.  A patrol of Ningren troops arrived and saw Kai standing alone, one of only a few living humans within eyesight.  The troops began toying with Kai, smacking him with the ends of their guns, demanding him to dance like a sea monkey or die.  Kai, frozen in fear, watched as the troopers shot even more local Hawaiians dead around him, with them telling Kai that HE was making the troopers shoot the humans because he wouldn't dance for them. 


With every fiber of his being, Kai slowly came out of his 'frozen in fear' state and did the only thing he'd ever seen done that he could remember at that time - Karate moves; moves he'd seen on TV time and again.

Kai performed several different Karate moves he'd remembered, much to the joy of the assembled troopers.  After some cheering by the troopers, the troopers immediately sank to a knee honoring their approaching field leader, Captain Nangrar by name as he approached them and Kai...dragging the corpse of Kai's mother behind him.

"Up you worthless plankton! I'm just here for, if you will. HAH! I believe here to be this...human's...address, if I read her driver's license correctly. I offered to walk her back home, but she got VERY stressed out about that. I'm afraid the stress was more than she could handle!!", said the Captain, as he dropped Kai's mother's bloodied corpse unceremoniously unto the ground before Kai while the Ningren troopers laughed.


Something in Kai either broke...or was born that day.


As the Captain and the troopers continued laughing, Kai quickly launched himself at one of the trooper's weapons belts, taking the troopers gun and shooting and killing every single trooper in the squad, leaving only Kai and Captain Nangrar


The Captain stood still, looking at Kai and said "Impressive. Granted my men are not the best shots topside, but damned if you aren't a little Keiki Koa, hmmm?" As Kai lined up to shoot the Captain, a wave of American troops came up the hill, firing on Captain Nangrar.  The Captain ran off but yelled back as he ran, "I'll find you again, little Keiki Koa...and then we can finish this once and for all!"

The military troops ran after the Captain, but reportedly didn't get him.

Kai spent the next two days at a makeshift hospital and morgue two miles from what was left of his shanty town.  Kai wouldn't leave his mother's side at the morgue.  The locals tried to talk with Kai, even trying to get him to eat, but Kai was instead in his own version of a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) state.  Eventually, they had to bury Kai's mother.


As they were placing her body into the ground, Kai jumped into the grave screaming that he was sorry he didn't do enough to save her.


It was heart-wrenching to watch as others had to pry him from his mother's dead body all while Kai screamed in agony and despair. Kai eventually passed out from exhaustion minutes later. Kai woke up a few day's later in the same field hospital.  He'd been given intravenous (IV) fluids to prevent his starvation and dehydration. Once Kai was awake, he removed the IV and walked out from the field hospital.


Kai walked to the ruins of the shanty shack he and his mother had once lived.  As he was looking for his clothes (since all he was wearing at this point was a hospital gown), he found a present with his name on it from what was believed to be his mother's closet.  The package had a karate uniform in it with a one-year 'keiki' starter membership certificate for the local Koa Karate Studio.


It was his mother's final present to him.


He sat there all night long staring at the karate uniform, eventually putting it on and then falling asleep with the wrapping paper as his blanket and the hospital gown as his pillow.


The next morning, Kai decided it was time to find Captain Nangrar and make him pay for killing his mother...and his community. He went back to the field hospital that was next to a military outpost.  Once there, he snuck around listening for anything about the fighting, especially anything regarding Captain Nangrar. While lurking, he saw several military personnel training in Tae-Kwon-Do and Judo.  Still wearing his Karate uniform, Kai sauntered up to them and asked if he could learn along with them.  The instructor, after giving it some thought, asked him to join, if was okay with his parents. Kai sadly said his mother was dead and he had no idea who and where his father was.

Seconds later, using a military web belt of keep his tunic on, Kai practiced with the US military troops.

It wasn't long before he became the unofficial mascot of the base. He was beloved by all on the outpost, including US Army Reserve Major in charge of the outpost.  In time, Kai's story circulated about the camp, create an espirite de corps unlike any during the Kaha Koa Invasion campaign.  Word got out to other anti-Kaha Koa civilian militias on the other islands.  With each victory against Kaha Koa's invasion forces, the troops left spray- painted messages reading "KEIKI KOA WAS HERE!".  In the evenings, militias would chant from the hills on the windward slopes "KEIKI KOA IS HERE!!" in eerily spooky chants that would carry on the wind to the Ningren troops below.

It didn't take long before both Milu and Captain Nangrar started losing troops over the ordeal, angering both to no end.  Captain Nangrar was a relatively smart tactician, but with the "Keiki Koa" chants and graffiti everywhere, he began to make mistakes. He started losing troops instead of winning battles.  Milu swore that if Captain Nangrar didn't deal with the "Keiki Koa" situation, he'd find a special place in Hell for him to suffer in.

During this time, Kai's martial arts instructor trained him harder than anyone else. Kai trained with a focus unseen by any of the military instructors.  Withing weeks, Kai was actually creating his own unique martial arts moves and attacks that were beneficial in fighting for a child of his size and strength.  As a result, sparring with the other martial arts trainees quickly became a hazard after Kai started knocking some of them unconscious in their sparring rounds.


Eventually, the Pacific Rim nations, superheroes and the newly formed Hawaiian superhero group, the Pacific League, allied together and went on the offensive.  In less than a week's time, the allied Pacific forces had Kaha Koa, Milu and the Ningren troops on the run.  During that same time, Kai got to meet Princess Kamehameha.  She told Kai how proud she was of all he'd done and that when this was all over, she'd ensure he'd be taken into her new ohana, should he choose to accept it.  They hugged for a long time (one of the pictures of them circulated around the world and was considered the photo of the year).

In a last ditch effort to exact permanent revenge on the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific League, Milu intended to perform a "Scorched Earth" policy, wiping out all living things on each Hawaiian Island (except Ni'ihau, which was the Kaha Koa's new base of operations).  With time against them, the Hawaiian forces engage in a massive battle on Oahu.  Kai was brought to Oahu, but left in the most secure bunker on the island in the Diamond Head crater...which of course Kai escaped, hid in a crate going to the battlefront on a truck, and then ran onto the battle field, wearing his Karate uniform and two bandoleers of grenades, doing every single martial arts move and dodge he could to fight the Ningren troops.  As it is, he actually did knock two Ningren troopers unconscious with his 'cobra fist' and 'crane kick' combo (which of course was caught on live video and seen all around the world).

With his forces and fellow super-powered 'gods' being defeated, Milu, Captain Nangrar and over 5 dozen Ningren elite troops faced off against the Pacific League...including Kai.  The battle was intense, and try as they might, the Pacific League and its allies couldn't get close enough to scoop up Kai and get him to safety.  Instead, Kai ran straight for Nangrar, screaming the whole way.  Nangrar fired several shots at Kai, only for Kai to get caught up in the blast of one of Nangrar's shots.

Kai lied on the field motionless.

Captain Nangrar shouted at the top of his lungs "HAH!!!! That small, insignificant whelp thought he could fight me?? Let the lessons continue!!", as Nangrar began to assuredly advance towards the waning allied troops. As he stepped next to the lifeless body of Kai, Kai jumped up, climbed up Nangrar's back and wrapped the bandoleers of grenades around Nangrar's backpack...pulling the pins on a rigged wire as he jumped off of Nangrar back.  Kai yelled aloud as he ran towards the allies "KEIKI KOA WAS HERE!!!!" just as Captain Nangrar exploded into a dozen pieces.  The blast was so intense and unexpected that even Milu was stunned, allowing the Pacific League to take advantage of Milu's downed defenses.   Milu, now severely wounded, sacrificed his remaining troops for cover-fire so that Milu could escape from the battlefield...and the invasion.

Hours later, the Hawaiian Islands, with the exception of Ni'ihau, were considered to be liberated from Kaha Koa.

Kai emerged from his 'fake-death - grenade-attack maneuver' (as he called it) with only a few bruises.  He was considered the hero of the battle and even earned an "MVP" game ball for that year by the NFL (as well as attending many hundreds of other media shows and award programs).

When all was settled, Princess Kamehameha legally became Kai's 'guardian' with new Pacific League superhero joint custody foster parents as Doc Kahuna and Bluefire.  He was admitted to the Kamehameha Private School system and given a new home of his choosing...which he chose 3 blocks from the Pacific League's HQ in Honolulu at the Iolani Palace. Over the next few years, Kai, now officially called "Keiki Koa", continue his martial arts training and physical (and mental) conditioning with the support of some of the best trainers and teachers around.

Recently, at age 13, Kai asked to join the Pacific League as a member.  It was agreed upon, but only for a probationary period of 1 year.  After each year, he be assessed to ensure that his grades are not slipping and that he is benefiting from being with the Pacific League. So far, not only is everyone on the team happy with him being on the team, but Princess Kamehameha is sincerely proud of his continued accomplishments.

Now if only the princess can figure out if the recent letters she's been receiving are actually from the man who claims to be Kai's father...




Power Origin: Natural (no powers)


  • IRUV Shades

    • Special set of stylish sunglasses that Kai was special made for him.  The vision can shift from normal light to ultraviolet light to infrared light with but a simple touch on the glasses. Provides excellent visibility.

    • Also provides short-range video burst imagery for a range of 2 miles, so long as the batteries are charged.

    • Batteries last 4 hours.

  • Cape

    • Fire retardant material; can withstand amazing temperatures for 12-18 seconds before failing

  • Headband/Comms Unit

    • Keeps a micro-transceiver rolled up in his headband along with an earwig to use for communications

    • Range-25 miles

  • Costume

    • Provides feeble physical and energy protection

    • Provides poor temperate, toxic and radioactive protection


  • Martial Arts - fighting/evading (Professional)

  • Martial Arts- stun/slams (Professional)

  • Martial Arts- dodging (proficient)

  • Martial Arts- blocking (proficient)

  • Martial Arts Lore (Proficient)

  • Military hand-to-hand fighting (Proficient)

  • Military knife fighting (Proficient)

  • Combat tactics (increased initiative) (Proficient)

  • Hawaiian History/Lore (Proficient)

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