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Doc Kahuna

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Akoni (Tony) Pilialoha




mid 20s









Big Kahuna, Dr. Pilaloha

Pacific League



Donald J. Finger

17 May 2010


Hewahewa (ancestral relative)

Patricia Pilaloha (Mother)

Kapueo Pilaloha (Father, deceased)

and MANY other Hawaiian relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins etc.





Born and raised on the Hawaiian isle of Maui, Akoni (or known by his nickname, “Tony”) was the seventh male descendant of both his father's and mother's Hawaiian lineage. 

His father, Kapueo Pilaloha, a renowned Hawaiian 'kahuna' (Priest/healer), practiced traditional Hawaiian spiritual healing (known in Hawai'i as a Lapa'au) and died when Akoni was only 5 years old.  His mother, a medical student at the University of Hawai'i's School of Medicine, had Akoni raised by her 'ohana', or 'family, comprised of friends and relatives located across Maui, allowing Akoni's mother to focus on her medical training and residency requirements.

When he was young, Akoni's 'ohana' amazed him with bedtime stories about the ancient Hawaiian pantheon of gods, as well as about his mother's and father’s ancestors.  One such story was about one of Akoni's ancestral relatives, Hewahewa, who hundreds of years before was once known as the last great ‘sorcerer’ (called a Great Kahuna, or 'Kahuna Nui' in the native Hawaiian language) to one of the last and greatest monarchs of Hawai'i,  King Kamehameha V, himself.  Hewahewa was considered to be a folk hero of Hawaiian history even after Hewahewa's Hawaiian 'pagan' methods were outlawed by Christian missionaries in the mid-1800s.


Akoni, who romanticized Hawaiian culture, grew up to be a great well-adjusted Hawaiian boy.  His ultimate goal was to one day be a Kahuna like his father once was.  As such,  Akoni studied and practiced with the local Kahunas (all of whom worked with and revered Akoni's father before his death). Akoni was taught about each of the ten Kahuna 'sorcery' traits as well as the more common 'crafter' Kahuna traits of building canoes and navigating the open seas. Akoni, however, relished the idea of being a Lapa'au like his father and focused most of his training towards that end.

It wasn't until his mother had finished her residency at a California hospital that she'd returned home to Maui to tend to her then-teenage Akoni.  Soon after her return to Maui, she set up her own practice in the town of Lahina.  During that time, Akoni's mother, Patricia, realized that Akoni had an incredible IQ. She had him test at age his age of 15 and discovered  his IQ and cognizant associative exams all proved he was one of the smartest people on the planet.


Patricia encouraged Akoni to learn modern techniques as well as traditional Hawaiian techniques for the next few years.  Not only did Akoni complete and master his Lapa'au skills, he also earned his first bachelors degree and the University Of Hawaii, Maui by age 17. Akoni's mother enrolled him in a medical doctorate program (on a Hawaiian scholarship). He finished all his course and lab work in 3 years.  he had become very popular with the university students, especially the girls.  He always seemed to know what everyone was thinking around him and knew how to act accordingly. As such, he became a campus celebrity.  He even played football for one season, but decided it was too easy after getting University of Hawaii its first no-loss season ever.


All Akoni had left to do was his residency to earn his medical doctor's degree.  Of course, that's when a group of angry, ancient Pacific gods and their undead warriors decided to attack the Hawaiian Islands and take them over.


The source of the invasion was an embodiment of the ancient Hawaiian god of death, Milu.  He'd formed a consortium of other ancient polynesian gods called the Kaha Koa that hated Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, and then created an undead warrior army in the hundreds of thousands, and led them ashore to each Hawaiian Island and took control of all grounds therein.

On the day the invasion started, Akoni and his mother went from street block-to-street block helping save lives of the wounded or dying local civilians and American soldiers. Using their modern medical skills, they saved dozens of lives before the unthinkable happened.


A Kaha Koa undead warrior killed Akoni's mother.


Akoni barely escaped with his life that day, but the shock of seeing his mother killed before him traumatized him severely.


Before Akoni's mother died, she made Akoni promise that even if they get separated, that he'd use his skills and abilities to save people and to continue honoring his father by doing good and not be selfish in using his gifts for the world.  Akoni promised, but never thought he'd have to fulfill his mother's promise like this.


Weeks into the invasion, Akoni became the only living person on Maui who had any medical skills.  Akoni worked around the clock performing modern and traditional healing practices, hardly sleeping, yet saving dozens upon dozens of lives amidst his sleep-deprived efforts.  At one point, his small make-shift hospital became overrun by hundreds of undead warriors.  As they advanced on him and his patients, Akoni threw himself in front of his patients, shielding them from harm, all the while praying to the Hawaiian goddess Pele and his ancestor, Hewahewa to help him save his patients.


That's when the ground shook unlike anytime before.


Pele was answering his prayer.


Geysers of hot spewing lava erupted at angles away from Akoni and directly at all the advancing undead warriors, turning them into ash before his eyes.  The grounds then shifted and sank, covering up the geysers.  The ground then opened beneath another advancing group of undead warriors, swallowing them in a fiery  trench and closing behind them.  Sadly, even with divine intervention, Akoni was struck down.


A lone undead warrior threw an ancient spear and pierced Akoni through the heart. The lone warrior was engulfed in a fiery conflagration a moment later, but it was still too late for Akoni.  He lie in the dirt, dying. Even as he felt his life slipping from his body, he prayed for pele to protect and save his patients and the rest of the Hawaiian islands from the evils befalling them.


As Akoni's eyes began to fade, his last image he saw was that of a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman walking towards him. She knelt down besides Akoni and gave his a passionate, long kiss.  From the kiss, Akoni's body erupted into magical flames, not only bringing Akoni back to life, but endowing him with new mystical powers.


Before he realized what had happened, she was gone.  Tony's work, however, had only just begun.


Using his new mental powers and an incredible level of agility, fighting skill and dexterity, Akoni plowed through the remaining several dozen undead warrior troops and decimated them. Within an hour, Lahina was purged of its invading undead warriors.  Akoni had saved Lahina...but he'd still lost his mother.

The next day, a formal Hawaiian funeral was performed for Akoni's mother and many of the hundreds of locals and combatants who'd died defending Hawaii.

One of his other new powers was healing. For the next couple days, Akoni used every erg of his healing power to save hundreds of other injured or dying folk.  A surviving Catholic priest called Akoni 'God's Hawaiian archangel', but the one name that stuck was "Doc Kahuna". 


After helping evacuate Lahina and what was left of Maui's citizens, Akoni had a dream of Pele. In this dream, she told him that was one of several new champions empowered and chosen to fight and protect their people and land from evil.  She told him in his dream to go to Oahu's Diamond Head crater, an extinct volcano near Honolulu, and meet with his fellow warriors. She also told him to tell them that he was their team's 'Kahuna Nui'.

With that, Doc Kahuna was able to convince an Army general to get him a lift to Diamond head crater in one of their stealth helicopters. Once there, Doc Kahuna met with his fellow Pele-appointed champions, mentioning what Pele had told him.  Together, they formed the Pacific League.

A month later, a combined and strategic liberation assault was performed by the Hawaiian locals, the US military and several powerful superheroes (and a couple villains), taking the fight to Milu and his evil Kaha Koa.  

The battles was all truly ugly and brutal, but in the end, the Hawaiian Islands were all liberated save one - Ni'ihau, the Forbidden Island.  Kaha Koa had entrenched themselves well in Ni'ihau and held off all of the allied forces against the Kaha Koa. An uneasy cease fire was called and to this day, Kaha Koa is still in control of Ni'ihau.

Doc Kahuna, however, became a celebrity overnight.  Several war correspondents got some ostentatious pics and images of the Pacific League fighting Kaha Koa, more so of Doc Kahuna, who's sexy 'shirtless' fighting pics quickly made him an international heartthrob.  Today, he has about 10 fan clubs.  Women are naming their next born "Akoni" after him.  The paparazzi follow him like a Hollywood celebrity. He is constantly being invited to parties, events and socials, and only goes if the requesters pay-up a healthy donation to any of Hawaii's non-profit recovery programs.  Even though his life is now pomp and social fanfare, he has finished his residency work and is now working on his fifth degree...and a black belt...and the last several traditional Huna tasks to become a 'true' Hawaiian Kahuna!



Power origin: Natural and magic


Akoni's powers cover several incredible abilities, all of which ironically are skills and powers that are related to what a true 'Kahuna Nui' must master.  '


  • Lapa'au Healing

    • Excellent distance and high-volume Lapa'au healer (not unlike his father, but far, far more powerful and timely).

    • His empathic powers allow him to remotely 'mend' broken bones, blood vessels, muscles and any other physical ailments including toxins in a target's body so long as the target is within 40 feet of Akoni's location.

    • He cannot remotely resurrect a body that's already been dead for over a minute (see Oneoneihonua regarding resurrection).

    • He cannot fix any brain trauma or any synapses that are broken or damaged (no healing of the brain).

    • He can heal a typical person near death up to 20,000 times faster than any normal biological healing would take (i.e., a typical person near death from a physical wound would be back in full action and healed within half a minute).

    • He does have a physical limit of healing in that he can only heal up to 35 typical people fully before becoming exhausted, requiring at least 20 minutes before he can try again, but in a degraded endurance state. Normally, he's back to full healing power after at least 4 hours of sleep/rest.

  • Oneoneihonua (Resurrection)

    • Doc Kahuna can bring a non-mutilated body back to life that's been dead less than 24 hours in literally 40 seconds

    • In order to use this power, Doc Kahuna must perform it at the expense of another biological life and spirit (human sacrifice) and must be done at a 'mana' center (leyline convergence point, or in Hawai'i, the site of a ceremonial heiau (religious Hawaiian alter (basically, a pile of blessed native rocks at a Hawaiian leyline convergence point)).

    • The sacrificed person must either voluntarily give themselves over body and soul to Doc Kahuna to perform the resurrection, or Doc Kahuna must violently take the life of the sacrificed person himself.

    • All three bodies (Doc Kahuna's, the sacrificed body and the resurrected body) must be within 6 feet of one another.

    • As of this time, Doc Kahuna has never done more than a single resurrection/sacrifice action at the same time.

    • Doc Kahuna has sworn to himself that he'd only use this power when the most dire of consequences demanded it (i.e., save the world, save a family/o'hana member, or save an innocent child's life at the expense of an evil person's life)

    • Doc Kahuna can only resurrect a body to half its total health; he cannot 'heal' the resurrected body until it regains its total health in a more 'natural' way first.

    • After using this power, Doc Kahuna will fall into a coma that can last at least an entire day.

  • Kuhikuhi pu'uone

    • He can locate spiritual or 'mana' centers anywhere on a planet, through which he can amplify his powers to the next level.

  • Kilokilo

    • He can divine and predict future events as a prophet does (can see up to 24 hours into the future)

    • Cannot control when and what the visions are or where they are from.

  • Hoʻounāunā

    • He can make someone ill, increasing from a typical illness to an incredible debilitating ailment in over a minute's time

    • must have direct line of sight, no barriers (not even glass) and can only be done up to a range of 10 feet.

  • Anāʻanā

    • He can 'pray' someone to death

    • Requires direct line of sight, no barriers (not even glass)

    • Doc Kahuna must focus for over 30 seconds to infuse a fantastic damaging or killing blow to a target's body, mind and spirit

    • This results in leaving Doc Kahuna unable to perform any physical act, including walking or talking, for up to 5 minutes after he applies this power.

    • Once performed, Doc Kahuna cannot use this power for the next 24 hours.

  • Nānāuli

    • Can read nature, clouds rain and winds to incredibly reveal where evil or good exists within his visual range.

  • Hoʻopiʻopiʻo

    • He can, after concentrating on a visual biological target for at least 18 seconds,  touch a part of his own body and create an injury to his target's body in the same place, not unlike a voodoo doll

    • must have direct visual contact for at least 18 seconds on the target and depending on the range of the target, can infuse pain or physical damage across the distance to the target, wherein the maximum amount of pain can be induced up to 20 yards away, and a feeble pain up to a maximum range of a mile.

  • Poʻi ʻUhane

    • Excellent ability to possess someone of the same psyche as his or less.

    • Doc Kahuna can only control the target's body for a maximum time of 2 minutes before he and his target pass out for at least a minute's time (Time varies dependent upon each other’s willpower and psyche at the time of the possessive release).

  • Hoʻokomokomo

    • Doc Kahuna has the incredible power to purge an evil spirit (or possession) from a person's (or beast's) body, so long as the target body is within 40 feet of Doc Kahuna and the target's willpower/psyche is not greater than Doc Kahuna's.


  • Costume/Armor

    • Costume is a lightweight Kevlar/ceramic weave, providing excellent physical and energy protection for the wearer

    • Provides incredible radiation protection, good thermal (hot/cold) protection, and typical toxic/acidic protection

    • Has been 'blessed' to provide remarkable magical protection from any magical attacks or traps; dispels long term-magic (Damage over time) spells

  • Herbs, roots and traditional Kahuna medicine items

    • Doc Kahuna keeps a variety of traditional Kahuna-related items to aid in healing, resurrections and spirit mending

    • Each item provides an additional increase in quality of use/application if done by Doc Kahuna

  • Satellite Phone

    • As part of his own personal mission to help others, he has a satellite phone that only hospital administrators have access to in order to call him with.  Doc Kahuna allows this phone number's use ONLY if the hospital signs a non-profit aid request for emergency assistance and that the assistance be of a dire nature, not frivolous, or said contract will be nullified (in other words, the patient/victim/group will NOT have to pay any related or medical expenses for having Doc Kahuna help them).

  • U.S. Government-provided Embraer Legacy 500 private jets (2) and support crews (3)

    • Doc Kahuna is authorized unlimited use of a U.S. government-provided Embraer Legacy 500 private jet to travel wherever and whenever he needs in and about the U.S., U.S. territories, U.S. allied nations, or sanctioned U.S. nations to use his powers to help others.

    • Doc Kahuna has 3 U.S. government-provided deployment teams (4 members each) that are used to plan, coordinate, pilot, fuel, transport, equip, translate and supply Doc Kahuna with his needs for his intended destinations.

      • Each team requires at least 2 hours of prep time to achieve full results of mission needs.

    • The Legacy 500 can be configured to carry up to 12 passengers

      • Can carry eight passengers over 2,948 nautical miles (5,460 km) or four passengers over 3,125 nautical miles (5,788 km).

    • Climbing to its initial cruise altitude takes 22 min

    • Average long-range cruise speed = Mach 0.76 - 0.78 while a Mach 0.80 cruise lowers the range by 3%


  • Eidetiker (Mastered)

    • Can see a visual representation of any, location, book, person, etc., from memory, as if projected out and around him (not in the mind) to fantastic exacting degrees.  Can remember anything like this this puberty.

  • Medical (Doctorate)

    • 4x knowledge of human medicine, medical procedures, surgery, and life-saving techniques

    • 4x knowledge of pharmaceuticals

    • 4x agility/skill in performing any form of surgery or field medicine

    • Knows at least 40 contacts in this field

    • Working in this field (which he is), he retains 4x a normal pay resource (money)...which he gives mostly to vetted charities, hospitals and disaster relief efforts (he currently only retains a 1x pay for himself).

  • Sociology/Linguistics (Master)

    • 3x knowledge of global sociology

    • Can masterfully speak, read and write 6 languages

    • Can functionally speak, read and write an additional 12 languages

    • Learns basic read, write and speaking skills of a language in 2 hours, but unless used over the next 2 months again, will forget it.

  • Martial Arts (Master)

    • 3x martial arts/melee fighting skill

    • 3x knowledge regarding martial arts

    • 3x agility in dodging, evading and blocking with martial arts

    • 3x knowledge of martial arts weapons

    • 3x fighting and agility with martial arts weapons

    • Knows at least 30 contacts in martial arts

    • If working in this field, 2x normal resource pay.

  • Meditation (Master)

    • Provides 2x self-healing speed per 10 minutes of meditation

    • realigns Psyche to original values (if damaged or confused)

    • after 10 minutes of meditation, can increase a knowledge-related understanding with a focused temporary increase for the next 1 hour (i.e., if he had basic knowledge of how to build a robot, after meditation, he'll have an additional increase of knowledge (but not skill) in order to build a robot).

  • Psychology/Psychiatrist (Doctorate)

    • 4x knowledge of psychology/Psychiatrist

    • 4x ability to relate/heal target's mind and/or psyche to normal

    • Knows at least 40 contacts in psychology world

    • Working in this field (which he is), he retains 4x a normal pay resource (money)...which he gives mostly to vetted charities, hospitals and disaster relief efforts (he currently only retains a 1x pay for himself), except for those that can't afford his service, which he does Pro Bono.

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