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Chief KEkOa

Strength of a Thousand MenTwo Steps to Hell
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Kane Kekoa




mid 30s









Captain of the Royal Hawaiian Guard

Pacific League



Donald J. Finger

18 Aug 2010


Mother (in rehab)

Father (deceased?)

2 older brothers (deceased)





Kane Kekoa was one of three brothers born in Pearl City, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  There, Kane grew up in the slums on the outskirts of Pearl Harbor.  His two older brothers got into gangs before they were 10. Both brothers died in gang-related turf and drug skirmishes. Kane's father left them when the interstellar invaders know as the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, never to been seen or heard from again.  Luckily, the Soltan presence in Hawaii was minimal and within weeks mysteriously retreated from the Hawaiian Islands, never to return.  Now at 12 years of age, Kane only had his mother and their hovel of an apartment in the town's state-provided housing.


Kane did good in school, but since he never joined a gang, he was always a target for them and other bullies.  Kane learned to fight not just to keep them from bothering him, but for sheer survival. During this time, his mother got hooked on drugs and was arrested.  The arresting officer, a good man, went out of his way to prevent Kane from going into the foster care system.  Instead, he hooked Kane up with a wonderful US Navy family from Pearl Harbor; a family that couldn't bear children themselves. Although they all had a rough start with each other, within a year's time, they'd compromised to teach and engender each other's cultures; American for Kane, Hawaiian for his guardians.  In time, they were a well balanced Hawaiian-American family that was accepted by anyone on either side for their efforts. Kane and his new guardians became a true ohana - family.


At age 17, Kane was excelling in nearly all of his classes and was the captain of his high school football team.  His senior year, he took his team all the way to regionals, but sadly didn't win the regional game.  He was touted as a 3.8 GPA student, an athlete and a humanitarian.  In his spare time, he tried to help kids from his old neighborhood get out of gangs and away from drugs.  There were more failures than wins on that front, but even saving several kids from what could only become a life of despair for them, was well worth it in Kane's eyes.  His guardians were never more proud to have him as a son, and Kane was proud to have risen above what he saw in his youth as a destiny towards an early death.

After graduating high school, Kane enlisted in the US Navy and earned his rate as a Master at Arms in the surface fleet, as well as becoming a US Navy SEAL.  For the next 18 years, Kane traveled the world, worked hard, performed humanitarian and classified operations one after the other.  He was now a Chief Petty Officer and was the enlisted leader of his unit, Seal Team 8. As Kane was looking forward to a new life outside the military, he started dating and in time found what he considered to be 'the only woman he would ever love for the rest of his life' - Amy Anale.  In the midst of their wedding plans, Hawaii was once again invaded, but this time from the ocean by the Pacific Warlord known as Milu, the self-proclaimed Hawaiian God of War and his tens of thousands of cloned Ningren sea creature troops.

Within days, the US military forces had been decimated, and all of the islands of Hawaii were under Milu's control. When Kane went to take Amy to safety, he found her home destroyed and Amy's burnt and lifeless body amidst the debris. Devastated, Kane was about to perform a suicide run on a band of Soltan warriors, but saw in the distance several of his fellow sailors and other civilians in need of saving.  He bolted from his position and saved their lives.  He never looked back after that; whatever love he'd had, as far as he was concerned, was now dead forevermore.


Kane was only able to rally a dozen of so fleeing sailors and some Hawaiian civilians before making their way to a hideaway Kane knew about from his brothers before they died; a drug dealing spot hidden up by Waimea Falls on the northern end of Oahu.  The hideout was an old World War II Pill Box Bunker that had been built over with some clapboard wood and had been left abandoned for decades. The drug dealers sold their drugs from that location and kept an arsenal of weapons hidden there for use in their gang wars.  Luckily for Kane, the bunker and the weapons were there with no drug dealers ever showing up to claim their property; Kane expected they'd died in the invasion.  Hundreds of weapons were found, including machine guns, handguns, knives, swords, explosives, thousands of rounds of ammunition, maps and two weeks worth of packaged and canned food and water. From there, they created a Hawaiian resistance cell the Soltans would never forget.


As such, Kane quickly became the leader of his resistance cell.  He trained those that needed training in weapons, tactics and stealth; in turn, the locals he'd saved taught him and the team every single hidden road, path, gully and cave in the region. Within days, they were performing several highly successful raids to free captives, steal weapons and ammunition and destroy the Soltan lines of communications and logistics, as well as taking out dozens of troops at a time. Kekoa's team soon became notorious throughout the island as "Kekoa's Heroes".  Kane was able to abscond some radio equipment from an old glider airport up by North Shore (Dillingham Airfield) and quickly became the only line of communication with the outside world, letting them know what was happening.  Kekoa also discovered that the American and Japanese fleet and troops had made several attempts to retake the islands only to loose thousands of troops and dozens of ships and aircraft. All seemed bleak, but Kekoa kept everyone's spirits up and let them know their victory and liberation was assured.


By happenstance, one of Kane's reconnaissance patrols found several new local recruits to help in the fight. That groups leader was a direct descendant of the old royal Hawaiian Kamehameha monarchy; her name was Kalipa'a Kamehameha, and she was, as far as Kane was concerned, the greatest leader he'd ever seen in his military career.  Kalipa'a not only learned quickly how to fight, but was fearless against Milu's forces and knew how to rally the troops and when the fight was over, acknowledge each warriors contributions while also assessing and bolstering their resistance group, allowing Kekoa to plan and strategically plot for the next fight.  He knew she did this consciously and as such, was amazed at her strength, leadership and empathy.  Within a month, Kane swore to himself that if he lived to see Hawaii liberated, he'd pledge himself to her and Hawaii for the rest of his life.


Kalipa'a and Kane worked great together, they devised plans using old Hawaiian language dialects to pass word from town to town of the news of the invasion as well as muster up a larger resistance force across the islands to perform guerrilla tactics on Milu and the invading Ningren troops.

Eventually, Kekoa's and Kalipa'a's actions caught Milu's attention.  Determining that the resistance was operating in and about Waimea Falls, Milu himself led a massive assault on the Hawaiian resistance at Waimea Falls.  There, Chief Kekoa bottle-necked a majority of the invaders and collapsed the surrounding cliff walls down upon them, burying dozens of enemy troops under tons of rock.  Although a great tactic, it wasn’t enough to stop the endless waves of Ningren troops.  Chief Kekoa and Kalipa’a became the last two fighters left of the resistance from Milu's assault. Kekoa swore to Kalipa'a that he'd give his life to protect her as Kalipa'a was, according to him, the last true embodiment of a true Hawaiian royal and warrior .

Chief Kekoa fought to his last breath protecting Kalipa’a, but as he lay dying amongst the advancing Ningren, a beautiful Hawaiian woman dressed in a red Mumu with a small white dog advanced through the startled Ningren troops and gave Chief Kekoa a long passionate kiss, all the while the small white dog viciously mauled the Ningren with the ferocity of a lion.  As the woman in the red Mumu completed her kiss upon Kekoa, Kekoa's entire body burst into white-orange flames.


The woman then advanced up to Kalipa’a.


Unsure of what was happening, Kalipa'a held a poorly made Koa wood spear up to the woman in the red Mumu.  The woman smiled at Kalipa's and lightly brushed the weapon aside.  The woman then said in ancient Hawaiian:


"You are now, and shall be, the most powerful being of Hawaii. Arise, my princess - Princess Kamehameha. Accept what is left of my powers and lead our people to victory against these invaders...including any and all who plot against the good that is Hawaii and its neighbors.  You are the future, my child.  Be their leader; be their warrior; be the future of Hawaii...FOREVERMORE!"


Kalipa’a burst into a conflagration of white hot flames blasting outward for hundreds of yards.  The hundreds of Milu's troops within the flame's range were immediately burnt to a cinder.  Milu and his remaining troops raced back to the sea at breakneck speed to prevent being cooked alive.  Once underwater, Milu retreated with his few remaining dozen troops and went back to his new seat of power in Honolulu, beaten, but not defeated. There, he plotted how to stop what could become his eventual downfall.


Kane quickly rushed to Kalipa'a's side to ensure she was alright. When Kalipa’a opened her eyes, she saw that Kane was at her side protecting her and making sure she was alive. Kane himself was also changed, now larger, huskier and with fiery white eyes. Once Kalipa'a saw the charred devastation of the park, she bagan to cry. Her tears, upon hitting the ashen ground, began to form new plants, grass and life.  WIthina minute's time ver 100 squadre feet of the park was regrown into a lush tropical forest of green plants and life. ,


Kane guided Kalipa'a with great reverence out across the ever-expanding lush Hawaiian vegetation that was now spreading across the grounds and canyon-like walls of Waimea Falls. Both Kane and Kalipa'a smiled for the first time since the invasion had occurred. They both knew right then and there that they'd been blessed by Pele...and it was now up to them to do what both were empowered to do - save Hawaii!


After a brief review of what had happened, Kane Kalipa’a felt drawn to go to the center of Diamond Head's old extinct volcanic crater and meet up with whom they believed would be their fellow Pele-empowered warrior.

After sneaking into the Diamond Head crater amidst legions of Ningren troops that inundated Oahu, Kalipa’a and Kane, whom she now took to calling "Chief Kekoa" met up with the other new champions. In the crater, an old military communications bunker provided the champions to discuss their plans and discover who each were. Thanks to Kane/Chief Kekoa, the champions devised a plan to use their powers to liberate the Hawaiian Islands and its people.  Communicating through underground networks and in code via social media, the new champions, now calling themselves the "Pacific League", devised an incredible assault on Milu's vast armies.  Hundreds of local civilians on each island, armed and trained as militia, as well as hundreds of surviving military personnel and support from the United States armed forces were coordinated by Kalipa’a and Chief Kekoa.  Finally, after weeks of preparation, the assault was given the green light; dubbed Operation: Aloha, the assault would be the greatest battle ever fought on Hawaiian soil.

Upon commencement of Operation: Aloha, the Pacific League spearheaded the charge against Milu and his toughest Ningren troops. By day's end, the heroes won and Milu retreated Oahu.  Milu attempted to hold onto the other Hawaiian Islands, only to be driven off of each of them in absolute defeat.  Within a week, all but one island, Ni'ihau, had been liberated.  On Ni'ihau, Milu was near defeat when thousands of new troops arrived, fresh for battle.  Several other super-powered warlords also arrived, driving back the allied force of the Pacific League.  Sadly, Ni'ihau was never liberated fro Milu and the Pacific Warlords. Milu eventually took the remains of the Ni'ihau town of Kamalino as his new capital and palace.


Although a great victory, Hawaii had been devastated.  Manufacturing, shipyards, airports, towns and villages were smoldering ruins.  For the next few weeks, Princess Kamehameha went about the islands using her powers to grow new crops, vegetation and plant life to the devastated regions, all with Chief Kekoa at her side as her protector. From that point on, the world considered Kalipa'a and Chief Kekoa as the saviors of Hawaii.  Kalipa'a even started getting called Princess Kamehameha, and Chief Kekoa was unofficially (at that time) considered the captain of her Royal Hawaiian Guard. Eventually, all of the Pacific League regrouped and pledged themselves to Princess Kamehameha as their sovereign Hawaiian monarch. Although considered illegal, the movement escalated and quickly became the island's demand for the old Hawaiian monarchy to take its rightful seat in government once again. Chief Kekoa, for his actions during the invasion, was awarded the Navy Cross.  Rather than stay in, Chief Kekoa requested for retirement from the US Navy due to 'monarchical obligations' and was so granted and given a hero's retirement ceremony, televised around the world. He immediately created his role at the Captain of the new Royal Hawaiian Guard for Princess Kamehameha and has since filled that role to the letter.

As part of the United States' political discussions with Princess Kamehameha and the existing U.S. legislation and congressmen, a bill was introduced in Congress to allow a new edict of government for Hawaii, representative of a royal constitutional system vice a constitutional republic, thus allowing a true "king" or "queen" to be elected by the people and reign in 8 year segments in Hawaii, but still be representative and administered as a state. It was approved by the US Congress and the Hawaiian legislation. When the elections occurred, Princess Kamehameha was overwhelming elected as the knew reigning Hawaiian monarch.

On her coronation day, Milu and hundreds of his Ningren troops attempted an assassination of the princess only to be thwarted by tens of thousands of Hawaiian people at the ceremony including the whole of the US military forces oh Oahu and the members of the Pacific League, all under the direction of Chief Kekoa.  In the battle, Milu was beaten severely by Chief Kekoa and captured on live broadcast for the world to see. Milu and his forces were beaten, captured and imprisoned in less than 10 minutes. Regardless, the royal ceremony continued. As part of her speech, Princess Kamehameha spoke the same words her ancestor, King Kamehameha I, said after conquering all of the Hawaiian Islands: "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono", translated to roughly mean "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness". As such, she quickly became legend overnight, and not just for the coronation, the battle or the speech, but for what happened later that same night.


At 10pm on the night of Princess Kamehameha's coronation, thousands of ghostly Night Marchers appeared from the hills, the ocean and the rock and marched en masse from Diamond Head to Ionali Palace - Princess Kamehameha's new home.  There, the Night Marchers presented themselves to her and Chief Kekoa as the Hawaii's "protectors" and a spirit army for her to command. They presented themselves in traditional Hawaiian warrior form, stating they would do whatever she told them to do should she ever call upon them.  One Night Marcher was left to shadow the Princess and protect her from that day forth.  That Night Marcher is now a member of the Pacific League as well and has since been titled as the Captain of the Royal Night Marchers and only answers to Chief Kekoa and the princess..

Today, Cheif Kekoa continues to lead the combat actions of the Pacific League as well as the 60 highly-trained Royal Hawaiian Guards. To this day, he has still not gone in search for a new love, nor has he even went back to his mother who survived the invasion and was still sneaking cocaine even while she was in rehab...or jail.  He is the linebacker of the Royal Hawaiian Guard and is a dedicated, disciplined and hardcore protector of the princess and of Hawaii.  Although his life is dedicated to Hawaii and the Pacific League, he is already beginning to feel the pressures brought on by his responsibilities and the pressure of performing a role that hasn't been active for more than 100 years. Can he perform a task that has changed so much that it isn't even a pale reflection of what it once was, or for that matter, what Kane once was...?



Power Origin: Magic


​Armored Skin

  • Resistance from all forms of physical, energy, magical, temperate, toxic, radiation and poisonous attacks up to an incredible level.  He can take the direct hit of a Howitzer cannon and not be hurt..

  • His nerve endings align such for his senses to be able to process and handle the sensations; if hit with remarkably hot fire, he will feel the warmth of the flames; if he is gently touched on the back of his hand by another person, he'll feel the touch just as softly as you or I.


Super Strength

  • Can lift over 4000 lbs (2 tons).

  • When using his Hawaiian Melee Combat weapons, he can effectively induce up to amazing damage to the target.

Super Jump

  • He can jump up to a maximum of 400 yards per leap, with 1/4, 1/2 and then full length leaps from a starting position.

  • He can leap up to 250 yards into the air, or 600 yards down without hurting himself.

Super Senses

  • He has excellent hearing, sight, smell, taste and detection of danger and magical beings/creatures/objects.

  • Due to his acute senses, he is more vulnerable in his sight, smell, taste and hearing, thus these senses only provide excellent protection against any physical, energy or toxic attacks (all other senses have incredibly ranked resistance).




  • He wears a royal costume that provides poor physical protection over the areas that are covered.  Material is fire retardant up to remarkable levels of heat/flames, but only provides poor temperate protection.

  • The helmet is made of magically enhanced koa wood, providing amazing magical and mental protection when worn.

  • The helmet also contains an earwig device (see below).

Hawaiian Melee Weapons (various)

  • He has crafted and enchanted hundreds of different types of melee weapons based on ancient Hawaiian warrior weapon designs; maces, axes, spears and hooks.

  • Blunt weapons (clubs, hammers, maces) are created with Koa wood and magically empowered to be of Unearthly strength material that can be used in physical combat up to amazing levels of damage.

  • Edged weapons (axes, saw-tooth paddles, shark-teeth knuckles, swords, blades, etc) are created with Koa wood and magically empowered to be of Unearthly strength material that can be used in edged combat up to amazing levels of damage.

  • Royal Guard Staff - gold plated, steel pole that was magically enhanced to be as strong as unearthly material can be; it can project blasts of excellent ranked magical energy up to a range of 200 yards (with a 30 second recharge rate), but only by a magically empowered being (normal humans cannot make the staff fire off).


  • 25 mile range, transceiver with Cellular, VHF, HF, UHF, emergency services (police, firemen, civil defense, etc.) and military frequencies.

  • One full charge lasts 2 days.

Hawaiian Weapons Images courtesy of the Bishop Museum (



  • Escrima/Stick-Fighting (Proficient)

    • 1x Fighting/melee skill.

    • 1x knowledge of Stick-fighting.

    • 1x contacts in stick-fighting field.
  •  Military SEAL Team/Hand-to-Hand Combat/Knife Fighting (Professional)

    • 2x fighting (melee/fisticuff) skills.

    • 2x knowledge of Military Hand-to-Hand combat.

    • 2x knowledge of Explosives and Explosive Ordnance Destruction (EOD)

    • 2x stealth and sneak attack skills (agility based).

    • 2x agility to set or defuse explosives

    • 2x intuition in navigation

    • 2x psyche vs torture upon himself

    • 20x contacts in military operations.

    • 6x contact in military training.

  • Military Gun/Rifle Skills (Master)

    • 3x skill in shooting handguns and rifles.

    • 3x knowledge of operation and handgun maintenance, as well as training.

    • 30x contacts in this profession.

    • 1x reputation rank when engaged in gunfighting.

  • Hawaiian Melee Weapons (Professional)

    • 2x fighting with Hawaiian melee weapons, blunt or sharp

    • 2x knowledge of Hawaiian melee weapons

    • 10x contacts in Hawaiian melee weapons

  • Lua Combat System (Professional)

    • NOTE: Cannot be done in conjunction/series with with Military SEAL team fighting skills

    • 2x fighting with kuikui (punching); potential stun

    • 2x fighting peku (kicking), potential slam

    • 2x fighting hakihaki (bone- breaking) (if done perfectly, the opponent's response to the attack is severely diminished resulting from the opponent's bone breakage)

    • 2x strength in hakoko (wrestling)

    • 2x agility in aalolo (pressure point attacks), resulting in stuns

    • 2x healing when Lomi Lomi massage or other natural associated Hawaiian methods of healing are applied (1/2 hr massage=2x healing).

  • Hawaiian Language (Professional)

    • Excellent understanding of speaking modern and ancient forms of the language; proficient at writing

  • Other languages (Proficient)

    • Arabic

    • Portuguese

    • Japanese

    • Spanish

  • Leadership (Master)

    • Provides a professional karma for others in his team/group/guard to pull from to energize and embolden their strikes or combat actions.

    • 3x knowledge of military leadership

    • 3x knowledge of Hawaiian monarchy/leadership

    • 2x knowledge of existing Hawaiian government/US government politics and practices

    • 50x contacts in leadership/government

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