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Known (but not believed)

Fae (fairy)/Hero


Over 3000 years








Glas Si'

Emerald Society



Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 March 2014



None known left



In ancient times, Ireland was the land of mythical beings such as gamboling faeries and malicious Fir Bolgs. One of theses faeries, Gael, was a very mischievous faerie that routinely got into trouble.  Her actions would one day lead to her being the last of her kind.

Gael enjoyed playing tricks on other faeries, much to the other faerie's chagrin.  Gael's antics eventually escalated to the point that she though it'd be fun to draw a human to several of the antagonistic faeries' tree and enjoy watching the other faeries scatter in fear.  What instead happened was that the human, upon seeing the faerie home, went back to his tribe and brought back other warriors; warriors that slaughtered ALL of the faeries in the forest over he next few months.  Eventually, the only one left was Gael and the faerie queen, Jeneel.  In a fit of anger at Gael for her actions, Jeneel captured Gael in a magical solidifying stasis field, much like a fly in amber, and left her on the ground to her fate.  The queen was never seen again.  The immobilized and hibernating Gael, in her stasis field, got washed into a cavern outside of what would eventually be Dublin.  There she laid, unseen and immobile in time and body for at least three millennium.

Recently, in a fledgling super-hero/super-villain fight (see Emerald Shield) the cavern wall that Gael and her stasis field had covered them was blown up by explosives for a couple of humans to enter a cavern behind where Gael was.  The resulting explosion was enough to  free Gael from her multi-millennial-long imprisonment.  As such, Gael escaped the cavern and saw before her a whole new's 21st century. 

Amazed at the changes that had occurred, Gael fly off to what was once her old forest home, only to find human houses, buildings and hundreds of cars there instead. Gael was saddened by the loss of the trees and plants, however, she was also amazed that her faerie powers were more powerful than they'd ever been before, being able to fly faster and higher, shoot magical energy blasts at excellent levels and, when flying, was enveloped in a magical energy aura that gave her excellent protection. 


Strangely enough, as fate would have it, Gael went inside a Boeing 787 airliner at the Dublin International Airport and down into it's cargo bay, checking out all the contents of the luggage when she got locked int the cargo hold.  After it took off and got to dangerous low oxygen altitudes, Gael passed out, however, her healing powers kept her alive until she landed in Boston, Massachusetts at Logan Airport.  She awoke and exited the cargo hold when the door opened, and once again saw a whole new without hardly any trees, plants and vegetation.  She was almost catatonic thinking that man was to blame.  Rather than cry or attack men, she used her inherent power to detect other magical beings.  One detection was so strong she thought it HAD to be the queen Jeneel.  Instead she found the human Lady Eriu that was located at the Emerald Society's new headquarters.  There, Gael and Lady Eriu discussed (in Fae language) all that had transpired.  Although extremely sad to know she was the last Fairy in the world, Lady Eriu and the team's leader, Irish Fighter, invited Gael to join them and use her powers to help others...and try to right the deforestation and environmental issues that obviously could be of value to everyone.  Gael agreed and was given a code-name of "Sebille"; a name Gael loved immediately. As far as Sebille was concerned, the Emerald Society was her new family.

Today, Gael lives at and helps the Emerald Society on Castle Island in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.Although Gael knows that her antics led to the destruction (potentially) of her faerie folk from the Dublin area millennium ago, she still feels guilty about her action, yet happy to know most humans are not longer as ruthless or bloodthirsty.  So long as Lady Eriu stays with the Emerald Society, so will "Sebille".


Power Origin: Magical (Druidic)

  • Energy Blasts

    • Can fire excellent level bio-energy blasts up to a range of 20 feet

    • Can only fire 20 times a day; if she did fire 20 times in that day, she'll need to sleep for 20 hours to recover or lose endurance at an hourly rate.

  • Energy Shield

    • Can create a bio-energy shield around herself for 20 minutes a day, providing excellent protection from all forms of attack

    • If she does use the shields for greater than 20 minutes in that day, she'll need to sleep for 20 hours to recover or lose endurance at an hourly rate.

  • Healing Aura

    • Has a remarkably strong healing aura that can heal others within a 30 yard radius of Sebille

    • Can self-heal at 40% rate whether conscious or unconscious

    • Can perform targeted healing at a 50% rate for several seconds to a single target

    • Can help re-energize (like an endurance use reduction) those in a recovery aura within a 30 yard radius of Sebille

    • Can help plants, trees and other vegetation to grow at an accelerated 100% rate for several seconds at a time

  • Clarity of Mind Enhancement

    • Can provide a person or animal a 'clarity of mind and vision' at an excellent level to whomever Sebille targets (2x intuition, psyche and visual sight)

  • Magical Detection

    • Amazing ability to detect magical items and people up to a range of 50 miles

  • Flight

    • Using her wings, Sebille can fly up to 40 mph for several minutes before tiring out

    • Cannot go any higher than 2000 above sea level


    • Must be within 50 miles of land/Earth (water acts as a shield) or Sebille's powers begin to fade at a rate of a factor of 1x per 1 hour until she either dies or comes withing 50 miles of land/Earth again.



  • Fae Language (master)

  • English language (proficient)

  • Environment - Natural (Master)

  • Herbology (master)

  • Flight combat (professional)

  • stealth (proficient)

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