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Gaelic Fury

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Brigitte Kildare




Late 20s









Emerald Society



Don "Major Deej" Finger

10 Jan 2007



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Seirant (Sergeant) Kildare, an Irish Army physical combat trainer based out of the Defense Training Support Centre (DTSC) in Dublin, Ireland was considered the most qualified person in the Irish Army to teach all forms of hand-to-hand and martial arts combat techniques to the Irish troops. 

In her early years with the Irish Army, she was one of the best of the Irish Army Ranger Wing, which performed many missions for Ireland's Directorate of Intelligence (known as 'G2') .  Over the next several years, Brigitte proved to be one of the best trained and highly compatible rangers to perform G2 missions.  After several dangerous yet critical missions, Brigitte had a falling out with one of the Rangers' leaders, Lieutenant Emile Cassidy.  She requested a transfer and was instead sent to teach physical training and melee combat techniques to new recruits and officers at the DTSC. 

Brigitte changed the ways in which the Irish Army taught their troops, applying more martial arts and Krav Maga to their training rather than simple old-style hand-to-hand fighting and stabbing. She was considered the "go to" person for any form of physical and melee training in all of Ireland.  She'd won dozens of boxing, wrestling and judo competitions, all resulting in 1st place trophies for her skills.  That all ended one night thanks to her upper chain of command and their dubious deeds.

During the Irish Army's annual anniversary celebration, her old Irish Army Ranger Wing leader, Emile Cassidy (now at the rank of Commandant), wanted to get back at Brigitte for not giving in to his 'desires' when they worked together back in the Rangers.  As such, he staged a scenario where Brigitte would be drugged during the celebration, a couple of the Commandant's men would haul her away to a hotel room, tie her up, and after the Commandant 'had his way' with her, he'd let the rest of his men 'have their way with her', all the while setting up an alibi preventing Brigitte from ever being able to implicate him or his men in the forthcoming rape of Brigitte.  All went as planned, however, Brigitte, puked out most of the drug while she was being tied down, thus she was not as sedated as the Commandant expected.  As he forced himself on her, she started coming out of her drug-induced haze and, using her unbound legs and feet, killed the Commandant in the middle of her violation.  The others heard the scuffle from outside the room and rushed in to attack her, however, Brigitte fought every one of them off, causing critical damage to three of them.  She ran from the hotel nearly naked into the street where she was hit by a car and eventually taken to the hospital.

When Brigitte awoke, she was strapped into her hospital bed with an armed guard in her room.  She was told she was being charged for murder and several military and civil violations for injuries to the other soldiers, who told a story of how Brigitte led them on to have sex with each of them and instead killed the Commandant in cold blood in the middle of the act.  They told the authorities that when they heard the commotion, they arrived to see the Commandant already dead. When they attempted to subdue her, they said Brigitte attempted to kill each of the others, but instead she broke away yelling she finally killed Cassidy.

Of course the troops lied to protect their skin, however, Brigitte was charged for murder and sedition and sentenced to 40 years in prison.  On her 2nd day in prison, she was met by several of her previous G2 co-workers who told her they already knew the truth, but were unwilling to let Brigitte off that easy.  She'd 'ruffled too many feathers' and was a 'pain in the arse' to compete with or win against, so, in order to get her to do what they wanted, they decided to work a 'deal' with Brigitte.  They offered Brigitte a chance to get out of this by being their spy in America.  G2 wanted to spy on the Irish Fighter and his new super-group, the Emerald Society, in Boston, Massachusetts. If she agreed, they'd free her and assign her as a deep undercover agent abroad for G2, so long as she provided intelligence 'against' Irish Fighter - every juicy detail they can gain so that IF the Irish Fighter ever TRIED to return to Ireland, they'd have enough 'confirmed' intelligence to charge him with sedition and put him in lockup forever (which is what the Irish government and military had wanted for years). If Brigitte didn't agree, they toss her in federal lockup for the next 40 years with no trial.

 Brigitte had little choice; she agreed to spy on the Irish Fighter.  She was not happy about the arrangement, but it was better than rotting in jail...and maybe, just maybe, she could figure out a way to clear herself of the charges during that time.

Within weeks, Brigitte was briefed on her mission.  She was given a headband that was said to have magical properties that would slightly enhance her already excellent abilities and ramped them up to new remarkable fighting and endurance  levels. The headband was said to have been found in a grave site of what was deemed a grave for an ancient Celtic goddess. Brigitte was then sent to Boston where G2 set up a situation wherein she'd meet the Irish Fighter while she was dressed up in her new super-hero costume, going by the code-name "Gaelic Fury".  Within days, Irish Fighter took a liking to her and invited her to the Emerald Society.


Today, Brigitte trains and works with the Irish Fighter and his Emerald Society, all while still making weekly reports to one of several G2 contacts on location in Boston. Brigitte hasn't divulged anything damaging about Irish Fighter at this time, but she is under pressure more each day to provide something or G2 would arrest her and null their deal. Brigitte knows what she's doing is wrong, and after spending time with her new teammates, she finds in exponentially more difficult to be a traitor to the team.  As it is, she knows her time is limited - get more juicy intel on the Irish Fighter or get thrown in prison for 40 years.  Can she handle the stress of this situation, or can she turn this whole thing around and save the Irish Fighter AND herself? 


Power Origin: Normal Human (no powers)

  • Celtic Goddess Headband

    • The headband, over 2500 years old, is a magical artifact that enhances the wearer's physical abilities and helps in self-healing.

    • Headband is made of an unearthly level type of unknown metal.

    • Increases the wearer's existing fighting prowess by a factor of 3

    • Increases the wearer's existing agility by a factor of 3

    • Increases the wearer's existing strength by a factor of 1

    • Increases the wearer's existing endurance by a factor of 2

    • Increases the wearer's existing intuition by a factor of 2

    • Increases the wearer's healing rate by 25%

    • Increases the wearer's psychic defenses by a factor of 4

  • Earwig

    • In-ear communications transceiver ​

    • Range 25 miles

  • Martial Arts: Crav Maga (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Judo (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: karate (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Savate (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do (Proficient)

  • Intelligence Agent (Professional)

  • Military ((Professional)

  • Marksman (all weapons)(Professional)

  • Military Vehicles (proficient)

  • Pilot (Proficient)

  • Knives/swordsmanship (professional)

  • stealth (professional)

  • lock-picking (professional)

  • computers (hacking/programming) (proficient)

  • Boxing (proficient)

  • wrestling (proficient)

  • Intuitive study (proficient) (studies subject for 12-15 seconds (and do nothing else) thus allowing an increase in intuition by a factor of 1 and a chance to slam/stun an opponent, regardless of size)

  • Emerald Society lore (proficient)

  • US Police operations (proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Gaelic/old Irish (professional)​

    • English (master)

    • Spanish (professional)

    • French (professional)

    • Russian (proficient)

    • Slovakian (proficient)

    • Italian (proficient)

    • German (proficient)

    • Arabic (proficient)

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