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An Irish Pub SongThe Rumjacks
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Danny Patrick




mid 20s








Dublin Danny

Emerald Society



Don "Major Deej" Finger

7 Oct 2007



A professional Irish Boxing Champion from Dublin, Ireland, Danny Patrick was on his way to become the greatest boxer in international history...until the dark hand of corruption and greed changed everything..

Danny knew his manager needed money to keep his Dublin gym open. The gym was well known for helping impoverished or troubled kids, such as Danny, get a break in the sports world. Danny, not able to find a job at age 18, agreed to train under the gym's manager and become the best boxer in years, with the understanding that there was a  50/50 split in the winnings with his manager.  For the next 3 years, Danny worked tirelessly day and night.  In his fourth year, he came in under the amateur division and won the championship with no losses. The next year, the same but for a boxing circuit rather than professional.  That's when Danny's manager found a financial backer from Greece.  In his 6th year, , Danny won a spot in the International Championship Boxing Association (ICBA) team.  In a 15-match,  single-elimination tournament, Danny was winning by a knockout in the 3rd to 6th rounds of each match. In the 14th match, he won by a knockout in the 2nd round. He was now primed for the championship match to be held in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

The night before his big fight, he was confronted by several of his financier's 'business associates' from the Aegis Alliance (a money-laundering, gambling and casino criminal enterprise based out of Europe).  The Aegis Alliance thanked Danny for agreeing to throw the fight in the 2nd round allowing one of his biggest antagonists, Vito "The Voice" Vanelli, to win the fight.  Danny, dumbfounded over this, asked when did he ever say he was going to throw this fight they'd mentioned; that when his manager stepped in and told Danny that it was part of an agreement he'd made with their financier thus allowing the financier to fund Danny for the ICBA.  Danny became furious.


Danny and his manager argued in front of the Aegis Alliance bosses.  Eventually, one of the Alliance bosses told Danny they'd rig it so theat he won next year instead.


Danny punched the Alliance boss in the face, knocking said boss into the wall and out cold.


Danny then commenced beating up each of the 10 hired thugs that attacked them next while the remaining Alliance bosses bailed into their limousines and made a break for safety. When the fighting was over, only Danny and his manager were left standing. Danny, with tears streaming from his eyes, demanded "WHY?" from his manager, over and over again. His manager, couldn't respond with anything other than a look on his face of "I'm sorry".  Betrayed, bloodied and upset, Danny walked out of the arena and out onto the streets, leaving the match and his manager behind.


Danny's manager, knowing the Aegis Alliance wasn't about to let Danny walk away alive, went to their boss, Anton Aurelias, and begged him to take his life over Danny's.  Anton personally shot the manager.  Anton then took the wounded manager and went with his men to drive around Dublin and look for Danny to kill as well.


After walking for nearly an hour, Danny started on his way back to his hotel. Before Danny could reach the hotel's revolving doors, Danny was accosted by a dozen Aegis Alliance enforcers.  After several fell to Danny's bludgeoning fists, one of the enforcers shot Danny with four tranquilizer darts, knocking Danny into near unconsciousness.  The Aegis Alliance leader, Anton Aurelias, told his men to take Danny to the Dublin Zoo and he and Danny's manger would meet up once more - for the final time, as Anton put it.


Near the back gate of the Dublin Zoo was a blackish-watery pond at the Penguin exhibit at the Dublin Zoo  that was known to spring up on certain phases of the moon.  The papers mentioned that anything cast into the pond was never found or retrieved again, making the pond a mystery.  Adding to the mystery, the  pond would mysteriously disappear for months at a time and then reappear on a moonlit night in mere seconds.  The pond was also a perfect spot, according to Anton, to get rid of Danny and his manager's bodies.


Just as Danny was to be dumped in the dark pond, Danny's manager broke away from captivity and grabbed a gun from one of the Aegis Alliance thugs and shot Anton in the shoulder, as well as shooting and wounding two other Alliance thugs in the process.  The manager then tried to get to Danny to save him, but instead,  Anton Aurelias to disintegrated Danny's manager with his specialized disintegration handgun. Anton ordered his wounded men to dump Dublin in the pond and get back to the vehicles so that he (Anton) could get medical help.  As Danny's tranquilized body floated in the center of the pond, the eclipse happened. Anton ordered his men to shoot Danny's bodyto cause it to sink.  They shot him 12 times in the chest. Danny's dead body then sank into the dark waters of the black pond.

Most would say that's the end of this story...but for Danny, this was just the beginning.

As Danny's body lay dead at the bottom of the blackish-watery pond, the pond began to glow a bright green.  Plants, reeds, and other vegetation grew to heights of over 15 feet in seconds; the water became green and clear, and Danny woke up in the pond, fully healed, alive and now empowered with new green energy emanating from him. Even the bullet holes in his chest were healed up. Danny was back, and Danny was now out for vengeance.  As Danny ran from the pond, the eclipse ended...and the pond disappeared without a trace.

Within the hour, Danny found the enforcers and beat them all to a bloody pulp with his new-found enhanced strength.  During that battle, the enforcers shot Danny several times, but Danny's new powers extended to a form of regeneration, healing him near instantaneously. After the police arrived, Danny told them all that happened.  He was placed in police custody until the police could figure out what was happening. At the police station, an amateur astronomer came forward with recorded video he made when his telescope had been pointing in the direction of where Danny's and the manager's murders took place.  Corroborated by zoo security videos, the Aegis Alliance enforcers and were rounded up and sentenced for Danny's manager's murder and Danny's attempted murder.Anton Aurelias, however, escaped in his private jet and flew back to Greece.  Sadly there, was not extradition treaty between Ireland and Greece, so Anton got away with murder, literally.


The ICBA was shut down until an investigation was performed to find out the level of corruption in the organization.  A year later, the ICBA re-opened under new management, however, several of the ICBA's indicted managers that were jailed and to go to trial were mysteriously released from prison due to a clerical error and all found dead in the Mediterranean Sea, drowned, days later.

Since Danny was not normal anymore, his boxing career was over.  Any and all money he earned from the boxing federation he gave to his manager's boxing gym in Dublin, allowing the building to remain open for up to two more decades with one of the assistance coach's left to run the gym. Danny found a gig in Boston working as a bouncer in an Irish tavern in downtown Boston.  That's when he met the legendary Irish Fighter.

In the pub, a fight broke out, with most of the patron's attacking Irish Fighter (most of the barflys there hated Irish Fighter at this time due to his IRA connections and his pathetic demeanor over the previous few decades).  Danny began throwing out the rabble-rousers and then turned his attentions to Irish Fighter, attempting to throw him out.  Both fought and caused the bar to be destroyed in the process.  Sitting amidst the debris, both began laughing, with Irish Fighter eventually asked Patrick if he'd join up his Irish hero group known as the "Emerald Society".  Danny agreed, and to this day, under his new codename, "Dublin", Danny has fought the good fight as a member of the Emerald Society.



  • Super Strength

    • Dublin has excellent strength, allowing him to lift over 800 lbs without effort

  • Regeneration

    • He has an amazing regenerative ability, allowing for wounds to fully mend and for major body parts to even regrow

    • Rate of regeneration is 1% per minute

    • Limb regeneration takes 1 week, pending amount of limb lost

    • Brain and skull trauma can be healed

    • Severing the neck or spine will kill Dublin

  • Leaping

    • Can leap up to 60 feet across or up and 85 feet down

  • Fighting Agility

    • Due to his acute senses and skills, Dublin's agility in any form of melee fighting, outside of his boxing talent


  • Earwig

    • Communications earpiece allows for 20 channel transceiver communications up to 26 miles.

    • Can connect to cellular tower and satellite communications if within coverage area and signal strength.

  • Red Sox Bat

    • Dublin is fond of the Boston Red Socks Baseball team and, pending on location, will carry a Red Sox baseball bat, even into combat. The bat is made of excellent material and when used in combat, can potentially slam an enemy up to 40 yards.

    • Used it when acting as a bar bouncer


  • Boxing (Professional)

    • 2x knowledge of boxing, American, Olympic, European and Asian.

    • 2x fighting boxing skills

    • 2x dodge agility in melee combat

    • Has over 10 contacts in the field of boxing

  • Baseball (Proficient)

    • 1x knowledge of American baseball and players

  • Bouncer (Proficient)

    • 1x knowledge of bar rules and policies regarding being a bouncer

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