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Myriad Woman

Running to Stand StillU2
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Dr. Shauna Kavanagh

Secret (few know)



20 (body) 80s (actual)









Emerald Society



Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 September 2010




In April of 1940, Patrick O'Brien, an up-and-coming Irish boxer, had an affair with Teresa Collins in Dublin, Ireland.  O'Brien's wife had become depressed over the loss of her parents in a Nazi air raid, creating a rift in Patrick and his wife's relationship, even though those two already had an adopted son (see Irish Fighter).  A month later, Patrick O'Brein and his wife died in a similar bombing raid outside of Dublin. Teresa discovered she was pregnant with a girl at the same time.

Months later, Teresa married a British soldier, Bartholamew "Bart" Kavanagh while she was still pregnant.  Bart was deployed later that month to North Africa where he died in combat.  Shauna Kavenaugh was born the same day Bart was reported dead.

Shauna was raised in Yorkshire, England throughout the war.  By war's end, Teresa had become ill from working double shifts to get by to feed and clothe Shauna.  When Teresa died, she ensured her sister, Meredith Baxter, raise Shauna.  Meredith had married a wealthy British lawyer, Benson Baxter, and lived in an opulent home.  Shauna attended the finest private schools.  All was well until Shauna's 14th birthday; that's when her world radically changed.

At her 14th birthday, her parents threw a grand party, inviting over the most well-to-do folks of England.  Once of family's troubled daughters, Vanessa O'Rourke, despised Shauna.  Prior to the time for everyone to gather and sing Shauna her birthday song, Vanessa and Shauna fought on the balcony of the estate, where both Shauna and Vanessa fell over the railing fighting over a hair comb.  Vanessa died on the stone pavement below, however, Shauna, who seemed to have traumatic injuries to her head and legs, within minutes, was healed and walking.  That's when Shauna and her aunt and uncle discovered she had super-powers.

After explaining away her 'rapid healing' as 'mistaken perspective' to the doctors and Bobbies, Shauna was taken home, where for the next four years, her parents would fight several costly legal battles to prevent Shauna from being jailed for the incident with Vanessa.  Over the next few years, Shauna discovered she was hardly aging; in fact it later came to be known that she only aged a year for every 10 years of real time. By age 18, her uncle had lost most of his fortune in the legal battles, and her aunt had turned into an alcoholic.  Shauna's uncle had set up a fund to ensure Shauna would have enough money to go to Oxford University.  Two months after Shauna started her first year in Oxford, her aunt died of liver disease; her uncle took his own life days later.

Amidst all the losses Shauna faced in her family life, she always remained strong and resolute to be a better educated person; a person worthy of everyone else's loss and sacrifice.  Years later, she graduated Suma Cum Laude from Oxford University, majoring in History as a 22 year old in a 16 year old's body.

Over the next several decades, Shauna kept to herself and became a librarian, always learning, always studying.  Although the money was tight, she was able to earn her doctorate's degree in History, as well as several other degrees in English, Literature, Latin, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese and Russian languages.  She had many boyfriends and relationships, but as each one got serious, she'd break off the relationship.  She felt like a freak with her healing powers and anti-aging abilities. It wasn't until 2000 when the Soltan Invasion occurred did she find out she was much more.

In 2000, the alien Soltans invaded Earth, wanting to take control of its populace for slave labor.  The world's militaries and super-heroes (even some super-villains) stood up against the invaders, fighting hard and strong for nearly a year's time.  At one point, the Soltans invaded Yorkshire, depositing nearly 500 Soltans troops in the city to control it, round up human slaves, and transport them to one of their work planets.  Shauna was amongst those rounded up.  As she and hundreds of other men, women and children were being herded to the Soltan Slave Transport, a Soltan soldier started beating on a defenseless girl.  Shauna screamed at the Soltan telling him to stop.  Instead, the soldier stabbed the little girl with his warstaff, killing her instantly.  Shauna freaked out and in her first use of this power, projected a plasma energy blast that did remarkable damage to the Soltan, killing him on the spot.  Shauna was shocked at what had happened, as were the herded humans.  They began to run, almost trampling Shauna; that's when she discovered her 2nd new power of the day - flight.   She was able to fly above the escaping crowds.  As other Soltan soldiers began firing their war-staff energy beams at Shauna, she blasted them back.  Over the next three hours, Shauna herself caused the Soltans to retreat, preventing every Yorkshire soul from being enslaved. She became a city hero overnight.  Shauna, on the other hand, was not happy to have these powers; all she wanted was to be normal.


Once Earth liberated itself from the Soltans (who left Earth and regrouped on the dark side of Mars), Shauna knew she couldn't stay in Yorkshire.  In the ensuring chaos of the post-invasion period, Shauna snuck onto a cargo ship and made her way to the United States.  There, she figured she'd be just another face in the crowd, and maybe find out a little about her powers. Once there, she was able to get new credentials in Boston, Massachusetts and start work at the only operational university at that time - Harvard University.  While there, she earned a doctorate and a handful of other well as brought on as a professional researcher for several departments. By 2008, she was making middle-class wages and up until then, had not used her powers except in several secretive experiments to gain data on what and/or who she was. Sadly, she wasn't able to determine much...that is, until the Irish Fighter's trial in England occurred.

In 2010, at the trial of the Irish Fighter in London, Shauna learned of Irish Fighter's adopted father, Patrick O'Brien; the same man who sired her.  Adding 2 and 2, Shauna realized she was related to the Irish Fighter.  When the Irish Fighter's final judgement came down, he was banned from all of Britain and its Commonwealth of Nations.  Shauna felt terrible for him, and as such, wanted to tell him of their familial relationship.

When she discovered he'd flown to Boston and was starting a new super-group, the Emerald Society, she thought long and hard about it, and decided to finally met up with him, however, she decided not to immediately tell him about their relationship at that time; she didn't know him that well and was worried that he may be the 'evil' person others in the media kept saying he once was.  When she met him at Castle Island, Shauna told him of her powers.  Irish Fighter was elated to have another Irish 'lass' with powers in the United States with him and pleaded with her to join the Emerald Society.  She told him she'd need to think about it and left, but a week later, she decided to join and was inducted into the Emerald Society. After a couple of days of adjusting to being in a super group and realizing that the Irish Fighter was a true blue hero with a heart of gold and a kind soul, Shauna finally sat Irish Fighter down and told him about their relation and their father Patrick O'Brien.  Irish Fighter wept knowing that for the first time in what seemed like forever that he wasn't alone...he had family...real family.  Not long thereafter, the media was informed about "Myriad Woman", but not her real identity of Shauna Kavanagh; her real life was still a secret, however, it's not to say that others have figured her out in and about the Harvard Campus.  Her identity is still kept as secret as possible, but it's only a matter of time before both her identities will be tied together.

Today, Shauna, is learning how to be Myriad Woman and really use her powers...some for the first time.  Although she wants nothing more than to downplay her abilities, considering brains were more powerful than powers, she has come to the realization that after seventy plus years of education and not applying her skills and knowledge, that it was now time to put her knowledge into performance.  Although she looks to be a young woman of 20, she is a woman of about 80 years of knowledge and experience, as well as several masters and a doctorate degree.  She still works at Harvard, but has had to shift to part-time work to accommodate her new superhero lifestyle.


Power Origin: Mutant

  • Bio-Energy Blasts

    • Can project a variety of forms of bio-energy blasts up to remarkably powerful energy levels.

    • Has used a variety of blasts to include blasts from her hands, eyes, and in arcs and in a radius from her body

    • Focused range (eyes, hands) is 300 feet

    • Localized range (arcs, cones, radius) is 30 feet​

  • Bio-energy Shields

    • Can generate bio-energy shields of different intensities and for various effects

    • Can create separate shields for the following:

      • physical shields (good)

      • Temperate/light/dark​/generated energies (Excellent)

      • Radiation (amazing)

    • If she wishes to combine shields, she can, but at 1x less intensity for each applied shield strength.​

  • Self-Healing

    • Has a 20% regeneration rate

    • Cannot regrow bone; can mend bone, though​

  • Flight

    • Energy flight allows her to fly at remarkable speeds (over 400 mph)​

    • Can fly with shields, but looses 50 mph for each shield applied

    • Can only carry 200 lbs of weight (struggles after several minutes of carrying anything over 100 lbs.)

  • Costume

    • Provides poor physical protection, good temperate protection and excellent radiation protection​

    • Made of non-flammable material

  • Earwig

    • Communications transceiver for the ear​

    • Range 25 miles

  • Handheld Datapad​

    • WiFi/Satellite Connectivity including authorized access to Boston Police Department databases​

    • Range 25 miles

    • 100 Tb storage; 10 Gbps processing speed

    • Voice/word translator

    • Access to Internet and powerful search engines

  • Anthropology (master)

  • Liberal Arts (master)

  • Sociology (master)

  • Environmentalism (Master)

  • History (Doctorate)

  • English Literature (Master)

  • Languages:

    • English (master)

    • Latin (professional)

    • Spanish (professional)

    • French (professional)

    • German (professional)

    • Mandarin Chinese (proficient)

    • Russian (proficient)​

  • Library Sciences (Master)​

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