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Nothing But A CrimeCrimen Urbano
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Lorenzo Ramirez













Maestro de la Delincuenico, Ruis Lanzana, Ramone Mendoza, Carlos Sanchez




Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Feb 2007


Manuel Ramirez (Father, deceased)

Roberta Ramirez (mother, deceased)

Miguel AKA "El Scorpio" (godson)




Lorenzo Ramirez was born in Telexaca, Mexico. His father, Manuel, worked hard and long hours at poverty pay levels for a wealthy crime cartel boss from outside the city. His mother, Roberta, took ill due to complications with Lorenzo's birth. When asked for time off to care for his wife and child, Lorenzo's father was instead shot in the head by the crime boss and dragged out into the desert for the coyotes and buzzards to feed off his carcass. When Lorenzo's mother found out days later, she emerged from her sick bed and went to the crime boss' estate and killed the crime boss with a knife, stabbing him 20 times before she was shot repeatedly by the crime boss' guards, leaving Lorenzo as an abandoned 5 year-old child.


Lorenzo was tossed to the streets where he made a living for himself as an alley rat and thief. He eventually got in with a gang of boys, but within months of being beaten and abused by the other boys, Lorenzo killed the boy gang's leader much how his mother did - repeated stabbings with a knife.  As such, Lorenzo, a now 10-year old boy, was in charge of a youth street gang.

Within months, Lorenzo's young little street gang not only survived they thrived. They began recruiting new kids, pissing off all the other teen gangs in the area. The result: the teen gangs were killed and murdered one by one by Lorenzo's gang. He always taught his fellow young recruits to always have an escape plan and to set traps along the way and always do their best not to be seen or identified. By age 15, Lorenzo was in charge of the largest gang in all of Telaxaca...except one - Death's Hand.


Lorenzo's 'Purple Gang' (as they were now called due to their gang colors) was considered to be the 'best' gang to be part of at that time. They only stole from those that could afford it, helped those that needed it and always took care of their own, maintaining a level of 'criminal civility' in the city and region. Rarely did the Purple Gang have to kill, but if the situation required it, it was done. Respects were always paid and a code of honor was created withing the gang to ensure maintenance of that level of respect, order and relative civility.  Smaller gangs on the fringes of the town's borders respected the Purple Gang and actually agreed with the Purple Gang's established 'zones' (turf) where the gangs would operate out of and ensure the city and region didn't fall into anarchy. Sadly, the predominant gang in the city was the Death's Hand gang. The Death's Hand gang had driven out all of the other gangs in the city except one - the Purple Gang. The Death's Hand gang didn't like or follow the 'zones' and civility rules the Purple Gang was trying to establish. Instead the Death's Hand gang was all about fear, killing and control.


In 1990, the Purple Gang was assaulted by the Death's Hand gang.  Half of the Purple Gang were viciously murdered in what would later be named as the "Night of Purple Death". The Purple Gang's bodies were left dead or half dead strung up on light and telephone poles throughout Telaxaca's city streets and roads, all cut up or shot, some even eviscerated. Death's Hand took full credit.  The local police, as always, did nothing. The locals knew better than to help those strung up dying on the poles and instead, walked past them...not helping. Most of the decent folks of the city knew the Purple Gang were only thieves and rarely killed, but Death's Hand held the city in fear more than the Purple Gang ever would. 


Lorenzo was stabbed several times during that night's attack and was one of the ones left alive and bleeding out tied to a pole, .


One of the young lieutenants of Death's Hand couldn't take the cruel and immoral death occurring around him.  This boy, called 'Young Scorpion', in a flash of Catholic sympathy, cut down Lorenzo and two other Purple Gang members before they could be seen or caught. The Young Scorpion took the freed Purple Gang members to a 'Doctors without Borders' station 15 miles outside of the town, set up by the United Nations.  There, Lorenzo and his two fellow gang members went in for surgery. Only Lorenzo survived; the other two's injuries were too severe.


With Lorenzo's body found missing from his 'death pole', Death's Hand performed a cruel and deadly search throughout Talaxaca. It didn't take long before the Doctors without Borders United Nations compound was surrounded by the Death's Hand gang.  The few U.N. troops that were there were too few to take on the Death's Hand gang, but maintained a security perimeter nonetheless. After about 2 hours of a stand-off wherein the doctors did not produce Lorenzo to the Death's Hand gang, the leader of the Death's Hand gang, Ruis Lanzana AKA "Death's Hand", ordered his gang to kill everyone in the compound and retrieve Lorenzo. That's when the townsfolks showed up with the remnants of the Purple Gang and several other gangs outside the area.


In a 3-to-1 fight, the Talaxaca townsfolks, the UN troops, the remaining Purple Gang members and the other outlying gang members took down the Death's Hand gang in mere minutes. Sadly, dozens of Talaxaca townsfolks and the outlying gang members died that day, yet the doctors and staff were saved, as was Lorenzo. During the fight, Lorenzo took a bullet to save a rival small gang leader during the fight. After the fight was done, the people of Talaxaca asked for one favor in return from Lorenzo: leave the town be. They wanted Lorenzo to let the people of Talaxaca not live in fear of gang violence or theft ever again and the gangs could 'operate' from the region so long as they didn't bother or affect others in the city. If Lorenzo didn't abide by this, the city of Talaxaca would instead rise up and kill every one of the remaining gang members, even if it meant the death of the entire city's populace.


Lorenzo, on behalf of the other gangs, agreed. Thus was formed 'The Talaxaca Cartel'.


For the next 10 years, the Talaxaca Cartel did as they said they would. They lived in the city, paid taxes and even voted in elections.  They did, however, expand their reach of criminal activities well into Mexico prime though. During that time, many other rival gangs in other cities fought the Talaxaca Cartel. Some were even stupid enough to attempt to fight and hurt innocent people in Talaxaca (for which said gang members were not only killed, but their families were killed for the 'sins of the gang members' as well). Talaxaca became a safe haven against crime and anarchy.  The local police, for the most part, took care of the townsfolks and allowed the Talaxaca Cartel to operate without issue or concern, acting more like community counselors than actually maintaining any law and order.  In time, the Talaxaca Cartel rose to take on over 60% of Mexico's criminal operations, which had now expanded into drugs (the big money maker at the time) and military grade weapons. As fate would have it, that's when everything fell due to an alien empire invading Earth.


In 2000, Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire. The Soltans sent tens of thousands of troops out against Central America. A Soltan Infantry Company (of about 250 troops) were left in charge of Talaxaca. The police were killed within minutes of the Soltan military company's entrance into town, leaving its innocent citizens to be gathered as cattle for slave labor and culling. That's when the Talaxaca Cartel went into action.  The Talaxaca Cartel criminals and thieves knew the town and the region perfectly. They knew every sewer line, cave, alley and secret weapons stash in the region. As a result, the Talaxaca Cartel were able to evacuate nearly 1,000 of its innocent children, women and elderly out to caves in the nearby mountains, out of range of the Soltan's sensors on their ship that constantly hovered over the town.  During this same time, hit and run tactics were done (as they had been practiced for years) against the Soltans, infuriating the town's new Soltan Governor. As a result, the Soltan Governor order the destruction of 4 city blocks of buildings and people, killing over 400 in one fell blast.  The Talaxaca Cartel responded as well.

The Cartel's best pilots stole aboard a Soltan transport, along with a dozen explosive specialists and hardened combatants, and performed a suicide mission against the Soltans, felling the Soltan ship in a massive fireball (they overloaded and exploded the ship's power core). On the ground, hundreds of Talaxaca citizens and Talaxaca Cartel criminals charged the Soltan battlements. In the end, the Soltans were wiped out in Talaxaca, but at the cost of nearly 832 lives (almost 3 times that of the Soltan company complement).  Nonetheless, the Soltans were defeated in Talaxaca thanks to the cartel and its citizens, all led by Lorenzo.

The Soltans never returned for the rest of the invasion.

In 2005, Talaxaca rebuilding was completed. Lorenzo was named a hero for his efforts in not only stopping the invaders in Talaxaca , but for also compensating the families for their human losses during the invasion and helping fund the rebuilding of the city (using the sales of pillaged tech from the town's downed Soltan ship on the Black Market).  At the same time, his influence quickly and broadly expanded to nearly all of Central America and even started new ventures in South America and even in the southwest region of the United States. During this same time, his Number 2, "El Scorpio" (once "Young Scorpion") continued to work with Lorenzo, even so far as becoming the director of operations for Central America.  El Scorpio's son, Miguel, now 15, had been taught by the best private scholars as well as by the best combatants in fighting and weapons. Miguel wanted to get into the family business and with El Scorpio's permission, Miguel was allowed to work on his father's team and rise up through the ranks as any other member of the Talaxaca Cartel would be expected to do. Lorenzo feared having a family, knowing it would most likely be used against him one day, and as such, became a benevolent and generous godfather to Miguel. Lorenzo saw much of Miguel in him, but smarter. He'd hoped one day to turn over the cartel to his Number 2, El Scorpio, who would eventually turn it over to least, that's what he'd hoped for.

In 2010, The Talaxaca Cartel had grown so fast and so large that other criminal organizations began to take note. The Solano Family of New York, the CANIS black marketeers, the Gold Syndicate and even the vampire Crimson gang looked at the Talaxaca Cartel as a threat to their operations.  As such, a criminal coalition emerged under the leadership of the Aegis Alliance with the goal of initially melding the Talaxaca Cartel into the alliance, with the alliance being the new power center of the cartel, through non-violent methods (imagine the equivocal of a criminally-sanctioned hostile takeover, if you will) and if that didn't work, they'd institute all their malicious resources to obliterate the Talaxaca Cartel's criminal empire and use the alliance's organizations to 'fill the void' left as a result of the dissolution of the cartel. After all the threats the Talaxaca Cartel faced over the decades, this was their greatest.


After unsuccessful negotiations were performed by the Aegis Alliance's coalition to non-violently take over the Talaxaca Cartel, the Talaxaca Cartel War began on 13 October 2010. After months of fighting and thousands of dead, the Talaxaca Cartel was obliterated. Talaxaca had become a war zone; buildings had been bombed out, debris everywhere in the streets, dead bodies, innocent or otherwise laid strewn about the city for scavengers to pick off of. Lorenzo and his lieutenants were able to escape to Los Angeles, California, where they laid low, attempting to coordinate and run the war from an old abandoned apartment complex in East L.A.. Sadly, 'El Scorpio' stayed behind to lead the troops only to die in Talaxaca as a result of a grenade launcher's direct impact. Miguel, El Scorpio's son, was with Lorenzo (as was Miguel's mother) in Los Angeles, as safe as could be, however, Miguel's father's death was a massive blow to Miguel; a blow that to this day he seeks revenge for.


Once the Aegis Alliance's coalition took over Central America's criminal operations, they quickly realized they couldn't handle it. Profits fell, disorganization flamed the fire of more chaos, making any form of criminal operations completely worthless in the region. It was so bad, the effects rolled into the regular operations of the Aegis Alliance coalition's operations, causing their contacts to wither, their networks to fail and the worst of all - the loss of so much money that each organization in the coalition that took down the Talaxaca Cartel was nearly bankrupt.  Many lieutenants were killed to try and make things turn around, but that didn't solve anything. It was rumored that the Aegis Alliance had incurred a 'curse' for taking down the Talaxaca Cartel the way they did. No one was capable of running the region at all; no one except the man who once was the Talaxaca Cartel...Lorenzo Ramirez.


Now going by the alias name of Ramone Mendoza, Lorenzo received word indirectly of a requested truce with the Aegis Alliance coalition and for Lorenzo and one of his Lieutenants to attend a formal 'Aegis Alliance Reorganization Meeting' in Talaxaca , Mexico.  After multiple verification confirmed the veracity of the truce and meeting request, Lorenzo decided to go. Miguel demanded to be there; Lorenzo agreed and made Miguel his new Number 2, giving him the title his father once had (as well as the costume/suit his father once wore) of 'El Scorpio', in honor of his father's legacy.


In a bombed out (now open-air) building in the center of what was once the city of Talaxaca, Mexico, the Aegis Alliance coalition sat at a makeshift conference table. Lorenzo arrived with Miguel and were checked for weapons and cleared to enter the area of the meeting. Once there, after 15 minutes of discussion, it was requested for Lorenzo to take over all that which was once within the Talaxaca Cartel's sphere of influence and 'manage' the regions in place of an Aegis Alliance boss, all for a tidy 25% take for Lorenzo and his Lieutenants and a 75% take for the Aegis Alliance, all under the auspices of the Aegis Alliance coalition's new management, which would allow Lorenzo as 1 of the 7 votes in the coalition towards all things related to what was once the Talaxaca CartelLorenzo slowly stood and told them 'no'.

From a damaged wall of the open-aired building's meeting room, a short yet robust man in a purple suit and a Fedora hat, along with a tall, lanky and yet beautiful woman, emerged from what seemed to be nothing other than a shadow on the wall. Before any security could act, the man in the Fedora hat mesmerized everyone in the room except for LorenzoMiguel and the lanky woman. Everyone who was mesmerized was told by the short man to remove their weapons magazines and to make their weapons unusable. They were then told to remove all their other weapons and put them in a bag being carried by the woman he now called 'Shady Logistics'. Each mesmerized person did as they were ordered to do so without incident.  Once everyone was disarmed, Lorenzo took charge of the meeting.

Knowing that the Aegis Alliance coalition's deal was tantamount to slavery to Lorenzo and what was left of his feeble and practically dead Talaxaca Cartel, but also knowing killing those around the table would escalate things to a new level of cartel warfare, Lorenzo instead instigated a new plan; one that would benefit every crime leader around the table.

Lorenzo told the Aegis Alliance coalition leaders (through the mesmerizing man's controlling powers; the man now called 'Mr. Seth Jenkins'), that the following was going to occur:

1. The Talaxaca Cartel War was over.

2. The Talaxaca Cartel War had no winners, instead it is considered a draw.

3. The Aegis Alliance coalition leaders (through Lorenzo's direction) were now officially going to give leadership of the region to a new crime leader: Carlos Sanchez (an alias of Lorenzo's). All attending the meeting will now know that Lorenzo Ramirez is now officially 'dead' and is now to have been considered a valiant opponent worthy of respect (This allowed for Lorenzo to prevent others from hunting him down).

4. The new leader would now form a new cartel to replace the previous Talaxaca Cartel, calling themselves "Crimewave" (A TV show that Lorenzo once watched as a kid and loved).

5. The new leader, Mr. Carlos Sanchez, would go by the new code-name "Crimemaster".

6. Crimemaster and Crimewave will operate 100% independent of the Aegis Alliance and will brook no interference in their operations nor attempt to ever take over the region's Crimewave criminal operations.

7. The Aegis Alliance and its coalition partners will conduct dealings with Crimewave as an equally respected crime organization worthy of respect and civility and will ask for NO percentage of their operation, ensuring only fair deals with Crimewave here on out.

8. The Aegis Alliance would rebuild Talaxaca brick-by-brick, no matter the cost and never ever perform any aggression against Talaxaca at the price of them performing the action of a now induced mental trigger command to kill themselves...painfully.

8. If any mesmerized member of this group disagrees with these conditions of what was now considered to be the 'Talaxaca Accord', the member was to be asked to be killed on the spot.

Only one mesmerized person had the willpower to ask to be killed...and was.  The others instead wholly agreed to the conditions of the Talaxaca Accord.

Once it was verified that all those mesmerized were in lock-step with the accord, Lorenzo, now known as Crimemaster, requested one last thing.  He inquired who was responsible for the death of "El Scorpio" in Talaxaca .  Adrian Anderson, one of the Lieutenants in the Aegis Alliance's coalition, and in attendance of the meeting, was said to be responsible. Crimemaster informed the mesmerized members before him that they would all now vote 'yes' to having Adrian Anderson killed for his actions as a 'peace offering' to catalyze the founding of the new Crimewave cartel.  Since they had no choice, they all voted 'yes'. Crimemaster told Miguel that he has provided the opportunity to take revenge against the one who killed his father, and that if Miguel chose to kill Adrian Anderson, he could do so, otherwise Crimemaster himself would do so mercilessly. After a dramatic pause, Miguel leapt across the table, kicking the bag of weapons Shady Logistics had in her hand up into the air. With knives, machetes and garrote wires all flying into the air, Miguel grabbed a handful of knives and flung them at Anderson's face, chest and heart. He continued riding the momentum, landing atop Anderson's chest and stabbing him dozens of times, pausing only long enough to rebuild a dismantled pair of handguns of Anderson's, reloaded the magazines in them and emptied each magazine's load of ammunition into Anderson's face. Covered in blood, Miguel got up, looked over at his godfather and swore allegiance in his father's name to Crimemaster and Crimewave for the rest of his life (Miguel also retained Anderson's handguns, which he still uses to this day). In step with that, Seth Jenkins and Shady Logistics, of their own free will, swore allegiance to Crimemaster and Crimewave as well. With that, Seth Jenkins ordered the remaining mesmerized Aegis Alliance coalition members to return to their organizations and implement the Talaxaca Accord with no animosity or repercussions. He even told them that each time they thought about 'Crimemaster', they'd smile, whether they meant to or not.  With that, the permanently mesmerized participants went back home and in fact implemented the accords just as the new Crimemaster dictated.

Several other factions and criminal organizations were in complete awe over the turn of events resulting in the Talaxaca Accords, but none of them were brave enough to go against the Aegis Alliance or their coalition that were now implementing the accords. Rumors abounded, however, most now figured this new 'Crimemaster' was a master negotiator and would soon be in charge of the Aegis Alliance as a result of such skillful negotiations. Sadly, the Aegis Alliance anti-Talaxaca Cartel Coalition boss, Leopold Blake, was found dead days later as a mark for assassination by Death Legion (someone paid to have Blake killed).  As such, the accords still went into place, but the man mesmerized to lead the actions was no longer alive to manage it.  Within several years time, most of the other bosses in the coalition met similar fates, leaving Crimewave and Crimemaster as now operating independent of any Aegis Alliance influence from its now dead mesmerized members...which to Crimemaster, was perfectly fine now that the scales of civility were balanced in his eyes.

Although asked many times why Lorenzo didn't just order them to make him in charge of the Aegis Alliance, Lorenzo said that being in charge of such uncivil and greedy people would only darken his soul more and that he never wished to have that level of power; he was happy with his renewed role and even a tad narcissistic about his new power and the way which he achieved it. Regardless, his new army of thugs and lieutenants loved him as a leader and would do anything for him or Crimewave.

Talaxaca was rebuilt as requested.  Families of the Crimewave's predominant leaders and members moved in to the city and with it came all those who had escaped the horror the years before.  The city and its inhabitants, not knowing that Crimemaster is still actually Lorenzo, hold a parade for Lorenzo Ramirez and the Purple Gang and the Talaxaca Cartel that once existed and all the good they once did for Talaxaca.  A statue was placed in the center of the town of a much younger version of Lorenzo when he led the Purple gang.  To say anything bad against Lorenzo, the Purple Gang or the Talaxaca Cartel would get you a bullet in the head by nearly any townsfolk (who all own firearms now, even the elderly!). 


Miguel is still Crimemaster's #2, and continues to go by the codename "El Scorpio".  Although the two have had disagreements over how to run things from time to time, Miguel still respects his godfather, although Miguel still yearns to make the Aegis Alliance pay further for what they did to his father and Talaxaca.

Today, Carlos Sanchez AKA Crimemaster (who is actually Lorenzo Ramirez), is still in charge of Crimewave. He controls most of the Central America's crime and has started reaching further into South America and the United States' west and southwest regions, making Los Angeles, California as his center of operations, with several vacation homes all over the American continents; one of which of course is in a newly built villa outside of Talaxaca.

Crimemaster is a smart, decisive and aggressive man. He doesn't take well to fools.  He doesn't like to kill, but if the need justifies it, he will, but not by means of emotional response or influence.He is a benevolent leader and a compassionate man to most all that work well for him. He takes care of families who cannot make due or need medical help and as such, seems to be the godfather to dozens of children all over Central America and Los Angeles.  Crimemaster/Lorenzo has never married, although he can be a "Latin Lover" when he wants.  Although he is sure some women have sired a child or two by him, he has informed each woman that their children will never to recipients of his empire, money or power. Ever. As it is, in a secret will that will only be opened 30 days after Lorenzo's death, does he leave everything to Miguel AKA El Scorpio, his first godson and the son he wishes he'd had.

Crimemaster, to this day, has yet to be indicted for any crimes. His lawyer, Seth Jenkins, has a remarkable ability to get any charges 'dropped' or 'cleared' in record time, including any associated news stories that try to circulate about Crimemaster and/or Crimewave.  As far as the average person is concerned and knowledgeable about, Mr. Sanchez is a brilliant businessman, a benevolent contributor to helping the poor and out of work, as well as a civic leader, bringing jobs, business and freshly rebuilt homes to the once older and failing communities. Many organizations such as GUARD and superhero groups knew of Crimemaster's true calling, but none know him as Lorenzo Ramirez except for a handful or loyal lieutenants and those in their families he trusts.




Power Origin: Natural

He has no powers.



  • Protective Suit

    • Suit's jacket, pants, shirt, tie and shoes

      • Provides good physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxic protection

      • Provides remarkable radiation protection

  • Tie

    • Hides an amazing composite material strength Garrote cable and handles

    • Garrote has an additional feature of housing a chemically-activated heat generator (remarkable heat) to heat the wire for 30 seconds (cannot be turned off)

  • Hat

    • Retains a 10-minute oxygen supply and thin-line air hose and chin strep as part of the hat's band.

    • Provides psychic defenses of amazing protection against all forms of mental or psychic attacks such as mesmerizing, mind control or confusion

    • Provides good physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxic protection

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection

  • Gloves

    • Designed from re-fabricated Soltan tech

    • Provides remarkable protection against physical, energy, temperate and toxic/toxins damage.

    • Provides amazing radiation protection.

    • Houses a Force Blaster and one replaceable energy cartridge for each glove's Force Blaster

    • Force Blaster (2)

      • Gloves each have excellent force blasters capable of firing once every several seconds at a range of 200 yards

      • Force Blasters can fire 50 times per energy cartridge

  • Belt

    • Contains 200 ft. of incredible material expandable fiber cabling (Can hold 2 tons of weight)

    • Belt Buckle folds out to be an incredible material grapple claw

    • Two small seamless pouches provide storage for energy cartridges and/or cellular phone/personal materials

    • Carries 2 sets of unique ear plugs that can provide excellent hearing protection as well as for diving down below 350 feet in depth

    • Carries 2 sets of unique nose plugs that can provide excellent protection from particulate, water or gas from getting in through the nose

    • Carries 2 powerfully thick smoke bombs that can reduce visibility by a factor of 4.

  • Glasses

    • Direct data link with Digital Hyper-Focused Heads-Up Display (DHF-HUD) from Crimewave's Network

    • Provides Infra Red, Night vision, thermal vision and X-Ray vision

    • Glasses require recharge every 10 hours of use

    • Also provides for primary purpose of the glasses: corrective lenses for proper 20/20 vision

  • Shoes

    • Magnetic capability of excellent strength

    • Quick escape short 14-second rocket blast (builds up to remarkable speed (600 mph)) that can be activated in water or air

    • Excellent grip capability when activated (vs. polished, greased, iced or wet floors/surfaces)

  • Cape

    • Provides amazing thermal and radiation protection

    • Provides incredible toxic/toxin  protection

    • Provides remarkable magical protection

    • Provides excellent physical and energy protections

    • Has 10 Flechette throwing knives made of remarkable composite (non-magnetic/ferrous) material located in secret pockets in his cape's lining

  • Force Field/Stealth Field

    • Provides a Soltan-engineered spectacularly defensible neutron bubble around Crimemaster capable of deflecting/repelling and any all damage except light, particulate less than 1 micron in size, magic and any neutron radiation up to 2 feet in radius from the field's emitter packet.

    • Power supply and emitter are in a portable and removable 3" x 6" x 2" amazing material metal packet (looks like a portable hard drive) usually kept in Crimemaster's coat pocket

    • Power supply, at full power, only lasts for 30 minutes before it requires a 6 hour recharge from a standard electrical outlet.

    • Field Expansion Setting

      • A setting on the packet can expand the bubble outward to a max radius of 20 feet, however, bubble expansion looses a rank of protection for each 2 feet of distance in radius it is extended beyond the default 2 foot radius.

    • Stealth Setting

      • Using Soltan tech, the field can also create a remarkably powerful chameleon/stealth field tightly around his own body and clothes (and whatever he is carrying with/on him).

      • Also adjusts personal/attached equipment & clothes temperature signatures to read as the ambient air/water/space temperature (excellent capability only)

  • Lockpick Set

    • Kept in a 'dead skin' area on his body that he can access to remove

    • Picks are made of non-metallic composite materials that do not set off any metal detectors

  • Unique Soltan Security Scanable Insert

    • Made of material not found on Earth (not metallic or composite), Crimemaster has a special security chip inserted into his forearm

    • Crimemaster can use this chip to override any Crimewave security system attached the Crimewave network

    • The chip:

      • Opens and allows operation of any Crimewave access control systems, doors, vaults, vehicles etc.

      • Does not log into the Crimewave security system that the chip was used or for that fact what the chip was used on and for what purpose (displays that nothing has happened to whatever the security system is monitoring).

      • Digitally removes any and all imagery related to Crimemaster's build, facial recognition or measurements, making the image look like a barely discernible ghostly outline rather than a person (excellent perception required to determine its other than a ghostly image).

      • Chip requires no power and is unseen in X-Rays (you'd need a neutron spectro-graphic capability to even determine the chip's faint outline)



  • Criminal Organization (Master)

  • Criminology (Professional)

  • Theft/Burglary (Professional)

  • Black Market (Professional)

  • Security/Access Control Systems (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Law Enforcement (Proficient)

  • Communications (Proficient)

  • Soltan Technology (Proficient)

  • Melee Weapons (Proficient)

  • Thrown Weapons (Professional)

  • Rifle/Handgun Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Rifles/Handguns (Professional)

  • Explosives (Professional)

  • Traps/Triggering Devices (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Parkour (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Evade/Dodge (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Archaeology (Proficient)

  • Art (Professional)

  • Mexican/Aztec/Mayan history/lore (Professional)

  • Street Life (Master)

  • Climbing/Rappelling (Professional)

  • Special Operations (Proficient)

  • Mexican Government (Professional)

  • Computers/Networking (Proficient)

  • Classic Cinema/Movie Aficionado (Proficient)

  • Zorro Aficionado (Proficient)

  • Robin Hood Aficionado (Proficient)

  • Swordsmanship/Sabre (Proficient)

  • Politics (Professional)

  • Finances (Master)

  • Business (Master)

  • Negotiations (Professional)

  • Psychology (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • Spanish (Master)

    • Mexican variants (Master)

    • Portuguese ((Professional)

    • Latin (Proficient)

    • Russian/Cyrillic (Proficient)

    • French (Professional)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Arabic (barely Proficient; can understand by hearing; can't write)

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