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King Elvis

Image by Maxim Potkin
TroubleElvis Presley
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Joe Johnson

Known, but unrealized











Elvis, "The King"




Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 Jan 2018


None known




Las Vegas Elvis Presley impersonator Joe Johnson wasn't drawing the crowds he'd once done in his once famous "King Elvis" Show.  People started forgetting about Elvis, and the newest generation didn't even know who this 'Elvis' was.

Working 18-hour shifts, 6 days a week, going from club to club, Joe worked hard and sung for hours on end until he'd eventually pass out from exhaustion.

One crooked club owner, looking for a quick dollar to recover from the loss of revenue of John's King Elvis show, sold John's passed out unconscious body one night to a secretive science division of Zenith Labs. There, these immoral and illegal scientists of Zenith Labs imprisoned and experimented on Joe for months, resulting in massive internal organ failure and brain damage.  As a result of the brain damage, Joe simply kept muttering lines that Elvis himself would say, or repeating Elvis' lyrics over and over again. One of the scientists was actually an old Elvis Presley fan and decided, just before they did what they knew to be a final, terminal science experiment on Joe's body, they decided to augment Joe's vocal chords and pep him up with a ton of healing solution and coax Joe to do a sing a couple Elvis songs (swearing that if Joe did a good enough job singing Elvis, they'd let him live). With Joe's brain completely scrambled, Joe began talking, walking and acting like Elvis...but with an evil flair about him.  Joe/Elvis agreed to do a 'sound cut' for his 'science fans out there', and began to sing one of Elvis greatest songs, "Jailhouse Rock".

Joe/Elvis sang with the highly amplified sonic augmentations installed, thus not even requiring Elvis to really need a microphone or amplifiers to get the sound out and about the large, packed (over 200 scientists) lab.  In the middle of the song, Elvis hit a high note and his sonic voice generation created a sonic wave that blew out the scientists' eardrums...and then started bringing the lab down upon them.  By the end of the song, the entire lab had collapsed on the already dead scientists, all except where Joe/Elvis stood, for which he gave a final 'Thank you...thank you very much!" line and left the destroyed lab site.


Days later, Joe/Elvis was found roving the desert by Reno, Nevada police. Joe/Elvis killed four policemen before superheroes were brought in to subdue and defeat Joe/Elvis.


locked away in a state penitentiary with sonic suppression gear on him, Joe/Elvis was broken out before he could be transferred to the Peacekeeper's Super-powered Incarceration Facility. The ones that broke him out: Crimewave, led by the notorious Latin American cartel leader, Crimemaster.  After some introductions and discussions, Joe/Elvis agreed to work with Crimewave and help 'steal the show' wherever he went. Joe/Elvis learned how to use his powers, become a thief and even how to use a gun.  In time, he began to call himself "King Elvis", as did the international media.


Today, King Elvis continues to work with Crimewave and truly believes he is the best incarnation of Elvis that has ever occurred. He knows he's not Elvis, but with Elvis gone, he believes he is what Elvis was meant to be if the 'goody two shoes' in their 'blue suede shoes' of the world would have 'let me be'.  He walks, talks and acts like Elvis, but 'that's all right'. A fair amount of the time, he considers himself 'the devil in disguise' and knows he's 'trouble', however, according to King Elvis, his Elvis legacy is 'always on my mind'.  He has no compunction to kill and believes that anyone opposing him needs to be put down like an old 'hound dog'. Any assassins sent after King Elvis have also been violently killed with the assassins' bodies 'return(ed) to sender', leaving most assassins to instead not take a mark against King Elvis ensuring that he 'Don't be cruel' to them. He has a 'burning love' to take off and do impromptu Elvis shows anywhere around the world, so long as it doesn't end with him performing a 'jailhouse rock' again.



  • Symphonic Control/Emanation

    • Excellent sonic powers capable of the following:

    • Excellent level calming/mind control, single target; range 200 feet

    • Good level immobilization/hold using voice against multiple targets, 30-degree angle; range: 100 feet​

    • Typical level 360-degree calming/mind control; range: 60 foot radius

    • Symphonic Confusion

      • Good level application. Using her sonics, she can alter perceptions to think others, including allies, are attacking them. Effect can last up to 10 seconds.​

    • Controlled Enticement​

      • Using various pitches of frequency, she has the good ability to get a targeted person/being to do what she wants for about 100 seconds, to those of typical of lesser psyches​

    • Siren Song/Sleep​

      • Excellent ability to enchant or entrance a person or persons by singing. Can even put them to sleep if she uses the right frequency resonance. Range: 200 yard radius​

  • Sonic Voice Amplification/Generation

    • Can amplify own voice to excellent level of sonic energy intensity

    • Can direct voice in a 45 degree arc from direction of mouth

    • Range: 40 feet with reduced intensity every additional 10 feet

    • With Microphone/Emitter, sonic voice amplification can be increased to do up to remarkable damage at an increased range of 300 feet away (again, reduced in intensity for every additional 10 feet)

  • "High Note" Sonic Blast

    • Can generate a focused good sonic energy blast up to 100 feet away to a 6 x 6 foot area

    • With Microphone/Emitter, sonic blast can be increased to do excellent damage and range up to 200 feet away, covering a 10x10 foot area

  • Subsonic Frequencies Variation

    • Using his sonic powers, with concentration and his Attenuation Earpiece (Equipment below), he can identify, copy and range through a variety of sub-sonic, low frequency sounds (not noticeable to the human ear) with typical intensity (can shatter glass, copy and emulate digital sound frequencies, can trigger sound-activated sensors/equipment, etc.)



  • Elvis Costume (any of them)

    • Typical protection against physical, energy and temperate damage

  • Weapons

    • Two (2) .45 Caliber automatic handguns

    • 12 round magazine

  • Belt

    • Carries four (4) magazines of ammunition

  • Shades

    • Provides excellent flash protection

    • Provides night vision for 10 minutes before ambient solar charge wears off

  • Microphone/Emitter

    • Can be used to amplify King Elvis' sonic powers an entire level in power and range



  • Elvis Lore/Impersonator (Master)

  • Music/Lyrics (Professional)

  • Rockabilly/Crooner Singing Style (Professional)

  • Singer (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Thief/Robbery (Proficient)

  • Charm/Allure (Proficient)

  • Hairstylist (Proficient)

  • Las Vegan Club Scene (Professional)

  • Costume Designer (Proficient)

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