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Seth Jenkins

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Mind HeistZack Hemsey
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Seth Jenkins

Public (powers are not)



40+ years old








The Mesmerist




Don "Major Deej" Finger

24 April 2010


Dark Psi Mon (father, deceased)

Candice "Candy" Jenkins (mother)

Chris Jenkins (brother)

Maria (Girlfriend #1)

Sierra (Girlfriend #2)

Valeria (Girlfriend #3)




Seth Jenkins is the evil younger half-brother of one of the United States' premiere lawyers, Chris Jenkins.


Seth Jenkins mother had an illicit affair with whom she believed was a suave, debonair young millionaire, but was in fact an old, evil mutant mind-bender named "Dark Psi Mon" in disguise. Dark Psi Mon died in the Soltan Invasion in 2000.


Seth was a terror as a child. Lucky for him, his mother feverishly kept Seth's nose in the books, where Seth excelled in his school studies and proved that he was exceptionally smart. By age 13, using his newly discovered mind powers, Seth was not only running the schoolyard bullies, but influencing everyone to do everything he wanted.  He found it extremely exhausting to do so, and even tougher to keep track of what and who he'd used his powers on.  He later had an epiphany of becoming a lawyer, like his older brother Chris who by now had his own law firm.


When Seth started his own law firm to show his older brother up (and make a ton of money), Seth did so, however, he quickly encountered a new problem - super-powered people and technology that was now being used in government buildings and court houses that negated his powers.  As such, Seth was quickly identified in dozens of illegal lawyer practices and was to be arrested on site.  Seth left the country and went to Puerto Vallarta, there, with Mexican extraditions still an issue after the Soltan Invasion, Seth lived a life of luxury and joy for several months...until he encountered a man named Lorenzo Ramirez.


Lorenzo Ramirez, the leader of the powerful Talaxaca Crime Cartel, was told of a shady lawyer that was on the run from the Untied States and that a man of his description was in Porto Vallarta.  Lorenzo went to meet the man, but not without precautions.  He had his tech crew steal a neural inhibitor that he could wear to prevent this 'Mentalist' as he became known as in the United States, to take charge of Lorenzo's mind.  When they met, Seth attempted to control Lorenzo with his powers, and when he couldn't he tried using his psionic powers to hurt Lorenzo.  Suffice to say, both fought to a standstill across a hotel pool.  Finally, Seth uncharacteristically began laughing. He laughed so hard, he got Lorenzo even laughing. Seth sat down and put his feet in the pool and said, "of all the places I figured I'd be safe, it'd be 'ole Mexico; I figured none of you had a means to counter my powers. Can't believe it'd happen here. seems you have me at your mercy. What am I pleading to?" 


Lorenzo, patiently and slowly sat down at one of the poolside chairs, put his guns on the table cautiously, and gave Seth a long, hard look and said, "Senor, my organization needs a lawyer. A lawyer of you talents. I'd like to hire you". Seth smirked and said, "I'm not sure you can afford me", to which Lorenzo said, "I'm sure what I provide might just compensate for difference in money you expect".  With that both got up, walked to the other end of the pool and shook hands with Seth saying, "Sir, you have a deal".


Over the next few days, Seth was 'indoctrinated' into what the Talaxaca Crime Cartel was and what good Seth could do with his powers for them. Seth, for once, enjoyed the prospect of this association.  He wasn't a good tactical or strategic planner, and as such, Lorenzo obviously was.   Seth signed a standard contract with Lorenzo, but as it later turned out, Seth would have stayed regardless of a contract. The cartel was everything he'd hoped for; money, power, respect.  He immediately found a new 'girlfriend' to control and eventually more in Talaxaca.  In time, Seth began to consider the cartel his new family.


A few years ago, the Talaxaca Crime Cartel came to a brutal ending. Seth, for most of the time, had been placed in a drug-induced coma by Death Legion assassins at the bequest of the a consortium in the Aegis Alliance, a group trying to consolidate and take over the criminal cartel in Central America.  As such, the Talaxaca Crime Cartel was practically destroyed. Thanks, however to Lorenzo and another woman called "Shady Logistics", Seth was woken from his coma.  A violently angry Seth was talked into working with Lorenzo, Shady Logistics and the son of the cartel's once powerful #2, El Scorpio (I), to perform the ultimate revenge against the Aegis Alliance and the start of a new, more powerful criminal empire than ever before.  Once Seth was told the plan and his part in it, Seth wasn't only 'in' on the plan, he considered Lorenzo to be a true hero in his eyes.  As such, the Aegis Alliance was doomed to their secret plan.


Over the next several  weeks, Seth went all over Latin America and disrupted each and every criminal operation in the region that Lorenzo helped identify (since they were all once his operations), making any form of profiteering in the region for the Aegis Alliance unobtainable. Many crime leaders in the region were killed for their lack of profit, but Seth's efforts continued to prevent any criminal business from being conducted at all.  Seth even started leaving mental suggestions in others' minds influencing them to think that Lorenzo Ramirez was the only one who could fix any of this; a message that eventually found its way to the Aegis Alliance consortium.

Hiding out in Los Angeles, Lorenzo, Seth and the remaining Cartel leaders finally got the message that the Aegis Alliance wanted Lorenzo to be given back control of Latin America, however, by their rules. This was the opportunity Lorenzo had been expecting. Phase II of Lorenzo's plan now came into effect at what would be the big meeting in the ruins of the town of Talaxaca.

There in an open air destroyed building in Talaxaca, the Aegis Alliance and Lorenzo met, with the Alliance geared to dictate their terms. By the end of the meeting, Seth had mentally manipulated the remaining alive Aegis Alliance representatives and 'enticed' them to do exactly what Lorenzo had planned with him all along; the creation of "Crimewave" with Lorenzo becoming its new crime boss called "Crimemaster".

Today, Seth continues to work with Crimewave as the cartel's lawyer.  Although he is not allowed to perform any legal work in the United States, he is licensed in Mexico and all the other nations in Central and South America.  He has become famous once again, but this time, more 'infamous' in nature. With no one aware of Seth's powers, they consider him an influential and powerful lawyer and as such, most choose not to face off in a courtroom against Seth and instead either drop their cases or work a settlement.


Seth's brother, Chris, has led campaigns against his brother's legal practice and lifestyle. Seth has never used his powers against his brother, and most likely wont unless push comes to shove.  Seth is a very aggressive, blunt lawyer of a man.  He is smart and decisive and is a great lawyer even though he mostly uses his powers to ensure his clients verdicts as positive and beneficial.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Mind Control

    • Mesmerizing/Dominating/Create Confusion/Terrify

      • Excellent ability to access a target's mind (up to 10 people max) if target's psyche and/or mental defenses can be overcome

      • Mind control's range is only 20 yards

      • Once Seth gets past the target's psyche and defenses, he can perform any of the following:

      • plant thoughts and memories in target's mind permanently or temporarily

      • dominate a person and make them act against their nature

      • Confuse a target to make them believe their friends are their enemies, the facts are fiction, or a policeman is a demon

      • Terrify a target into total immobilized action or possibly even running away in fear

  • Psionic Assault

    • Psionic Bolt/Blast

      • Good mental Bolt can be fired from his mind to a single target's mind up to 10 yards away

      • Typical mental Blast can be fired in a 45-degree arc from the front of Seth's head to up to 6 target's minds, up to 6 yards away

    • Psionic Probe

      • Excellent mental damage on contact when Seth places his hands on a target's head (that is unshielded, of course).

    • Psychic Wave

      • Can emanate a sustained 360-degree poor mental attack to all in immediate area of Seth, possibly causing stunning or killing effects

      • After 30 seconds of sustained attacking, Seth has to ensure his endurance could handle him performing additional waves of attacks

    • Psionic Immobilization

      • Can cause a target to be immobilized in place (but can still think, breathe, etc.) and become immovable with a good mental immobilization attack

      • Target would remain immobilized for 30 seconds before the attack must be performed again

  • Mental Invisibility

    • Can project into other people's minds the excellent belief that his is not present or in the area or space

    • Max of 10 people can only be affected at a time



  • Custom .45 Caliber Handgun

    • Typical shooting damage

    • Made of incredible non-ferrous composite material

    • Can carry magazines with 12 bullets

  • .45 Caliber Magazines (2)

  • Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous composite material

  • Earwig (1)

    • Amazing encrypted audio access to Crimewave Dark Web Network for a remarkable level of instantaneous knowledge and/or information



  • International Law (Professional)

  • Mexican Law (Master)

  • North, Central and South America Legal Systems (Professional)

  • Criminal Operations (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Research (Professional)

  • Education/Academia (Proficient)

  • Knife Fighting (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)​

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • Italian (Proficient)

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