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Muscles Mendoza

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Monte Mendoza



Once, but now, no

30+ years old









Mountain of Muscles, Big Mountain (El Monte Grande)




Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 Aug 2020


Elana (Sanchez) Mendoza (wife, deceased)

Julio Mendoza (son)




Monte Mendoza was born a strong, tough mutant baby in Laguna Verde, Mexico.  His father was a nuclear mechanical technician at the Laguna Verde 2 Nuclear Power Plant. By the time Monte was 10, his mother had died from Leukemia, followed by his father four years later for massive kidney failure (alcoholism). At age 14, with no one to continue to raise him, and the Mexican nation still rebuilding from the Soltan Invasion of 2000, Monte quickly learned to live on the street.

By age 16, he was recruited into a gang out of Talaxaca, Mexico that would eventually be called the Purple Gang, led by a Lorenzo Ramirez.  In that time, Monte was called 'Mountain of Muscles' (Montaña de músculos) since his excellent strength and remarkable stamina made him a veritable tank amongst his fellow gang members. Sadly, one savage night known as 'The Night of Purple Death', the Purple Gang was severely defeated, as was Monte. Monte was so badly hurt, he had to be transported to Mexico City to get any form of medical attention. Once in Mexico City, an old friend of Monte's dad, Stephan Espinoza, identified Monte and took care of all of Monte's medical care.

Several months later, Monte was back to full health. Mr. Espinoza conversed with Monte and discovered what had happened to him and his family. Mr. Espinoza felt very sad for Monte, and as such, offered Monte an opportunity of a life time - a chance to join a new Mexican superhero team of Mexican 'Nationales' to work for the Mexican government and help keep the people of Mexico safe. Monte was excited at this opportunity and agreed.

After a year of intensive training, Monte, now called "El Monte Grande" (The Big Mountain), was handed his Mexican superhero costume, title and paycheck and commenced becoming a do-gooder for the people of Mexico.  Or so he thought.

Although a high majority of their missions Monte did were to help the Mexican people, some reeked of corruption. There were times when a sudden mission dictated by "El Presidente", the Mexican President, took precedence over saving lives, say, from a town overwhelmed with catastrophic flooding.  Monte voiced his opinion on this a few too many times, causing him to be 'benched' on several high visibility missions, making Monte angrier each time.  One good thing did, however, come out of his time being 'benched' - he met the love of his life, Elana Sanchez.

Elana was a records keeper at the Presidential Palace. Monte and Elana had a chemistry that quickly blossomed in to love and eventually marriage.  They had a son, Julio, who, to this day, seems to be a normal human child (not a mutant as far as anyone knows).  With that, Monte and Elana began an idyllic life together.  Monte stopped being so bull-headed about his assignments and began taking on more higher paying roles, even for El Presidente

Elana's work interacted with the Presidential Palace's Information Technology (IT) Department.  Elana usually had to see the IT administrators to check-out classified data and store them in a classified vault.  One such IT administrator she unfortunately had to deal with was Fernando Eduardo "Chico Feo" Ortiz.  'Chico Feo' means 'Ugly Boy' in Spanish (with 'feo' being the initials in Fernando's name as well). As it was, Fernando was indeed ugly on the well as on the inside.


Aside from Fernando's pitted and awkward-looking face, he was also the resident 'pervert' caught in women's bathrooms from time to time.  He was a mousy, smelly, skinny slip of a man who had little to no social graces. Fernando always went out of his way to interact with Elana, who was herself a very physically beautiful woman.  Fernando was smitten by her and fell in lust with her the first time he saw her. Due to his awkwardness, by the time he'd gotten up enough nerve to ask her to lunch, she'd already been married to Monte. Fernando knew whom Elana was married to, but that didn't stop him from trying to get his way with her, upping the stakes by asking her out every day and eventually leaving naked images of himself on her computer emails and social media, constantly saying that Elana belonged to Fernancdo and that he knew she wanted sex with him. With Monte's missions being so stressful, Elana didn't tell Monte about the harassment and instead, did something she believed to be right way to stop this before it got worse.


After repeatedly telling Fernando to stop what he was doing or she'd take 'action' against him, Elana finally had to have a security guard 'explain' to Fernando that Fernando needed to stop making his obscene advances. Although Elana hadn't hoped for it so much, Fernando instead got a parking lot 'beat down' by two of the facility's security guards. Fernando was beaten quite well and literally kicked from the parking lot and onto the lot's muddy sidewalk, all the while with the security guards laughing at Fernando as they walked away.  Elana was sad it had to be like this, but she'd hoped that Fernando would finally get the message.

Fernando did. He never came back to work...that is, until 2 weeks after his 'beat down'.

Two weeks later, while Monte was once again on yet another mission, this time half the world away, Fernando exacted his revenge. Fernando killed the two security guards who'd beaten him up, went into his workplace, shot up all his fellow IT co-workers, escaped and went to Elana and Monte Mendoza's house where he threatened to shoot Elana's son unless he let him rape her.  After he did so, he shot Julio regardless, telling Elana that she was now Fernando's and that her 'old' life was over. Elana clawed and fought against Fernando only for Elana to be shot dead by Fernando.  When the police arrived and arrested Fernando, he was still standing over Elana's dead body. Julio was taken to the hospital, but was in critical condition with a bullet lodged less than 1/2 inch between his heart and a major artery. With no heart surgeons left in the region, thanks to the Soltan Invasion, Julio's chance for life was dim.

Monte arrived days later after being told of the news about Julio and Elana, but only after Monte's mission was considered completed. He wanted to tear Fernando apart and didn't care about the ramifications. Seeing his son on death's door made it even worse for him.  He felt like he was losing everything...and then even more 'worse' happened.


Fernando obtained a 'Presidential Pardon' for his crimes. It seems 'El Presidente' had quite a large list of criminal data and videos that Fernando had secretly collected and kept for release to the world for blackmail purposes, all of which would show the world everything from El President's marital infidelities to international United Nations money laundering and making money from human trafficking operations. As such, Fernando, once pardoned, demanded a police security detail to prevent "El Monte Grande" from doing anything stupid.


Monte fell completely apart.


Monte found himself at wits end. Talking to himself and going into a complete mental breakdown, Monte barged into the hospital's ICU and took his son and ran out of the building. Monte took Julio to a friend's lakeside cabin (that was vacant at the time) and tried his best to make his son as comfortable as he could before he took off to find Fernando...and kill him.


Hours later, Fernando, taking full advantage of his situation by attending a night out at a high-priced strip club (with police still providing Fernando protection), was attacked by MonteMonte had leapt from a high rise building's roof and down through the strip club's roof and ceiling, collapsing the entire roof and ceiling down onto everyone inside the establishment.


The club was smashed into splinters; the patrons and staff were all hurt, some severely. Fernando and his security detail, however, were still alive.  The security detail attempted to talk down Monte, but Monte was nothing more than a raging berserk madman at this time.  He back-handed two policemen, snapping their spines in the process.  He pounded the other policemen until they were practically dead. Throughout this, Monte got shot several times, however nothing seemed to stop him. Once everyone evacuated from the destruction, only Monte and a fearful, peeing-in-his-pants Fernando were the only ones left there. With a raging charge, Monte seized a screaming 'Chico Feo' and tore him apart.

To this day, officials have yet to find all of the body parts that once belonged to Fernando.

Now, charged with murder, deadly assault against government forces and a long list of other crimes, Monte was hunted like an animal; a far cry from being the Mexican superhero he once was.

Monte, with no where else to go, went back to the lakeside cabin and grabbed up Julio and went to the only safe place he could think of: the city where he'd once been a member of the Purple Gang; the city that produced the Purple Gang's leader, Lorenzo Ramirez; the same city that now housed that same man now known as Crimemaster,  the greatest Mexican crimelord ever; the city...of Talaxaca; home to Crimemaster and his criminal cartel known as Crimewave.

After a long off-road drive to Talaxaca, Monte came to the city limits of Talaxaca with his son in his arms, begging for Crimemaster to help save his son, all in the name of 'Mountain of Muscles' (Montaña de músculos).  A few minutes later, Lorenzo Ramirez appeared with his super-powered body guards and a detail of well-armed men. Lorenzo came to a kneeling, weeping Monte and asked what had happened to them, to which Monte gave a quick rundown of all that had occurred. Before Monte could finish, Lorenzo, in a rare display, hugged both Monte and Julio and called for the town's Medical Services and 'Bruja Purpura' (The Purple Witch) to come save them both.


Days later (and a nearly dead Bruja Purpura as well), Julio awoke alive and alert.


Monte had been treated for his wounds already, but at seeing his son alive and well again, Monte burst a few sutures hugging his son in joy. 


Once everything was calmed down, Monte was told that he was a wanted man now. "El Presidente" had been outed for his infidelities and crimes by a time-released digital recording that divulged all of El Presidente's sins (obviously devised by Fernando should he not survive). Nonetheless to say, El Presidente was immediately removed from office (actually, El Presidente instead escaped to an undisclosed island nation where he immediately demanded diplomatic immunity and protection (and got it)).  Monte was to be given the death penalty if found.  Rather than turn himself in, Crimemaster instead offered an alternate solution.

A solution where Monte could work for Lorenzo and Crimewave.

As such, Monte would get paid $200,000 a year regardless of the cartel's profits, Julio would be allowed to stay under the protection of the people of Tallaxaca and Crimewave and receive the best education and teachers money could buy.  He'd even set up a new identity for Monte and Julio should they chose to 'start a new life, so long as Monte served the cartel for at least 5 years. Monte thought long and hard about it and eventually agreed to the deal, which was made into a formal contract days later.

The contract added that if Monte was ever to die, Julio would get full protection to be taken to a safe country of his choice, along with all the money saved and collected by Monte since then, as well as exempting Julio from having to perform any service for said freedom. Crimemaster agreed, stating that he'd take care of Julio as if he were his own son. From that time on, "El Monte Grande" officially died; in his place "Muscles Mendoza" took his place. 

Today, Muscles Mendoza still operates with Crimewave. He has served past his 5 years and continues to be a part of Crimewave. Julio is now receiving a private college education in Talaxaca and has never been happier in his life. 'Uncle Lorenzo', as Julio calls Crimemaster, is considered family and loves him as equally as his father, whom Julio still considers his hero for doing what his father did to avenge his mother and Julio against all that Fernando 'Chico Feo' Ortiz did. 

Monte is a sad man, but also a fierce father and loyal member to Crimemaster and Crimewave.  He considers that he has 'crossed the Rubicon' and there is no going back to being a hero - EVER.  He can still be easily triggered about the corrupt Mexican government, the sacrificed Mexican heroes and the pathetic way people allow themselves to be 'herded like sheep' to the world government's controlling call.  He considers his encounter with Crimemaster and the people of Talaxaca as a'blessing' and believes that, although he is a sinner and a murderer, he has done so for the greater good of his son, JulioMonte still has nightmares of what he did that day at the strip club and what he'd done to El Chico Feo, however, he knows he'll just 'have to life with it'.

On a side note, Monte's parents' old friend, Stephan Espinoza, the man who got Monte his initial job with the government and has been retired for years now, is searching for Monte and Julio.  He continues to track all leads to their whereabouts, hoping in some way to find and help Monte and Julio after all that happened to them.  Sadly, 'others' are secretly watching and tracking Stephan's progress too; 'others' who might want Monte captured...or killed.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Enhanced Physical Capabilities

    • Armored Skin

      • Provides excellent physical, toxic/toxin protection.

      • Provides remarkable radiation protection.

      • Provides good energy and temperate protection.

    • Enhanced Physique

      • His fighting and agility are excellent in nature

      • Strength is excellent, allowing him to lift over 700 lbs easily

      • Endurance is remarkable, allowing him to only need 2 hours of sleep a day; can hold his breath for over 5 minutes.

    • Protected Senses

      • A clear ablative 'membrane' covers his eardrums and eyeballs (via his eyelids) should they begin to feel or receive damage, thus giving his eyes and ears excellent physical protection as well

    • Leaping

      • Remarkable leaping allowing for 300 yards across, 600 yards down and 200 yards up.


    • When focused, he can raise his endurance and armored skin's protection an entire level, so long as he doesn't move and focuses on the feat (he calls it his 'Act Like a Mountain' power).

    • He can maintain this, from testing thusfar, for 10 minutes (possibly more).



  • Earwig

    • Two-way, encrypted communications device with Crimewave.

    • 25 mile range.

    • 2 day charge before recharge required.

  • Neck Chain​

    • Spectacular material​ chain that is a total of 6 feet long when unwrapped.

    • Used to bind, immobilize and/or carry something



  • Mexico Lore (Professional)

  • Mexican Government (Proficient)

  • Mexican Government Operations (Proficient)

  • Crimewave Operations (Professional)

  • Crime/Illegal Operations (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slams/Stuns (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking (Proficient)

  • Vehicles/Trucks (Proficient)

  • Motorcycles (Professional)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Spanish (Master)​

    • English (Proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

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