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Shady Logistics

Image by Jeremy Perkins
ShadyAdam Lambert
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Shawna Shelton




23 years old








Shady Shawna




Don "Major Deej" Finger

8 July 2012


MSGT Tom Shelton, USAF (Father, deceased)

Mary Shelton (Mother, deceased)

William 'Billy' Shelton (younger brother; status - unknown, but presumed dead)




Shawna Shelton is the daughter and first of two children to Tom and Mary Shelton. Tom was assigned to the US Air Force base in Panama and brought his family with him from the United States to serve out his tour there. Sadly, in 2000, the Soltan Star Empire decided to invade Earth. Panama was attacked by a battalion of Soltans, decimating the military air force base, killing Tom and Mary. Shawna and her younger brother William (Billy) had to flee their home to stay alive. Taking refuge in the city's sewers, the two survived for weeks on trash and scraps they found here and there.  During one heavy rain storm, the sewers flooded and whisked both of them uncontrollably throughout the sewers, leaving Shawna expelled out onto the beach on the Gulf of Mexico side of the country. Billy...well, Shawna never saw him ever again.

For the next year, Shawna walked about traumatized barely staying alive, wandering for dozens of miles up and down roads and trails. Within months of that time, the Soltans had been chased off Earth but Shawna didn't know any better; everything she saw along her path was destruction and broken lives. Along the way, in a fugue state of shock, Shawna would walk and sing an elementary school song about she meandered from one destroyed town to another.

One night, Shawna found a dry truck to sleep in after walking for over three days with no sleep.  When she awoke, the truck was moving and she was nowhere anywhere she knew. She was now in Mexico, hundreds of miles away from what was once her home.  After the truck stopped to get gasoline, she escaped the vehicle and took off into the jungle.  Again, for days, she just walked and mindlessly sang her math song. She had no idea where to go and was scared to even talk to people, fearing they'd, for some reason or the other, turn her into the Soltan aliens to kill her (her mind was still coping with the shock to her life and family).

After a week, Shawna found herself outside the town of Talaxaca, Mexico. The city was in ruins, however, the people were working together trying to rebuild. Without even asking who she was, a passer-by handed her a chunk of bread and a bottle of water and kept on walking.  She wolfed down the food and drink, amazed at receiving the first kindness she'd received since before her parents' deaths.  She then walked up to a pile of debris that others were cleaning up off the road and joined the other townfolks doing the same, as best she could. By sunset, a woman asked if Shawna's parents were coming to get her, to which Shawna spoke for the first time in forever and said 'my family is gone. I think they're all dead'.  The woman immediately took to Shawna and brought her to the local orphanage, which was a large and decent facility. There, hundreds of other Soltan-Invasion orphaned children resided. Some normal enough, others sad and depressed; some angry.  Once there, Shawna was given food and shelter and had her education restarted. While there, she quickly realized she had a penchant for math; a penchant that labeled her a math savant in the process. She eventually helped teach the other kids math and as such, also helping the orphanage staff in calculating the bills and taxes for the orphanage, all at the tender age of 8.

Years later, Shawna, now a teenager, had seen the Talaxaca Crime Cartel go down in flames. The city was in ruins from the gang war and the orphanage was a pile of rubble. Amidst all of this, Shawna attempted to save and hide the other orphan children.  One night, when she was sure she and the other kids she was trying to hide were spotted, Shawna tried her best to cover up and hide the children. Almost miraculously, the shadows all around Shawna and the kids grew darker, as did the area around them, casting them in absolute blackness. The rival gang members walked right past her, complaining of how suddenly dark it was.  After the coast was clear, Shawna spirited away the kids to the nearest home she knew was well guarded - the Talaxaca Crime Cartel compound. As she approached the compound, the guards almost shot the children thinking they were rival gang members. By chance the cartel gang leader, Lorrenzo Ramirez was there and prevented Shawna and the other kids' slaughter. As he had the gates opened to the young band of refugees, a group of assassins attempted to take advantage of the open gate. Shawna, however, took care of the entire situation...unwittingly.

Shawna felt a surge of adrenaline course through her body as she realized she and the other orphans were most likely about to die. Instead, Shawna turned around and shouted at the top of her lungs to the assassins, "NO!!!" and with that, dark energy burst from her hands and enveloped the attackers, crushing them into unconsciousness, all the while placing a dark shadow (once again) around herself and the other kids, hiding them from view.  The Talaxaca Cartel guards and their boss Lorenzo looked on in disbelief at what they were watching.  Suffice to say, all the other assassins quickly ran back into the jungle, not daring to challenge the dangerous 'shady' little girl.

The next morning, Shawna awoke in a nice, luxurious bedroom. Next to her on the nightstand were some towels, a bar of soap and a fresh change of clothes.  Once Shawna had her first luxury bath ever, Shawna changed into the new clothes, she came out from her room.  There, a young guard greeted her with civility and motioned her to join 'Mr. Ramirez' for breakfast, if she wished to.  She did, and met the cartel's crime boss, Lorenzo Ramirez.

After an enjoyable meal, both Shawna and Lorenzo had a million questions for each other, for which Lorenzo came up with a simple solution; each one would ask a question to each other, one at a time, until they had no more questions left to ask. Hours later, Shawna was caught up on the happenings of the cartel war and Lorenzo discovered Shawna had just exhibited her new powers for the first time the night before.  Over the next day or two, Lorenzo helped Shawna learn to use her powers, however, other pressing matters took precedence; the cartel's compound was on the verge of being overrun by their rivals and time wasn't on Lorenzo's and Shawna's side.  An hour later, it happened; the compound was attacked and overrun.

Asking for Shawna's help, Lorenzo had Shawna use her powers to cover and protect him and his family, as well as the other escaping children, and the cartel's associates so they could all escape togetherto a getaway plane parked close by. Using her powers, Shawna darkened the area including the adjacent areas of their location making them practically invisible to anyone looking for them.  Thanks to Shawna, they all got away safely.


The plane flew to the United States, Los Angeles in particular, and there, Lorenzo thanked Shawna for saving his friends and family. Seeing Shawna get sad when Lorenzo uttered the word 'family', Lorenzo knelt down in front of Shawna and asked if she would bless his family by becoming part of his family from hereafter, if she wanted to do so. Shawna was overjoyed to tears and told him 'yes' as she hugged him with a hug that seemed to last forever for the both of them.

While hiding in Los Angeles, Lorenzo plotted a plan to get back into power in Talaxaca and Mexico. As part of his plan, he asked Shawna if she could help him. Without hesitation, she said yes. She was told the plan and over the next few weeks, was taught how to use her powers to help in such an endeavor. Since none of them used their real names while hiding, Shawna seemed to have earned the new name "Shady' due to her powers, which she genuinely seemed to like. It was during this same time Lorenzo learned about Shawna being a math savant when Shawna deduced that Lorenzo's previous Finance guy had taken him for tens of thousands of dollars over the years. After verifying her finding in the cartel's books, Lorenzo quickly determined to make Shawna his new 'Chief of Logistics'.  Shawna retorted with, "well, that's a nice title, but I'll still keep my new title as 'Shady'. With that, Lorenzo said, 'How about...Shady Logistics, no?', to which Shawna truly took a liking to it, and thus her new code-name was created.

Finally, Lorenzo's plan was off and running. As such, he had to go back to Talaxaca but with only his new #2, El Scorpio (II), as his only protection. Lorenzo, knowing this was most likely either a trap or a meeting that would make him become a veritable slave to the alliance, decided that at that meeting, they'd put their risky plan into effect.  As part of this, "Shady Logistics" used her shadow powers to hide herself and another man, Seth Jenkins, from view from everyone around them, following Lorenzo and El Scorpio (II) and staying close and hidden until Lorenzo signaled for his plan to go into effect. After sitting down with the conquering Aegis Alliance consortium, and being ordered to retake what was once his and basically become a slave to the Alliance, Lorenzo motioned Jenkins and Shady to start the plan. After Seth Jenkins took mental control of all at the meeting (except of course Lorenzo, El Scorpio (II) and Shady Logistics), Shady allowed herself and Jenkins to appear out from the shadows. At that point, Lorenzo mentally manipulated the Alliance into creating a new crime cartel called "Crimewave" and that Lorenzo would be its new crime boss as "Crimemaster".  The Alliance would leave Crimewave alone and never bother them ever again. After the mesmerized Alliance members left, following their new Crimemaster-dictated orders, Lorenzo thanked both Jenkins and Shady for not only saving the cartel family's lives, but also helping to create what was said to be the most powerful new crime cartel ever created, asking them both to be his new Lieutenants, which they graciously accepted.

Today, Shady Logistics continues to do the books for Crimewave and, on occasion, go out on missions and utilize her powers, which are now more varied and powerful than ever before. It was deduced that her father was a mutant and that she received his powers from him; powers which didn't coalesce until puberty.  

Shady is a relatively quiet young woman with a highly analytical mind and a professor's mathematical knowledge, coupled with a devotion to Crimewave and Crimemaster like a daughter to a father.  She loves the people of Talaxaca and although she knows they are a criminal organization and they kill, she truly believes that she is safer with them than anywhere else in the world. She has been dating of late, and is attracted to a young man in the town, however, Lorenzo can be a bit 'intimidating' as her surrogate father, and for the most part, has scared away more suitors than not.  Still, Shady keeps trying. She's had sexual relations for years, however, most of those men seemed to have 'disappeared' or 'left' not long after their carnal encounter with Shady. As it is, she has worked harder at controlling her powers and as such has started battling superheroes in the process; a thing she gets an adrenaline 'high' on each time.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Darkness Control

    • Using the ability to manipulate light and darkness at an excellent level, Shady can control the shadows and the darkness.

    • Shadows

      • She can use shadows to hide and cover up people or objects, covering an area 20 yards x 20 yards max (a form of stealth)

      • Visibility of what is hidden by shadows in direct sunlight is only 2 levels of decreased visibility

      • Visibility of what is hidden by shadows in the dark/night is 5 levels of decreased visibility

      • She can move and manipulate shadows to:

        • Freak out others, making them feel haunted or watched

        • Scare people into running away

        • Shifting focus of attackers to attack the moving/advancing shadows other than, say, her and her fellow cartel crooks

        • If a target's psyche fails in fear of the shadows, the target may take equal psyche damage believing they are being hurt and or killed by the the shadows

        • Can use shadows to make shapes in the form of arrows, silhouettes of bodies/items, and/or even words, all against a surface

        • Can use the shadows to physically immobilize targets, making them think they are surrounded or being held by the shadows

  • Darkness Affinity

    • Can tap into a dark energy well of power at a good level and use it for the following:

    • Dark Energy Melee

      • Dark Energy field forms around her fists, allowing for +1 level of damage to her standard strength

    • Dark Energy Field

      • Provides a typical dark energy field around an ally or target, protecting said ally or target only to a typical level.

    • Confusion

      • Using dark energy tendrils and fields, she can make targets believe they are being attacked from an identical location to their allies, thus allowing the target to attack their ally(allies) believing that the target is instead attacking a foe

  • Dark Shadow Creature(s)

    • With focus, she can create what can be small (3 ft high) or large (12 foot high) shadow beasts that can be used to attack other targets or distract them

    • Can only make 2 shadow beasts at a time

    • The creature itself cannot do more than standard dark energy damage of typical, however, with very little opportunity to see the attack coming from the creature, most targets with be unable to stop or counter said creature's attacks

    • The creature can move within a 10 yard range only and dissipates if it extends beyond that

    • Can also induce fear with growling like noises and glowing eyes (enhance light amidst the shadowed head)



  • Earwig

    • Crimewave encrypted communications network with unlimited range

    • Excellent non-ferrous material

  • Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous composite material blade



  • Mathematics (Master)

  • Logistics (Professional)

  • Money Laundering (Professional)

  • Accounting (Professional)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Knife Fighting (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • Spanish (Master)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

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