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Melania Noches




20 years old

Doesn't believe in it







The Teen Witch of Talaxaca




Don "Major Deej" Finger

23 Aug 2020


Maria Noches AKA Witch of Talaxaca (mother, status...unknown)




Melania Noches was born to the town witch in the Mexican city of Talaxaca.  Melania was conceived the exact time that all the stolen magical energy that the Soltan Star Empire had siphoned came cascading back to Earth, overcharging every Ley Line on the planet, including one small line the ran under Talaxaca. To this day, Melania doesn't know who her father was, but there are whispers that Melania's mother killed him soon after conceiving Melania.


Over the years, as Mexico was trying to rebuild itself from the devastation left by the Soltans, Melania's mother, Maria, soon became an essential 'mystic' in the town where crime and death seemed to always be an issue. On several occasions, Maria was able to predict a person's death as well as other important occurrences to the locals of the town, and as such, for the most part, Maria, dubbed the "Witch of Talaxaca" was tolerated...but just barely. Criminals and youth gangs requested her services, leading to her becoming a bit of a desired 'luck charm' to have affiliated with one's gang.  Throughout all this time, Melania watched. She learned. She practiced.


By age 12, Melania seemed more powerful than her own mother in creating spells, formulating predictions and creating remarkable potions for a decent price. Maria grew a tad jealous of Melania and in turn, started performing more dangerous rituals using arcane relics, books, tomes and weapons she'd continue to find and buy from any peddler she could access.  Interestingly enough, dozens of magical objects and weapons came into the Noches' possession as left overs found as Soltan battle sites, mostly weapons utilized by the enigmatic arcane warrior team that called themselves the "Knights Arcanus". Sadly though, one such relic proved to be Maria's undoing while at the same time, Melania's own rise to fame.


An ancient soul sapper relic, found at an Aztec ruin site, was absorbing the souls of all who touched it with their bare skin.  Maria instinctively carried the relic in a thick cloth to prevent contact, but usually kept it hidden so others wouldn't access it, including Melania. In a related instance, a band of disgruntled youth gang members arrived at the Noches' home one day demanding compensation for a 'good luck charm' Maria had created for them and obviously wasn't bringing them the luck they'd wanted. Offering to 'recharge' the charm (for a price), the gang members instead started tearing up the place looking for things to take to compensate for their recent financial misfortunes. Behind a stack of books, the Aztec soul sapper relic was knocked to the ground and picked up by one of the gang members, bare handed. The gang members soul transferred into the relic, leaving his body in a coma on the ground. The gang leader drew a gun on Melania and demanded Maria, 'The Witch', to undo what was just done. That's when everything went sideways in seconds.


 At just that same time, the local crime boss, Crimemaster, entered the Noches' house back door.  Crimemaster had come to warn Maria (The Witch) of the the rival gang's unhappiness over their good luck charm, but obviously arrived too late. Outside the house, the two gang's forces broke into a gun battle.  Melania, knowing how to shoot an arcane bolt (a new power she'd just learned on her own), jumped in front of Crimemaster and shot the arcane bolt at the gang leader.  The gang leader shot at Crimemaster, but Melania's arm intercepted the bullet meant for Crimemaster.  The arcane bolt blasted the gang leader backward and into Maria and a table behind both of them. The table had over a dozen different relics and magical items on it, most of which Maria didn't even know what they could do.  As both Maria and the gang leader fell upon the table, breaking it, all the relics, including the Aztec soul sapper, flew up into the air with all simultaneously landing on both the gang leader and Maria.


Both the gang leader and Maria vanished in a massive flux of purple arcane power.


The other gang member who'd had his soul sapped moments earlier, sat straight up, sucked in a deep breath of air, got up and in wild-eyed amazement and fright, ran outside through the back door only to be gunned down in the crossfire of bullets of the two gangs  (no one knows who shot and killed the gang member).  Back inside, Crimemaster picked up Melania and took her out the front door, now covered by his own gun-totting gang members, and made an escape to Crimemaster's villa outside of town.


After a couple days of recovery and healing, Melania awoke.  She noticed she was bandaged where the bullet had entered her arm. She also quickly realized she was in a very fancy room with expensive furniture and accommodations. A few minutes later, Crimemaster knocked on her door and requested to enter. Melania agreed and in walked Crimemaster with a rare facade: a smile.  Crimemaster asked Melania how she was and if she was feeling up to some breakfast. Shortly after responding and agreeing, Melania put on some clothes (dozens of which were available in her size in the wardrobe cabinet, almost like they'd been designed for her within the last day or so).  At breakfast, Crimemaster offered his thanks for saving him, as well as taking down the 'rogue gang leader'. He also provided sympathies regarding Melania's mother, to which he and his men had been searching for her for the past two days.  Crimemaster believed, however, that something 'magical' happened to her and the other gang leader; something he believed was some form of 'mystical portal' or an 'arcane disintegration field' which may have resulted in the unfortunate state by which 'The Witch of Talaxaca' seems to not have returned from. Crimemaster asked what he could do for Melania. After wolfing down the most food she'd ever had at one sitting, she asked if Crimewave could use a new 'token witch' for Crimemaster's organization.  With a broad smile (again, a rare occurrence), Crimemaster stated that he was hoping she'd ask that same question.

For the next few years, Melania, taking on the new title as the Purple Witch AKA Bruja Purpura, worked with Crimewave and Crimemaster, aiding in all things related to the mystical and arcane, as well as providing lots of magical protection spells and wards. Melania only has fair knowledge of the arcane, but seems imbued with far more magical power than she dares let on.  She's retained all of her mother's arcane items and has learned to do far more magic than her mother had ever done.

Today, Bruja Purpura continues her association with Crimewave.  She has proven her worth ten times over.  She charges and places magical wards in and about Crimewave facilities, compounds, estates and even in and around Talaxaca to warn them of any impending magical visitors or activity.  She's learned to shield and/or make other magically invisible to all forms of magical detection.  She's still young, and insatiable in her sexual appetite and is renown for her multiple lovers and 'distractions' as she likes to call her men.  She is sexy (and she knows it) and uses her feminine whiles to get what she usually wants. Crimemaster and his right hand man, El Scorpio, know better that to submit to her charms and desires.  She's been put in place a few times by Crimemaster, but he usually finds a way to mend things between them rather quickly.

In addition, Melania has never stopped trying to get her mother back. Of the 10 relics that may have counteracted with one another to make what happened to Melania's mother actually 'happen', four of the 10 relics are broken and don't seem to be working at all, while 2 other relics seem burnt, and the other relics not performing any effect that happened to Melania's mother.  She continues to research and practice different ways to make the relics work, but with some of them broken and no way to know how to fix or replace them, it's more likely that Melania will never find out what happened to her mother...or the gang leader that disappeared with her.




Power Origin: Magic (mostly Arcane, but dabbled in Charm, Spirit and Divination)

  • Arcane Magic

    • Arcane Bolts

      • When cast, it produces arcane bolts from her hands of good magical intensity at a range of 100 yards

    • Arcane Shields

      • When cast, it produces excellent magical, physical, energy and temperate protection in a sphere-shaped field that emanates 4 feet outward from the radius of her body

    • Arcane Wards of Detection

      • Can imbue items and/or relics with good magical detection powers, allowing detection of any and all levels of magic within a 100 yards range of the ward.

      • Can create 10 detection wards a day

    • Arcane Wards of Protection

      • Can imbue items and/or relics with good magical protective powers, allowing good magical protection field to any and all that carry the ward upon their person or to anything in an open area of 2 feet in radius.

      • Each ward can take a total amount of 50 units of damage before the relic and the ward are destroyed.

      • Can create 10 protection wards a day

    • Arcane Wards of Magical Sight

      • Can imbue items and/or relics with good magical sight powers and/or any form of magical cloaking or invisibility up to and including good levels.

      • If a magical person was using magical cloaking or invisibility at or below a good level, the person will now become visible, so long as the person is within a 100 yard radius range of the ward.

      • Each ward can take a total amount of 50 units of damage before the relic and the ward are destroyed.

      • Can create 10 Magical Sight wards a day

    • Arcane Flight

      • Can fly at 20 mph for 20 minutes max, no greater than 2000 feet above ground level (AGL)

      • Cannot carry more than her own weight, as which flight is reduces to 1/2 speed, time and altitude

    • Other Arcane Spells

      • She is capable of performing up to 10 other arcane spells, but requires books, tomes or relics to perform them, none of which can be produced at anything greater than good ranks.

  • Pain Domination

    • Mystical Healing

      • Can perform good magical healing 10% healing every several seconds per person; 10 people max

      • Can only perform 10 healing sessions a day before she passes out and has to sleep for 10 hours

    • Health Transfer

      • She can transfer her or someone's elses health (at a max of 10%) to someone who needs it to heal

      • She can also transfer a target's health and take it away and give it to herself or someone else (at a max of 10%)

      • Can only do this 10 times a day

    • Induce Pain

      • She can mentally induce pain onto a target, making them think they are in good pain, even though physically the target is not being harmed.

      • Targets with good or less psyche can be effected; those higher than good requires Melania focused concentration

  • Divination Magic

    • Has the good ability to see from 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days or 10 years into the future (no control over which)

    • Can hold image and even bring another consciousness into her vision but for only 10 seconds of the vision's time

    • Daily, she has a 10% chance for a random future vision to appear to her

    • She has a 10% chance to conjure a divination and perform the same as a daily resultant

    • Her visions have been 90% right, 10% wrong

  • Darkness Control

    • Dark Manipulation

      • She can manipulate the darkness to make it darker by a factor of 4 for 10 seconds

      • Can perform this again after 10 minutes time

    • Dark Traps

      • Can conjure a magical tentacled snare in a 6' x 6' area that has 10 tentacles that can stretch out 10 feet and can perform a good hold and/or immobilization on  target(s).

      • Last only 1 minute in length before it dissipates; takes 10 minutes before another can be conjured




Carries a variety of good imbued/empowered relics, tomes and magical artifacts with her as well as:

  • 3 Daggers

    • Amazing material

  • 2 vials of poison

    • When smashed to ground, creates a good gaseous toxin poison to area for 15-22 seconds

  • 1 Arcane staff

    • adds to her casting accuracy by a whole level

  • 10 charms

    • Good psyche influencers that make the target NOT attack Melania for 1 minute

    • Upon impact, reduces the targets health by 10%)

  • Personal Ward (combines 3 features)

    • Ward can take a total amount of 50 units of damage before it and its powers are destroyed.

    • Detection Feature

      • Ward with good magical detection powers, allowing detection of any and all levels of magic within a 100 yards range of the ward.

    • Protection Feature

      • Ward provides good magical protective powers to the bearer to up to 2 feet in radius from the ward.

    • Magical Sight Feature

      • Ward provides the bearer with good magical sight powers and to see through any form of magical cloaking or invisibility up to and including good levels.

      • If a magical person was using magical cloaking or invisibility at or below a good level, the person will now be seen by Melania as visible, so long as the being is within a 100 yard radius of the ward/Melania.



  • Arcane Magic (Proficient)

  • Arcane Lore (Professional)

  • Arcane relics/Objects (Proficient)

  • Archaeology (Proficient)

  • Witch Lore (Proficient)

  • Crime (Proficient)

  • Criminal Operations (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Spanish (Master)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

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