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Ramone Reyes*


Virtual Warriors/villain












p5y83rV3cT0r, Talaxaca Computer Wizard, The Wizard




Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 Aug 2020


None known*

* Romone has completely wiped his entire life's existence from the world's digital systems. There is no proof of his name, existence or otherwise. What few paper documents that existed were digitally ordered to be destroyed. At last check, all documents ordered to destroyed, have.  As such, Psybervector only identifies with his stated code-name.




Ramone Reyes was born to parents who were both gang members in a Talaxaca, Mexico gang.  As a child, Ramone experienced the worst of the Soltan Star Empire invasion of Earth in 2000. Both his parents were killed within months of the invasion, leaving Reyes alone and vulnerable.  A young gang leader, Lorenzo Ramirez, found Ramone amidst the carnage of Talaxaca and got him (and hundreds of others) to safety in the hills outside of the city.  After the invasion ended with the Soltans chased off of Earth, Ramone was placed in an orphanage with hundreds of other invasion-created orphans.


While there, an old computer in the orphanage was on the fritz most of the time. Ramone found an old computer repair manual amidst a file of debris of a destroyed home and started reading it.  Within days, Ramone not only fixed the computer, but also setup the city's internet network for the first time since the invasion.  Ramone was dubbed the 'Talaxaca Computer Wizard', but mostly called 'The Wizard'.

Over the next few years, Ramone downloaded tons of information and data and learned how to become a professional computer technician and engineer.  He even started synchronizing Soltan computer technology with human computer tech, creating a massive and powerful computer network, again for the city of Talaxaca.  It didn't take long before the criminal elements of the city soon saw the advantage of this new network for crime and black market deals.  Several crime leaders tried to befriend Ramone and get him to do what they wanted, all by threatening him (because he was classified a 'weak computer geek')...except one: Lorenzo Ramirez.  Ramone remembered Lorenzo and that Lorenzo saved him from what most likely was to be a guaranteed death from the Soltans.  As such, Ramone worked a deal with Lorenzo; he'd help Lorenzo and his gang with conducting an internet crime 'wave' in return for being taught how to defend himself and use weapons. Lorenzo agreed to the deal, and thus started the mentorship of Ramone Reyes.

Within months, Ramone completed an intensive and grueling education on becoming a gang member.  At first he believed he'd made the wrong decision, but after his first real 'kill' of a rival gang member, Ramone quickly injected himself into this new lifestyle.  After several successful gang fights and kills, Ramone was allowed to take action against those that threatened him calling him a 'weal computer geek'.  Within days, each gang that dared to have threatened Ramone was not only left leaderless (killed by Ramone), but were forced to either join Lorenzo's gang or face death themselves. Nearly all decided to join Lorenzo's gang, making Ramone one of the best gang recruiters in Lorenzo's gang.

Over the next decade, Ramone honed his computer skills as well as his gang and killing skills. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Ramone had turned into a psychopath. Ramone also disassociated himself with conventional 'nationality' and considered himself to now be part of the "Virtual Warrior" community (Aggressive internet anti-establishment terror group) (which eventually turned into an serious threat as the renamed "Virtual Corsairs"). Ramone, now going by his code-writing name "p5y83rV3cT0r", decided to fully dissociate by obliterating any and all records about him and his part life, including his Christian name. Using the new name "Psybervector", he quickly became a dark web sensation...and nemesis.  Even his fellow old "Virtual Warriors" dark web coders 'disconnected' with him, knowing Psybervector was nothing more than an internet thug.  Psybervector didn't care though; he was leading a wave of cybercrime unlike any other, all in the name of what would eventually become the new crime organization called "Crimewave" (think he may have influenced the name?), all led by his mentor, Lorenzo Ramirez, now known as Crimemaster.

Today, Psybervector is still performing worldwide cyber crimes in the name of Crimewave.  He has worked with various high tech engineers to not only build a vast worldwide server network for his criminal dark web internet, but also had them design a powerful backpack that produces remarkable technology-based powers, including highly detailed holographic 3D images. He still likes to join gang fights, especially against superheroes, wanting to add supers to his 'body count'. 

He is a very closed off young man with serious anger issues, but not against Crimewave or Crimemaster. He is definitely a psychopath and chooses to lead the life he has.  He considers himself better than most people and has an arrogance that sometimes gets him into more trouble than he can get himself out of.  Regardless, he is still considered a valued member of Crimewave.




Power Origin: Natural/Technology-Based

Psybervector has no powers, but does have several high-tech devices that give him unique abilities see Equipment below).



  • Psyber-Pack

    • Backpack Unit

      • Made of amazing composite, lightweight material

      • Power Unit

        • Provides 10 days of power for operation of all equipment/functions associated to the pack

      • 3D Illusions/Holographics

        • Remarkably detailed 3D Illusion and Holographic renderings that can be run and projected from the PsyberPack

        • There are four (4) emitters on the pack that act as projectors

        • Requires an intuition of remarkable or better to differentiate any of the holographic images/illusions unless the imagery breaks norms (people standing in mid air, kicking up dirt, instead of being on the ground, etc), wherein the imagery belief brings down intuition viability to poor.

        • Multiple Person Imagery

          • Can create up to a dozen stored holographic images of people (including of himself and Crimemaster).

          • Effects of any holographic person's weapons/effects are also synchronized with good level force field effects that simulate impact/damage, making the person being attacked believe in the true effects of the holographic person, thus mentally equating the true expectation of the damage to become actual psychic damage of expected rank-level effects.

    • Glasses/Heads-Up Display (HUD)

      • Linked to communications/network suite tied into the Crimewave dark web network

      • Glasses provide good flash protection

      • Glasses enact as a HUD for data and video imagery; projection provides spatial 3D association to objects, files and descriptions/links

    • Crimewave Dark Web Communications/Network Electronics Suite

      • Remarkably powerful network with amazingly powerful encryption that re-encrypts itself every 30 seconds (only leaves a 30 second window if anyone does happen to break in)

      • Provides portal 'backup' of key Crimewave server data and files

    • Flash/Blind Emitters

      • Can create an excellent flash that encompasses a full area effect including degraded poor adjacent area effects

      • Can only emit once every 30 seconds (no strobe effects)

    • Self-Destruct Device

      • Remarkable instantaneous implosion device designed to destroy the Psyber-Pack in the event of it being hacked or stolen; a complex amazing level decryption code is required to override the self-destruct device

      • Can be remotely activated (3 second countdown) using a daily voice activated code word using only Psybervector's voice.

  • Weapons

    • Custom .45 caliber handguns (2)

      • Made of incredible non-ferrous composite material

      • Can be fired at follows:

      • Single shot: 12 round individual shot for typical shooting damage/magazine

      • Semi-Auto: 3 bursts for good shooting damage for each burst/magazine

      • Auto: 2 bursts for excellent shooting damage for each burst/magazine

    • .45 Caliber magazines (4)

    • Knives (4)

      • Amazing composite non-ferrous material

    • Garrote (1)

      • Incredible wire and handle, non-ferrous material

    • Flechettes (10)

      • Remarkable non-ferrous material throwing knives

    • Localized EMP Devices (4)

      • Remarkable level EMP device that affects only electronics/circuitry through direct contact/area effect only.

      • Can be set for contact or time (60 seconds max)

      • Casing and components are non-ferrous composite material

    • Cyberscramblers (4)

      • When inserted into a computer network, it performs the equivocal of a remarkable level DDOS attack that also scrambles any and all networked data packets, basically overtly interfering with the computer network's data transfer and imagery​

      • Designed to either be permanent or timed startup and shutdown effect

  • Field Computer Repair/Hacking Kit (1)

    • Remarkable, non-ferrous material laptop computer

    • Kit with various files, tools and devices to repair, hack or build a computer

  • Emergency Mediporter Hacking One-Shot Porter (1)

    • When activated, the telporter hacks into the mediporter medical teleporter system and teleports Psybervetor to a mediporter within 100 miles.

    • One shot device; destroys itself once teleporting is done



  • Computer Hardware/Software (Master)

  • Computer Networking (Professional)

  • Computer engineering (Professional)

  • Coding/Hacking (Professional)

  • Dark Web/Net (Professional)

  • Crime (Professional)

  • Cyber crime (Master)

  • Encryption Processes (Professional)

  • Communications (Professional)

  • Knife Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Computer coding (12 code systems) (Professional)

    • Spanish (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • Klingon (Proficient)

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