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Shane Alan King




early 20s








Ranger King

American Patrol



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1978 (updated)21 Aug 2010







Shane Alan King, a Montana Forest Ranger and nature lover, is now an electrical powerhouse of a superhero...with only a height of 5 ft. 1 inches.

One day, a strong electrical storm was slowly moving towards his park.  Knowing several electrical tower workers were up high stringing new lines on the edge of the park, King quickly drove to their site to get the workers to safety.  Instead, when he arrived, he found the workers dangling precariously on the suspended power lines with their rig rolled over below them.  King climbed the electrical tower just as the monstrous electrical storm reached him.  Without concern for his own life, he used a rope and was able to save the two workers and get them down to safety on the ground.  That's when the high winds snapped two of the high voltage lines, striking Shane just as a lightning strike hit the tower.  An unearthly display of cascading electrical power enveloped Shane.


When all was over, Shane hung from the electrical lines, discharging massive electrical power from his body.  The workers Shane saved earlier grounded Shane and brought him to a hospital.  Amazingly, Shane was still alive, but his body had to be grounded to prevent inadvertent electrical discharges from emanating from his body while in the hospital.

Months later, he recovered from his wounds only to discover he now had incredible electrical powers. 

Discharged from his Ranger job (due to the Super-powers Registration Act), he has since created a suit that can be used to safely interact with people and any electronics.  Interestingly enough, the suit can also focus his electrical energies, allowing him almost super-human electrical control and electrical blasting and electrical field generation capabilities. With these new powers and suit, he went about saving lives and even battled a couple of dangerous criminal syndicates out of Montana and at the Canadian border.

Recently, he encountered a man named Doctor Warder who invited Shane to join his mid-western superhero group, American Patrol,using their powers to help the people and the environment.

Today, he's taking classes towards his Masters Degree in Forestry....and a new Bachelors Degree in Electrical Science at the University of Montana.



Power Origin: Science-based

  • Flight

    • Though charging ions in the air, Montana can levitate and fly up to speeds of 200mph, but only at an altitude of less than 400 feet above ground level.

  • Electric Blast

    • Charged Lightning Bolts

      • Can hurl excellent bolts of electricity at foes, range 30 yard, or a remarkably stronger charge only 10 yards

    • Ball Lightning

      • Hurls a highly charged ball of lightning that explodes on contact for excellent damage to all in a 10 foot radius

    • Short Circuit

      • Releases a good burst of electrical energy around you in a 6 foot radius, shocking all nearby foes. Any electrically powered foes or robots can receive an extra level of damage.

  • Electric Manipulation 

    • Charged Brawl/Punch

      • His fists become electrically charged and deliver a powerful excellent punch. When focus on a punch, he can increase an extra level of damage.

    • Electric Fence/Field

      • Surrounds and Immobilizes either a single target or group of targets in a good Electric Fence. Deals poor damage over time and slowly drains some of the target endurance.

    • Build-Up

      • Greatly boosts his attacks for a few seconds by a whole level. Slightly increases chance to hit by increasing his agility by a level.


  • Suit

    • Grounding

      • Grounds itself when Montana is standing or will redirect current in the suit to discharge to ground so long as he is within 6 feet from the ground.

    • Battery Pack

      • Should Montana loose his charge due to over-exertion, he can use the battery pack to 'restart' his powers with a typical electrical charge.

    • Current redirection with hyper-sensitive sensors

      • The suits sensors allow electrical currents to be redirected along Montana's body frame, arms, hands and/or legs, rather than have arcs of electrical energy bolting out of his body in a 4 foot radius.

    • Built-In American Patrol Smartphone (Earwig)

      • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.

      • Voice operated

      • Can sustain up to incredible amounts of electrical disruption.

  • Magical Port Crystal

    • Square, 2 in x 2 in. Light blue clear crystal

    • Used for summoning teammates to bearer's location or bearer to a summoned location

    • Allows 1 minute response time; bearer can use Latin words to call for help or choose not to be teleported

    • 100,000 mile range

    • Requires magical recharge after 1 year

  • American Patrol Smartphone/Earwig (Smartphone is used when not in uniform)

    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.


  • Forestry (Professional)

  • Electrical Science (Proficient)

  • Collegiate studies (Proficient)

  • Environmental Science (Professional)

  • Photography (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)
      French (BARELY Proficient)​

    • Spanish (BARELY Proficient)

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