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Cherise Claiborne













Nevada, Sylver, Cali Girl

American Patrol



Donald J. Finger

15 Jan 2007


  • Father (deceased)

  • Claiborne, Carol (mother)



Born into wealth in Anaheim, California, Cherise quickly learned she was 'special' as a preteen.  Secretly, Cherise was able to think of places she wanted to go and would then create an illusion of that place as an image out in front of herself.  When Cherise tried showing a couple of her friends her new powers, those friends quickly ostracized her and called her a 'freak'. As such, Cherise never told her parents about her powers.

Charise's parents were always jetting around the world.  Cherise was told that both of her parents were business managers of a big company, making big deals to 'make the world a better place' with other international companies, or at least that's what Cherise understood them to do.  She was usually cared for when her parents were away by a 'service' of nannyies that were NOT the nicest, nor 'cool'.  Cherise usually tolerated them.  She always tried to get her parents attention doing magic shows, ballerina routines, and even putting on little impromptu skits in their living room, but sadly, her parents just weren't there enough times to help Cherise's loneliness.


Not long after Cherise discovered her powers at age 12, Cherise's parents died in a plane crash. At the parents' funeral (empty caskets; their bodies were never found), it was later mentioned to Cherise that 'top brass' from the international peacekeeping organization known as G.U.A.R.D. had attended the service, but not the burial.

At the reading of Cherise's parents will, she inherited over $40 million in a trust fund that was to be administered by a lawyer named  Esteban Estevez, Esq. (Esq. standing for 'Esquire"). The trust fund lawyer was to ensure Cherise had the best education, a proper upper class life and full authority over the rest of her trust fund upon her 25th birthday.  It didn't take long before the preying 'business opportunity' vultures began encircling Cherise with their 'amazing' plans for her money.

The only thing that Cherise wanted was to be an actress in Hollywood...and so, she became one.

Taking acting lessons, coupled with fitness and life coaches, premiere educators and a bevy of personal assistants, Cherise got herself into her first TV kids sitcom show: "Cali-Girl and The Bear".  The show was to be about an adventurous girl who went around helping other kids in solving their own problems and stopping bad guys in the process.  Bear was a Computer Graphics Image (CGI) animated "mini-bear" that sat on Cali-Girl's shoulder, giving out cuteness, loyalty and save-the-day type actions when needed.

The show was a hit.  It ranked #2 in the Neilson Ratings for children shows (ages 8 to 13) for 3 years in a row.

By age 16, Cherise was now a standard rich, celebrity Hollywood teenage brat.  She 'quit' her "Cali-Girl and the Bear" show (because it 'just wasn't her') and instead demanded a new teen TV show called "Showgirl", now to be based about a young girl living the party life in Las Vegas...and also used her 'secret' mind powers as part of her character's 'Showgirl Illusions & Magic Show'...and was either to seduce or be seduced with a new hot teen actor each week.  The show went to #1 in the teen (13-18 year old) demographic, but Cherise quickly became fodder for the paparazzi. 'Secret romances', nude photos and tell-all books and gossip shows began to tear down Cherise's clean-cut girl image and instead re-imaged her as a bratty rich teenage no-talent. One night, on her 17th birthday, Cherise made a fateful decision and a a huge reveal to the world.

At her (to be) infamous 17th birthday party celebration at the MGM Casino, a night with thousands of celebrities, rich people, influential names and famous Hollywood teens led to dancing, partying, a 12-foot tall birthday cake (with scantily clad Chip 'N Dale male dancers emanating from it), Cherise was having the time of her life.  Too good a time. She got drunk. Coupled with ecstasy and drugs her teen 'friends' put in her drinks, Cherise quickly lost all inhibitions, dancing topless on tables, grabbing married Hollywood elite's crotches in front of their spouses, and worst of all...showing the world her secretive illusion and flare powers.

She projected several illusions out into the open air of her 'doing' several prominent young, hot actors (who were also attending the party) in an orgy-like manner, along with other simultaneously cast illusions of fellow female teen stars telling all their secrets to the world (secrets Cherise knew about or had overheard over the previous years, to include abortions, deviant sex, molestation by Hollywood producers and even physical abuses performed by her teen co-stars' parents), all the while, Cherise fended off anyone who tried to get her away from the dozens of live cameras and paparazzi that were recording the whole show.  Eventually, Cherise passed out and fell unconscious over the 3rd floor balcony and down into the MGM Pool.  Guests pulled her out of the pool, unresponsive, requiring Emergency Services to revive her and airlift her to a private Las Vegas hospital.  There, it took Cherise three days to detoxify and awaken from her dilemma.


The damage, however, was done. Cherise Claiborne became an overnight outcast from Hollywood, the jet set, her fellow teen stars and nearly all of her fans.  Her show was cancelled, contracts were ripped apart and lawyers lined up at Cherise's agent's office with defamation lawsuits ranging into the millions of dollars for damages. Gossip magazines reporters actually had video footage of Cherise's 'teen friends' drugging Cherise's drinks and laughing in the background at Cherise in her drugged least until the illusion show occurred, that is.  That's when those same friends were storming at Cherise with broken bottles to go stab and/or kill her...just seconds before Cherise fell into the pool.

The scandals and rumor mill, even to this day,  never stopped about what happened at that party that night.

When Cherise awoke in the hospital three days after being admitted into a private, secure wing at the hospital, she was surrounded by several men and women in military-like GUARD well as her long-dead mother, also wearing a GUARD suit...a black suit, at that.


Cherise's and her mother hugged, but Cherise's mother, Carol Claiborne, didn't hug back fact, she was fairly stand-offish.  Cherise, realizing something secretive had been going on all this time, quickly became angry, demanding answers as to where her dad was and how her mother was alive and only NOW showing up.

GUARD's Director, Neal Norton, attempted to explain the situation to Cherise.


Cherise was an unexpected child born to two secret agents in GUARD's X-GUARD division.  X-GUARD agents were involved in such things as black ops missions, spying, intelligence analysis...and psychic detection.  Both Cherise's parents were technologically altered with nanobots to increase their already impressive psychic detection powers for a factor of four.  Charise's parents had an affair while exposed to the nanobots, and as such, gave birth to Cherise...who was born with 35% of her brain controlled by nanobots.  Nanobots were only designed to live for a maximum of two years, however, in Cherise, they lived until she was eight years old.  In that time, the nanobots 'rewired' Cherise's ever-expanding cerebral and neural network, breaching parts of the brain that most humans did not use; the regions that Cherise uses to create her illusions, flashes of light...and as a yet to be discovered ability - proximity healing and physio-static enhancement field generation.

The techo-organic bridge working the nanobots did across Cherise's brain were never visible on normal CATscans or MRIs, so no one knew if she had powers or not of if she was 'different'. With Cherise never mentioning her 'powers' to her parents, the situation was left alone.  Cherise's parents, instead continued as GUARD agents, traveling the world in disguise under assumed names and business people, looking for any psychic or psionic powers that GUARD often times looks for.  Sadly, one such mission results in Cherise's parents' capture by the Russian KBG.  There, her parents were imprisoned for over 4 years before GUARD was able to extradite their release (for several Russians serving multiple murder charges). It was all kept secret as part of the deal Charise's parents made with GUARD, ensuring Charise had all she needed to have a benefical and successful life. Thus, her parents dead was 'staged' and in truth, they were actually alive all the previous years.

When Cherise asked were her father was, she mentioned that he died in a mission last year.  Cherise then curiously asked, 'if you were only in prison for 4 years, then why didn't you come to me and let me know you were still alive then? Either of you??'.

Cherise's mother stood silent with no show of emotion on her face.

Director Norton asked Cherise if she'd rather talk 'offline' about this later, but instead, Cherise bolted out of bed, grabbing her mother and looking deep into her eyes.  Cherise realized with her mother's look...Cherise's mom didn't love her.  In fact, she seemed relieved to display her non-affection to Cherise.  Cherise blurted, "you never wanted me, did you?", to which Carol responded curtly, "NO, I didn't want you! Your father was the one who wanted you; him and his "Catholic" faith...he wouldn't sign-off on an abortion, so instead I had to pass up promotions and assignments all because of YOU. The day I was considered dead while rotting in that old Russian hellhole was the best day of my life".

The room became very uncomfortable. A tearful Cherise, still grasping her 'mother's' uniform, bore a look of utter contempt and hate for her mother.  Carol instead just stared back, emote-less and uncaring.  Charise's mother then stepped out of Charise's clutches and said, "I told you this was a bad idea, Director.  She's damaged goods. I don't care if I ever see her again.  You can do with her whatever you want. I'm done here. I have work to do".  That's when Carol Claiborne walked out of Cherise Claiborne's life once again, for the last time.

Director Norton, after a long pause, started to say something only for Cherise to hold up her hand up to his face and said, "NO. Just...leave.  I don't EVER want to see YOU, GUARD, or that BITCH I used to think was a mother, EVER again!!". Quietly, they all left the hospital room, with only Director Neal pausing long enough to want to say something to Cherise, but though better against it, and instead, left a thubdrive and his business card on the table by the door, and then slowly walked out of the room.

Over the next week, Cherise left the hospital and drove to Blythe, California and stayed at an old 1950s motel.  There, she contacted her agent to find out how bad things were for her. Cherise's agent told her that she was now 'persona non-grata' in the world or fame and fortune.  Pending defamation lawsuits, Cherise would most likely have to file bankruptcy within the next year and forfeit most if not all of her trust fund alone for collateral and legal payments.  Cherise tried calling her old friends, of which all but one, placed Cherise on 'ignore'. That one friend, Davin Daros, a washed-up pre-teen actor who had just finished drug rehabilitation, went to Blythe to comfort and possibly help Cherise.


Davin, always carrying a super high-level quality laptop computer, showed Cherise what the media was saying about her.  It didn't take long in watching the videos and reports on the laptop before Cherise knew that her well as any form of normal life...was over.  Davin then saw a thumbdrive wrapped in a GUARD business card sticking out of Cherise's purse and asked about it.  Cherise said, 'It doesn't matter. I don't want to talk about it.", to which Davin instead slipped the thumbdrive into his laptop, revealing multiple dated files of Cherise's whole life.


Millions of digital images.

Night vision spy cameras.

Satellite surveillance video.

Audio recordings.


Cherise's whole life had been tracked and recorded since her mother's reported 'death'.

Along with it were several files marked as 'THREATS', 'ENEMIES' and 'CAREER COUNTER-OPS'.

Over the next several days, dining on delivered pizza, soda and greasy burgers from the local diner, Davin and Cherise dug through thousands of videos, files and reports from the thumbdrive.  Cherise had proof of over four dozen instances of her entourage stealing from her, friends reporting gossipy lies to the media to try and squish Cherise's career, and even video from trusted confidants that secretly video-taped her in the shower and her changing rooms or movie set trailers. For every threat recorded, a 'counter ops' file had suggestions about either exposing or erasing any dangerous PR, videos or people's negative actions against Cherise.

When Cherise looked at the author for most all of the files on 'counter ops', one name was prevalent: Carol Claiborne, X-GUARD Agent, Level 7.

Her mother DID care...just not the way Cherise wanted...or care.  That would have to be another thought for another day.

Cherise and Davin were now armed with tons or legal evidence of acts against Cherise, including the drugging of Cherise at her own party.  Cherise using her powers, however, was something she'd have to 'stretch the truth' about...but with a counter-ops scenario plan for even that, Cherise and Davin put together a masterful plan to clear Cherise's name and get even with all those that wronged her.

On a warm Las Vegas autumn night, Cherise organized for a what she called a 'career-ending announcement' out in front of the MGM Grand Casino.  Thousands of reporters and non-reporters showed up for the live presentation of what was expected to be Cherise telling all that she was finished in showbiz forever.  All of Cherise's 'friends' (who still had her on 'ignore'), agents, directors, Hollywood elite and so forth arrived for the big dramatic event.  Large TV screens mounted high above the audience and in a long crescent shape adorned the artfully designed dais and podium Cherise was to speak from.

At exactly 7pm, Las Vegas time, Cherise arrived on stage to muffled clapping and even some booing. Cherise started off with a formal apology to the MGM Grand for all the negative publicity they'd received, and that she hoped tonight's announcement would help to regain the public's attention once again.  She then thanked Davin Daros for being her only true friend, and finally to her mother, wherever she was, for 'keeping an eye on her for all these past years'.

Cherise then stated, "What I'm about to show you is real. It is not fake or altered; this is official United Nation's GUARD footage and surveillance of me.  Why the surveillance? Both my parents where GUARD agents that died in the line of duty.  GUARD felt obliged to ensure nothing happend to the daughter of two of their most revered agents. As such, I was able to access footage and information that Davin was brilliantly able to put into something that only you folks in Hollywood could understand - a movie.  Tonight's feature premiere is called "Broken Stars & Silver Linings". I can only hope, that after seeing this, you'll understand how a broken star, such as myself, can only hope to be a better person in the end".

With that, for the next hour and fifteen minutes, the world watched the broadcast in shock.  The movie showed actual footage of all the evil acts of anyone who performed a cruelty, or a kindness for that matter, in full color and Hi-Definition quality. The digital version of the movie, and all the GUARD files and images on the thumbdrive (except the Career Counter Ops File) were sent out to the internet for all to download and view. 


Throughout the movie, any attending the viewing who perpetrated an illegal or immoral act against Cherise, once said act(s) were shown on the screens, would usually run away, only to be followed by a mob of paparazzi record their 'reactions'.  As part of the 'stretching of the truth' segment in the movie, the part where Cherise, at her 17th birthday party was shown using her 'illusion powers' to project tawdry sex scenes and secrets, instead showed elaborate CGI files and holographic images created and projected that night by several agencies who 'banded' together to use against Cherise to end her, and several other teens' careers (which the agencies, in question truthfully did, but not so much 'that' way). 


Many viewers cried during the movie, seeing how Cherise and other teen actors had been treated and extorted. At the end of the movie, Cherise had a final message saying that she herself was no angel, but had been a snotty teenaged Hollywood brat; a brat that had learned the error of her ways and now wanted to help other by founding the "#fallenstar" foundation to help stop the exploitation and bullying of other children and teenage actors throughout the world.  To a growing roar of applause, the crowd, and even viewers from home, cheered for Cherise and Davin's movie's message.

It didn't end there though.  One distraught teen starlet who was shown in the movie slipping drugs into Cherise's drink on her 17th birthday party debacle was also the daughter of a Las Vegas mercenary; a mercenary who ran a death squad for the notorious "Death Legion" assassin guild. Nonetheless to say, she called daddy and daddy called his death squad.  A mark was instantly set against Cherise Claiborne and the first to kill her would get one million dollars.

Minutes after the movie ended, and Cherise was providing multiple interviews with Davin to reporters, the Death Legion death squad arrived, guns blazing from rooftops and cars.  Cherise, instinctively used her powers to project the words 'RUN! HIDE! SHOOTERS!' in the air to get others under cover.  Cherise instinctively knew they were after her.  She ran, dodged, zipping in and about the stage, drawing fire away from the fleeing crowd.  She then used her powers like never before: she injected a form of psychic paralysis on the shooters, dropping them to the ground before her.  After being shot at (way too close for comfort), she then projected a massive flash of light, blinding her assailants, from which she jumped down from the stage and commended using her actor-trained martial arts skills to kick and/or knock out the remaining assailants.  All in all, seven Death Legion death squad legionnaires were arrested and taken away by the LVPD.

Dirty, exhausted and still scared, reporters and guests flocked her and Davin asking what happened.  Davin jumped in and brilliantly explained, "THAT was....just a sample...of...Ms. Claiborne's she'll be doing here in Las Vegas...starting in two months...YAH!  That was a demo of what our talented Ms. Claiborne can...and!".

The reporters ate up the story and it spread like wildfire.  The media believed the 'shooting' was all staged and that the 'powers' Cherise displayed were simply part of her new Las Vegas act.  Within two weeks, every venue in Las Vegas was screaming for her to do the show at their location exclusively.

Within a month's time, Cherise worked a contract with the MGM Grand Casino for the new "Silver" Claiborne Show, cast for four shows a week, two on Friday night to the tune of a $100 million contract.

As a result of the movie, several dozen Hollywood moguls, elite, extortionist, actors and directors were charge by the city and state in illegal and/or immoral acts.  Additional #fallenstar stories yielded hundreds more lawsuits and arrests worldwide, garnering huge settlements for any and all actors exploited by the entertainment business. Cherise became a beacon of hope as well as a more responsible person.  She started volunteering at VA centers, USO shows and even giving over 40% of her annual profits to charities for the disenfranchised and food shelters.  Still, a few believed all of what she did was just a 'fake' show for publicity, but those few were just that - a few.

The night after her first first sold out show, Cherise was approached by a man in a blue suit and white pants. He introduced himself as Doctor Warder and was interested in her powers she displayed at the show.  Cherise simply laughed and said, 'it's magic!', but that's when Doctor Warder used his magical powers to transport the tow of then to the top of the pyramid at the Luxor, to which Doctor Warder replied, "No...THAT is magic.". He then told her that he knew about her powers from 'little birds' and that she was a powerful hero in the making.  Cherise laughed and mentioned she didn't want to be part of anything to do with 'saving the world' or whatnot.  That's when the Doctor said, "Funny...your father thought otherwise.  He thought you'd make an excellent hero and one hell of a role model."

Cherise replied, " knew my dad?", to which Doctor Warder replied, "Knew him? He was my best friend".

For the next hour, the doctor told several stories about Cherise's father, telling her all the heroic things he'd done and how much he loved his daughter.  At the end of the hour, the Doctor teleported them back to Cherise's dressing room and apologized for intervening as he did on her opening night.

Cherise stopped him at the door and said, "I may not be the hero my father was, but I'd like to try". With that he shook her hand and said, "Welcome to the American Patrol, then!".

For the next few months, Cherise trained in using her powers, while also doing her Las Vegas shows and all her celebrity interviews, USO shows and volunteer work, all on a very busy schedule.  Her and Davin stayed as friends more than anything, and Cherise has even started dating again, although mostly for week-at-a-time flings. Davin was requested to direct several new movies about some of the 'fallen stars', earning millions in the process while also giving 40% of his profits to charity as well.

Recently, after participating in a couple of American Patrol's super-villain battles, the media was told that Cherise had now joined the Patrol as "Silver", using her incredible magic to help save others and stop crime.  She is now more popular that when she was a teenage star.

Today, Silver lives in a penthouse suite at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, doing her 4 shows a week and fighting beside the American Patrol as needed.  The world thinks her 'magic' shows are all technological tricks and devices that she also uses when fighting bad guys alongside the American Patrol.


The biggest and most important question on the media's mind about Cherise now is WHO will be the next guy to be seen dating Silver?


Inquiring minds want to know!



Power Origin: Technology

  • Illusion Control

    • Illusions

      • Silver can create massive visual and audible illusions at an amazing level.  She could easily create mind-generated 3D images enough to fill a football stadium.  The only people who can see through her illusions are those with an amazing psyche or a form of 'true sight' power. Silver cannot, however, create conditions with her powers to change the temperature or smells for her illusions.  She can only do this through machinery, which she uses in her stage act in Las Vegas.

    • Illusory Wounds

      • Through her illusions, she can inflict good psychic damage or paralysis per attack/event to a target (audience) if the target (audience) believes the illusion to be real. An example of this is if Silver creates an illusion of a large rock falling on someone; that person will psychically believe they've been hurt by the falling rock, that is until they realize the rock is an illusion. This works hand in hand with Phantoms power below.

    • Phantoms

      • Silver can fabricate up to three phantoms around a targeted foe. These Phantoms are not real, but are indestructible in the foe's beliefs. Their attacks are similar to Illusory wounds. Though they deal good damage each attack, it is illusory and will heal if the victim survives long enough. Phantoms can only be maintained for about a minute before she loses focus.

  • Blinding Flash

    • Painfully Blinds a single targeted foe so severely that they are rendered helpless. Blind is so bright that additional foes may also be blinded, though they will not take any damage, and attacking them will free them from the effects.

    • Generates a good yet brilliant flash of light around her that blinds nearby foes. Flashed foes are rendered helpless and unable to defend themselves for up to a minute before their vision clears.

  • Invisibility/Group Invisibility

    • She can bend light around herself and others/objects to become completely Invisible. While this power is active, she (and others she places it on) is/are all but impossible to detect. She's been able to cover a max group of 10 people with her power.

    • Requires equipment or senses that have remarkable detection capabilities to see through the invisibility

  • Healing/Status Alterations

    • Can heal self and others within 10 feet at a good rate.
    • Can recharge stamina in self and others within 10 feet at a good rate.

    • Can cause a targeted foe to feel weaker at a good rate.


  • American Patrol Smartphone/Earwig

    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.

  • Shades

    • She is NOT resistant to her own flashes and blinds and requires special shades to prevent damage from her own powers.

  • Magical Port Crystal

    • Square, 2 in x 2 in. Light blue clear crystal

    • Used for summoning teammates to bearer's location or bearer to a summoned location

    • Allows 1 minute response time; bearer can use Latin words to call for help or choose not to be teleported

    • 100,000 mile range

    • Requires magical recharge after 1 year



  • Acting/Actress (Professional)

  • Movies/TV Operations (Professional)

  • Media/Entertainment Business (Proficient)

  • Stage Magic (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: acrobatics (professional)

  • Martial Arts: fist/kick (proficient)

  • Social Foundations (proficient)

  • Business (proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

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