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Carl Brooksfield




mid 30s









American Patrol



Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Jan 2017



None, as far as Carl is concerned.




Carl is a native Texan born and raised in Houston, Texas.  He worked on a cattle ranch during his teenage years, learning how to rustle cattle, shoot rifles and guns and ride horseback.  After graduating high school, he applied for the Texas Rangers.  After his initial training, he was placed in the Texas Ranger's Special Operations Unit, where he became a legend in a mere five years.  His actions garnered a city proclamation by the Houston mayor to have a "Carl Brooksfield" Day on August 21st each year, celebrating his incredible successful actions while in the Texas Rangers.

As far back as when he was a teenager, Carl knew he was different.  He noticed after he was thrown from a horse onto a metal fence post that the fence post didn't penetrate his skin or for that matter left a single mark on his skin.  Weeks after that incident, he struck his own hand with a hay bale hook, breaking the hook and once again not receiving a single mark on his body.  Later on at a Texas Ranger, he was involved in several shootouts where he was shot, yet again, he received no damage to himself, only his clothes he was wearing.  He was good enough to ensure no one else knew about his abilities and kept them a secret from everyone including his family, his friends and his girlfriend.

A few years ago, the Super-powered Registration Act was made into law, requiring every state and federal agency to test their personnel for super-human abilities.  Carl kept coming up with excuses and assignments to deter his testing, even going so far as to hiding in his apartment's closet when they came looking to test him.  Eventually, the authorities cornered him and tested him, obviously discovering he was super-human.  After two days at the Federal Building in Houston, Texas, they determined the extent of his powers was his highly dense skin, providing incredible protection from all forms of damage.  As such, by law, he was required to be removed from the Texas Rangers (since super-powered beings would have an 'unfair' advantage in their positions).  Jobless, he tried to apply for multiple new jobs including being a rent-a-cop, but no one would take him once they ran a background check on him.  Instead, he went back to his old job of being a farm hand at a cattle ranch he once worked at as a teenager. He got the job, but things were far different there since he'd left years before.

The ranch's owner, once a strong and active man, was now confined to a wheelchair, sick and incapable of doing much of anything other than drooling on himself.  The current cowhand manager, Bret Savage,  was a guy Carl knew back in high school who was not only a bully, but always had some type of scheme going on to get money or favors from other classmates and underclassmen.  As the lead cowhand, Savage let Carl know the only reason he had a job with them was due to the 'old man', otherwise they'd have chased Carl's "special powered" ass across the property with their shotguns.

Over the next few weeks, Carl, using his training from the Texas Rangers, quickly realized that Bret was running an extortion ring and used the cattle ranch and its resources as his base of operations, including an illegal gun storage bin under the barn. After collecting enough evidence to get Savage and his minions arrested, he went to his old Texas Rangers unit, only to be turned away by those he once considered his closest friends and comrades.  Carl tried to talk to other local police officers and even a lawyer, again, only to be turned away.  When Carl returned to the ranch, Savage and his men assaulted Carl in the barn, telling Carl he knew what he was up to and that Carl was about to be killed and dumped in a pond, followed by the cattle ranch's owner.

Since Carl didn't have any other powers or strengths, he was tied up and immobilized by Savage's crew, but not before he got in some powerful hits.  Savage broke out a diamond bit industrial drill and was about to drill it into Carl's heart when Savage was hit in the back by a shotgun blast.  The blast came from the cattle ranch's owner, who'd wheeled himself out to the barn and had commenced shooting at Savage and his crew.  Savage only took a hit to the shoulder, but he and his crew ducked for cover and started drilling bullet holes in the old man, leaving over 20 rounds in the old man's body.  That's when Carl cut loose.

Using his large pocket knife he used to use as a teenage cowhand, he cut the ropes that were binding him and, using his Texas Ranger Special Response Team training, took out all eight of Savage's crew, leaving Savage and Carl to fight it out.  In a fistfight that lasted several minutes, Savage finally broke from the fisticuffs and grabbed a hay bale pitchfork and unsuccessfully tried stabbing Carl in the face with it. Carl instead took the pitchfork and skewered Savage in the neck, leaving Savage dying.  The police showed up after reports of gunfire were reported and discovered the bodies and a still living Bret Savage. The ambulance took Savage to the hospital, where he was treated for his neck injuries.  Savage survived, however, Savage's vocal cords were destroyed as a result of the pitchfork, leaving Savage (wait for it...) speechless. Carl was hauled away and charged in what was believed the ranch owner's murder and attempted murder of least, according to the 'eyewitness testimony' of Savage's beat-up yet loyal crew of accomplices. Thanks to the potential of other corrupt officials in the local police, Carl knew he was never going to get the justice he was due.

Over the next few months, the media got hold of the story and started castrating Carl's image, calling him a murderer and a super-powered killer.  Supposed 'evidence' that was said to have been collected at the crime scene pointed to Carl gunning down the wheelchair-bound ranch owner in cold blood. The Houston mayor denounced the city proclamation of "Carl Brooksfield" Day, calling Carl a 'sick and evil man'.  While in jail, no one visited him, not even his family.  Never had Carl felt more alone than he did those months in the jail cell waiting for them to prosecute him for the multiple murders.

Eventually, the case was taken to trial.  Since no one wanted to defend him, he received a spineless lawyer appointed by the state to represent him.  The mousy, nervous lawyer proved his incompetence on the first day of the trial by not objecting to several blatant lies produced by his accusers. The next day at the start of the 2nd day of the trial, believing he was assuredly going to be convicted, a tall lean man barged into the courtroom, followed by federal agents and the Texas District Attorney calling for an end to the trial on the basis of corruption and illegal process.  The judge, the prosecution's lawyers and several other policemen and trial experts were hauled away in handcuffs before the live TV cameras.  The tall, lean man was none other than the famous  Lawrence X. Edwards, attorney at law from the Massachusetts law offices of Lexington Legal, otherwise known as the hero, Lexington of the Yankee Minutemen super-group from New England.  Edwards offered his legal services to Carl, who readily and quickly accepted them.

Edwards had seen the media frenzy over Carl's trial and started investigating the prosecutors and the court when he saw that several legal per-trial decisions obviously pointed to a corrupt legal operation.  After further investigation (and a little field work for Edwards in Texas), he had enough proof to convict those he'd had arrested that day for conspiracy and corruption, as well as implementing a hate crime against Carl and other processed super-powered people that wound up in the same courtroom. 

In the end, Carl was cleared of all charges, with the courtroom conspirators each given 25 years of prison for their actions.  Carl never again saw his family and has ignored all calls and letters from them since.

With no where to go and no money, Carl talked with Edwards about maybe joining up with the Yankee Minutemen as a means of repaying him for his heroic legal victory, but instead, Edwards introduced Carl to a man code-named as Doctor Warder who was putting together a new super-group called the "American Patrol".   Carl agreed and joined the American Patrol that same day.

Today, as the new Texas hero only known as the "Lone Star Ranger", Carl fights along side his super-powered compatriots against the big-picture  dangers in the world, all the while, using his guns and near-impenetrable skin to help others who were being wronged just as he once was.


Currently, Carl resides in the American Patrol's Houston, Texas headquarters until he can find his own place.

On a side note, the Houston Mayor, as a result of his political connection with the judge involved in Carl's conspiracy trial, was voted out of office at the next election.  Although "Carl Brooksfield" Day was never reinstated, in its place, the new Houston mayor has instead proclaimed a "Lone Star Ranger" Day.


On a separate note, Bret Savage escaped jail (hours after Edwards convicted Carl's judge of conspiracy) and has not been seen since.



Power Origin: Unknown (believed mutant or X-65 related)

Armored skin and senses

  • Carl has incredibly strong and dense skin protecting him from all forms of damage just short of a sniper's high-powered bullet.

  • Carl's senses (hearing and hearing) are remarkably resilient from damage, however his sense of taste and touch are just as sensitive as any other person's.

  • Carl's internal organs are slightly more endurable than the average person's, however, he can still be poisoned of gassed  like normal people.



  • Cattle-hand Pocket Knife

    • To this day, Carl always keeps his steel 1932 Pocket Knife on his person, knowing that someday, he might need it again.

  • Twin .50 Caliber Hand Guns 

    • Carl was presented a gift from an anonymous donor of a pair of  0.50 caliber handguns, complete with over 5000 rounds of ammunition, a bullet press (to make his own bullets) and a high tech cleaning and sighting kit.  The handguns can easily penetrate typical material strengths

      • Can do good shooting damage to non-biological targets

      • Can do an additional 50% more damage to human and/or biological targets.

  • The bullets provided are all spent uranium encased, armor piercing rounds.  Over 1000 rounds are also explosive tipped bullets, making for an excellent amount of damage to anything that comes into contact with the bullets.

  • Ranger, the Horse

    • Another gift, courtesy of the same anonymous benefactor, sent a well trained, thoroughbred horse for Carl to use.  The horse is kept out behind the American Patrol's HQ, with all other materials provided by Doctor Warder and generous donations from the people of Texas, including a custom saddle.

  • American Patrol Smartphone/Earwig

    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers. 

  • Magical Port Crystal

    • Square, 2 in x 2 in. Light blue clear crystal

    • Used for summoning teammates to bearer's location or bearer to a summoned location

    • Allows 1 minute response time; bearer can use Latin words to call for help or choose not to be teleported

    • 100,000 mile range

    • Requires magical recharge after 1 year


  • Marksmanship -handgun & rifle (professional)

  • Bullet manufacturing (proficient)

  • SWAT operations (professional)

  • Texas Rangers (Master)

  • Law Enforcement (professional)

  • Munitions and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) (professional)

  • Stealth (proficient)

  • Ranch Hand/Worker/Supervisor (professional)

  • Prison operations (proficient)

  • Pilot (single engine prop and jet) (proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

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