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Jack Dakota


Dakota Native-American/Hero










Utah Jack, Tatanka-Ptecila

American Patrol



Don "Major Deej" Finger

2 Jan 2009



Anaiah Dakota (father)

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Tatanka-Ptecila AKA Jack Dakota (in United States naming conventions) is a Dakota Native-American who, since birth, was considered 'special' by his tribe.  Today, as 'Dakota', he has proven his heroic powers and skills all with the knowledge based on a vision of his future; a future involving a grand battle of possible Earth-shattering consequences that he himself must me in no matter what.

Born to a tribal shaman, Tatanka-Ptecila grew up learning about medicines, sickness and natural ointments and remedies...but he was also a rebellious young buck who loved to fight.  He didn't take well to being threatened or made fun of and quickly came to the defense of those that were also bullied or treated poorly, whether Native-American or not.  As such, he got into a lot of trouble in the neighboring town and the reservation school.  Eventually Tatanka-Ptecila decided he didn't like the pacifistic 'Indian ways' of his father or the tribe and left the reservation at age 16, changed his name to Jack Dakota and went on to become what he thought he was to become - an unlimited fighting champion.

For the next three years, Jack Dakota, using the fighting name of simply 'Utah Jack' fought long and hard to become the best unlimited fighting champ he could in his weight class. On his third year, he finally made it to the championship bout...when Jack was told his father had suffered a heart attack back at the reservation and that 'Tantanka-Ptecila' was needed.  Jack angrily ceded the fight, leaving his competitor as the undisputed champion.  Jack/Tantaka-Ptecila, however, took the long ride back to the reservation hating every single minute of the ride.

The trip required a night's stay over in a motel off the highway for Jack and his fellow fetcher from the reservation. That night, Jack had a vision.  A vision of him wearing a garish costume of tribal colors, fighting alongside noted and famous modern-day superheroes in what seemed like a futuristic Spanish-type town all fighting 'angels and demons' in the sky.  Jack saw dozens of images of himself separating from his body and fighting the beings.  Jack was pulsating with energy, golden light, all seeming as if this fight was not only epic...but potentially as if it was like the end of the world.  In a glaring burst of white light from the 'angels', Jack awoke drenched in sweat, his pulse racing breathing as if he'd run a marathon.  It felt like he was actually there.  If felt like 'something' happened to him at the end...but what...he couldn't determine.  Did he die? Did he help stop the angels and/or demons? He wasn't sure.  What he WAS sure of what that he'd just had a vision...a powerful vision; a vision that needed to be told to his hospitalized father...the only man capable of helping decipher what it might mean.

Racing back to the reservation (Jack and the fetcher immediately got on the road after Jack's 'vision'), Jack was able to see his father.  His father wasn't at death's door as Jack was told he was by the fact, Jack's shaman of a father was actually 'checking out' as Jack was checking on his father for the first time at the hospital. Jack's father, according to him and the doctors, was in 'perfect health'; a fact they called a 'miracle', seeing as he was dying hours earlier. After a short greeting, Jack, his father and the fetcher drove back to Jack's father's home on the reservation. There, Jack told his father about his vision...and Jack's father told him of 'his' vision he'd had that same night...and the miraculous recovery he received thereafter.

It seems that Jack's father saw the exact same vision that Jack saw except for one the beginning of the vision, Jack's father felt as if he was working at a fever pace, running about with the speed of Mercury, moving as a blur until finally he stopped only long enough to hand his son, Jack, in the vision, a feather, a medicine bag and a logo of the Dakota tribe they were in. Jack, in the vision was dressed in a warrior brave's loin cloth at first in the vision, but then, upon receiving his father's items, transformed into his garish tribal-color costume and then...well, he saw the rest of what Jack saw in his vision.

Together, Jack and his father realized that this wasn't just a powerful dream shared by the two of them but instead was a portended vision of the future of what was to be.

After Jack's father had his vision, all his vitals, all of which had been fading before the vision, were now perfect. Jack's father was in perfect health and after a cardiac scan and tests, the signs of a heart attack were not only gone but looked like he had the heart of a young man again.  With that, Jack and his father knew they were to be part of some cosmic plan the gods intended for them and as such, if the visions showed anything at all, Jack and his father had a lot of work to do...and in a short amount of time.

Jack, realizing that any chance at a normal life just went out the window, called his unlimited fighting agent and had him basically 'shutdown' the existence of 'Utah Jack' in the fighting circuit...and from the public.  YaGo! accounts were wiped clean of his online social presence as was any mention of him from any unlimited fighting records...and even closed out all his accounts, apartment and car payments...leaving Jack a virtual 'nobody' overnight.  His agent got the lion's share of Utah Jack's account ($150,000+) after everything was paid off. Jack, as far as he was concerned, no longer need money...a situation that he'd soon realize was a mistake.

For the next few years, Jack and his father worked diligently, teaching Jack everything he could about his father's shaman skills and more.  Jack's father knew powerful magics; magics Jack's father learned from his father...but was later told by the same father one night to never to use again or others from a 'magical conglomerate' would track them both down and take them or their powers away for good.  As such, several Charm-based magical spells as well as some Spirit-based magic, were taught to JackJack, interestingly, was a quick study and not only picked up on how to perform the spells, but did so what an alacrity even his father couldn't do.

By the time Jack was 27, he was ready. In a formal tribal ceremony, Jack performed the rights of the warrior as well as the rights of a shaman both at the same time for the tribal elders. In the end, after a sweat lodge elder discussion, the truth came out that each tribal elder had also received the same vision of Jack wearing the tribal colors and fighting alongside 'Anglos' in a mighty fight against and with cosmic beings, all showing Jack as a powerful warrior and shaman all in their visions. None of the elders had spoken of their visions until after Jack completed his trials and performed the final right of passage in the sweat lodge.  There, the elders not only gave their blessings, but also imparted powerful tribal artifacts and relics that would aid him in his journey and fateful battle.  Once done, Jack was told to go fulfill his destiny and was awarded the same garish costume he'd seen himself wear in his (and all the others who had the same) vision.

Weeks later, "Dakota" arrived at the one location he saw in his visions - the American Patrol in Texas. He would have been there soon but...he had no money. With a shoulder bag and a hitchhiker's thumb, Dakota eventually made it to Texas that way, hoofing it part of the way down long roads, sleeping on the side of the road under the stars...and at times, in the rain.


Before Jack could even step through the door of the American Patrol HQ, the team leader of the American Patrol hero group, Doctor Warder, not only introduced himself, but immediately told Jack that he too had the same vision that Jack had and had been long awaiting the day Jack as "Dakota" would arrive on his team's doorstep. With that, "Dakota" was immediately introduced to the American Patrol team and immediately voted in as a member of the team.

Today, Dakota is becoming quite a heroic figure in the public media. Most have already identified him as the long-missing "Utah Jack". Jack, as it stands, is the happiest he's ever been. His teammates are all incredible people that he feels blessed to have as comrades and teammates. He feels he's done more good for the Dakota tribe's image that what he could ever have done otherwise. Jack is a good man with good instincts, however, he is still quick to get into a fight before 'talking things out'.

Recently, Dakota has felt like he's being 'watched' from the shadows. Every time he tries to see who is there, they're as if they disappeared. He's deduced that those 'magical conglomerate' people he'd been told of may actually be watching him now.

Dakota Nation Flag.png



Power Origin: Magic (Spirit)

  • Illusion Casting (Spirit/Charm Magic)

    • Remarkable ability to produce up to 30 images of himself, others, and/or objects.

    • Illusions are psionic in nature and not physical

    • Range: 300 feet

    • Can create an illusion of a location with relative details within a 30 foot radius of himself for other to see in a 360-degree view, so long at others are inside the 30 foot radius

  • Spiritual Wounding (Spirit Magic)

    • Excellent level psionic/mental damage

    • Range: 200 yards

    • Targeted psyche within range will think they are taking pain/damage, but will not physically or otherwise receive it; only psionic/mental damage

    • Can perform stun/slam effects

  • Arcane Blast (Arcane Magic)

    • Typical magical blast

    • Range: 60 yards

  • Levitation (Spirit Magic)

    • Typical hover capabilities

    • Speed: 200 yards/minute

    • unlimited altitude (but cannot breath/will receive cold damage if goes too high)

  • Mental Flash/Blindness (Charm Magic)

    • Distorts a target/area targets vision by mentally overloading the optic nerves from the brain

    • Can do typical psionic/mental damage

    • Range 60 feet

    • Can only be done once every 30 seconds

  • Environmental/Life Awareness (Spirit Magic)

    • Good intuition towards all things occurring within the environment and any life signs within range

    • Range: 100 yards

  • Spirit/Astral Communication (Spirit Magic)

    • Can talk/communicate with up to 10 spirits at a good level

    • Spirits with overwhelming psyches CAN attempt to take over Dakota's mind if a spirit communication is occurring between them; Dakota is allowed to mentally combat this every several seconds

    • Range: 100 yards

  • Spirit Healing (Spirit Magic)

    • Typical ability to heal a body with an active mind (6% every several seconds)

    • Must focus to do so

    • Requires a Dakota Shaman staff to perform (carries with him)

  • Self Healing (Spirit Magic)

    • Good ability to heal a body with an active mind (10% every several seconds)

    • Must focus to do so

  • Self-Resurrection (Spirit Magic)

    • Does not know of this power...until he dies the first time

    • Resurrects Dakota within 1 minute's time from his own death with 20% health

    • Reduces all abilities by one level for 1 day's time

Dakota Nation Flag.png


  • Costume

    • Provides poor protection against physical, temperate, energy, toxic/toxin damage​

    • Provides typical protection against radiation damage

  • Wrist Bands (Kah'lee'kow'sey)

    • Provides the bearer increased strength and endurance by 1 level only when activated

    • Activated when 'clanged' together, gives the above power for a total of 2 minutes only

    • Cannot be used for another hour

  • Dakota Shaman Staff

    • Allows Dakota to perform Spirit Healing Power

    • Power is NOT in the staff; the staff is needed to focus the power to the target

    • Cannot heal others without the staff

    • Doesn't need the staff to heal himself

    • Amazing magical material

    • Disrupts dark/negative magic effects, spells and illusions up to excellent levels within q 20 foot range

  • Dakota Elder Axe

    • Fantastic magical material strength

    • Can cleave anything magical/psionic/mental up to amazing levels

    • Can cleave all other materials up to remarkable levels

    • Can only perform strength +1 level edged damage upon contact

  • Dakota Tribe Totem

    • used as a compass to 'find home' - the Dakota tribe

    • Can be used under any conditions; nothing can alter the compass' direction

  • Medicine Bag

    • Provides a variety of wards, salves, potions, herbs and magically enhanced pills for healing and/or protections

    • Each item in the medicine bag had a good ability

    • Wards can be used to provide good magical protection

    • Herbs, Salves, Portions and magical pills provide typical level healing capabilities

    • Relics provide to ward off evil spirits at an excellent level up to 200 yards away

  • Headband

    • Provides good psionic/mental protection when worn

  • Knife

    • Bowie Knife, strapped to hip

    • Amazing material strength blade and hilt

  • Cowboy Boots

    • Typical physical, toxic/toxin, temperate protection

    • Good radiation protection

    • Retractable excellent material blade in the toes

  • Fighting Gloves

    • Provides poor protection for knuckles in physical fight

    • Provides feeble toxic/toxin, energy, temperate protection

    • Only wears them while in a fight

  • American Patrol Smartphone/Earwig

    • Remarkable level encrypted transceiver communication device

    • 25 mile range without towers/satellite; unlimited with

    • Excellent material

    • Recharge required after 48 hours

  • Emergency beacon

    • Cape harness device that, when activate, emits a unique frequency for others to track to find him

    • range: 10 miles

    • battery duration: 3 days

  • Supply of Beef Jerky

    • 1 days supply for 2​

  • Magical Port Crystal

    • Square, 2 in x 2 in. Light blue clear crystal

    • Used for summoning teammates to bearer's location or bearer to a summoned location

    • Allows 1 minute response time; bearer can use Latin words to call for help or choose not to be teleported

    • 100,000 mile range

    • Requires magical recharge after 1 year


Dakota Nation Flag.png


  • Dakota Native-American Lore/History (Professional)

  • Dakota relics/practices (Professional)

  • Shamanism (Professional)

  • Paramedic/Field Medic (Professional)

  • Spirit Magic (Professional)

  • Arcane/Charm Magic (Proficient)

  • Unlimited Fighting Business (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee (+Fighting) (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Intuition (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Hold/Escape (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • Dakota Native (Professional)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

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