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Barbara Keag




early 20s









American Patrol



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 2 Jan 2009



Dr. Reginald 'Reg' Keag (father, deceased)

Mother (deceased)



Barbara Keag is the only daughter of  Reginald 'Reg' Keag, a CEO of the Keag Corporation of Denver, Colorado that created military hardware for the US government. Barbara's mother died from an 'accident', once that no one seemed to want to talk about, especially her father. Barbara grew up in a rich lifestyle, getting nearly anything she wanted. She, herself, was a VERY active child who liked to ski, hike, learn Taekwondo and other martial arts.  She ran track and cross country, and by age 17 she had won state championships. The strange thing was, she hardly had any friends; no one wanted to be her friend, and when Barbara tried to make friends, they almost seemed scared of Barbara.  It wasn't until months from her high school graduation did she find out the answer why.

One day a man in a brown and orange 'battle suit' arrived at the Keag's palatial mansion. The man in the suit demanded to know where the 'gauntlets and power supply were', to which Mr. Keag, Barbara's father, insisted that the gauntlets 'were not with him' and to leave or he'd call the FBI. That's wen the 'CANIS Omega' person in the battle suit pommeled Barbara's father to death...right in front of her.

The CANIS Omega told Barbara that her father was the worst 'Soccii' in all of CANIS and couldn't 'delivery as promised one too many times'.  The CANIS Omega demanded Barbara to tell him where in the house the 'secret lab' was and that if she tried any 'funny business' he'd kill her too.

That's when two superheroes from the American Patrol arrived and defeated the CANIS Omega in a highly destructive battle that nearly leveled the entire mansion. In the end, the leader of the American Patrol, Doctor Warder, told Barbara that her father had been under surveillance for years for his activities as an active Soccii in the CANIS global market syndicate and that he'd given dozens of military-grade plans, designs and equipment to CANIS over the years...except the last several years.  Doctor Warder explained that, from the intel he was given just before they arrived that day, that Reginald Keag was about to turn himself over to the FBI, stating that he could no longer do what they (CANIS) wanted him to do. He said the 'beacon' that his daughter was gave him the strength to atone for his many years of sins, including how he was framed for making it look like he'd killed his own wife, Barbara's mother.  It turned out CANIS had her killed and setup photos and evidence that made it look like Reginald was the murderer.  They used that as leverage to get Reginald to do anything CANIS wanted...except, as stated, for the last several years.

Barbara was overwhelmed.  She now understood why no one wanted to be her friend; others, including their parents, caught wind of Barbara's father's 'sketchy' alibi regarding the mother's murder and/or knew Reginald had dealings with other shady businesses and of course CANISBarbara was taken to a temporary foster home, but she didn't stay there long. She left and went back to the destroyed home, set for demolition the next week.  While sifting through the debris for any mementos of her and her family, she notice a section of the floor that would have been part of her father's study was damaged enough to show a hidden hydraulically-operated hatch that led into a secret sub-basement - her father's 'secret lab'.

There, Barbara discovered dozens of various weapons, armors, ammunition and eclectic devices and equipment.  Before she could do anything, another CANIS Omega came down the stairs and 'thanked' Barbara for finding the secret lab for him. Just as he was about to kill Barbara, the American Patrol, once again, arrived in time to battle the CANIS Omega. Barbara hid during the raucous fight. At one point, a pair of gauntlet got blown over onto the floor in front of her. Not knowing a thing about them, she still put them on, where they immediately did a DNA scan identifying a 'DNA match to Dr. Keag' as the gauntlet wearer.  The gauntlets were DNA-coded to her father...and seemingly, to anyone with most of his Barbara.

In the fight, the CANIS Omega got an upper-hand in the fight and defeated the American Patrol...but not Barbara.  Using the gauntlets (and having NO idea what they did), Barbara fired off several powerful kinetic bursts (on overload), severely damaging the CANIS Omega armor and eventually defeating the CANIS Omega. Barbara shutdown the gauntlets and then helped the American Patrol 'rescuers' to their feet and within minutes, the FBI, GUARD and the rest of the American Patrol arrived to secure the scene.

GUARD immediately wanted to take custody of all of Dr. Keag's work, however, Doctor Warder 'influenced' the authorities to not take the gauntlets, power supply, repair equipment, charger or spare parts kits. Doctor Warder gave the equipment to Barbara and told her 'your father didn't want it used by the bad people in CANIS; he hid these things from them. Can you do better with them?' To which Barbara simply replied, 'Are we in Colorado?' to which Doctor Warder answered a quizzical "...yes...?", where Barbara replied, 'then I guess that's your answer then! Where do I sign up to join the American Patrol?'

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, "Colorado", the codename she's since taken, is an active member of the American Patrol, a college student and of course an VERY active crimefighter.  Using her father's kinetic energy gauntlets and a few other 'items' gained from the American Patrol, Colorado has made quite the impact on her state and with the American Patrol.  She is highly athletic, always moving, always challenging herself, always training and trying her best to be a good person.  She says she's more comfortable with the 'older' crowd than the younger crowd since, according to Barbara, her young peers have already 'put her in a category and a box'. 


Barbara loves being around men and although she doesn't really 'flirt', she does 'lead' other men on. She wants to make up for all the wrongs her father did and to 'earn' being a hero so that one day, she and her family can say they all are 'heroes'.



Power Origin: Natural

She has no powers. Her abilities come for her technical equipment and talents.


  • Body Suit Protection

    • poor physical, toxic/toxin protection

    • typical temperate, energy protection​

    • good radiation protection

  • Kinetic Gauntlets

    • Can normally be used up to Excellent force damage to a target within melee (2 foot range)​

    • Can be temporarily used up to Remarkable force damage 1 time every minute to a target within melee range (2 feet)

    • Can be overloaded to Incredible force damage 1 time per hour to a target within melee range (2 feet)

      • +20% chance (compounded) of gauntlet damage after the initial overload use

    • Requires level amount of energy units for each use from belt's Power Supply

  • Headgear

    • Amazing material​ and protection

      • incredible (partial) physical, toxic/toxin, temperate, energy protection​

      • amazing (partial) radiation protection

    • Electronics Suite

      • Excellent level functionality

        • Communications Suite​​

      • Tactical Display/Targeting Computer/Database

        • Can track up to 20 targets and prioritize based on sensor/database data​

        • Provides excellent Intuition when used for tactical assessment

      • Sensors

        • Excellent level sensors​

        • range: 200 yards

      • Internet/Network Connection

        • Can connect with internet/WiFi/microwave networks, including American Patrol network​

        • Provides excellent reason level access to information and knowledge

    • Requires energy from power supply on belt when operational

      • 1 unit every several seconds (50 units/hour)​

  • Jump Boots

    • Remarkable jump capability​

      • up to 300 feet across, 225 feet up, 410 feet down​

      • Requires 30 units of energy for each jump (10 for first jump)

    • Requires energy from Power Supply​

  • Belt

    • Power Supply

      • Stores 4000 units of stored energy for the gauntlets, the headgear and the jump boots​

      • Requires 4 hours to recharge a drained power supply

      • Requires a special recharger kit to recharge with

      • NOTE: Using kit-bashing, alternate ways can be used to charge the power supply HOWEVER it would require 4X the charge rate (16 hours to fully charge)

    • Storage

      • Survival Gear

      • Lockpicking Equipment

      • Spare Earwig Comms Device

      • Emergency Rations

      • Personal Item Storage

    • Magical Port Crystal

      • Square, 2 in x 2 in. Light blue clear crystal

      • Used for summoning teammates to bearer's location or bearer to a summoned location

      • Allows 1 minute response time; bearer can use Latin words to call for help or choose not to be teleported

      • 100,000 mile range

      • Requires magical recharge after 1 year


  • Sports (Proficient)

  • Athletics (Proficient)

  • Physical Training (Proficient)

  • Track & Field (Proficient)

  • Cross Country (Proficient)

  • Skiing (Proficient)

  • Kinetic Energy/

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • French (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Barely Proficient)

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