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There is no universe worth enjoying unless you have characters!  The MDU is inundated with some of the most dynamic characters EVER! From the display above, click on any character for more details or find them in our INDEX.

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Last Updated: 28 Nov 2019 @2245 Eastern

Major Deej Comics

Major Deej Comics showcases the MDU characters in the best page-turning comics around! Click on any of the issue covers above to view the comic or simply visit our MAJOR DEEJ COMICS page to see our selections!

MDU News

Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night, the Masters of Maleficence has arisen once more! Led by Mad Halloween Jack, this band of evil beings have one goal in mind: evil!  They look forward to plaguing humanity, causing chaos and death in their wake! Why?? Well, according to Mad Halloween Jack..."Why not?".

Originally dubbed as the 'Dark Overlords', and then becoming the 'Malificium', this band of bad, baneful beasts and their boastful, belligerent blasphemy blanch your being until your bewildered, buckling brain bears bankruptcy! 

Heed our words! Check back here often to draw up these dangerous demons and defilers! Don't dare detract from this! Updates weekly! 

Mad Halloween Jack III.jpg


20 Sep 2019  (Updated: 19 Oct 2019)

Death Legion Group Shot III.jpg
Death Legion Logo 2.png

Death Legion has been around for centuries, however most of the world doesn't know anything about them!  This guild of assassins, in all their secrecy, have maintained a high-level of kills and assassinations worldwide. In the last few decades, their power-base has increased and their influence even more!  After being utterly obliterated after the Kennedy Assassinations, Death Legion has recently reformed and are ready to make a full blown business out of assassinations once again!

Check back on the Death Legion's page over the next month to see our scintillating swath of psychopaths! Don't get a 'mark' from them; it'll only lead to a permanent vacation!

UPDATE: 19 Oct 19 - Death Legion is DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are ready for your viewing and reading pleasure! Review our outstanding selection of assassins, mercenaries and guns-for-hire today!

MDU News Archive Page Created!

24 Aug 2019  

To help minimize the amount of scrolling one must do on the Home Page, we decided to create a MDU News Archive page!


On this page you'll be able to go back and see the events and activities that occurred each year since our new website have been active! As always, we're trying our best to take in your comments and incorporate changes where they're needed.


Thanks readers!


200th Character Added to the MDU's Website!
27 July 2019  

ALOHA! With the advent of adding Condor Legion's Rogue Rontgen character to the site, we have officially reached our site's incredible 200th character milestone!

Since this new website was launched, the MDU team has worked to update the quality of each character's imagery, story and details to a degree never before done with any of our characters.  As such, it has been a long few years since "Major Deej" graced us with being the site's first character (sadly, we're even updating THAT character's details in order to reflect the MDU Origins'  comic of  Major Deej)!

Keep looking for the next 200! We have many more exciting and dynamic characters yet to come! PAU HANA, BRUDDA!

The PEACEKEEPERS are about to go Code-11!

25 June 2019  (Update: 19 Sep 2019)

Peacekeepers Logo.jpg

The Peacekeepers, America's super-powered and enhanced police force, are ready to throw some 'law and order' into the mix! These incredible public servants are tasked to apprehend, stop and incarcerate any and all super-powered or enhanced individuals breaking the laws of the Untied States. If any team can do so, it's this one!

The Peacekeepers, co-led by Judge Law and Major Order run a tight ship! Keep on the lookout for new character entries, but in the meantime, you HAVE to check out their new base, located on the Peacekeepers main page!  Enjoy!

UPDATE: 19 Sep 2019 - Peacekeepers are DONE!! GO!! CHECK THEM OUT! 10-4!

CONDOR LEGION is ready to engage!

19 June 2019  (UPDATE: 27 JUL 2019)

Condor Legion Logo 1.jpg

ACTHUNG! The ex-East German terrorist army known as CONDOR LEGION is back in action and disseminating information freely about their organization!  They intend to use this information to scare and cajole heroes and nations to fear the Condor Legion, but instead it has provided more insight into their sick and twisted plan to take over Germany and make it a new socialist nation, along with doing the same to all the nations of Europe!

The Legion, led by the nefarious Condor Commander, still remains well hidden and at large, but more information keeps coming in every week! Check back here to get the last intel on this ominously dangerous band of villains!

UPDATE: 27 July 19 - Condor Legion is DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are ready for your viewing and reading pleasure! Down a stein of good German beer while enjoying and discovering their stories!


We just want you to know that we are aggressively working towards transitioning our old website content from our previous site on  It took four years to create the content, so, the transition to's provided site, which includes incredibly superior graphics, systems and animations, takes a bit of time.

All Major Deej Comics are already available on this site and ready for you to view and enjoy right now (if you haven't read them, shame on you! You're depriving yourself!) and remember, they all FREE to download and view!

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