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SSE Debris Item 67-560423




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s: 24 Sep 2011


N/A, however, Crimson Silver Black is the same series of robot, although both are rebuilt differently



In August 2001, a G.U.A.R.D. recovery and salvage team was sorting and boxing up equipment from the wreckage of the Soltan Star Empire's Flagship that had crashed in the Sahara Desert during the final battle of the Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000.  Buried under 700,000 tons of debris, a severely damaged 'pancaked' alien robot was found under the tons of debris. It initially didn't merit concern...until the team saw the robot trying to fix itself.

Initially labeled "SSE Debris Item 67-560423", the alien robot was placed in a highly secure underground bunker, with techs all trying to communicate with it and determine if it was a threat or not. No records were translated from it other than the word 'Exiler' and 'Itozian' in the Soltan language. It's self-repairs were slow and it was evident that the robot was missing critical memory and/or components (obviously destroyed in one manner or another, possibly even before it was placed in the flagship's prison wing). 


For the next decade, the GUARD techs and the robot slowly started to learn from each other. By 2012, the 'Exiler' (which became its unofficial name) was mobile and able to distinguish (relatively) amongst Terran languages, although it routinely mixed up the languages (e.g., Aloha, varmint! Donde' [indescribable noise] der wienerschnitzel?).  One particular thing the Exiler had in its memories were its knowledge of its own Intergalactic Laws - and what judgement an 'Exiler' was to perform on those breaking those laws.

The Intergalactic laws, which it could only remember 50 of, were the basis through which the 'Exiler' operated from. One such law, murder, was considered a Level 5 (out of 6) offense and, unless performed as an act of protecting innocents or destroying a being that was a great threat factor to others, usually meant 'Exile' from the Exiler. It wasn't until 2015 that ASTROGUARD, the division that was 'voted upon' in GUARD to contain/work with the Exiler robot, was able to see what the Exiler's capabilities were. In a deadly altercation between an escaping prisoner and an ASTROGUARD security guard, Exiler identified the escaping prisoner in violation of law #2 - Murder and was to be immediately sentenced to 'exile'.  In so doing, the Exiler created a gun from its arm and blasted the escapee with a strange energy beam.  The beam looked like it had killed the escapee, but upon later information provided by Exiler, he'd instead 'Exiled' the escapee to the Exiler's last loaded Exile-placement coordinates...which were completely across the galaxy. When is was discovered that Exiler 'Exile weapons' did not have the range to reach those coordinates, Exiler surmised that the escapee was instead 'left floating in space at the edge of the "Exiler Ray's" maximum range of 2, 000 light years. As a result, Exiler and GUARD worked in 'new parameters' for Exiler (since Exiler would NOT agree to NOT perform his duties he was programmed with), wherein Exiler would instead send those in violation of the Intergalactic Laws to instead be sent to coordinates in either the Peacekeeper prison system or in GUARD's own prisons, thus allowing judgement to be performed by Earth-based trials instead. Exiler agreed to this, but stated that if it was attacked to within 50% damage, that Exiler's programming allowed it to 'override' exile parameters and instead authorize kill/death protocols upon the attacker.  Again, GUARD relented to these new 'parameters', however, after dozens of scary and dangerous altercations with the Exiler, it quickly became apparent that it had to be separated from humans and kept under lock and key.


Awhile ago, an Earth-centric movement started by despondent and upset world citizens wanting to take the fight back to the retreated Soltans from the 2000 Soltan Invasion of Earth that were amassed on the dark side of Mars.  This 'pro-offense' movement wasn't able to get world governments to rise to the occasion, but instead a faction of people (and some resident, marooned galactic aliens) decided to take action. A secret strategic plan was put in place to 'commandeer' Earth's only operations star cruiser, Terracer 1, load it up with pro-offense movement fighters and people, arm it with every capable weapons (including nuclear weapons) and take the ship in what considered to be a suicide run to obliterate the Soltans camped out on the dark side of Mars once and for all. A large group of GUARD personnel joined the movement and, knowing of the Exiler, decided to ask it (Exiler) if it wished to come along on their mission.

The Exiler stated that it was 'in its programming' to have to go with them to met justice onto the Soltans for thousands upon thousands of intergalactic transgressions.  The GUARD personnel broke Exiler out of his cell and got him aboard Terracer 1.

Today, Exiler is now on Terracer 1 with the Starfighters; the name given to the ship's crew and warriors that are all on their way to Mars to met revenge (and for some, justice).  Exiler, not having a lot of experience with normal humans, will have a very conflicting and enigmatic trip as it has to learn to deal with human laws, practices and solutions to its Intergalactic Laws as they apply to any and all that Exiler sees occur before him.  It's only a matter of time before Exiler's 'Exile Ray' will have to be used...and to that degree, where will that exiled person go?  Humans are not perfect, and since they are unaware (or uncaring) of another alien's rules or laws, there is bound to be a LOT of drama in their journey with Exiler to Mars.

Exiler is a robot. It is programmed, but does have a limited AI to allow itself to learn and adapt. It's Intergalactic Laws and the actions that Exiler has been programmed with to enforce or adjudicate these laws is absolute...however, it has learned to impart local jurisdictions in place IF and only IF Exiler agrees to the local jurisdiction terms, which it has done on SOME occasions. The Starfighters do NOT have a separate legal system and is definitely not withing any 'local' jurisdiction in space, thus making Exiler 'confused' with how to proceed on different legal violations.

Exiler is at only 20% of its rated capabilities and power. Due to the damage it took with the Flagship crushing it (and subsequent damage Exiler took from being captured by the Soltans), it still needs to work on itself reconstructing itself, somehow, to find the additional 80% capabilities it states it is 'required' to have prior to engaging Soltan forces on Mars. At this point, it is fashioning scrap metals and armoring as best it can to help in building itself up...but it is in desperate need of its own special form of metal used in its own self repairs; a metal that can only be found in other Exilers, none of which, save one, is anywhere close to Earth.



Power Origin: Technology (Itozian?)

  • Damaged Itozian Exiler Robotic Form (in current state)

    • Physical Enhancements

      • Fighting is at a remarkable level

      • Agility is at a remarkable level

      • Strength is at a remarkable level

      • Endurance is at an incredible level

    • Cognitive/Sensor Enhancements

      • All sensors operate at remarkable levels and ranges

      • Reasoning is broken; currently at typical for familiar (exposed to) content, poor for unfamiliar (not exposed to) content

      • Intuition is remarkable

      • Psyche is currently at Incredible levels, but it has been assessed that for adjudicating and performing actions in relation to Intergalactic Law, its willpower is Spectacular in level performance and focus (even though it can only remember 50 laws at this time)

      • Vision

        • Covers all spectrums at a remarkable level, range and scope power including thermal, night, electronic trace, frequency trace, energy trace and X-Ray

      • Sensor Appendage Transformation

        • Can transform any appendage to create a large power source or surface area for a sensor function to be performed

        • example: remarkable level 'life signs' sensors at remarkable range, when utilizing a transformed appendage as a sensor, adds an additional level to sensors ability and range (1 appendage = Incredible, 2 appendages = Amazing, etc)


  • WEAKNESS: Depleted unique self-repairing metal: Itozian Exiler Alloy

    • Due to over 80% of its destroyed Itozian Exiler Alloy (normally fantastic level material with amazing regeneration rates), this Exiler has had to 'kit bash' itself to make itself better/stronger using standard Earth-based alloys like steel and titanium to augment its robotic frame. ​

    • Due to its damaged memory, it cannot access how to to fix itself fully, and thus has to do manual repairs on itself rather than automatic amazing regenerating self-repairs

    • NOTE: WHEN and IF Exiler is able to build itself back to 100% peak performance, all weapons, all armoring and all functions get baselined to a fantastic level and equivocal range. This still allows all talents to still be utilized as needed, as well as any compounded damage it or its weapons create/produce like build-up (spectacular level).


  • Armoring

    • Remarkable armoring protection against all forms of damage except radiation and temperate

    • Amazing protection against radiation and temperate

    • Transforming Appendages

      • Can alter arms/hands/fingers to become ranged and melee weapons vice standard arms/hands/fingers

      • Can alter forearm to become a shield

      • Can alter legs to become energy thrusters for flight

      • Can alter back and/or chest to become additional energy thruster for an additional level of flight capability with leg energy thruster transformation for flight

      • Can collapse and fold its own robotic frame into a geodetic crystal-like shape used to absorb/deflect an additional level of damage so long as it stays in its folded-up shape (can acts as a chrysalis/cocoon until it recharges or is safe to reform also).

      • Armor can also be transformed into spiked-surface, thus any and all beings/objects grappling with Exiler would inflict up to good edged damage, pending on force of grapple/contact

  • Exiler Beam Weapon

    • Takes 30 seconds to charge up

    • Once target is hit, dimensional teleport takes target to a pre-programmed set of coordinates (usually prison cells or prison planets)

    • Beam requires an unearthly level of standard, cosmic or magical energy to be overcome or shielded from

    • Range: 20,000 light years

    • NOTE: It cannot be reversed; one way trip beam.

  • Energy Blaster

    • When appendage is transformed into this type of weapon, it can fire Remarkable level blasts using any of the the following forms of energy (only one energy at a time):

      • Radiation​

      • Plasma/General Energy

      • Light/Photonic

      • Ionized/Electric

      • Magnetic

      • Heat/Flame

      • Chill/Ice

    • To change to a different energy requires several seconds for it to transform the energy source to use in the blast​

    • Range: 300 yards

    • Energy Build-Up

      • Once every 3 minutes (180 seconds), Exiler can allow one particular energy blast to allow a build-up for an additional 12 to 15 seconds to delivery an additional level of damage in the next blast.

      • It requires 3 minutes of time between performing any 'build-up' blasts.

  • Transformational Melee Weapons

    • Can transform arms, legs into melee weapons​

    • Can transform forearms into shields

    • Back can transform into four articulated sharp 'stabby' and grappling arms/weapons

      • Excellent strength for grappling

      • Excellent edged attack each when used to 'stab'

        • for all 4 attacking on one target = level compounded; Excellent level edged damage + level + level + level = amazing level damage

    • Melee weapons that the arms/legs can transform into include:

      • swords

      • knives

      • blades

      • spears

      • axes

      • claws

      • hammers

      • forked/tined weapon (trident, quadent, etc.)


  • Galactic Navigation (Professional)

  • Galactic Law (Master)

    • NOTE: This knowledge is currently broken; only knows 50 of these laws

  • Tactical Fighting/Aerial Combat/Space Combat (Professional)

    • Agility, fighting, strength - based on specific tactical need at time of fight; only one talent skill set used at a time​

  • Celerity (Proficient)

    • +1 level speed of movement on ground

  • Galactic civilizations (Master)

    • NOTE: This knowledge is currently damaged with 20% chance to remember/recover info

  • Pilot/Starship Captaining (Professional)​

    • NOTE: This knowledge is currently damaged with 20% chance to remember/recover info

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Science/Physics (Professional)

  • Galactic History (Master)

    • NOTE: This knowledge is currently damaged with 20% chance to remember/recover info

  • Languages:

    • 3,000 galactic languages and dialects (Professional)

      • NOTE: This knowledge is currently damaged with 20% chance to remember/recover info​

    • 70% of Earth's key languages and dialects (Professional)​

    • Soltan (Professional)

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