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Marcus "Mark" Jones


United States/Hero











Mark 'Em Jones, Markum Jones, Tankin' Markum

Southern Stars



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 May 2017


Isabel Guerrero AKA Skreem (Ward, "sister"/ hermana)

Jackson Jones (father, deceased)

Clare Jones (mother)

Robert 'Bobby' Jones (brother)

Jeremiah Jones (brother)

Janet Jones (sister)



The oldest of four siblings to the famous Pro Football star Jackson "Jack" Jones of the University of Alabama and Detroit Lions and Clare Jones, Marcus "Mark" Jones started life as a relatively weak boy with lots of health issues - childhood asthma, uneven muscle growth and an enlarged heart. Medically, Mark wasn't supposed to be doing much physical exertion, but being the son of a famous football star was something you didn't 'sit on the sidelines' for.


Amazingly, as a teenager, Mark's health problems went away, leaving him instead stronger and faster than nearly everyone he knew in school. He played basketball, baseball and football, but he knew his future was in football.  Thanks to the University of Alabama, he was able to gain a football scholarship, under an athletics degree.  In his four years with U or A, he took them to national championships year after year. Upon his graduation, Mark was practically able to sign his own ticket with any professional American football team, making millions...and he did...but only for a few years.


During those few years, Mark took his NFL team, the Alabama Sentinels to the Super Bowl and won each year. At the end of his season though, a gangster syndicate decided they needed to stop him from winning. In a drive-by shooting, they shot and 'killed' Mark. 'Killed' meaning he was dead on arrival (DoA) at the hospital...and then he got better.


Minutes after the doctors at the hospital pronounced Mark dead, he awoke going into convulsions. His wounds expelled the bullets (pushed them out) and his muscles began to grow and form larger than ever before. Hours later, Mark awoke to a remarkably powerful new body, alive, in remarkable shape and leaving the world, and himself, with a lot of questions.


After hundreds of tests and labs were run on Mark, it was discovered he had a latent X-65 mutagenic gene that activated upon him being shot and killed. His mutant power of invulnerability and increased strength and endurance were a result of his mutagenic gene going active; a gene that MAY have innately helped him through his childhood illnesses, but wasn't actually activated until his 'death'.


Luckily, the drive-by shooters were arrested and found to be associated with Crimewave. By the time of the shooters' trial, each goon had already 'died' mysteriously in prison, thus leaving Crimewave and its suspect association unconvicted and not legally linked. Mark, on the other hand, had a larger issue to deal with...what to do now that he was changed.


Within days of the Alabama Sentinels having to let Mark 'go' (giving him a massive $45 million severance package) and Mark being banned from professional sports due to his 'new condition', Mark was contacted by the US Government and asked to register as required by national law as part of the recently legalized Super-powered Registration Act (SRA).  He did so willingly, however, he was also asked to join a group of federal non-registration sanctioned 'police' called the 'Peacekeepers' and use his powers for 'the good of the nation'.


After a lot of soul searching in the neighborhoods of his old home state of Alabama, Mark realized something differently. Alabama, for all its wonderful people and history, was one of the poorest states in the nation and the lowest funded for crime prevention, education and support from the federal government. He addressed this with the feds, all of whom instead 'whitewashed' Alabama's issues as 'normal' and 'not worth discussing'. This angered Mark enough to spend the next few weeks on a walking tour of Alabama. In that time, going from north to south, east to west of Alabama, Mark quickly discovered his concerns weren't only was worse than he'd expected.

Rather than 'throw money at the problem' (which everyone wanted him to do, even the Feds), Mark instead started working with the local neighborhoods and communities, finding out what they needed to get out of their dreary state. Within months, with minimal spending against his multi-million dollar wealth, Mark was able to push through programs, legislation, volunteer groups and community activism to start making a difference. In less than two years, Alabama's prosperity began to grow and the people of the state were the happiest they'd ever been with the lowest crime rate ever...that is until Crimewave got involved again.

Crimewave had dealings with CANIS black marketing in Alabama. With CANIS being routed out of Alabama thanks to Mark's 'focused anti-crime' programs, Crimewave was losing money. As such, Crimewave went back into action, this time, using Death Legion assassins to take out Mark once and for all.

Every single Death Legion assassin failed.

Mark, realizing he was using his new abilities to fight Crimewave and assassins, decided it was time to take the next step and donned a costume in the semblance of the Alabama flag. It didn't take long before the media officially dubbed him "Alabama" and called him a superhero. In the following weeks, working with the state troopers, detectives and the FBI, Mark, as Alabama, worked to hot only decimate CANIS' black market operations in the state, but shutdown several criminal factions, forcing Crimewave out of the state and virtually out of the southern region. Mark's actions soon drew attention that prompted him to create a team of superheroes, ones that could protect the South and not just Alabama instead of just putting it all on him.

Working with the SRA authorities, Mark/Alabama was able to recruit several registered southern U.S. superheroes (and even become a guardian for a Cuban-American hero called Skreem) to form a new superhero team called the 'Southern Stars'. Sadly, the state of Alabama wouldn't let him set up a 'superhero base' in Alabama (for fear of drawing too much attention of villainous forces into their state), however, Georgia was quick to not only 'sell' the famous Mason Mansion in Atlanta, Georgia to Mark/Alabama for a base, but quickly initiated legislation providing a 'home' for the new "Southern Stars" superhero group...even before Mark/Alabama could make a decision about it. It didn't hurt that he also received an 'anonymous' donation for someone called "Major" in the hundreds of millions to further fund his base and team.

As expected, Mark/Alabama agreed to the Mason Mansion in Atlanta, Georgia and setup his new superhero team there.

Today, Mark/Alabama is the famous and popular superhero leader of the Southern Stars. He has continued working with the southern and Alabama communities, but this time he's expanded his network for the communities to coordinate and work together with authorities to 'make things better', routing out a lot of 'good ole boy' politicians and corruption in the southern states. With the Southern Stars team's motto 'Protect the South' Mark and his team have become a popular, yet quirky band of heroes.


Mark/Alabama is an incredible team leader who leads by example and epitomizes in doing the right thing...but when needed, a little offense mixed into the playbook 'doesn't hurt'.  He is notably the South's most endeared superhero and is constantly bombarded with requests for help, appearance and events. Miraculously, thanks to his football career, he's learned to balance these needs and still find time to hang with his family and friends and occasionally host a Barbeque cooking his famous 'Alabama Ribs' he cooks for everyone (and has since marketed to the general public).



Power Origin: Mutant

  • Invulnerability

    • Has remarkable invulnerability to all forms of damage except psionic and magical​

  • Super Strength and Endurance

    • Has remarkable strength capable of lifting over 2 tons​

    • Has incredible endurance, allowing him to need to rest only for 2 hours a day

    • Can hold his breath for up to 12 minutes

  • Regenerative Healing

    • He can heal at an excellent rate, allowing for 20% of his health to be regained in an hour​

    • Mends bones and brain cells, but cannot 'regrow' lost limbs/body parts

  • Hyper-Leaping

    • Remarkable leaping allows for 300 feet across, 200 feet up and 425 feet down leaps​

  • Hyper-Swimming

    • Remarkable swimming speed allows for 30 knots+ swimming speed​

  • Enhanced Vision/Hearing/Taste

    • Has good senses​


  • Costume/Cape

    • Can take up to poor damage from all forms of attacks except psionic, temperate/fire, magical and radiation

    • Provides typical temperate protection

    • Provides good radiation protection

    • Cape is also fire-retardant; can be used to wrap and protect people/objects providing typical fire protection

  • Chest Bandolier

    • Variety of electronic equipment, radios, trackers, emitters, beacons, flares, secuirty access devices, detective kit equipment, cameras etc.

    • Binder remote activator device

  • Belt

    • Fire Extinguishing Capsules (2)

      • Good encapsulated fire extinguishers that can smother a fire safely for an affected area for 1 minute or longer upon impact or if dialed in for a time delay up to 1 minute

    • Binders (4)

      • Amazing material memory-metal wrist/ankle binders that, when activated, take the shape of the wrapped position/application of the thin metal straps. When energized, provides amazing immobilization/hold capability so long as the charge is maintained (4 hour charge)

  • Earwig

    • Communications device; remoarkable material; range-unlimited within cellular/microwave comms tower range, otherwise 10 miles.​

    • ​Battery last up to 20 hours​

    • Waterproof, but range drops to 200 yards once underwater


  • American Football (professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Business (Proficient)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Athletics (Professional)

  • Politics (Proficient)

  • Law (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Combat (+ Fighting) (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Baseball (Proficient)

  • Basketball (Proficient)

  • Alabama History/Lore (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

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