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Professor Kranan

NemesisNeil Davidge
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Gudran Kranan


Villain (Sweden)



According to him, he's 'beyond' marital ties











Don "Major Deej" Finger

1980; 5 Jan 2007



None he is willing to share about




A brilliant Swedish biological science doctor and chemist, Professor Gudran Kranan, several years ago, was the lead member of a science team representing Sweden in Europe's "Science Olympics", an event designed for a single national team, every four years, to earn a $50 million Euros award for one of ten field-created projects created and judged by Pulitzer Prize-winning scientists from around the world. 


The "Science Olympics" was the brainchild of the European multi-billionaire Leopold Denalli, who wanted top European scientists to compete in applying science to making the world a better place. This event's ten fields of competition this time were in computers, neurology, psychology, astronomy, paleontology, energy sciences, emergency medical sciences, pharmacology and zoology. Professor Kranan wanted his team to compete in 6 of the 10 events (computers, neurology, psychology, energy science, pharmacology and zoology), hoping to win at least one of them. Although the team was highly skeptical of Professor Kranan's plan, they nonetheless planned to give it everything they had. 

Each of the Swedish team members was a specialist in each of the 6 events, with Professor Kranan believing he was a specialist in all of them.  Each field had four days each to show their work to the judges, with the events coupled or done in series as required for the schedule. As the two-week competition entered its first week, two of the Swedish team's events, computers and psychology, were both won by Germany, with the Swedish team's contributions been judged dead last.  Professor Kranan was furious with his team and demanded the losing events' Swedish scientists be remove from the team with 'letters of reprimand' to their associated employers stating their 'pathetic knowledge and efforts', so which the Science Olympics judges, of course, said 'no' to Professor Kranan's demand.


Professor Kranan was later met with disdain and boos as the competition continued and his arrogance and derision increased against his fellow hard-working scientists.  Eventually, it came down to the final competition in neurology.  Professor Kranan fired his fellow scientists from the team and told everyone he'd 'now show them what a great scientist could do".


As such, Professor Kranan decided to meld all six of the Swedish team's event choices into the neurology field, and using the sciences of all six fields, show the judges that he not only could win in the neurology event, but that he should be granted a win for each of the six events as well.  Although the judges stipulated it was against the rules, Professor Kranan, in his sleep-depreciated and maniacal condition, ignored their objections.  As a result, Professor Kranan began coalescing his plan, using his new DNA computer mapping software and hardware. He was now able to identify biological anomalies in a test specie (in this case, lizards), thus coding a lizard's DNA for cloning and metaphysical healing through computer-injected DNA strands, as well as impart a neurological synaptic "numbing" ray (combining neurology and energy science) to ensure the test specie (lizard) would feel no pain, and then, using specific computer-generated electro-charges, be able to adjust the behavior of the test specie (lizard) to perform several pre-listed physical actions upon command. Nonetheless to say, Professor Kranan's plan bordered on the edge of inappropriate morality and humanitarian actions.


On the final day of competition, Professor Kranan produced his results.  5 out of the 6 event-based sciences were indeed performed and considered revolutionary, however, two factors created a situation that Professor Kranan did not foresee.  In performing the final resultant of his entry, the lizard died before hundreds of thousands of viewers watching the event. This, coupled with the fact that the judges were already horrified at what Professor Kranan had produced, failed Professor Kranan and demanded him to be immediately escorted from the Science Olympics, as well as have his certifications revoked for breach of scientific ethics and morality.  In a last ditch effort to prove he had the superior solution to these six events, before the security guards could get to him to escort his out, Professor Kranan hooked up his experimental equipment to himself and threw the switch.

The horror that resulted before the shocked judges and led most of the on-site crowd to run screaming from the auditorium.

Professor Kranan's body and head began to change from flesh and bone to green scales and cartilage; his head grew twice its original size, and his body shot up to 7 1/2 feet tall!  In the middle of all this, security guards tackled Professor Kranan and ripped him from the DNA encoding computers and experimental equipment, creating a massive electrical backlash, as well as a psionic blast from Professor Kranan himself.  When Professor Kranan stood up, he was no longer the slender, short human he once was; instead he was now a tall, green scaled, bulbous-headed monster.  Professor Kranan walked over to the shocked judges and demanded that they say he won the entire Science Olympic competition in all categories, for which each judge, now being mentally controlled by Professor Kranan, said 'yes' to. With that, Professor Kranan laughed an evil, monstrous laugh as he relished the moment of being the 'sole' Science Olympics winner - that is until one of Sweden's newest super-heroes, The Swede Champion, arrived.

The Swede Champion, an old B-list Swedish superhero from the 1960s, demanded that Professor Kranan surrender peacefully tothe police, based on the charge of criminal acts against animals and humanity. Professor Kranan, enraged at being called a criminal, assaulted the Swede Champion with a psionic blast that literally fried the Swede Champion's brain in seconds.  The Swede Champion dropped to the floor like a sack of wet oats. As the arriving police entered the auditorium and drew their taser weapons, Professor Kranan mentally blasted all of the police, leaving each in a mentally vegetative state even to this day.


A young science student from France, who'd been entered in the pharmacology field, ran up behind Professor Kranan and injected Kranan with a painless drug that was designed to help traumatized patients with mental injuries.  The drug caused Professor Kranan's brain to shutdown, thus dropping him unconscious to the floor.  A second wave of police arrived seconds later and gathered Professor Kranan up and took him off to prison, where he remained for the last few years, heavily sedated wearing a psychic-inhibitor helmet (ironically created by one of the 'fired' scientists from Professor Kranan's team).

A few years ago, Professor Kranan was found missing from his cell.


After weeks of searching from all the major investigative organizations (Scotland Yard, INTERPOL, FBI, Kremlin, etc), reports started coming in regarding several attacks made by 'scientist-soldiers' calling themselves "The Catalysts", all of whom named their leader as Professor Kranan.

Since then, Professor Kranan has started a war on man's dominance on Earth. He has since killed or had some 'thing' kill each of the Science Olympic judges and Professor Kranan's Science Olympics teammates. Hunted down by the United Nations, GUARD and the superhero community (to avenge the Swede Champion's demise), Professor Kranan and the Catalysts have evaded capture, even though several of the Catalysts' labs were raided and/or discovered.  There, within those discovered labs, monstrous experiments were found to have occurred on animals, marine life and humans, leaving the corpses and bones of dozens of mutilated and biologically experimented-on bodies and scientifically generated creatures left in heaps in trash bins and cages, some of which of those that were caged, died of  starvation.


Since then hundreds of the world's scientists have been reported as abducted or missing, some of which, their bodies were found 'changed' into creatures or human-hybrid animals that died from the shock of the change/alteration. Recent reports have also identified 'animal-like soldiers' kidnapping people and/or gruesomely killing family members of some of the missing scientists. A few superheroes  encountered The Catalysts and/or Professor Kranan only to be found gruesomely killed and/or mind blasted to a vegetative state, with no additional clues as to The Catalysts or Professor Kranan's location or plans.


Today, Professor Kranan is, according to himself, 'the most dangerous being on the planet'. Kranan's ego alone demands that he create and distribute a 'reminder' video to the media every other month to let the 'dregs of the world' know how smart he is and that humanity's days are numbered. Professor Kranan still leads the Catalysts and continues his experimentation and scientific work using what he calls 'volunteer' scientists (according to Professor Kranan, as 'on his payroll') and 'other' helpers looking to stop humanity's dominance over the Earth and to make Earth an 'Eden' unto itself once again.




Power Origin: Science


  • Mental Assault

    • When Kranan physically touches the skull or housing of an un-shielded brain, he can induce a remarkable-level mental attack on the target's brain, frying nearly all synaptic links and activity other than body motor functions (breathing, heartbeat, peeing, etc.)

  • Mental Control

    • Has excellent ability to alter perceptions and minds of anything with a brain within 20 yards of his location such to the point that those affected will truly believe what Kranan projects into their minds, be it as simple as walking off a cliff to believing one is dying of oxygen deprivation on the surface of an alien planet. He can make people say and do as he wants, but has to maintain control of each person/being every several seconds or lose control.

  • Mental Invisibility

    • His power affects others' perceptions of Kranan's presence, thus creating an excellent mental 'blindspot' or 'stealth-like presence' to anyone within 20 yards of his location.

  • Mental Blast

    • Kranan can also focus his mental energies to release powerful psionic blasts up to 20 yards away, or can affect all within a 20 yard radius with a 45-degree cone-like psionic wave centered from the front of his head. 

  • Mental Hold

    • Can use his mental powers to place an excellent-level mental command onto a target (whose psyche is less than his) to 'not move' and be help in location or immobilized if desired.  Effect only lasts 20 seconds wherein Kranan needs to reapply the mental hold or the mental hold wears off. The hold also dissipates if Kranan looses his focus on doing this.

  • Mental Defenses

    • Mind and psyche have amazing mental defenses

    • Kranan's mind has unearthly protection from being emotionally senses, telepathically 'read' or detected mentally (snake neural activity + augmented human brain=near impossible to detect/read); acts like 'mental invisibility' to everything including magic, psionics and machines

  • Empathic Senses

    • As part of his mental acuity and his snake-like augmentation, he has a good empathetic sense about him wherein he can 'feel' a person's/being's emotions, fears, lack of fear, anxiety, desire to strike, etc, thus allowing him automatic initiative on all those he senses.  As such, he can sense up to 200 yards away with these senses. He cannot effectively filter these senses with anything over 20 beings in the range, thus reducing his senses by a whole level for each additional three people/beings beyond the max 20.

  • Physical Augmentation

    • Scaled skin

      • Provides good protection from energy, toxin/toxic and physical attacks

      • Provides amazing protection from radiation

      • NOTE: icy or cold temperate attacks double the amount of damage to him

    • Regeneration

      • If injured, Kranan regenerates at an amazing rate, even to include arms and legs (but not his head, from his own admission).

    • Physical augmentations

      • Strength and Endurance are at remarkable levels

      • Agility is incredibly effective, due to his bones, now all cartilage, allowing him to bend, move and slip into small openings and contort like no human can.

    • Leaping

      • He can leap up to 40 yards across, 30 yards up and 65 yards down.

  • Hyper-Intellect

    • The augmentation also increased his brain capacity and neural activity by over 200%, giving him incredible reason and remarkable levels of hyper-invention and hyper-crafting. His psyche, although now at incredible levels, sadly for him, is too untrained and unfocused at this time, thus, normally his psyche is only remarkably strong vice incredibly. When focused, he can bring it up to incredible levels. 



  • Bodysuit

    • Provides typical protection for all forms of damage except magic and psionic

  • Scientific Armbands

    • Retains mission-specific equipment and/or devices for use in the field

    • Can also be oxygen tank & mask and/or oxygen bomb (excellent explosives)

  • Communications Implant

    • Subdermal/scale high powered communications transceiver and voice link to Catalsyst Labs AI.

  • Goggles

    • Provides good physical, toxic/toxin, energy and flash protection

  • Flight Pack

    • When needed, Kranan will don a flight pack that can go up to 550 mph to an altitude of max 12,00 feet (to cold up higher) at a range of 700 before an electrical recharge is needed.

  • Belt

    • Carries dozens of materials to include key items such as:

      • Items used for hyper-inventions/crafting

      • Survival Equipment

      • Thermal blanket with chemical warming devices

      • Gas grenades x 2 (knockout gas, incredible potency)

      • Smoke grenades x1 (x4 loss of visibility/senses)

      • Emergency Beacon

      • Chemicals

      • Grappler/Rope line

      • Toxic grenades (good toxic damage/area of impact; duration: 20-24 seconds)



  • Computers (Expert)

  • Neurology (master)

  • Psychology (Expert)

  • Energy science (Master)

  • Pharmacology Master)

  • Zoology (Master)

  • Biological Sciences/DNA Re-coding (Master)

  • Mutagenics (Expert)

  • Explosives (Professional)

  • Academia (Professional)

  • Mathematics (Expert)

  • Physics/Particle Physics (Expert)

  • Telecommunications (Expert)

  • Psychology (Professional)

  • Lab Operations (Master)

  • Experimental Design/Research (Professional)

  • Xeneology/Zenology (Expert)

  • Electrical Engineering (Professional)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Professional)

  • Security Systems (Professional)

  • Deductive Engineering (Professional)

  •  Architectural Engineering (Professional)

  • Pilot (Professional)

  • Languages: 26+:

    • Swedish (old Norse dialects), English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German (Expert)

    • All others (Proficient)

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