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Charlotte "Shar" Carolina


United States/Hero


early 20s









Southern Stars



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 1990; 11 Oct 2008



Nathan Carolina (Father, deceased)

Carol Carolina (Mother, deceased)



Charlotte 'Shar' Carolina's father, Detective Nathan Carolina, was a famous detective, noted for capturing several supervillains without incident, all at one time.  Shar was a precocious girl, always wanting to do what she wasn't allowed to do, such is the case when she stowed away in her father's cop car one night.

Sadly, Shar and her father were abducted by a supervillain who wanted revenge. On a stormy night on an old illegal at-sea chemical dumping cargo vessel off the shore of North Carolina, the villain was about to toss Shar in the ocean when lightning hit the ship causing a massive explosion.

Shar's father saved Shar from drowning, and fought off the villain to both of their deaths.

Shar was found drifting at sea on the boat's debris by the US Coast Guard. The now parentless Shar, shortly thereafter, discovered her new weather and energy powers.

Today, Shar, as 'Carolina', now uses her powers to help others, like her father, as a young member of the Southern Stars super hero group based out of Georgia in the United States.



Power Origin: Science

  • Weather Manipulation

    • Shar's weather manipulation is at the excellent level overall. Her max range of effects is over 200 yards radius, with diminished effects every 50 yards beyond. She can control her powers down to within a 2 foot range, but requires a LOT of concentration.

    • Since this is 'manipulation' vice 'generation' as a power, she has to use the temperate, pressure and moisture conditions of the atmosphere to enact associated and appropriate weather manipulation (i.e., snowstorms in the Sahara Desert with 0% humidity is NOT an effect she can manipulate; she must have moisture and pressure to accommodate).

    • She can perform effects to include:

      • Rain/Storm Conditions

        • Can create up to good effect rainstorm

        • This is a combined damage based on wind AND rain

      • Arid Effects

        • Up to good ability to pull moisture out from the air, reducing any humidity (works great against ice and water manipulators!)

      • Snow/Blizzard Conditions

        • Can create up to an good effect snowstorm and/or blizzard condition

        • This is a combined damage based on both the snow AND wind

        • Can accumulate up to 1 inch of snow (pending moisture content) per minute

      • Tornadoes

        • Can create good level funneled effects for tornado wind damage and/or draw-in/pull/centripetal force pushing damage

        • Can create up to 2 tornadoes at a time within power range

      • Hurricane Effect

        • Can create an excellent level hurricane effect for combined wind and rain effects damage

        • WARNING: While performing this power, she must mentally maintain control of this power; if she can't focus and maintain, she loses control of the effect, to which the hurricane effect builds up a degree every several seconds of effect. It would THEN take her over a minute's focus to try to regain control of the hurricane. If she can't it will continue to grow in intensity until it reaches incredible levels.

          • NOTE: If she is rendered unconscious while controlling (or trying to control) the hurricane, her power will dissipate the hurricane's effects an entire level, with a degree of damage/effect loss every several seconds thereafter until it fizzles out.

      • Wind Manipulation/Barrier

        • Can create up to a good level wind manipulation, for cyclonic, burst damage

        • Can also move air at a good level to act like a physical barrier within range of her powers, covering over 100 square feet

      • Fog Effects​

        • Can create good fog effects covering over 100 square feet area

        • Reduced visibility to 10% visual acuity (equates to good stealth)

  • Oxidation/Rust/Healing Effects​

    • Using her ability to combine moisture, pressure and wind, she can oxidize metal items at a 1000% rate (i.e., if it takes 1 year to oxidize/rust 100 square feet of excellent metal material, it would take 10 hours to do the same effect instead.

  • Electrical Blast

    • Disassociated to her weather manipulation

    • Emits good level (not lower) electrical blasts from her hands and body

    • She 'can' charge electrical equipment and batteries, but due to her surge use of the power, most likely, unless there is a surge protection, he will blow out and/or overcharge and damage the electrical equipment.

    • Range: 200 yards

  • Flight

    • Uses her wind manipulation powers to fly​

    • Can fly up to good air speeds (100 mph max)

    • Can only fly up to 10,000 feet ASL before she begins to freeze, 15,000 feet maximum, however, needs to fight against the cold/lack of oxygen at that altitude


  • Costume

    • Poor protection against physical, toxic/toxin damage​

    • Typical protection against radiation and energy damage

  • Headband Comms Unit

    • has earwig linkup​

    • provides 25 mile range comms without access to cellular towers/satellite comms; unlimited with cellular towers/satellite comms

    • Batteries last 2 days


  • Police operations (Proficient)

  • Law/Legal (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (+Fighting) (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • Spanish (Proficient)

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