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Tobias "Toby" Tenacia


United States/Hero











Southern Stars



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 May 2017



Conglomerate 'Diamond' (Cousin)



Tobias 'Toby' Tenacia is a graduate of the Druidic school of the secretive magical society called the Conglomerate.  There, he learned the Druidic magics of growing and controlling plants and nature.  Toby, however, didn't want to  be subjected to the closed-society that was the Conglomerate and instead disappeared from their world and entered Kentucky - Bluegrass country, that is.

There, he fell in love with the people, the music and the culture.  He'd never seen anything like it and decided to permanently leave the Conglomerate. Sadly, the Conglomerate wasn't too keen on this. After a period of discussion (and events). Rather than allow him to 'run about with Conglomerate knowledge', the leader of the Conglomerate (AKA 'Diamond') instead had Tobias eat a seed of 'memory loss'. This memory loss was directly associated with anything related to the Conglomerate, but not to forget how to use his powers or that he was taught by 'someone' 'somewhere' 'sometime' ago. To this day, he doesn't remember any association or even what the Conglomerate is.

One day, the Demolition Party arrived in Kentucky performing a contract of destruction. Thanks to Tobias, the Demolition Party was not only defeated, but the whole fight was video recorded live and on TV. It didn't take long before the media and the residents of Kentucky got to calling him Bluegrass and started considering him a superhero. When asked to register with the federal government, he did so, but stated to the feds that his birth and origin were 'unknown' to him before he turned 18 (truly, he didn't know thanks to the memory loss seed).


Within weeks, Bluegrass was asked to join the South's new superhero team called the Southern Stars, led by an ex-football hero named Alabama.  Tobias was more than happy to join long as he was still able to live in Kentucky and 'teleport' in when he was actually needed, to which all was agreed to.

Today, Bluegrass is still a member of the Southern Stars. His secretive history has been asked about several times, but he simply states his past is 'the past'. He is VERY easy going and doesn't stress...much. He uses his pistols (which he LOVES to shoot things with) to fire off his druidic magic charges, feeling like a bit of a 'country boy' in the process. When he does druidic magic, he speaks in old druidic/Celtic language, to which, when asked, he has "no idea" what his own words mean.



Power Origin: Magic (Druidic school)

  • Druidic Magic (Professional)

    • Has good ability to perform any type of plant-focused Druidic magic spells, castings, actions and enchantments.

    • Has a good anti-magic shield about him at all times to deflect any magical attacks up to the good level

  • Shapeshifting

    • Can change into animals of relative size (pony, dogs, emu, baby elephant/hippo/rhino, etc.)

  • Plant symbiotics/communication

    • Can talk, command and emote with plants within the range of his powers.​

    • Can control things like trees, vines, roots, etc. and get them to do what he wants them to do...within reason (plants will not 'move into a fire' or kill themselves).


  • Bluegrass' Pistols

    • Remarkable magical and physical material strength​

    • Wooden material with techno-magic elements

    • Each pistol contains over 1000 units of stored magical energy to perform any of the following to a range of 200 yards:

      • Energy Shot

        • Good magical energy​

      • Plant/Vegetation Growth Shot

        • Whatever the shot hits, it performs a good spell that allows the plant/vegetation to grow 1000% its size and strength​

          • Example: shoots at normal grass -> Area of the grass grows from 6 inches to 6 feet high, with all grass blades now made of good material strength, basically immobilizing a typical strength person 'in the grass'

        • Lasts only for 10 minutes and returns to its original state​

        • If used, say, on a regular tomato, the tomato would increase in size for 10 minutes. people eating the tomato (in that 10 minutes) will actually still retain the amount of tomato consumed after the 10 minute time, even after what's left of the tomato drops back to normal size (the non-eaten portion!)

        • Does not work on living animals, bacteria, insects or humans - only plants and vegetation

  • Earwig

    • Communications device; remarkable material; range-unlimited within cellular/microwave comms tower range, otherwise 10 miles.​

    • ​Battery lasts up to 20 hours​

    • Waterproof, but range drops to 200 yards once underwater


  • Druidic Magic (Professional)

  • Bluegrass Music (Proficient)

  • Kentucky Lore/History (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • Druidic Speak (Professional)

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