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Georgia Knight

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Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)Kate Bush
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Cerise Chantalier


United States/Hero


late 20s








Cerise Randal

Southern Stars



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 May 2017



Rho Randal (husband, deceased)

Beta Randal (daughter, deceased)



Born and raised in the Atlanta, Cerise learned early on not only to fight, but to NEVER back down.  Although she had her moments as a bully, she also looked after the other school kids that couldn't defend themselves.

In high school she got hooked up with a really bad gang-banger of a boyfriend, Rho Randal. She had child, Beta, when Cerise was 17 and thanks to her boyfriend's involvement in a local drug war, all three died as part of a drive-by shooting by the rival drug gang.

Strangely though, Cerise came back to life hours later in the morgue. She later discovered she had a latent mutagenic gene from her father's side of the family, dating back to World War I and his exposure to an experimental mutagenic X-65 mustard gas. As a result she discovered that her body could regenerate and even resurrect if the damage isn't too severe (not that she's tested this power to its ultimate level yet).

Finding religion, she now believes God brought her back to avenge the innocent deaths and give her a second chance. In a 'vision', Cerise saw herself fighting thugs, Soltan aliens, magical beings and even demons with some form of brightly lit swords. She took to that vision, costumed up as she saw herself in the vision, got two 'energy swords', trained for two years and began her new quest in cleaning up the Atlanta gangs. She registered with the Super-powered Registration Act (SRA) and, instead of joining the Peacekeepers (which the government wanted her to do), she instead worked with the local Atlanta politicians and churches to 'override' the federal request and instead made her a state-sponsored hero, answerable to the governor and the State Attorney General. After a couple of years, Cerise, now called "Georgia Knight", working together with law enforcement, the legal system and other agencies, finally helped clean-up Atlanta's gang and major crime issues, making her Georgia's most beloved (and own) superhero.

Not too long ago, the mutant ex-football player now called "Alabama" asked Georgia Knight to join him in making the Southern Stars. Cerise was happy to join up.

Today, Georgia Knight continues in her quest in vanquishing evil from the lands in the name of God. She loves her teammates (also considered 'gifts from God') and has has committed to doing everything she can to fight with them. As such, parts of her 'vision' has already come to pass - images of her fighting in her costume with her 'lit' swords, fighting thugs, but has yet to fight Soltans, the strange magical beings she saw nor demons...although she feels it in her soul that those events will soon occur.

Georgia Knight is a rough, no-nonsense, kind yet aggressive warrior of a woman. She believes herself to be one of 'God's warriors', doing her part to save others from the pains and loss she went through. She doesn't force God on everyone, but is more than welcome to introduce them into Southern Baptist religion practices. She can also get to be a bit 'fire and brimstone' in her speeches at times. She is highly popular in Georgia and the South and especially with all Christian religion groups.

She doesn't 'react' to racism, but instead pities those that attempt to sling racist remarks and actions at her...and lets them know she pities them and their 'devoid soul'.  She is a true hero in every sense of the word and will save lives rather than continue in a battle with an aggressor.  She has died from gunshot wounds and having a car drop on her, but each time, within hours of her death, she was healed and resurrected.  She does require a day or so to recover after each resurrection, but she feels like she is learning how to heal faster and use her enhanced physiology better each day.



Power Origin: Mutation

  • Physical Enhancements

    • Excellent endurance

    • Good strength, agility and fighting

  • Enhanced Senses

    • Excellent sight, smell, hearing and taste

  • Enhanced Movement

    • Can run, swim and leap at excellent levels

  • Regeneration

    • Has remarkable regeneration powers, allowing 30% healing per hour​

  • Ressurection

    • After 3 hours (max), Cerise can heal up enough to be able to have her heart and brain restart

    • Brain and heart and body will not decompose until resurrection occurs

    • If damage is too excessive (>remarkable over time), after 3 hours, her body will no longer be able to regen long enough and she will die permanently


  • Body Armor/Costume

    • Chest Armor, Boots & Helmet​

      • Good physical, energy, toxic/toxin, temperate protection​

      • Remarkable radiation protection

      • Typical psionic protection with helmet

      • Communications Suite

        • Helmet contains encrypted communications transceiver array along with WiFi data feed, video streaming, 10Tb data storage, ​

    • Rest of costume​

      • Poor physical, energy, toxic/toxin, temperate protection​

      • Good radiation protection

  • Georgia Knight Energy Swords

    • Amazing material composition (composite, non-magnetic)

    • When used, can cut through anything up to incredible material strength

    • Depth and length of cut is dependent upon strength

      • With Georgia Knight:

        • can cut through10" material thickness​

        • can cut a length of 10" over several seconds at a time

    • Battery charge last 1 hour total for each sword

      • Requires 4 hours to recharge from 0% power level


  • Christian Religion (Proficient)

  • Street Life (Proficient)

  • Gangs/Gang life (Proficient)

  • Police Operations (Proficient)

  • Athletics (Proficient)

  • Law/Legal (Proficient)

  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (proficient)​

    • Spanish (proficient)

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