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Master Chief Freedom

Freedom! '90George Michael
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Franklin "Frank" Quincy Freedom




late 30s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

28 Apr 2015



Talia (Shapiro) Freedom (wife)

Wendy Freedom (daughter)

Cutter Freedom (son)



Franklin "Frank" Quincy Freedom

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)

Coast Guard Intelligence Service (CGIS)/ Field Intelligence Support Team (FIST)

Frank Q. Freedom was born in Boston, Massachusetts over three decades ago.  His parents were both in the US Coast Guard, stationed out of Boston with his father who captained two USCG Cutters in his later years both home-ported out of Boston, and his mother who worked as the base commander's secretary.  Both his parents loved the Coast Guard and loved each other greatly.  Frank was brought up in a loving home where family came first, but the pursuit of knowledge a close second.

When Frank was a teenager, his father and over two dozen crew-members were killed engaging a band of dangerous pirates stealing fishing ships off the Grand Banks.  That band of pirates is known as the Maritime Marauders. His father's ship, the USCG Cutter Spencer, was responding to a mayday call from the Grand Banks when it was torpedoed by a Maritime Marauder submarine.  The USCG Cutter Spencer was eventually salvaged, but Frank and his mother were never thereafter.

As Frank grew detached and bitter over the loss of his father, his mother instead forced him to focus on his studies, predominantly in law and justice.  After graduating high school, rather than become an officer in the Coast Guard as his father was, Frank instead wanted to join the enlisted ranks.  His mother pushed him instead to go to the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, just as his father had done.  Relenting, he went to the USCG Academy, but still embittered over the loss of his father, he instead became a discipline case at the academy.  By his third year, he was drummed out of the academy for 'conduct unbecoming an officer'; instead, he enlisted and was given the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class as part of his enlistment transfer; that transfer, by the way, was to his father's last ship - the USCGC Spencer.

Aboard the USCGC Spencer, Frank quickly took to his new role as a Damage Controlman (DC), but after a few years, even his chief knew he was destined for more thought-provoking and mentally challenging tasks, thus he was transferred to a new rate as a Port Security Specialist (PS).  Over time, he worked the Boats Divisions in various Port Security Units all across the United States and was eventually recommended and promoted into Security Division. While in these units, he was considered to be the best of the best; he was now a strong, positive, gung-ho type personality that found a calling working within the limits of maritime law and enforcing it routinely.  He was also a tactical genius when it came to performing security missions and boardings. Although he was recommended for promotion to the officer ranks, he refused and remained an enlisted man, progressing in the ranks to Master Chief Petty Officer in record time.

Eventually, his rate was retired and he was now absorbed into the new rate of Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist.  There, he found his calling.  He loved deductive reasoning, strategic planning, as well as using his skills in investigations and legal proceedings. It was during this time that he and his Boston-based unit engaged with an old piracy threat once again - The Maritime Marauders

The Maritime Marauders were a highly organized and technologically-superior force that were once simple, independent ocean pirates, however, recently these pirates were now captained by a more powerful leader known as  "Captain Akula".  Master Chief Freedom and his unit were tasked with tracking down, amassing evidence, capturing  and shutting down the Maritime Marauders once and for all.  Over the next few months, Master Chief Freedom painstakingly created a trap for Captain Akula and his marauders off the Grand Banks. With retirement coming soon, Master Chief Freedom wanted to retire not only with his 100% mission success rate, but take down one of the biggest 'fish' in maritime piracy.  As he would soon find out, he bit off more than he could chew.

On the day the trap was set, Master Chief Freedom amassed three Boat Units and Security Units to surprise the Maritime Marauders.  Just as the marauders showed up, Master Chief Freedom, leading from the front, set the trap and was about to capture Captain Akula and his marauders.  That's when everything went wrong.  Once the marauders realized it was a trap, a powerful electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon was activated, shutting down all engines, communications and electronics equipment.  Two additional unknown Maritime Marauder submarines surfaced and began firing on Master Chief Freedom's security and support vessel, the USCG Cutter.  When it was all over, only 10 coast guardsmen and women survived, one being a badly injured Master Chief Freedom. Not only did the Maritime Marauders get away, they also boarded and took the damaged USCG Cutter as spoils of war.

The ten survivors were rescued and brought ashore to the hospital.  Master Chief Freedom was in intensive care for nearly two months as a result of his injuries.  When he was well enough to respond and tell his about what happened, the US Coast Guard instead stated that the pursuit of the Maritime Marauders was being 'bumped up' to US Navy and CIA levels of concern and that the US Coast Guard was no longer to be involved in dealing with the Maritime MaraudersMaster Chief Freedom was furious over this, demanding that he be allowed to continue as lead.  The Coast Guard instead placed Freedom out of active duty and placed him in the USCG active reserves under a new rate as an "Investigator" (INV), allowing him to retain his rank as a Master Chief Petty Officer so long as he dropped the case.  With no other choice, Master Chief Freedom relented.

After a year of physical rehabilitation, Master Chief Freedom was now in the best shape of his life.  As a reserves Investigator, he was assigned simple cases related to petty thefts at the Coast Guard Exchange stores and other legal administrative duties. This still didn't stop him from pursuing leads and compiling whatever info he needed on the Maritime Marauders and Captain Akula.


One day, after being chewed out by his Commanding Officer for trying to 'dig up' more info on the Maritime Marauders, a man dressed in a US Coast Guard Rear Admirals uniform, who looked almost 90 years old, showed up in his office, asking him about why he was pursuing the Maritime Marauders still.  After several minutes of discussions, the Rear Admiral left but also dropped a memory stick on Freedom's desk and told him to look over the files on it and that if he was still interested in pursuing and taking down the Maritime Marauders, he was to contact him via a special link on the memory stick.

The Rear Admiral, which Freedom quickly found didn't exist in any USCG records, was discovered to be a legendary hero known as "Major Invader" of the (at the time) defunct Allied Fighters super-group from World War II.  After going through the incredibly detailed and accurate files, he did just as Major Invader told him to do and contacted him.  After meeting a couple more times clandestinely, Major Invader gave him one more recent data package of where the Maritime Marauders were expected to strike again in the next few well as a large briefcase.  In the briefcase was an armored suit, a rocket pack, bandoleers of futuristic weapons and devices and a very unique energy rifle, the likes of which he'd never seen before; all that, and a complex instruction manual on how to use and maintain it all. After learning and training with the armor and weapons, Master Chief Freedom put in for leave and left to hunt down the Maritime Marauders, this time, by himself...and his new suit and weapons.

Off the South Carolina coast, Master Chief Freedom rented a boat and made his way out to sea, eventually finding a large munitions ship under attack from the Maritime MaraudersFreedom donned his new suit and weapons and flew off and engage the Maritime Marauders.  Even when the Marauders attempted to stop the super-powered Freedom with another EMP weapon, Freedom's suit, which had EMP protection with Force Field bubbles, quickly allowed Freedom to go on the offensive.  Within seconds, Master Chief Freedom disabled the Marauders' weapons, submarines and their ability to get away.  He fought Captain Akula and a few of his men aboard the munitions ship deck-by-deck, slowly making their way down to the engineering spaces.  There, Captain Akula attempted to blow up the ship with a powerful bomb, but not before Freedom stopped him and disarmed the bomb, saving hundreds of lives on the ship.  After calling in the USCG to pick up Captain Akula and the rest of the Maritime Marauders, Master Chief Freedom turned himself in for 'unauthorized actions' and 'conduct unbecoming'. A day after his arrest, he was released and instead hailed as a hero of the US Coast Guard. 

Although Freedom only stopped a third of the Maritime Marauders' operations and subs, they still were able to get some of the Marauders to 'divulge' the location of several of Captain Akula's bases and locations of stolen ships and well as other important information. 


After those locations were raided by the US authorities (and Master Chief Freedom), it was assessed that nearly $4.6 billion dollars of stolen goods and ships were retrieved.  One of the nuggets of information that was divulged was that Master Chief Freedom's father, when he was killed as the Captain of the USCG Cutter Spencer, was actually killed by several remaining (and captured) Maritime Marauders from the 'old days' before Captain Akula. Those men were prosecuted, sentenced and jailed for the murder and deaths of Master Chief Freedom's father and many others who died in various raids done by the Maritime Marauders back in those days. Again, the media discovered this and it went viral. Within days, Master Chief Freedom was identified as with his new super-powered suit and the story of him single-handedly taking down Captain Akula and a part of the Maritime Marauders.  he became an international sensation thereafter.

For the next year, the US Coast Guard used Master Chief Freedom and his new "USCG Power Suit" (as it became know) for USCG recruiting and public affairs, much to Freedom's chagrin. All Freedom wanted to do was maritime security and investigations with his new job and position in the US Coast Guard Intelligence Service (USCGIS). With his new power suit, he felt he could do more good out in the field than on a recruiting poster. The USCG did not relent, and instead reassigned Freedom to the Recruiting Command.

By this time, the World Super-Powered Registration Act (WSRA) went into effect, requiring anyone with either innate or technologically-provided super powers to register with their respective federal governments. Master Chief Freedom was ordered to do so on the first day of registration, primarily for Public Affairs. Within days after he registered, Master Chief Freedom was told he'd be forced to retire due the the USCG's interpretation of the WSRA.  Freedom, to say the least, was furious.  While in a meeting with the admiral over this, the 'USCG Power Suit' was found to be stolen, with a note left "This was NEVER the USCG's suit and weapons. They belong to only ONE man, Master Chief Freedom, the man I made this armor and weapons for. Unless his is reinstated and placed in a proper and fitting field combat and/or active operations role, you will NEVER seen anyone ever wear this suit...a suit that Master Chief Freedom has earned and will only be allowed to don ever again", which was signed by 'Anonymous'.


The USCG admirals were angered at having to be dictated to, but also knew, under law, the suit did not belong to them, and as such, the only way to ensure the armor was used properly, while also separating Freedom from the controls of the Coast Guard's hierarchy so as to not gain any more 'dictated' authority by the anonymous armor provider, they decided to reinstate Master Chief Freedom, but also, reassigned him to a new organization called the Peacekeepers; a  new super-powered national police unit recently authorized by the US Congress through the Peacekeeper Act.


As such, Master Chief Freedom's armor and weapons were mysteriously returned to him upon his first day as a founding member of the new Peacekeepers group.  Master Chief Freedom couldn't have been happier and the media and public were ecstatic to see their 'hero' properly assigned. Strangely, the very day he discovered his power suit and weapons in his office chair on the USCG base, he swore that out the corner of his eye that Freedom had seen that same old aging 90-year old Admiral again. When he went to find the admiral, he was nowhere to be seen or found.

Over the next year or so, Master Chief Freedom became a valued member of the Peacekeepers, and had never been happier in his life...that is, until he was told Captain Akula escaped incarceration and was once again marauding the ocean lanes leading an even more powerful band of Maritime Marauders.

Today, Master Chief Freedom continues his duties with the Peacekeepers, while also providing assistance and support to the USCG's Intelligence Service. He has since married Talia Shapiro and together, have two young children, Wendy and Cutter.



Power Origin: Normal


All abilities are based on Power Suit and Weapons Technology.


  • USCG Power Suit:

    • Suit Armor:

      • Provides good protection from standard firearms rounds and knife attacks

      • Provides excellent protection from energy, heat, cold or radiation damage

    • Energy Aura:

      • Provides incredible physical, toxic and toxin protection​

      • Provides amazing energy, electrical, temperate protection

      • Provides fantastic radiation protection

      • Belt provides battery power for energy aura; can only operate on from 20 minutes maximum

    • Helmet:

      • Heads-Up Display (HUD) tactical interfaces

      • Satellite communications

      • Video recording/processing

      • Audio amplifications (voice)

      • Peacekeeper voice-initiated interfaces

    • Belt:

      • Electro-Magnetic Wave Disruptor (cancels out all EMW activity within a 200 yard radius up to an unearthly power level)

      • When activated, it only has a power supply for 20 seconds

    • Bandoleers:

      • Contain a wide variety of electronic equipment, devices and offensive/defensive weapons. 

    • Rocket Pack:

      • Allows flight up to 500 mph

      • Range of up to 500 miles before it needs recharging and refueling.

    • Boots:

      • Excellent strength magnetic plates allowing him to walk along metallic surfaces without falling.

      • Provides backup jet boot flight for max speed of 250 mph, max range 200 miles

    • Gauntlets:

      • Excellent array of force field emitters and repulsion energy devices; range 20 yards

      • Can create excellent ranked force field bubbles around himself or allies

      • can create a 'force bubble bomb' that can be throw at targets, creating an excellent force explosion and subsequent damage to adjacent areas.

  • Energy Rifle - "The Eagle":

    • Produces incredible varieties of focused or wide beamed energy-based plasma damage

    • Range: up to 500 yard range.


  • Maritime Law (Professional)

  • US Coast Guard (Professional)

  • Military Operations (Professional)

  • Drug Interdiction Operations (Professional)

  • Tactical Planning (professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dadge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Proficient)

  • Seamanship/Sailing/Ship (and boat) Operations (Professional)

  • Search & Rescue (Professional)

  • Legal (Professional)

  • Detective/Investigator (Professional)

  • Pilot - Helicopter, Single & Multi-Engine Plane Rated (Proficient)

  • Weapons Specialist (Proficient)

  • Electronics (Proficient)

  • International Politics (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Damage Control (Proficient)

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