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There is no superhero universe worth enjoying unless you have characters!  The MDU is inundated with some of the most dynamic characters EVER! Click on any character above for more details or find them in our INDEX.

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Updated: 12 Oct 2020 @ 2210 Eastern

12 Oct 2020

NEW! Gold Syndicare



7 Oct 2020

NEW! Gold Scorpion



1 Oct 2020

NEW! Adrastos InvestmentsGilded ArcherGoldmasterAcoustic Gold

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28 Sep 2020

UPDATED: Gold Syndicate

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MDU News



 7 Sep 2020

Gold Syndicate Logo 2.png
Gold Synicate Logo I.png
Gold Synicate Logo I.png

Our commodities are in a bear market and GOLD is golden! The purveyors of the GOLD SYNDICATE are about to assess their assets and relaunch their new stock options to the public! Under a dynamic market approach, the GOLD SYNDICATE has created a new paradigm of inventive resourcefulness that will capitalize on cornering the gold market - ALL OF THE GOLD MARKET!!


For those not 'Wall Street' enough, keep your eyes open for a slew of vivaciously 'golden' characters getting their new or updated entries in the next few weeks in the villainous Gold Syndicate web pages! 


And now, back to the Crop Forecasts....

Wall Gold Bars 300x225.jpg

 31 Aug 2020 (Updated 7 Sep 2020)

AHOY! Weight anchor! Rig full sheets to the wind, ya scurvy bilge rats! 'Tis time to be sailing into the Maritime Marauders' waters now, me bucko!  With Captain Akula leading ye all into a pirate's life, ye'll be richer than any man that has a golden toilet in their own Head! But before we be goin' and raking in the doubloons, we have to run the devil's seam and write up the sea stories that dead men just can't tell!  O'er the next few weeks, the tales of the malevolent Maritime Marauders will be told and their 'taint a man (nor a lady, o'course) standin' that'd pass on that scuttlebutt! 

Keep yer spyglass trained to the horizon, for we're a lookin' to see if a pirate's life is for ye!  AVAST AN OFF WIT YE!

UPDATE (7 Sep 2020): The Pirates are ready for battle on the high seas! All characters have been completed and updated with exciting new stories, images and of course 'music'!  Plunder a look at these scurvy bilge rats NOW!


Out with the Old Facebook page, In with the New!

28 AUG 2020


Sadly, due to numerous issues with our admin logins to the original Major Deej Universe Facebook page, we've had to delete the account. NO help came from Facebook and, as such, it was an old account that was in a wrong category.


SO, with that, we have MOVED the Major Deej Univese to a new Facebook address! and Here it is!  Go and check it out and as always, LIKE US and ADD US to your friends list so you can get the latest news! We also updated our Facebook link in the header!



 11 Aug 2020  (Updated: 28 Aug 2020)

Crimewave Logo 2.png
Crimewave Group Shot I.jpg

The criminal elements of Crimewave are making a splash this summer! With crime on the rise, the gang at the MDU decided to 'get on with it' and hooked up with the notion that it was time to make the character pages for these made men (and women)!  These men and women are ruthless experts in criminal operations and in running the criminal underworld.  They are the envy - and the bane - of other gangs, as well as the police, the FBI, Interpol...and even the super hero community!


Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding and updating the characters and stories of Crimewave's favorite thieves and criminals so that you don't need to call 411 to get the info on these wise guys!  Keep watching our 'Gangs' section's CRIMEWAVE updates and don't say we didn't warn you...these guys are trouble!  Make sure you know who's who here!


UPDATE (28 August 2020): CRIMEWAVE'S character entries and pages are DONE! Steal a moment and scope out these new webpages, images and music! To ignore this is a crime unto itself! 

Who Let the Dogs Out? CANIS gets a long overdue update!
 25 July 2020  (Update: 1 AUG 2020)

The worldwide black market and criminal cartel known as CANIS has been operating for over 80 years...and its time for an update to their organization and structure! It's time to separate business from...pleasure. The 'Enforcement' part of the cartel needed its own structure as did the business side so that they could more effectively operate and steal things better!


Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding and updating the characters and stories that make up this unique team of thieves, embezzlers and criminals bringing you an far more intense crime organization that even Major Deej might have a problem taking down Keep watching the CANIS pages for new updates!

UPDATE (1 Aug 2020): THE DOGS ARE BACK IN THE KENNEL! We've updated the CANIS structure and characters with more details and amazing stories for this dog-eat-dog organization! Check out all the latest changes NOW!!!

Terraguardians Group Shot IV.jpg

The International Peacekeepers that are GUARD already have covered the sky, the sea, space and even the Moon...but who guards the land? The TERRAGUARDIANS do, that's who!


The Terraguardians are a band of super-powered non-military peacekeepers that provide a little super-powered help in battles at ground level that most troops and armies can't! This group is quite unique, made up of a variety of nationalities and unique super-powered people. They've proven time and again that anyone daring to undo the peace on the ground with have to deal with the Terraguardians first.

Over the next month, we'll be adding and updating the characters and stories that make up this unique team of heroes and bring you an incredible group that through their sheer will and determination, work together to keep the peace!

UPDATE (21 July 20): The current characters to the Terraguardians are done! Take a look at these amazing character entries...they're amazingly awesome...seriously!

300th Character Added to the MDU's Website!
1 June 2019  

It's a day of celebration! In less than a year's time, we've added another 100 characters to the MDUverse! That's a LOT of web-pages, costumes, stories, stats, talents and equipment!

We've added several groups and organizations since then, as well as cleaned up over 3 dozen other character pages.

At the same time, we've standardized a lot of our formatting for the pages, including the linkages in the 'history' sections to accommodate an even greater breadth of character story!

We're still not done either! Here's to out 300th Character milestone, and to out next milestone: 400!!! Break out a beer, some champagne, or just down a  mug of coffee as our 300th character, Captain Seawolf, likes to do!  Onward!!!

Ahoy, Shipmates! The SEAGUARDIANS
Are Deploying!
 14 May 2020 (update: 23 June 2020)

G.U.A.R.D. has four superhero groups that make up their "Guardians" mega-group.  One of these Guardian groups is the "Seaguardians".  The Seaguardians characters have been around for decades and are LONG overdue for getting added to this venerable website.


From their quantum-powered GSS Paragon (GSX-1), these sea-going superhero sailors try to keep the peace in the oceans of the world; a vast task over a vast area, all of which the Seaguarians have the willpower (and the tech) to get the job done! From battling prophetic Polynesian gods in the Pacific Ocean to resisting invasions from undersea kingdoms in the Atlantic Ocean, the Seaguardians, led by the unfathomable Captain Seawolf, go full out and all ahead flank to protect the world from those wishing to do it harm!

Raise your periscope and scan the horizon for our new 'visual contacts' entering the site's 'field of operations'! Take a 'liberty call' and visit our all new, all exciting web-based sea stories of our salty Sargasso of submariners known as...the Seaguardians!

UPDATE (23 June 20): The current characters to the Seaguardians are done! Take a look at these amazing character entries...they're 'unfathomable'!

Soviet Guard Group Shot III.jpg

COMRADES! Rejoice! It is another glorious day in the luminous light of Lenin! Even though most of the world, including our own Soviet motherland, has been brainwashed to follow the western lies, we, the SOVIET GUARD, shall continue our battle to fight and make the Soviet Union a world power once again, as well as teach those the error of their ways in renouncing the Soviet way of life.  We, the SOVIET GUARD, are now ready to take our war back to the west again!

With the legendary Generalissimus leading us, as he has for the last century since World War I, we have no other direction than our march towards victory! Soon, our people shall rejoice as they once again see the might of the SOVIET GUARD!


As such, the SOVIET GUARD shall now allow the MDU staff to...update...our 'web pages' to further our agenda! POBEDA! 


UPDATE (13 May 20): The current members of the Soviet Guard are done! We still have seveal in the old 'Red Guard' subgroup that need to be done, but the goal is to get the current characters completed...which we've done!  Take a look at these amazing character entries...they may not be as 'two-dimensional' as you'd imagine most Soviet characters to be!

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Here come the Challengers!
4 Mar 2020 (Updated: 24 March 2020)

Challengers HQ

OK, I've waited WAY too long to get this done! The Challengers, one of the first super-groups EVER made in the MDU is FINALLY going to get its updated webpages done!

That means changes that include remaking Prodigy into Doc Savant, adding Delaware to the roster, giving Arcania a story makeover, Greased Lightning getting a costume upgrade, removing Kinetix and Ms. Ultra (they've long since changed to Terraguardian and Ms. Ultra of the Champions of Oceania, respectively, since then), Ultraviolet Ray's story cleaned up and of course updating Major Deej's page as well!

Keep on the lookout in the "What's News?" Section for the new pages!  We 'Challenge' you to keep up with our updates!!

UPDATE: 24 Mar 20 - Challengers SG and character web pages are complete! Go check them all out! 

The 'Commonwealth' of Nations Has Its Own Superheroes
28 Mar 2020  (Update: 4 Apr 2020)

Most notably, the United States seem to have the lion's share of superheroes in the world, however over the last decade, heroes from here and there, in nations that make up the whole of Great Britain's Commonwealth of Nations (CoN), have since formed for the good of the Commonwealth.  As such, the aptly named 'Commonwealth" super-group exists to promote the CoN's goals.

With a British ex-spy code-named Britannia leading this highly unique team of individuals, the Commonwealth has already proven to be more than the sum of its parts.


Over the next few weeks, our MDU team will be adding the characters of our incredible band of international superheroes! 

Commonwealth Group Shot II.jpg

UPDATE: 4 Apr 20 - Commonwealth SG and character web pages are complete! Go check them all out! 

A new vigilante group has come upon the scene! But who are they, and who are they helping? The police? The mobsters? Themselves?  Keep watching for them...because I'm pretty sure they're already watching you...

As with all things, change is inevitable. In the last couple of months we've added, moved, deleted, updated, downgraded, expanded, enlarged and even revitalized a few of our wondrous GANGS.  The Blackjacks finally have a list of Bruno's top lieutenants, as well as the Crimson showing were it's boundaries have expanded to! Along with that, the Daybreakers got a MASSIVE overhaul and the Maritime Marauders finally have a roster! Even the Aegis Alliance has a new 'mystique' about it!

Lots of changes, all for you to view and enjoy! Check them out...before the boss sends out a hit squad to 'entice' you!

gangs web image.jpg

In our MDU Comics' Halloween Special we created in 2016, we'd introduced a band of ... interesting ... men-hating magical women bent of taking out the Knights Arcanus which were, at that time, helping out Major Deej in a massive anti-crime project.  These women never even got to fight the Knights because they instead first encountered "Manny the Man-Eater" - a walking plant pet of Spring Knight; a pet that was so hungry, it consumed over half the the "Arcane Sisterhood" with its acidic maw.  Today, what's left of the Arcane Sisterhood has once again banded together!  Take a peek at their new webpage and keep on the look-out for new individual character entries! Maybe Malconna will have better luck this year?


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