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Whats New?

Updated: 7 May 2023 @ 0722 Eastern

7 May 2023

NEW: Alpha Centaurians

UPDATED:, MDU SpeciesExiler

5 May 2023

NEW: Theta-3Alpha-1

UPDATED: Catalysts, Professor Kranan, Home, Index, Alabama, Bluegrass, Carolina, Georgia Knight, Rhinstone, Rio, SkreemSouthern Stars

30 Apr 2023

UPDATED: Master Chief Freedom

12 Jan 2023


Major Deej Comics showcases the MDU's characters and teams in the best story-driven, page-turning comics around! Visit our MAJOR DEEJ COMICS page to see our selections!

More Characters!
Even MORE Characters!

There is no superhero universe worth enjoying unless you have characters!  The MDU is inundated with the most exciting and amazing characters EVER!

Click on any above image for a bigger size, then click 'link' to go to that character's page (or sort through our list of characters in INDEX)




Looking forward to 2023!
12 Jan 2023


Hey everyone, and Happy New Year! 2022 was a difficult year for many of us, just as it had been for me. As a family, we lost a father, an uncle and a sister in 2022. I also lost my job, had to hunt for a new one (and in the process, found my dream job!) and of course, dealt with life and situations like all the rest of us have to do on a daily basis. To that point, I haven't been around the site as much as I've wanted to. Life has taken a LOT out of my free time to work on the wonderous characters, comics and stories herein.

But now, with a new job in place and a couple extra hours a week back in my hands, I'm back to doing what I love - the Major Deej Universe!


1. MORE COMICS! Yeah, my 'one' comic last year (Allied Fighters #3) was great, but I'd like to get out at LEAST 4 to 5 this year; 4 regular titles plus one 'Special' title (Summer, Winter, Christmas, whatever). 

2. CHARACTER PAGE CLEANUPS! Yes, there are some OLD pages and stories that need to be updated and cleaned up! I'm expecting to finally get those done!

3. NEW CHARACTERS AND TEAMS!  I've identified several 'gaps' in my characters and teams, some with characters that I created back in the 1970s and never got around to re-making back in here (I know, gasp!). As such, I intend to get those characters (re)introduced and fix up a couple of the teams we already have!

4. NEW IMAGERY AND VIDEOS! I've learned a LOT about video editing this last year. I'm hoping to add video outtakes from my "Canvas/Platform" I use to make my characters with and provide some serious ACTION imagery and videos to help show how awesome these charcters really are!

5. VOLUNTEER ARTISTS! A program I want to promote this year is for artists to provide free art of my characters to add to the site! The art/imagery would of course get full accolades and credit for the artist's work and also some recognition and links to their art webpages and sites! Want to get your artistic name out there?  Here's an option you can do!! ANY TAKERS??

Well, that's all I have for now.  To each and every patron of the MDU...THANK YOU.  I appreciate all who continue to keep a watch on us and have added us to your 'favorites' or subscribed.  I truly hope that you enjoy the characters, comics and stories as much as I enjoy making them!



14 Aug 22

Gangs MDU Web screen.JPG

Those bothersome GANGS! You keep arresting them, putting them in jail and what do get? More dirty crime rings around your city! But wait! We have the solution! The makers of the MDU have brought you the new and improved GANGS page with new contents, new entries, completed biographies, updated imagery and most importantly...ORDER! YES, that's right! We're bringing order and organization to your own GANGS page today! Act now and check out our new and improved GANGS pages over the next month! You'll be glad you did! Act now and you'll receive a BONUS TWO NEW GANGS to be added to the roster! THAT'S TWO NEW GANGS! Don't delay! Our superheroes and police are standing by to freshly arrest and imprison all your favorite gangster, so don't miss out! Check out our GANGS page TODAY!!!

23 July 2022 [Updated: 14 Aug 22)

Corsair Commander I.jpg
Virtual Corsair Logo II.png
Virtual Warrior I.jpg

The Virtual Corsairs are a large group of internet geeks and hackers whose sole purpose is to rob from everyone via the Internet, as well as, when required, create hazards and chaos through remote control and hacking of critical systems, such as power grids, data storage facilities, video surveillance, traffic lights and of course...military and government controls. Considered one of the most dangerous cyber-terrorist organizations in existence, the United Nations has added the Virtual Corsairs to the list of  cybercriminals that need to be taken down - NOW.


Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding to and updating the Virtual Corsairs to their respective website an pages. Keep looking for them in the 'What's News?' section!

UPDATED: 14 Aug 22:  The Virtual Corsairs are DONE! Go see their new entries now before someone CONTROL-ALT-DELETES them!

550 MDU Character Achievement: UNLOCKED!
23 July 2022

550 number image.png

Another major milestone has been achieved: 550 CHARACTERS in the Major Deej Universe! 550 CHARACTER ACHIEVEMENT: UNLOCKED!

Our 550th character was Tixe', but what's more amazing is that at the time of this post, we've already completed 563 characters! We were so focused, we shot past the milestone! We are now well on our way towards the massively monumental, mega-cool 600th character count!

As such, the MDU's infrastructure Index of characters (LINK) is rapidly being finalized as part of our Phase I efforts. Eventually, these amazing characters will be seen in the pages of our Major Deej Comics titles such as the MDU: ORIGINS series...being worked on NOW!  

The Sisters of Selene want you (women only) to join their Sisterhood of Selene Today!
26 June 2022  (updated: 4 July 2022)

temple of selene.jpg

The Sisterhood of Selene, a long standing non-profit women's support group, has risen to the challenge in their male-dominated world and are now seeking out new 'sisters' (human or super-powered) to join them in empowering today's women and girls! 

Over the last 20 years, the Sisterhood has gained international support and notoriety, expanding its influence and impact on the betterment of womankind.  As such, super-powered women looking for the same respect and understanding are being asked to join their new super-powered group, the Sisters of Selene, to further broaden and empower their rights and privileges as women in today's world.

Over the next few weeks, the MDU will be adding new characters, stories, images and intrigue with the Sisters of Selene and the Sisterhood of Selene.

Don't be a chauvinist male pig and ignore these women! They intend to one day make the world their oyster...with men serving in their 'rightful' place.

UPDATED 4 JULY 22: The Sisters of Selene have ALL their pages done! Go check them out now! They are SOOOO COOOL!!!!

Major Deej Comics Logo-small.png

Six years ago, Major Deej Comics, while operating at flank speed...stopped dead in the water.  What happened? happened. Work, family, health, home...they all took precedence and priority, as well they should in the list of one's (at least my) values and priorities. As such, with the several dozens of hours needed to write the stories, create the imagery, write the script, edit the imagery, edit the script, storyboard the contents, manage ads and paginate and index everything, well, it was just too much. Today, however, is a different story!

With the advent of a more powerful computer, upgraded memory, better editing software, a revitalized digital CoH 'server' for me to use as my new canvas all coupled with far more cleaned up, robust and detailed Major Deej Universe of characters, origins and stories...well, I'm back in the saddle again!  Thanks to all that and learning new video, imagery and writing skills, I've FINALLY spring boarded forward, culminating in me providing to you the premiere of our first issue in 6 years: The ALLIED FIGHTER Issue #3 Click the image of the comic cover is this news feed to transport directly to our latest issue therein!

To add to the excitement, our website host now provides the necessary document capacity to me to post ALL of our active (not achieved) comics in PDF format! We will now have THREE sites to choose from to freely read, download and/or access our active Major Deej Comics series:

  • Major Deej Universe website

  • MMO Comics Index website

  • Deviant Arts website

To add even MORE news to all of this, the next issue coming out will be in June 2022 for the continued origin of MAJOR DEEJ himself with MDU: ORIGINS Issue #4. Expectations are to conclude his origin story by Issue #5 and THEN start one-issue origins for other Major Deej Universe characters! 

What Major Deej Universe character would YOU next want to see in MDU: ORIGINS? Let us known in the comments section above!

If you haven't already read our new ALLIED FIGHTER Issue #3, start from the beginning and start with Issue #1. The stories are only going to get more exciting from here on in! GO! READ NOW!

Major Deej Logo Simple.png

Take the fight forward! Join the STARFIGHTERS!
5 Feb 2022  (Updated: 11 Apr 22)


When the Soltan invasion of Earth occurred in 2000, the invading Soltans destroyed cities, nations...and of course, lives. After the Soltans retreated in defeat from Earth months later, the effects, and the anger, percolated for the next several to dozen years. Earth was rebuilding itself, but the Soltans were not pursued, or, as some demanded, made to pay for their transgressions. The world governments instead pushed for defense rather than offense...with one exception: The "Terracer" project.


The project secretly built a starship, the first of several, applying appropriated Soltan technology, to be potentially used as either a 'defensive or offensive weapon against any new interstellar aggressors...including the Soltans. Sadly, the world governments couldn't agree on whether the Terracers should be used for 'defensive' or 'offensive'. Instead, the angry, hurt and motivated people of Earth, as well as dozens of other aliens stuck on Earth wanting revenge against the Soltans, decided to take the fight to the Soltans instead using the first of these starships, Terracer #1.


In an incredible "Ocean's 11" heist, these 'Starfighters' stole Terracer #1 from its orbital drydock, manned it with their own followers, and have since taken it enroute to Mars to 'finish what the Soltans started'. They are now on their way to take on the retreated Soltan forces camped out on the dark side of Mars. The 'Starfighters' know this is most likely a one-way trip...and they don't care; they all want vengeance. 

Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding and updating the Starfighters to their respective website an pages. Keep looking for them in the 'What's News?' section!

UPDATED: 11 Apr 22 - The Starfighters are formed! All new entries! All new stories All DONE! Go visit the Starfighters and check them out!

Expatriates of the Galaxy...UNITE!
9 Jan 2022 (Updated: 5 Feb 22)

Galactic Expatriates Group Shot IV.jpg

When the Soltan invasion of Earth occurred in 2000, it brought many 'unsavory' slave-controlled creatures, beings and imprisoned galactic 'expatriates' along with them.  The most dangerous types were held in the high security holds of the Soltan Command Starship, however, that same starship was destroyed in Earth's orbit and crashed in the Sahara Desert. Very few Soltans survived, however some of the worst and nastiest beings and critters across the galaxy were now free of their prisons and pens. Looking to leave the backwater planet that is Earth, these 'Galactic Expatriates' unwillingly decided to work together, either in escaping the planet....or taking it over for themselves and ruling it!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding and updating the Galactic Expatriates to their respective website an pages. Keep looking for them in the 'What's News?' section!

5 Feb 22: The Galactic Expatriates are done and updated! GO CHECK OUT EACH OF THE ENTRIES NOW! THEY'RE AWESOME!!

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