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Phoebe Pamina 

MOONGUARD Operations Officer

Second ChanceShinedown
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Phoebe Morse was born to Malcolm and Marilyn Morse, a Harvard Professor and the Commandant of the GUARD Academy, respectively.  Phoebe was a tomboy as soon as she was able to walk.  She was aggressive and assertive in all that she did. She earned her black belt in Karate by age 12, a student's pilot license on her 16th birthday and a race car license at 17.

She always had to win.

Her parents, always busy and always expecting a lot from her, didn't given her much guidance other than the occasional corrective nudge, which Phoebe regarded as "the subtleness of a comment from the Queen of England".  She respected her parents, but with her life track on the fast lane, she didn't have time for love, romance or friends.  To please her mother, she joined GUARD and became an Intel Agent.

During her third mission, she fell in love with a spy from CANIS.  She got pregnant and gave birth to a son while she was working undercover.  Eventually, her CANIS spy lover discovered her connection to GUARD and nearly killed her and the baby, but Phoebe executed her lover without any emotion.

After her debriefing, Phoebe was placed on desk duty to care for her newborn. The life of a mother was not for her.  She was fighting post-partum depression as well as the feeling that she just wasn't made to be a mother. Phoebe instead dropped her child off with her mother and forced her to raise her son instead.  She went and legally changed her last name to Pamina and went full-in with her GUARD Intel work, volunteering for every all-out, adrenaline-junkie series of missions, all pushing her body and mind to the limits.

Over the next few years, Phoebe continued taking on her demanding and dangerous missions to include stopping third-world militant armies, human traffickers, biological weapon thefts, as well as leading and/or escorting dangerous intel expeditions into unknown territories and waters (she was the first human to actually enter Tridentas, an underwater city belonging to the Atlantic Kingdom).


By age 40, Phoebe's body finally wasn't able to keep up.  She was still in excellent shape, but the Intel work, the spying, the lying, the cheating and seeing the dark side of the world began to change her disposition and attitude.  After a mandatory psyche eval, she was placed on medical leave pending retirement from GUARDPhoebe, although knowing she was exhausted with this work, didn't want to leave GUARD, thinking that she was still needed.

Phoebe was retired in 2016 from GUARD.

Unable to cope with the lack of action, and realizing that she'd missed out on her son's developing years, Phoebe feel into a deep psychosis.  Strangely enough, CANIS was watching her.  They figured she was disillusioned with GUARD and may make a great recruit for CANIS.  When they finally approached her about the deal, Phoebe, not knowing what to do, agreed to join them and tell them everything about GUARD.  Not caring about anything anymore, Phoebe figured that she would get some money or a bullet out of the deal, and one way or another, she could escape.

When Phoebe went to meet with the executive leaders of CANIS' Wolf Pack Region to give them GUARD's secrets, a massive army of GUARD troops, superheroes and police showed up, arresting everyone on site but Phoebe. the GUARD Director, Neal Norton, came up and shook Phoebe's hand and told her that she 'put on the 'best show ever' to get CANIS thinking you were a traitor', and that she was due for a formal promotion and an assignment to anywhere she wanted.  Amazed about all of this, she mindlessly whispered, " where on this planet...", to which Director Norton said, "Sold! MOONGUARD it is then!".  After Norton left, Profession Morse, Phobe's mother, walked up behind her and told her that she 'knew' what Phoebe was REALLY going to do, and that she (Prof. Morse) told the Intel division and Director Norton about Phoebe's (made-up) 'deep, deep cover' in CANIS, drawing all their leaders to one location for the first time in 10 years.  According to Phoebe's mom, this was all considered a 'mission', but both Phoebe and Prof. Morse knew otherwise; Phoebe was ready to spill GUARD's secrets. That unto itself would have meant high treason with an automatic death sentence under international law.

As such, Phobe and her mom kept the secret.  Phoebe was reassigned to MOONGUARD, but not before she got to see her son for the first time in 10 years.  He'd grown into a handsome, strong and smart young teen, all of which she now envied her mom in the raising of her son.

Since children were not allowed on the Moonbase, Phoebe left her son still in the care of her mother and journeyed to the moon.

On the first day of her arrival, it was an adrenaline rush all over again, except this time, she was recharged and ready to prove herself again.  As the Fort Armstrong Moonbase Operations Manager, Phoebe quickly took on the exciting and challenging tasks of the day-to-day operations of the base as well and the excitement of aliens, super-villains raids, base emergencies, strange random cosmic events and so forth.

Today, Phoebe Pamina is 100% happy in her new role.  The unique operations and environment she was in has reset her mentality and has made her a better person with a better demeanor. She's still a tough-as-nails woman who'd rather run into danger than away from it, but she's now more tempered with wisdom and refocused effort.  She loves working with her fellow MOONGUARD officers and commander and wouldn't ever dare to leave this new exciting job...even for her son.

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