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Randal LeMay

MOONGUARD Security Officer

Goodbye EarthUnknown
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Randal LeMay is the grandson of the prominent and famous New York LeMays...and the son of the evil, now-deceased CANIS Commander, Saul LeMay.

Randal was forced to live with his grandparents after his mother and father were both incarcerated for life for their involvement in CANIS black marketeering and murders.  Randal never could shake the stigma of criminal parents.  He was ostracized by those he'd once been friends with in high society and was even spat on by the family of the victims of his parents' crimes.  Nonetheless, he hunkered down and studied hard...until both his grandparents died a month apart from one another.  He was left alone...and with no money due to the legal fees the LeMays paid for lawyers for the son and the fine schools for Randal.  When the grandparents passed away, and everything was sold off and all bills and debts paid, Randal received a total of $415.07 as his inheritance.

Randal, unable to finish his education, instead joined GUARD and became a member of AEROGUARD, performing operations support for the superteam, the Aeroguardians.  On several occasions, Randal's insight helped the Aeroguardians in defeating offensive forces and villains.  As such, Randal received several commendations for his efforts...but it was the final commendation that nearly killed him.

When Randal was receiving his GUARD Commendation for Valor, a new York Senator, the honorable Richard Wise, was brought in to present several GUARD awards, including Randal's. When Randal recognized the senator as one his father's cronies from CANIS, Randal immediately tried to expose the senator.  Randal was instead swiftly whisked away by GUARD security. Within hours, Randal was told he'd 'offended' the senator and that he was to be dishonorably discharged from GUARD.

Thanks to several of GUARD's leaders, including the Aeroguardian's leader, Aeroguardian, Randal was instead served with a disciplinary letter (which usually meant he had no future with GUARD) and reassigned to GUARD's Antarctic Station.

In less than two months, Randal, while stationed in the GUARD Antarctic station, uncovered an insidious plot to not only kill him, but foiled a secret incursion of a shadow organization called SCORPIUS into GUARD at the Antarctic Station.  When the dust settled, over 2 dozen GUARD agents in Antarctica were found to actually be SCORPIUS operatives (all of which killed themselves on the spot). Senator Wise of New York was also investigated and was found to still have direct ties to CANIS, causing a massive political maelstrom in New York's congressional halls.  Randal later met with the direction of GUARD, Neal Norton, and saw his (Randal's) disciplinary letter ripped up in front of him.  When Director Norton asked Randall what he wanted to do, he said, 'get stationed as far away from all this as possible; they'll be gunning for me for the rest of my life'.  Norton agreed and said he knew the perfect place to go.

Randal showed up for duty at Fort Armstrong Moonbase as the Security Lead for MOONGUARD the next day.

Since then, Randal has proven his worth time and again, saving the moonbase on several occasions since he started his assignment. He has worked an outstanding relationship with his fellow officers and has never felt more alive that while being stationed with GUARD on the Moon.


Interestingly enough, Randal remembered one of the last conversations he had with his grandfather before the grandfather passed away; in that conversation, Randal asked him how far would he (Randal) would get in life with everyone else judging him (Randal) against his parents evil ways, to which Randal's grandfather said, 'if you worked hard enough, you could shoot for the moon and do whatever you want to do. To Hell with everyone else. You make the rocket, you get to take it to the Moon. That's all you need to know."  As far as Randal's concerned, his grandfather was 100% right.

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