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Dark Harvester

A vigilante on Earth, a protector on the Moon

Moon HarvesterGryflet
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What happens when a dedicated protector of the people has finally had enough of the scum and villainy that permeates Earth?  He decides to permanently take out said scum and villainy by turning into the Dark Harvester.

In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. In so doing, Morris "Motown"  Cole, his wife, Naomi, his sons Marcus and Vance and his daughter Clarrisa, all died at the hands of the Soltans in a forced labor camp in Oklahoma.  The only survivor of the Cole family was Derek Cole, age 10.  Derek was handed off to a kindly old couple that kept Derek fed and hidden in their basement.  Derek didn't know about the rest of his family's deaths until after the invasion ended in August 2000.  The old couple told Derek he could live with them; he did so, but only until he was 17, when he finally joined the military in 2007.

For the next 6 years, Derek rose to the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class in US Navy SEAL Team 8. There, he became one of the greatest combatants in the unit, even in that short time.  He seemed a natural for it. Sadly, his unit was wiped out by a band of super-villains, leaving Derek the only survivor.

After a year of convalescence and removal from active military duty, Derek signed up for GUARD, an international peacekeeping force, first with the Terraguard Group, and later with Operations Division.  By 2015, he was a again considered one of the greatest combatants in the organization. Sadly, His Operations unit was decimated by another band of villains, all of which only got time behind bars; no death penalty.

His parents and family murdered, his SEAL Team wiped out, his GUARD Operations Division obliterated...and no one was tried or convicted. Not once.

After a psyche eval, Derek was sent to MOONGUARD, where he was made Defense Coordination Officer, coordinating the Fort Armstrong Moonbase defenses during attacks on the base.  Again, in less than 2 years, he proved him worth, saving the moonbase at least two dozen times.  That's when the MOONGUARD Operations Officer, Lt. Commander Chase, an old school friend of Derek's, was killed when he was forced to 'negotiate' with an imprisoned Galactic Expatriate super-villain called Aeon AlphaAeon Alpha used its hidden powers to melt Chase right in front of DerekAeon Alpha broke out, knocked Derek unconscious and started killing off several MOONGUARD personnel.  When Derek awoke, he'd had enough.

Derek went to the armory and stole a powerful prototype armored spacesuit and one of the Galactic Expatriate Laser Cannon weapons.  Minutes later, Derek 'melted' Aeon Alpha outside on the moon's surface.  The threat was dealt with, but Derek was charged with use of illegal weapons and charged with Aeon Alpha's murder.  The MOONGUARD Commander, Wayne Grissom, fought with GUARD to reverse the judicial decision, but his request fell on death ears.  The day Derek was to be sent home to Earth for incarceration, he 'disappeared' from the Moonbase.

Weeks later, a dark figure appeared on Earth, calling himself the Dark Harvester.  He had the same armor and weapon that Derek had, but all painted in black and orange. Nonetheless, this Dark Harvester started going on a vigilante spree killing super-villains, rogues and anyone who supported them.  The energy cannot used was amazingly powerful and as such, with pinpoint accuracy, the Dark Harvester started tallying up dozens of dead super-villains and rogues.  Every time the authorities or superheroes tried to stop him, he teleported away.

A full search was done of the moon by MOONGUARD personnel for Derek, hoping to find him in some hidden or unknown cave or alien spaceship that he was operating out of. Eventually, they found Derek...or what was left of him.  They found Derek in the original white spacesuit armor and with the original stolen weapon, but 'melted' inside his space suit.  DNA checks verified it was Derek, yet, the Dark Harvester was still seen killing more super-villains week after week all over Earth. If this was the case, who was this Dark Harvester then?

On several occasions since, then, the Dark Harvester has shown up to help defend the Fort Armstrong Moonbase from villains and alien attacks.  Due to security camera outages and poor lighting, no on has been able to get a clear shot of who the Dark Harvester is.  All MOONGUARD personnel were accounted for, and no one was caught in any attempt to collaborate with the Dark Harvester, making the mystery even deeper.

Today, the Dark Harvester is considered a vigilante on Earth, hunted by Earth authorities, and a protector of Fort Armstrong and GUARD.  To this day, no one has found out where the Dark Harvester operates out of or who he (or she?) is, but it's only a matter of time before luck fails the Dark Harvester. As such, MOONGUARD's Commander Grissom isn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth and has no intention to hunt nor attempt to capture a being willing to help save his base...even if the GUARD executives and the World Congress are not happy about that. The running joke is that Dark Harvester must be on MONGUARD's payroll...or, more to the fact, is someone from MOONGUARD operating AS the Dark Harvester


Conjecture may continue to carry on about the Dark Harvester, but the truth that many are turning to is in the simple question: why stop a whirlwind that is trying to save the world's innocents from evil?

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