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Resources Division is responsible for all the transportation, facilities, weapons and personnel in and about G.U.A.R.D.  Everything from aircraft, ships, spacecraft, missiles bullets, knives, plasma cannons, sky rises, secret hideaways and personnel management are all done through this division.

In addition to physical and personal resources, the GUARD Academy, which trains its finest GUARDSMEN, GUARDSWOMEN and GUARDBEINGS, is also under the auspices of the Resource Division.


G.U.A.R.D.'s Resource Division Director (RDD) (code-named "Raider") is directly responsible to the Executive Division. The RDD is in charge of the 5 groups in the division.

  • Academy Commandant (ACADCOM) (code-named "Commandant") and GUARD Academy (code-named "Foundation"): The Academy Commander is in charge of the GUARD Academy, GUARD Academy students and GUARD Academy operations.

  • Facilities Commander (FACOM) (code-named "House"): In charge of designing, building, managing and maintaining all GUARD buildings, facilities, warehouses, skyports and any other GUARD-owned/resourced locations, property or dwellings.

  • Personnel Commander (PERSCOM) (code-named "Smiles")In charge of all GUARD human (or otherwise) resources. Adjusts training, division placement and provides support for all GUARD personnel.

  • Transportation Commander (TRANSCOM) (code-named "Gearhead"): Creates, designs, manages and maintains all GUARD vehicles, transportation-related equipment, teleporters and associated design and maintenance equipment.

  • Weapons Commander (WEPSCOM) (code-named "War Machine"): Creates, designs, manages and maintains all GUARD weapons, weapons-related equipment, armories, and all associated parts, ammunition, power packs and/or weaponized materials.

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