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Heinrich Heinkel

Weapons Commander (WEPSCOM)
Codename: "War Machine"

The Man With the Golden GunLulu
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Grandson to WWII's Ernst Heinkel, head of the Heinkel Aviation Company for Nazi Germany, Heinrich, or as his friends call him, "Hank", has taken the once-dilapidated Heinkel Aviation Company and had created the new Heinkel Manufacturing Company out of Bonn, Germany.

In 2002, Hank had recreated his grandfather's company, however rather than airplanes, he'd created some of the most powerful and futuristic equipment and designs ever devised. His moneymakers though, were his weapons.


Energy weapons, gauntlet-aimed force blasters, powerful laser rifles and even proton energy hand weapons.  His company took off like a rocket and he was righting the name of his family...or so he'd thought.

Orders for his weapons were coming in by the thousands.  Nations and businesses alike all wanted his incredible new weapons.  Aside from a few 'cry-baby' lawsuits against his designs, everyone was happy with their quality and durability.

One night, his new shipping and receiving manager informed him that of the 20,000 orders they'd placed that year, only 18,000 were received.  After a quick investigation, it was discovered that some of these shipments had been intercepted, weapons removed, crates resealed and shipped to the customer sans weapons.  The problem was: where did the weapons go?  Most of the security video footage then obtained was either 'doctored' or electronically jammed or magnetically erased.  After informing the authorities about this, customers and nations began bashing Heinkel saying they were being cheated and that 'losing weapons is tantamount to illegal arms dealing'.  Lawsuit after lawsuit began to fly and in less than a year, the Heinkel Manufacturing Company was forced into bankruptcy.  The worst of it was, no one was able to determine what happened to the stolen weapons.  When the final tally of lost weapons came (after the bankruptcy), Hank was astounded to discover tens of thousands of his weapons were unaccounted for.


Who had them?

While supervising the liquidation of his mansion, Hank met an old man (who is later revealed to be Major Invader).  During that meeting, Hank was told of a 'shadow organization' that had been building up its energy weapons stockpile; they were more than likely the culprit behind Heinkel's thefts.  When Hank demanded the old man help him, The old man cited that previous associations with the Heinkel family have left him 'unwilling to help', however, the old man believed that if Hank was truly innocent in all this, Hank needed to contact G.U.A.R.D. and tell them everything about the missing weapons.

With his last bit of money, he flew to the United States and met with GUARD.  Within hours, he was received by the Director of GUARD, then Director Hart.  Behind closed doors, the Director worked a deal with Heinkel; he work for GUARD in helping to build weapons for peacekeeping and as soon as this 'shadow organization' was uncovered, GUARD would go to the World Court on Hank's behalf and do everything they could to reverse the lawsuits and purported wrongdoings of his previous company.  With little choice, Hank joined GUARD.

From day one with GUARD, Hank was a kid in a candy store.  With GUARD's resources, Hanks was able to design even better and far superior weapons and devices.  Hank was given a $200,000 a year stipend for all of his efforts, with a 10% profit on each weapon bought and used by GUARD. Heinkel couldn't have been happier.  Although he wanted his old manufacturing team to be with him, GUARD mentioned that most of them were high security risks and may have been compromised or even behind the robberies through the 'Shadow Organization'.

Regardless, Hank eventually became the Weapons Commander for Resources Division.  Now able to design and engineer ideas he's had for decades, Hank now feels like he has a new chance at redeeming his family's name.

A few years ago, Hank's son, Joseph, a brilliant weapons-master in his own right, fell in with the wrong crowd and became a soldier in the ranks of the vile Arachnoknights.  Joseph eventually discovered how evil they were and trashed all their weapons and left them, only to be picked up by GUARD. Rather than serve 20 years in prison, Guard's Director Norton worked out a deal where Joseph will now 'work-off' his time with the Peacekeepers group instead.

Little does Hank know that his 'grandfather', "Heinkel", who was an mechanically-altered/cyborg Nazi mercenary during WWII and a member of Baron Berlin's Axis Force, has recently thawed from his near-70 year cryogenic sleep.  His 'grandfather', at this point, is now younger than Hank is...and is still considered extremely unstable and a fanatical die-hard Nazi...a Nazi with nothing but murder on his mind. Imagine what might happen if these two ever met...

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