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Marilyn Morse

GUARD Academy Commandant
Codename: "Principal"

Teacher, Teacher.38 Special
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Noted as one of the first people to ever sign up with G.U.A.R.D. in the 1970s, Professor Morse, prior to her assignment as the Academy Commander, was the Operations Division Director for 10 years.  She knows everyone and everything about GUARD, its personnel, its equipment, its resources and most importantly, the need for properly trained, energetic academy students.

Although she seems like a simple person, Professor Morse is a brilliant and dynamic leader; an example to all in the academy and GUARD. 

She holds her staff in great esteem. She is academically tough on the students, as well as challenging with exercises and physical training.  She doesn't accept excuses and rarely backs down from her position on things. Although she is fair, she also pushes critical thinking and cognitive skills training to expand a student's horizons, usually, to identify what the student's true thresholds are as well as their weaknesses.

She knows each student by name and makes in a point to interact with them one-on-one as much as possible. When a fellow staffer is ill, whether it be a weapons instructor, calculus professor, or even a janitor, she'll usually jump in and do their duties as best possible.

She understands the male and female co-ed facilities can lead to 'shenanigans' as she puts it, however, she also knows that as long as the relationship doesn't distract or endanger each other, she'll allow the relationships. This a a major departure from the previous 'principal' who'd permanently expel  academy students if caught fraternizing or worse.

Professor Morse is married to a retired Harvard Psychologist professor, Malcolm Morse, and had five children with him; two of which joined GUARD; her daughter, although a superior GUARD member, is dealing with major disciplinary issues and and since changed her name and is stationed with MOONGUARD; the other, a son died in the line of duty. Her other two girls went on to normal lives and families, while her youngest son, at age 28 is now working on becoming a US Congressman. One of Morse's grandsons that was raised by her, is now entering the GUARD Academy at age 18.

Professor Morse holds three degrees, and although her job is predominantly administrative, she still teaches ethics, problem solving, martial arts and marksman classes at the academy. She'll also go 'out for a walk' with the students on their morning 2.5k run, trying her best not to pass them up along the way.


Although she looks quite old and often presents a grandmotherly disposition, her mind is a steel trap, presenting, when need be, her incredible strategic,  tactical and people skills in an incredibly designed life-lesson package.  She has endeared herself to an entire generation of GUARD personnel such to the point that a bust of her head that exists in the courtyard of GUARD HQ in Boston, Massachusetts is revered during the Academy's "Ops Week" trials and exams, where current and prior students go to the GUARD HQ to touch her bust's hair bun as a traditional of getting luck in their forthcoming endeavors (just like rubbing a rabbit's foot for luck).  As such, she is a highly respected GUARD veteran and is highly revered by her peers and her students. 

...and yes, even at her age, she can still kick your ass.

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