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Achmel Abdhulla

Facilities Commander (FACOM)
Codename: "House"

Finding HomeZack Hemsey
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A Bahranian citizen from the Middle East, Achmel is a highly resourceful manager and designer of all of G.U.A.R.D.'s facilities, to include his designs and construction of GUARD's HQ, the GUARD Academy and hundreds of other structures. With advanced degrees in Architecture, Energy Resourcing, Material Management and business, Achmel has proven to be a true futurist in his designs, coupling natural resources, advanced engineering and style into some of the most incredible facilities in the world...and beyond.

Achmel is most noted for taking the futuristic "Skyport" aerial airbase designs of both AEROGUARD Commander Lamont and Aaron Armstrong ('Aeroguardian") and actualizing the building of said Skyports.  This unto itself has garnered Abdulla dozens of international awards and accolades.

His most recent accolade comes from his recent completion of GUARD's new HQ in Boston's Bay Bay area.  Structurally able to withstand a nuclear blast, it also has 1/200th the energy footprint of any commercial facility on the US East Coast.

With his incredible engineering team, Achmel has, with each new facility, 'upped the ante' in quality, resilience and style renown the world over.

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