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Zhuo Cho

Personnel Commander (PERSCOM)
Codename: "Smiles"

Because Im HappyPharrell Williams
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Zhuo Xiang ws born in Shanghai, China and was always intrigued by people, their personalities and skills.  She graduated as the top of her class of thousands from China's most auspicious university as a personnel manager and human resource manager.

In 2012, as the Chinese economy was exploding onto the world, people in China needed jobs and skills.  In less than three years, Zhuo was able to work with the state and align nearly 90% of the population into work groups and educational fields suited for their experiences, skills and drives. Sadly, China's politicians didn't like Xiang's 'take charge' approach in this manner and considered her actions 'unwarranted', wherein previous policy was to take whomever was available and put them in a job whether they like it or not.  This led to a major political battle for Zhuo, who was not only fired from her position, but was placed in prison for 'aggregating' the people improperly.

After a year of hard labor, Zhuo was contacted by a person who would later be identified as G.U.A.R.D.'s Resource Division Director.  In a jailhouse meeting, the Resources Director asked if Zhuo would be interested in working with GUARD to do the same thing she'd done for years with the Chinese Human Resources group, but this time, with the freedom and support to continue her incredible work...but not in China.  Zhou wanted to, but knew the work would take her away from her family and she still had 5 years of incarceration left. The director then informed Zhuo that they'd already worked an arrangement with the Chinese Government, taking Zhuo and her family out of China and bringing them to the United States, particularly Boston, Massachusetts, IF she'd leave quietly and change her family name, never again to denounce the Chinese government.  Zhuo agreed and was released that day. She changed her family's last name from 'Xiang' to 'Cho' and arrived, with her family, in Boston days later.

Once in Boston, Xiang/Cho was amazed at the breadth of technology GUARD had to manage its resources, however, she also realized that most of the people being assigned to their respective jobs were only basing them on job tests scores and not the criteria she analyzed to be important.  Within weeks, Xiang/Cho overhauled the entire system, creating the new Personnel Assignment  and Support System (PASS) baseline as well as reassigning personnel all throughout GUARD to the highest efficiency rate ever and even more to the point, to the desires of GUARD's personnel.

Not long after PASS  garnered her several international awards, job offers poured in for Xiang/Cho, offering her millions of dollars in salaries in she'd come work for them.  Xiang/Cho refused all of them and told each "when I was at my lowest point in my life, you were not there for me; GUARD was.  I will work and die for GUARD.  They are my family now and forever."

'As for Xiang/Cho's family, half of them joined GUARD simply because they knew with Zhuo assigning tasks, positions and jobs, that they'd excel in whatever role was presented to them, knowing full well Zhuo didn't believe in 'nepotism' or 'the good 'ole boy network'; they knew they had to earn their way to their positions just like everyone else. 

She is a woman of endless energy, compassion and never-ending smiles.  She empathizes with others and is truly a 'people person' and not a data organizer.  She'd rather talk to a person than read a 'file' on them.  Her positive attitude and her contagious smile have garnered her the code-name "Smiles".

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