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Prof. Terry McCormick

Transportation Commander (TRANSCOM)
Codename: "Gearhead"

TechnologicDaft Punk
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Born in Scotland in the United Kingdom, Terry worked his way up in life from living in the hovels of the shantytowns outside of Hawick, learning how to fix bicycles, car engines and generators for the locals.  As a destitute teenager, Terry came across a car on the side of the road; the engine wouldn't turn over and the driver was having a heart attack.  With no cell phone coverage for miles, or residence for that matter, Terry quickly repaired the car engine and sped the old driver to a hospital.  A doctor mentioned that the old man would have died if not for Terry. Terry, happy to have helped, instead, went about his own daily task of trying to eek out a living. 

Days later, Terry was confronted by a burly businessman demanding his presence in East Kilbride.  There, in a region ringed with mansions, Terry met the old man who'd had the heart attack earlier; the man was the retired millionaire Edward Dalton.  After a brief chat, Dalton informed Terry that he wanted to thank Terry for saving his life by giving him a chance at a better education and a new life.  Terry agreed and started attending private schools and colleges. During that time, Terry was told by Mr. Dalton that he had no family left in his life and that if he were ever to have a son, he'd wished Terry to be just like him.  Mr. Dalton basically become Terry's surrogate father over the next few years. One day while Terry was in college, he was informed that Mr. Dalton had died. During that reading of Dalton's will, Terry was informed that he was the sole beneficiary to Dalton's estate worth over 25 million Euros. 

Rather than live the high life, Terry put the money to good use with charities, selling the mansion and building a group home for orphaned children (since he himself was an orphan).   Terry then took any additional money and invested it towards scholarships to several technical college for those that couldn't afford to go, yet had that technical engineering 'desire or drive'.


Five years later, Terry graduated with his Doctorate in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduating Suma Cum Laude. 

Following his graduation, Terry created dozens of incredible technical designs and vehicles, all of which he patented and made millions of additional dollars with.  One of his first jobs with a US Defense Contractor, allowed him access to incredible resources in designing vehicles, sensors and aircraft.  After years of creating and building incredible vehicles, earning hundreds of millions of dollars, Terry went back to Scotland for a break. When he arrived in Scotland, he saw on the TV that his "Dalton Academy" building and institute he'd created, was under attack by a band of super-villains.  The TV showed images of the building on fire and dozens of bodies lying prone on the academy's grounds.  With a prayer on his breath, Terry sped off at top speed to the academy, hoping someone was able to stop what was happening.

When he arrived at the Dalton Academy, he found the buildings fully engulfed in fire, with flames raging hundreds of feet into the sky. Terry was stopped by a police officer as Terry tried to enter the academy grounds.  Terry asked the officer what had happened. The officer told Terry the sad tale.


A call came in from the academy an hour before regarding a man who had entered the academy and began creating a commotion, claiming that HE was Edward Dalton's son, Perry Dalton, and that he wanted his inheritance, the rights to the academy and everything, right that second.  Police and anti-terrorist units arrived on the scene, only to be met by gunfire from Perry Dalton's 'friends', who were now identified to be fellow troop members in a hit squad that worked for "The Exterminators", an evil, para-military group of murderers and assassins that target, kill and even dissect super-powered people.  The officer mentioned that when they tried to negotiate with Perry Dalton, he instead began shooting the staff and students. By the time the police were able to get any vehicles on scene, the house was in flames and most of the students and staff were believed to be killed (hours later, the police found a few dozen students that had barely escaped into the woods).  The officer then told Terry that the police shot and killed Dalton's 'friends', but that Dalton had sped off in what looked like a 'souped up' race car.  Terry knew the car; he'd build it.  The car was made to outrun and outmaneuver anything; it was even made to still drive even if it flipped over.  Terry knew there was no one else who could catch that car...except him.

Terry took off past the officer and into the burning garage, where several vans, classic vehicles and another 'souped up' race car were about to be overcome in flames. Terry ran through the fire, got into his "DA-2" racer and sped out of the garage in a burst of flaming debris, heading down the road at breakneck speeds, following a GPS tracker on Perry Dalton's "DA-1" car.

Minutes later, after swerving in and out of wrecked police and civilian cars, he caught up with Perry Dalton.  A news helicopter was following the DA-1 car, filming everything Perry Dalton had done since he left the academy.  Terry sped up to Dalton's car and gave chase...and what a chase it was.


The cars went off-road, on-road, through a grove of trees, into narrow alleyways or old towns, and finally, out along the coastline roads.  All throughout the pursuit, Dalton fired. dozens of rounds from his semi-auto machine gun at Terry.  Sadly, Terry's DA-2 car had been hit and was quickly becoming undriveable.  In what seemed like a suicidal action, Terry took his car off-road, up onto a rise parallel to the coastal road and engaged a small rocket engine to propel his DA-2 car directly at Dalton's DA-1 car.  The collision was spectacular, with both vehicles careening off the coastal road's cliff and down into the sea.  Dalton jumped from the car and dove into the icy water.  Terry's car crashed into the sea, but immediately bobbed back to the surface (since Terry had built it for running in water as well!).  Terry maneuvered the car at Dalton, revving the engine, deciding whether to run Dalton over and chop him up in the car's retracted propeller blades, or rescue him to hand him over to the authorities...before he died from exposure in the icy waters.

Terry rescued Dalton, but knocked Dalton unconscious as he pulled him into the floating car (okay, Terry 'may' have beaten Perry a bit more than that, but who was going to tell?).  He then activated the 'hydrofoil' mode of the car and raced along the shoreline to a boat ramp, where he parked the car along a dock, waiting for the police to arrive.  Instead, a group of G.U.A.R.D. troops arrived first, led by Rupert Reinhold (current Executive Director of GUARD).  Rupert's team took Perry Dalton into custody and congratulated Terry on the capture.  At that point, Terry demanded to be taken back to the academy to discover what happened to the students and staff there.

After a long day, Terry was left with the knowledge that over 120 students and staff were killed by Perry Dalton and his Exterminator 'friends' at the Academy.  Perry Dalton had originally been assigned by his employer, The Exterminators, to track down a 'mutant kid' at some 'academy' in Scotland only to find Perry's dad's name on the Academy. After reading some of the plaques and displays about the academy grounds, Perry Dalton discovered that his father, who'd disowned him many years before (and obviously written out of his father's will), had died and left Perry nothing, and that some 'nobody' receive HIS (Perry's) inheritance. Perry exploded in rage, thus creating the hostage, shooting, arson and mass murder event that had just occurred.

Terry was beside himself with grief over the loss of the kids and the academy staff.

In the weeks that followed, Terry attended every funeral and, for those students who had family, he graciously gave all the money he had left and gave it to them, along with creating a memorial park where the academy once stood.

Penniless and mired in grief, Terry was about to commit suicide with a handgun while watching a Scottish sunset on a cliff overlooking the sea; Terry was instead interrupted by GUARD's Rupert Reinhold.

Rupert and Terry talked for a bit.  Rupert was able to talk Terry into handing over the gun and not committing suicide.  Rupert then asked if Terry would come work with GUARD and apply his skills to help them with a new fleet of vehicles, planes and transportation equipment the world had never seen before.  Terry agreed to the offer, but demanded that he be trained 'no differently' than any other GUARD personnel.  He'd go to the GUARD Academy and learn as they all learn, earn his right to be there, and THEN Terry would give them a menagerie of vehicle designs that would make Howard Hughes pause.


After graduating GUARD Academy curriculum (which he did in half the time), Terry was assigned (by GUARD's incredible "People Person", Zhuo Cho) to become the next Transportation Commander.

Since then, Terry and his engineering teams have devised and created the most amazing cars, vehicles, aircraft and ships in the world...and beyond.  From GUARD's GS-1 Aurora stealth fighter to GUARD's new Terracer-class starships, Terry puts his skills toward the betterment in technical engineering, and as such, believes that what 'little' he considers he's doing now will maybe, somehow, save others from the evils of murderous and malicious people like Perry Dalton.  As such, Terry is resolute that suicide was truly not the answer, but instead, the right answer was to dedicated himself towards applying his skills towards devising and engineering vehicles and equipment that would instead help stop madmen like Perry Dalton.

On a side note, Perry Dalton received a sentence for 20 lifetimes in maximum security imprisonment. Sadly though, the lawyers have already started whittling down his case to only 2 more years left of incarceration...and the possibility of Terry being sued for his receipt of the Dalton estate over Perry's supposed 'legal' claim to it...or for that matter, the lack of it, since the inheritance has already been spent. 


As far as Terry is concerned, the day Perry gets out of jail alive will be the last day Perry Dalton lives.

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