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Relatively Unknown

Polynesian gods/Rogue


>800 years old

Neptunis, Atlantic Kingdom







Many variants of Ikatere

The Crimson



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1 Feb 2014



Tangaroa (father)




Ikatere is a Maori god of fish; son of the elder sea god, Tangaroa...and a vampire.

Centuries ago, Ikatere and his father were relatively benevolent gods, until his father, Tangaroa, pissed off Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. Tangaroa was imprisoned for centuries, surrounded by thick schools of poisonous blowfish.  Ikatere, able to talk to fish, thought he'd be able to command them to clear a path for him to his father, but instead, the blowfish attacked him, poisoning him to near death.

Ikatere washed ashore, barely alive, only to be accosted by a vampire, making Ikatere the vampire's godly slave for centuries. Eventually, Ikatere destroyed the vampire himself , but remained a vampire nonetheless.

His father now freed, was disgusted at Ikatere's condtion and demanded Ikatere to 'resolve his condition', only for Ikatere to instead attack his father, nearly killing the father.


Today, Ikatere has created his own undersea coven of aquatic vampires.  Most are from undersea races or creations in and about the Atlantic Ocean, however, he has also swelled his ranks with undead humans as well.  He currently dislikes his father and would rather war with him that 'change' for him.  Ikatere has attacked Atlantic Kingdom cities as well as human cities and has even shown up in the Pacific Ocean and created havoc in the underwater and island regions there.



  • Vampiric Physiology (Death Magic)

    • Enhanced Physical Attributes (for Ikatere)

      • Remarkable physical attributes all around

      • Can uses fingers as claws or fangs/jaw to bite/tear for up to incredible edged melee attacks

      • Leaping

        • Can leap up to 50 feet across, 35 feet up and 65 feet down without issue

      • Movement

        • Can swim/run up to 70 knots/80 mph in short, three-second bursts

    • Enhanced Senses

      • Vampire senses are incredible in scale (sight, smell, taste, environmental awareness)

      • Can sense/smell blood within 800 feet of a target/victim

      • Can sense living beings (or animals) within 400 feet

      • Can sense disruptions in the air, grounds or general movement (including swaying of trees in a wind) up to 300 yards away

    • Regeneration

      • Unearthly level of regeneration (100% health/minute) against all forms of damage with the following exceptions:

        • Damage from silver metal-based weapons/material negates regeneration to a 45% rate

        • Damage from blessed (holy) water reduces regeneration to a 25% rate

        • Damage from ultraviolet light and/or sunlight reducing regeneration to 10% (also see 'ultraviolet/light damage' below)

        • Damage from natural wooden materials/weapons (not composite 'made to look like wood' (aka 'pressed' wood) material) reduces regeneration to 40%

    • Pain Negation

      • Pain receptors in Ikatere's nerves are severely diminished to <5%, ergo, he doesn't feel pain like a normal human or vampire does.

    • Ultraviolet Radiation/Sunlight Effect

      • Exposure to any form of ultraviolet radiation, light or sunlight not only negates a vampires regeneration to only 10% rate, it also induces poor radiation damage to their body; he can, however, regenerate from this damage, unlike other vampires

    • Hypnotic/Mental Control

      • Has the typical ability, when eye-to-eye with a target/victim to impose a 'calm or fear' effect, making the target/victim under a typical level of mind control-based on what the vampire desires the target/victim to think (again, calm or fear).

    • Vampire Bite

      • Allows for the vampire's hollowed fangs to draw/drain blood.

      • The teeth are of amazing material strength. Can drain a standard human target/victim in less than a minute's time.  Vampires can drain their victims and kill them or:

        • At near death of the target/victim, the vampire can allow for the target/victim to drink from the vampire's blood. In doing so, after the target/victim's body 'dies' after this, it resurrects with full vampiric Physiology and health, but is under the remarkable mental control of the host vampire, until the host vampire dies, then the target/victim is fee of the mental control...but still remains a vampire with all the vampiric physiology.

    • Soul/Death/Black Magic Defense

      • Incredible defense against Death, Black and Soul Magic

      • Any incredible or less level magic in these disciplines doesn't work on vampires (negated) due to it being made from the same types of magics.


      • Mirrors/Photography - Vampires do not show their reflection in mirrors, period (not even if they are 'invited' in; that is a 'magical' situation, not a vampiric power-based one). Also, photography using mirrors (i.e., cameras) will also not show a vampire's image; straight digital imagery, so long as mirrors or telephoto lenses aren't used, CAN show their image though.

      • Octopus Ink vs. Garlic - Garlic Does not affect Ikatere; Octopus ink, however, does affect him, causing him to reel in disgust (75% chance for psyching Ikatere out with the 'foul' nature of the ink).

      • Feeding (Unique) - Ikatere doesn't need to feed on blood as do other vampires. He can go for months without feeding at all, and even then, it's a mild nuisance to his 'hybrid system', but not a hinderance to his abilities since, as a god, he didn't require to eat or drink anyway.  He does, however, take at least one victim a month to 'satiate' his hybrid lust, allowing him to focus on other things.

      • Holy Items - When attacked with holy and/or blessed items, Ikatere's regeneration power is negated down to a 25% regeneration rate which also allows for 3/4 (75%) damage effects from the holy items being felt and received on the vampire (also see 'regeneration' above).

      • Sleep - Ikatere does not sleep. Ever.

      • Alteration (Animals) - Ikatere CANNOT change into other creatures, fish or animals. 

  • Enhanced Regeneration
    • Due to his Polynesian god condition as a vampire, Ikatere has amazing regenerative capabilities.
    • He can regrow any body part except his head.
    • He can heal 50% of his body (health) in 1 minute's time​
  • Vampiric Bite Control/'Turning' of Aquatic Mammals
    • Due to the close physiological and neural actions of aquatic mammals to humans, Ikatere, when he bites/draws blood and turns a mammal into a vampire, the animal takes on vampiric tendencies unlike a regular vampire, but more based on the aquatic mammals' physiology.​
    • Those 'turned' aquatic mammals will remain under Ikatere's control under death. If Ikatere dies, they die (humans instead stay alive, but remain vampires)
    • A vampiric aquatic mammal's bit isn't much different that a regular vampires; they desire blood, and lots of it (the bigger they are, the more they'll attack blooded animals, mammals and humans) and quite ferociously, as well (imagine a Killer Whale jumping up into a coastal home with people in it just to feed).
    • Acquatic Mammals are susceptible to most all of a vampire's foibles as a regular human vampire (effects of holy items on them, mirrors, blood frenzy, etc)







  • Polynesian Lore/History (Master)

  • Polynesian gods Lore/History (Master)

  • Aquatic Life/Creatures (Master)

  • Swimming (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Oceanic Navigation (Master)

  • Sunken Treasures/Ships (Master)

  • Martial Arts: +Fighting ((Master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • All languages in the Pacific Region (Professional)

    • Polynesian god language (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • Gaelic (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Spanish (proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

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