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Prince Cole

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If I Was Your Vampire (Album Version)Marilyn Manson
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Prince Cole

Relatively Unknown

United States/Rogue


~54+ years

Detroit, Michigan, USA








'Coal' (gang name)

The Crimson



Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 Oct 2021


Morris "Motown" Cole  (uncle)

Derek Cole AKA Dark Harvester (cousin)




Prince (named after the singer) Cole was a gang tough in Detroit in the late 1980s. He and his gang, the Detroit Demons, were accosted by a band of vampires with Prince being made into a vampire.

Weeks later, Prince's vampire 'master' brought Prince back to what was left of the Detroit Demons gang to finish them off. Lucky for Prince, one of the gang members killed Prince's vampire 'master', making Prince the new vampire 'king' of Detroit. As a 'thank you', Prince told the few remaining, living Detroit Demons gang members that he and his coven would never 'hunt, turn or kill a Detroit Demon ever'; a promise Prince and his coven have held up to this day.

Now, as a regional Detroit coven leader for the international Crimson vampire gang,  Prince continues to rob, steal and grow his vampiric ranks with his ultimate goal of making Detroit the new vampire capital of the world.

On a side note, Derek Cole AKA MOONGUARD's 'unofficial' member, the Dark Harvester, is a cousin of Prince's.  As it stands, neither know or have met each other, but it seems that Prince has been interested in his genealogy of late...



  • Vampiric Physiology (Death Magic)

    • Enhanced Physical Attributes

      • Good physical attributes all around

      • Can uses fingers as claws or fangs/jaw to bite/tear for up to excellent edged melee attacks

      • Leaping

        • Can leap up to 25 feet across, 18 feet up and 35 feet down without issue

      • Movement

        • Can run up to 60 mph in short, three-second bursts (~28 feet)​

    • Enhanced Senses

      • Vampire senses are remarkable in scale (sight, smell, taste, environmental awareness)

      • Can sense/smell blood within 200 feet of a target/victim

      • Can sense living beings (or animals) within 300 feet

      • Can sense disruptions in the air, grounds or general movement (including swaying of trees in a wind) up to 200 yards away

    • Regeneration

      • Amazing level of regeneration (50% health/minute) against all forms of damage with the following exceptions:

        • Damage from silver metal-based weapons/material negates regeneration to a 25% rate

        • Damage from blessed (holy) water reduces regeneration to a 10% rate

        • Damage from ultraviolet light and/or sunlight reducing regeneration to 0% (also see 'ultraviolet/light damage' below)

        • Damage from natural wooden materials/weapons (not composite 'made to look like wood' (aka 'pressed' wood) material) reduces regeneration to 20%

    • Pain Negation

      • Pain receptors in a vampire's nerves are severely diminished to 10-20%, ergo, vampires don't feel pain like a normal human does.

    • Ultraviolet Radiation/Sunlight Effect

      • Exposure to any form of ultraviolet radiation, light or sunlight not only negates a vampires regeneration, it also induces typical radiation damage to their body; damage that cannot be regenerated from...ever

      • Even if a vampire survives a UV attack/sunlight attack, the effects of the damage (burns, scarring, boils, etc.) will remain and cannot be regenerated from (will not affect health or pain receptors, but will make vampires uglier instead)

    • Hypnotic/Mental Control

      • Has the poor ability, when eye-to-eye with a target/victim to impose a 'calm or fear' effect, making the target/victim under a poor level of mind control-based on what the vampire desires the target/victim to think (again, calm or fear).

    • Vampire Bite

      • Allows for the vampire's hollowed fangs to draw/drain blood.

      • The teeth are of excellent material strength. Can drain a standard human target/victim in less than a minute's time.  Vampires can drain their victims and kill them or:

        • At near death of the target/victim, the vampire can allow for the target/victim to drink from the vampire's blood. In doing so, after the target/victim's body 'dies' after this, it resurrects with full vampiric Physiology and health, but is under the remarkable mental control of the host vampire, until the host vampire dies, then the target/victim is fee of the mental control...but still remains a vampire with all the vampiric physiology.

    • Soul/Death/Black Magic Defense

      • Incredible defense against Death, Black and Soul Magic

      • Any incredible or less level magic in these disciplines doesn't work on vampires (negated) due to it being made from the same types of magics.


      • Mirrors/Photography - Vampires do not show their reflection in mirrors, period (not even if they are 'invited' in; that is a 'magical' situation, not a vampiric power-based one). Also, photography using mirrors (i.e., cameras) will also not show a vampire's image; straight digital imagery, so long as mirrors or telephoto lenses aren't used, CAN show their image though.

      • Garlic - The odor of garlic to vampires is repulsive; it doesn't do damage to them, but diminishes their sense of smell and environmental awareness by over 75% of their remarkable sensory system (worse than getting sprayed by a skunk!).

      • Feeding - Vampires must intake at least 1 quart of blood a day to survive. If less than or no blood for a day's time, the vampire will loosing a level of endurance and strength each day, remaining at that level unless more than a quart of blood is taken in (then the vampire gets its full regeneration and physical attributes back).

      • Holy Items - When attacked with holy and/or blessed items, the vampire's regeneration power is negated down to a 10% regeneration rate which also allows for full (100%) damage effects from the holy items being felt and received on the vampire (also see 'regeneration' above).

      • Sleep - vampires DO NOT need a coffin to sleep in; they simply need a place that is not exposed to Ultraviolet radiation AKA natural sunlight, which negates regeneration and damages vampires (see 'regeneration' and 'ultraviolet radiation/sunlight' entries).

      • Alteration (Animals) - vampires CANNOT readily do this unless they learned from the the Alteration school of magic to do so. No vampire can change their physical forms, skin color, texture, eyes, or anything of their being, other than via regeneration based on their existing state and/or years of vampiric wear and tear without using 'other' magical skills.

  • Enhanced Personal 'Hunting' Agility
    • Due to Prince's conditioning when he became a vampire, his agility and reflexes also increased, but only when he was able to focus on the target/victim.
    • After taking 12-15 seconds of time focusing on his victim/target, his agility and reflexes are increased an additional level, allowing him to perform the following:​
      • Excellent agility/reflexes for the duration of the hunt
      • Leaping

        • Can leap up to 30 feet across, 23 feet up and 40 feet down without issue​

      • Movement​

        • Can run up to 67 mph in short, three-second bursts (~30 feet)​







  • Street Life (Master)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Criminal Operations (Professional)

  • Detroit Lore/History (Proficient)

  • Detroit Gangs (Professional)

  • Detroit Demons Gang History (Master)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Fighting, Melee (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Language:

    • English (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

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